Friday, May 8, 2009


JDS has inspired me to write this Blog today.
He is my only faithful anonymous blogger I can't visit.
Wat's up wid dat? lol

As I read his usual positive comment, Rumplestiltskin popped into my
Rumpelstiltskin is a story from Grimms Fairy Tales which was written around the
In England they had a similar tale but with Tom Tit Tot.
Now why would this little mischievous goblin or imp or spirit, who could spin straw into gold,force a girl to give up her first born child?
Why would he help her to become a Queen?
Why would he refuse money?
It sounds somewhat like a Celine Dion story.
She wanted to sing and her now husband RRRenee, asked her, do you want to sing or to become a great Diva singer?
So she let him manage her and see where she is today. On top of the world.

I guess this story teaches many things.

1)It's important to fight for what is important to you.
2)Don't gamble because it could cost you plenty.
3)Don't make promises you can't keep.
4)How the sins of the Father affects the family and how a family's support can get you out of hot water.
5) The devil can be beat at his own game, which inspires hope :)
6)You need to be able to pull your weight in a family.
7) Watch your children and belongings so they don't get snatched from you.
8)Abuse of women's rights.
9)How the powerful control the less fortunate.
10) Don't brag
11) Beware of strangers bearing gifts
Rumplelstiltskin video

Wow! Never thought of it this way when I was reading it as a kid.

I just saw another world opening through this curious little man, who left me with so many questions, it would take years to find answers to.

Nice job JDS :) There, you got some nice comments as well. :)

The sun is shining, my son is in San Jose for soccer so he will not be here for Mother's Day and Santa Barbara is on Fire.
Every day we get a taste of the good the bad and the ugly.

Take care every one :) Enjoy the sunshine!!


Nessa said...

I always found Rumpelstiltskin very scary.

A Lady's Life said...

I didn't. I liked the spinning straw into gold and I liked that she was smart enough to become a queen even though it wasn't something she planned on. She understood the underdog and she found a positive way to a solution to her problem.
I was extremely pleased the goblin lost lol
I think the old stories prepapred kids for a realistic life.
They are frowned upon today but they taught things people need to know as adults.
Things they lack knowledge in today, leaving gaps in history.
Tomorrow is a continuation of yesterday so you need to know yesterday to go forward into tomorrow.The better prepared you are to recieve the stick from the guy running behind you, the better and faster you will run with it to to pass to the guy in front of you.
At least that is how I think :)

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed this very much. The old tales teach us much. God bless!