Sunday, March 31, 2013

Starry Starry Night

I watched the Pope this morning and it was so enjoyable
I am not Catholic but in the spirit of things and he is such a good Pope.

Our Easter is the 5th of May following the Julian Calendar.
We always celebrate everything twice. lol
This was also my Grand Mothers Birthday.
So easy to remember.
Nothing like doing things twice.
I should continue doing what I did before with the Christmas tree.
Keep decorating it with the seasons and local holidays so it always
stays a celebration in my house.
When people come and see their holidays celebrated in your home it makes them also feel good.

It is another beautiful day.

I put a lamb leg into the oven and made the vine leaves and peeled the potatoes to cook
last with the fried onion. The vegetables are in with the Lamb.

I think this year my whole family is making lamb for easter.
A lamb for our shepherd who will rise again.

So many want to tarnish the gift he gave man kind through his love and kindness.

This is probably why no one likes the 10 Commandments because it's like looking into the mirror
and seeing your soul and conscience blemished and imperfect.

All the worldly  laws perfectly inscribed in 10 sentences no one can live up to.

But the gift we got from Jesus was that he knows and they are there, as is
the Bible, for spiritual guidance, without threats or a stick or a warning.

All he asks is that we do the best we can, when we can, and that's fair in my book. :)

My boys went out for cake and ice cream and I have the table to set

I don't know. Seems like a pretty great day today.:)

Have a wonderful Sunday and again HAPPY EASTER!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Magnolia

No green leaves but the Magnolia blooms huge flowers.
What a delightful sight.!!

Magnolias grow in different colors.
The white ones signify purity and perfection
The pink relates to youth innocence and joy

Green Magnolias refer to joy health and luck
The purple Magnolia also incites luck and health

In China, the Magnolia represents purity and nobility, sweetness and love.
and the flowers are also associated with  the force of life  and are perfect to send
to a Mother who just gave birth.

The Magnolia is also the state flower of Louisiana and Mississippi,
and the City of Houston is called Magnolia City

Oh but what is a tree such as this without poetry?


Friday, March 29, 2013


Want to wish everyone a wonderful week end with Family and friends.



Thursday, March 28, 2013

Say It Like It IS

I used to think this guy was a comedian but he sure surprised me with this video.

Our countries sure have changed, as well as the leaders we elect, for the reasons we elect them for.

The public is always misled for votes especially today where votes can be bought.
The wrong people go into politics today for the wrong reasons.
In the past they went in because they cared about the country.
 and about right and wrong. not votes. They trusted the people knew right from wrong.
Today no one cares.
ie borders meant something. North Americans were proud of who they were . Today they create countries within countries. Why does one need "communities" in a country that's multicultural and heterogeneous??
Shouldn't people all live together, carry the same flag, speak the same language and have pride in what the country stands for? Are we not equal under the law as "people"? Do we have to carve a person up into smaller parts, politically??
In Canada our unions did more harm than good and companies left.
They pushed too hard about everything, looking for a reason to justify their existence, to collect  fees.
Unions are supposed to protect wages and ensure safe working conditions but today
they try to take the blood away from the employer who takes all the risks so the employer
creates so called one day salary jobs and then works the employee 12 hour shifts without
time and half for overtime. The employee works because not to do so means he can be replaced by someone who will. Since companies are small and big companies can't afford insurance dental and health care for their employees, Unions don't have control because companies close and leave.
The cars clothes food etc....can't be sold at the prices it costs to make/grow them.
Look at what machines did to the postal service. We have no service, have to really go out of our way to make packages according to specifications and then send less for more money and then it never gets there.

You can't buy truth. You can't change what is right by saying right doesn't exist or is intolerant or is racist.
There is a right way and a wrong way. There is a simple truth.

Now this actor is going to be attacked from all angles for being free to say what lies heavy in his heart.
People should stop instead and then go home and think about it.
ie yes you have a right to smoke .......but should you?
Yes you have a right to have sex........but should you?
Yes you have a right to drink......but should you?
Yes you have a right to abortion......but should you?
Yes you have a right to divorce.....but should you?
Yes you have the muscle to rape.........but should you?
Yes you have a right to take drugs .......but should you?
Yes you have a right to be clever, deceitful for financial gain.
 It's called business.... but should you?
All of the above things you may have rights to but should you do them?
Why are these issues in the political arena? They are personal and private issues.

Doing them hurts not only you but other people especially children, young eyes who love you
and are hurt by you and learn from you and create a person who can be fed off of by other less
caring people and organizations creating more pain and suffering for the whole society.
The only one who speaks the truth and cares is God and he is crucified every day and bothers people and their conscience because they can't deny the truth in his words and in the 10 Commandments.
The truth can never change. It is. That's it.
Why do people want change? Is it change ?
Because people don't understand. They believe for example, that freedom means freedom for each person to do as he/she wishes but it doesn't.There is no such thing as freedom in a civilized society.
As social beings, we have to either commit to each other or kill each other for doing things the other doesn't like. God teaches survival skills in commitment.

I remember the old series Nikita where they took this young street woman and turned her into an educated trained assassin with a lot of rules to follow. She didn't like the rules but then she said you know....... within these rules, I am freer than living the way I did without them.
She understood. She grew up.
Our society is full of immature people with opinions. They know nothing and run to govern others because they can. This is dangerous for any country. You need training to become a good leader. You need to be able to say no.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alexander Nevzorov's Horse.

This was a beautiful video especially Alexander Nevzorov's part.
This lady learned a lot but nothing more or less than
what an American Indian didn't already know about horses and free Spirit.

You obtain a lot more through love, than through the whip.
People are exactly like horses.
When a person loves you, he will never hurt you and stand by you
He will try to do the right things which means you will need less laws
and there would be less violence.
It's more about understanding than learning.
Understanding is the key word.
If a person does not understand, then no whip or punishment
will turn him into what you want him to be.

Maybe this is also why we don't have many going into science.
Not only is it difficult to get into but most teachers fail students
because they don't have the capacity to make them understand
what it is all about and how it relates to everything around them.
especially space, the unknown frontier.

Horses and animals in general , always try to please the person they love
They try to save the people they love.
We think of them as animals and food but there is so much more to
life and the living.
So So MUCH more!!

The sun is out again today. My Baccara Rose let out a bud and I put coffee grains around
all the flower pots as they have all the nutrients flowers need.
You can also add epsom salts apparently in water.

I will have to put my babies outside soon.

Lately I am looking at the hot springs around BC.
So many to choose from .
 I would love to sit in some hot water surrounded by beauty and crisp cold air, but to get to the ones I like, you have to walk miles to get there or wreck your car to get to one.
 Most of the land they are in belong to the Native Indians.
I think they would have a good business if they rented horses or maybe had people get into a wagon pulled by horses, to get to these places and ran tours and camps to picnic in , under their control so the area stays pristine.
People could enjoy the healing minerals of the hot springs all year round and more tourists would come to visit.
I think it is a great idea.

We have the Harrison Hot Springs nearby that offer nice package deals for seniors and one by Pemberton near Lillooet and one in the Kooteneys which is a lot further away. I think it's easier getting to it from Calgary than from Vancouver.
Then there is one to hike to by Tofino on Vancouver Island.
The thing is, young strong people don't need it as much as the old and the frail who can't reach such places but would benefit from it.

SO..... until then.... Cinnamon and Honey. Yup
A spoon of each in maybe some hot tea three times a day, is a great concoction for a variety of health issues .Rheumatism, arthritis, cancer, cholesterol. being some of them.

Have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zen to Peace

Close you eyes and take a breather.

The Blue Jay has been very busy in the back yard today flying back and forth
 with what seems like very important things to do. It seems very much at home.
Spring is really in the air around my home and the week end looks to be good too hitting 13degrees C
In the US, snow has been hitting so many cities,
One would think that it would be the other way round.

I got some wild flower seeds which they say attracts hummingbirds.
They are a mixture of annuals perennials and biennials and supposedly delightfully fragrant .


I used to have a Hummingbird visit my yard every year and then it disappeared.
It was such a pretty little bird and you can't help but admire it as it works to collect nectar.
A hummingbird nest is smaller than a persons' hand and the eggs are the size of jelly beans
Usually two little hatchlings are found per nest.

Maybe I will be able to attract a few this year to come back to join the Blue Jay
Then I have to see if the Robins will come back . I used to buy and collect worms and put them into my garden. They would mass produce and birds would have many to eat in winter from under the leaves since it is very wet here and hardly no snow.

 I was thinking to make Easter Bread this year.
But no one in my house eats much so I don't know if its worth the trouble
I certainly don't need the calories. lol
My Mom's had mushroom caps and she would put a dough cross on top and this would  have icing and sprinkles on them. No one had one like my Moms' on line.

You have to think life is good when you talk about stopping eating, than what should I cook to eat?
If it wasn't for my son who is always hungry, I would really not need to sit in my kitchen at all except to work at creating unedible things like this.

I got to the point now where I don't miss salt and salt actually doesn't taste good anymore.
I think it's a good sign because I used to thrive on salt.
I couldn't live without it.

Now it's just my husband who can't live without it. lol


Monday, March 25, 2013

Family Nights

This is a painting  I made of a family.
My son asked me to put in the 50 cent tattoo after the rapper
and the dragon on the upper arm was my idea to depict I began painting it
 in the year of the dragon lol
and of course I am all for peace, so the peace sign.
It depicts todays' lifestyle where almost everyone and his Mother have tattoos.
People do these things to look or be seen as "individual", separate from the
status quo and yet they created a new status quo, since every one is doing it,
and so no one is different.

It's not finished, as nothing I do , ever is .lol
I always find more things to add to them or to fix.
 I hope to finish it this year when I get out my
paints and brushes.
That's hard to do with all the thread work I've been doing but the sunshine outside is giving me
incentive to change into painting, for summer.

This is something I got in an email and boy
does it take talent to create.
How can you eat something like this staring you in the face
with this great big jovial smile?
I wouldn't have the heart lol

Mary Mary Quite Contrary
What does your garden grow??
Men Mary!  Men!
Charming and daring,  full of mischief ,
 Men!  :)

Corinthians 13 : 11 - ..

When I was a child, I spake as a child
I understood as a child, I thought as a child:
But when I became a man,
I put away childish things

For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face;
Now I know in part; but then Shall I know even as also I am known

And now abideth  faith, hope, charity,these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

13 - 2 
And though I have the gift of prophesy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge;
and though I have all faith,so that I could remove mountains and have not charity,
I am nothing.

I found this to be profound and poetic.
We all know the first passage but not how it relates to the whole.

You can do many great and good things in life but if it holds no charity,
you have done nothing.Kinda brings in  another
problem we have with the end justifying the means.

For we knoweth in part and we prophesy in part
But when that which is perfect is come, then that , which is in part
shall be done away.

Prophesies will fail,
Tongues shall cease,
Knowledge shall vanish.

Charity never faileth

If truth were ever spoken I can see and relate to it a lot, in these passages.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Royal Knight

Tanya decided she doesn't want her nails clipped
I call her and she turns the other way or goes to another place to hide, ignoring me.
How dogs know all your moves and thoughts before you do them, is beyond me.

I could move a hundred times a day and it's all fine but move with an intention to get the scissors or clippers and they know right away and both dogs disappear . Out of sight out of mind as they say.
They leave you standing alone like a silly old fool.

She knows I'm coming lol

Today she collected all her balls and amongst them two avocado seeds which are about the same size.
She sees them and she hunts for them and will not stop until her mission is complete.
Anything round is in danger in this house. lol
It's a good thing our heads are attached to our bodies because they would probably roll into the ball pile
God forbid any one messes with her things.
Beau knows that He stole her chewy and she tried to get it back but this time he didn't let her.
He said Lady, had enough time to chew it. Over a month.
So today I got her the small ones for little dogs and of course you give one you have to give the other. When she saw I gave one to Beau she came back to get another one and then she watched where I put the bag with the rest so she could get them as well.
Quite a collector she is...... like her Mom lol

People are all taking pictures of the birds in their yards and most of them are red Cardinals.
All I ever see are crows around here but today, lo and behold!


A Blue Knight ,
 Romped around in the cedars, christening the birth of a new Spring.
It was titillating to see this Blue Jay, truly a gift.
Now I also can say, I have other colors in my back yard.
and have to buy him nuts to eat.

Then it began to snow tiny white beads.
Not exactly freezing rain or big stones of hail, but close enough to see they were dry and round.

I was glad it didn't last long but came in short bursts many times during the day,
 even inviting a clap of thunder which we don't get often at all.

Beau, with his thick fur, couldn't get enough.
He just stood for the longest time, taking it all in.



Saturday, March 23, 2013

Autumn Rose

“I told her once I wasn’t good at anything. She told me, survival is a talent.”
Susanna Kaysen, Girl, Interrupted

The Autumn Rose is what I like to call this little dress.
I don't know why. It just came into my head when I looked at it. lol

I used what I call my "Motherinlaw" stitch. lol
She made a little sweater for my son in yellow using it and
it took me a long time to figure out how she did it.

This dress is reversible.
You can wear this dress this way or turn it inside out and it will look equally as nice
and you get two different looks.

It's very warm, puffy, keeps the body heat and yet lets air in.
A little 2-4 year old girl can wear it.
I know cause I tried it on my doll. lol
She has become quite a model for me.

I am proud to say I used no pattern for this dress. Just played by ear.
Since it is pumpkin colored, I thought maybe using brown
for the rose and trim would be nice
but then I thought... it's more cheerful with the yellow corn look.

It shows well on the bed cover I made a few years back too.
I just lay it out at the foot of the bed for display.

Love means to commit oneself ,with out the guarantee to give oneself completely,
in the hope, that our love, will produce love, in the loved person.
Love is an act of faith
whoever is of little faith
is also 

of little love.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Love and Life

I kept the bureau from my Mom's room.
It still has my Dad and her pictures displayed on it.
However the bureau was over waxed and lets face it ....old.

Being a person who doesn't like to throw away otherwise good items, I
had nothing better to do than to spray it gold , applique apples, peaches and grapes
onto it and then layer it with tons of shellac. lol
 It's looks nice now.

The picture in the back, is in a frame we got for our Christmas horse gift exchange
So the frame is western  and my son is all smiles inside.
The  porcelain roses are to hang on the wall but I like them on the bureau.
They are from Italy and perfect for spring.

My old swords are there and ancient numb chucks, since this is a safe room.
I have no kids in the house so no one to worry about using them lol

The old Chinese, money man, piggy bank, with rosy cheeks, fanning himself
and a wax elephant we got at Parc Safari Africain.
It's a tough little guy and still hasn't broken after all these years.

All things to brighten my day and bring the good endorphins into action,
using good memories.
These things are like pictures in a memory book, all there to remind you
where you were, what you did,how you felt  and also how fast time flies.

It was all just yesterday and today, times goes faster.
I tell people I'm from Jupiter and sometimes I wish I were since  time up there is a little slower
 You don't even see the days or months fly by.
But the evidence is right there in front of you.
Every day accounted for.

Don't shine so others can see you

Shine, so that through you, others can see.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friendship and Love

I couldn't resist this puzzle this week too
But that's all I am buying this year.

It's National Friendship Week Folks!!!
I got this from a dear friend
and will pass it on to my blog friends


I hope it works...

May there always be work for your hands to do;

May your purse always hold a coin or two;

May the sun always shine on your windowpane;

May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;

May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.


Remember it's Spring
Love is in the air.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This is a little Spring arrangement on my mantle.
Quite colorful and happy looking.
Swans have many symbolic meanings They appeal to our romanticism and dreams.
The swan relates to love, grace purity beauty peace balance and elegance.
They marry for life so it's also a symbol of stable relationships.
The Hindus have a story about two swans Ham and Sa who lived on the honey from blooming lotuses of knowledge.

They also glorify the rising of a new day.
In mythology, those of the other world, change into swans and thus from spiritual to the physical form of this world.
The Celts always drew gold and silver chains around a swans' neck. It represented gold for the sun and silver for the moon and divine energy where gods can join our world here on earth.

Zeus was also said to have transformed into a swan for love and everyone of course knows the story about the ugly duckling who changed into a beautiful swan .
It inspires people to think anything is possible in life.

White swans inspire purity and cleansing while black swans represent mystery and a desire for expression or spreading of ones wings to grow bigger.

To watch a pond full of swans always gives you a feeling of peace and tranquility.

What beautiful birds to wake up to.

Monday, March 18, 2013



Ancient Chinese buildings always fascinated me. They look so mystical
in appearance, with tons of history behind them.

You still find them scattered all over the country side between new
architecture.They are tall with  many floors verandas and banisters.
It's a shame history is destroyed and replaced by new architecture.

Pagodas came into being with the rise of Buddhism.
They were built as tombs and especially for one called Sakyamuni , the founder of Buddhism.
When he was cremated, they found that his body, hair, nals ,crystalized into unbreakable shiny beads.
They called such pieces sarira.

 You can find icons of him like this one in many pagodas today all over Asia.

Indai had Pagodas before China did in grottos and temples which they used for sacrifices as offerings to dead ancestors .

Emperor Ming of the Eastern Han Dynasty (58-75) had a dream of a Golden man, over 3 meters tall, with a halo, flying around his palace.
His minister explained to him that it sounded lake the god Buddha from the west.
So the Emperor sent men to Pakistan India and Sri Lanka to find out more about him.
They brought back scriptures, a statue and Buddhists.

Today when you speak of a pagoda, you speak of a place of worship.
They are not odd number levelled stupas or domes or tombs anymore where sacre relics were kept safe.
Pagodas attract lighting because of their height and are known as lightning rods to stop demons.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy St Patricks Day Week End.

May you have the Luck of the Irish
and St Patricks' Blessings


Trust Yourself.

So many cases prove that when you want something bad enough
good things can happen.

It takes a lot of work but what else have you got to do right??

Stories like this really make you feel for people.
I hope this young man makes it in life.

A child on the run from people with authority, rights, licenses, duty, trust etc...
to take care of him, to live in the streets.

Makes you wonder.

How many good places can you leave a child knowing he'd be safe but can't because the home has no license to keep a child, and yet here, with a license
you have authority to keep children and not give them half of what they need and even abuse.

I made these just for the fun of it
I found I like the seed stitch
It's easy just knit purl and feels and looks nice.
These are called soakers you wear over a diaper.
It is basically a triangle which you fold like a diaper and sew the waist
and then fold up the bottom and sew from the waist down 4 inches.
leaving holes for the legs.
Then you just make a draw string to keep them from falling down
or if you like you can sew in an elastic band.
Draw string is easier and cheaper.Would be good to make from material too.
It came from a vintage pattern.
Amazing what people came up with .
I guess they are a bit too big for a new born but for a one and two year old they'd be fine.
but not today. lol
A little seed stitch top would go nice with them to keep the chest warm too.
Not much else going on.
Coffee, dull wet weather.
Maybe we will go somewhere and maybe not
Let you know later .

Friday, March 15, 2013

Cool Hand Luke

“Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.”
Erica Jong

I do love taking pictures of this dog.
By nature he is not an alpha dog but don't cross him.
He will tell you what he likes and doesn't like
He loves playing like most dogs do.
He likes his space and quiet time.

He likes to hide behind bushes to watch discreetly,
what is going on around him and because he blends in so well,
you can call him till the seas run dry but never see him.
He'll sit and tease you till you give him a better reason to
unfold the mystery of Beau.
If you have to look for him,
come prepared with a bun or a HUGE
He is no fool. 
I can see his dreams as he plays out a scene of stealth and cunning in his mind.
Ah! if Only to be free to explore, run, and see life beyond the fence.


After doing something he knows is bad, he'll sit out of the way and give you that
Wat's up look. He'll look behind him as if to say : Who Me? You talkin to me??
What did I do? It's the other guy. Then he'd slyly give a nonchalant look in the direction of the crime, as he walks innocently by it. lol
People make comics and cartoons out of animals like this who know how to talk to you with their eyes, expressions and behavior. We called him Beau which is French for beautiful but we should have called him Cool Hand Luke because you will never change who he is. You can't break him from what he is.
Beau will always be Beau and we like him just the way he is.

If there is a commotion in the house, Tanya would join in but Beau leaves quietly and slumps under a table
as if to say Nah, I don't need this crap. I'll just sit here and see what happens  .
Once it's over, he comes
and pesters you to no end for pats. That was fun He'd say as if he were a part of it.
Pat him all day and he'll sit beside you like your best loyal friend until Tanya comes and chases him away.
Then he goes away with the look Jackie Gleason gave his Wife Alice.
One day Alice. One day..... POW!!! lol
but he finds her atrociously bratty and she brightens up his life as she runs around chasing a ball in the house, something she can get away with because of her small size.

I'll never forget how small he was when we pulled him out from under a shed where the Mom hid her pups. He was the second one pulled out, 4 inches long, chubby and curly. I thought, this is a nice pup but my kids
chose another dog to take home. Beau was left outside, was thrown around by the owners kids and rolled around by the chain the Mom was tied to.
Pups never sit and stay where they belong. They crawl around blindly and if the Mom doesn't bring them back they can get lost. Having small bratty kids around never helps either lol
When ever my son came, he'd sit , wobbly and blue eyed and bark at him. He didn't do it to anyone else except my son Alex  as if he wanted his attention.
I told Alex, this dog seems to be choosing you.
My son, being the soft hearted guy he was/is, had a great debate in his heart as to which dog to take.
The one we chose was clean and powdered by us and nursed by her mom and Pablumed.
She was used to being clean.
Alex made sure most of the pups found good homes including the one we chose before taking Beau away from the dirt where the dog house stood. He said one old man actually had tears in his eyes when he was given a little white one. He lost a dog and I don't think he was looking to replace it because it was so painful for him, so when this little one showed up, it was like his dog reborn.He carried it home like treasure.
One pup had a wasp eating it and we took it inside to heal it as well.
We brought it out for the Mom to feed and then back into the house.
I don't know how that one survived.

The Mom ripped off the scab from the wasp bite and left a big gaping hole which then healed up.
The pup survived and then the owners gave away the last two pups to a farm.
My youngest was devastated not knowing where it was taken and that it could still die and it would be my fault because we should have kept it.
We found the farm house and explained the story to the farmers' daughter.
She took Nick inside to comfort his soul.
He came out happy saying Mom they do just like we do at our house.
They give it pablum and he is safe in a nice big box with a blanket inside.The two pups they had were going up North to live in freedom they said , which also was a big plus. What better life than a life lived free?

Taking care of 6 pups all summer was not an easy job. The owners also got ducks and rabbits which the kids kept letting out. Our dog Nugget almost got killed chasing one rabbit onto the road. On the street where we live, the cars speed up when they see animals, so as to kill them.
Then you have to pay for the damage to their car.I always worried one of the kids would run out.
So we had to keep catching the neighbors' rabbits and putting them into a cage.Their dog, the Mom, was a hunter so she took care of the ducks lol
I am not sure the neighbors  liked it when I gave the rabbits in my yard, to another neighbor who had a good decent cage to keep them in and where their kids wouldn't go but if you keep animals, you should be responsible for them.
So our trip back home with Beau and Nugget was long but the pup made it fun. The kids would play with him and he never lost the big bear look, even today. Of course we had to cut off his bushy tail and hair on his legs because it's too difficult to keep clean but as he grew into a full fledged dog, he bloomed into a real beauty.

His destiny was to live inside a house, rather than out in freedom where his heart longed to be and still does.
Maybe it was the best choice he made since he is old now, healthy, living in warmth and never had to fight or kill anything in his life or be killed like his Mom was.

Funny how things work out.

A miracle is an event which creates faith. Frauds deceive.
 An event which creates faith does not deceive; therefore it is not a fraud, but a miracle. ~
 George Bernard Shaw

Allegria - happines joy


In case if you like to know the words here they are in Italian.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gong Buster, Paper Tech

HAHAHAHA I had to laugh here.  Gotcha!!

Here is my youngest, Nick, taking care of Buster our floppy eared rabbit.
We got him from the SPCA which hoped we wouldn't eat him lol
We kept him in a large aquarium in our sun room.
Buster was a great guard dog because if anything came into our yard he would
thump his hind legs against the aquarium . It was so loud we could hear it inside the house
and go out to check what was going on.
Buster was a good name for him as would be Thumper. lol
Nick loved to play with him. He was a huge bunny but no coon could get this guy as they did my beautiful fluffy cat.
My neighbor told me she found a tabby cat in her back yard all torn up but she did not mention that it was my cat
Mine disappeared that same day.
It wasn't hard to figure out whose cat it was.

We eventually gave Buster to a neighborhood house, which was kinda still
living the country style life and had chickens and  rabbits but nothing like Buster.
I am sure the lady was glad to get her hands on him because bunnies from him would be adorable.
We bartered him for 12 eggs lol
It was either that or wait for Buster to break the Aquarium with his thumping lol

I would always display my things in the living room
My two Chinese children still make me happy My ancient swords lay there as well
The two on the floor were very heavy but I had two smaller ones
and the neighbors' boy gave me a massive head ache sneaking into the house all the time
so for safety's sake I hid them.
Didn't want the little guy chopping my sons' head off. lol
When he saw the front door shut he'd pee on it.
You can't say anything to sensitive parents who had their own problems and
would make you out to be the bad guy
so I would just tell him to go home and his answer..... well...
I won't say because 3 year olds don't understand what they are saying.
The Gong is another piece I liked.
I thought to put it in front of my door to use instead of the door bell but then thought it over
again. You can't do things like this when surrounded by people and kids
who are brought up to steal. You couldn't leave a bicycle in your back yard.
I always told my oldest to hide his bike. Then one day he went outside and accused me for hiding his bike from him to teach him a lesson.
I only wished it was the case but it wasn't.

Well the Chinese Gong has it's own history.
They seem to have originated in a place calle HSI YU a nation, between Burma and Tibet, around 500A.D. but must have been around longer than that.
They were used as musical instruments and seen as an instrument carrying a higher power.
and the makers of them felt they were exposed to powerful forces most don't encounter.

It was a symbol of success in Asia and deep links with the cosmos.
Monks used them to invite spirits.
You used them for communication and announcements, as drums, in concerts,orchestras.
Different gongs made different sounds.

They are still popular today as an heirloom.
I'm kinda glad I have it. lol............
Some where.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papum

The New Pope
A 76 year old young Argentinian,  humble Jesuit, Cardinal Bergoglio,
who always took a bus to work and was always accessible to the people, became today,

Pope Francis,

a name taken from either Francis the Evangelist or St Francis of Assisi.
Cardinal Bergoglio is known to be a  humble, simple, conservative and believer in the original teachings of Jesus.
As a result of this, he had many run ins with the Argentine Government.

I think he seems to be a very good choice and is exactly the kind of man
who should represent the Catholic Church .

Of course I am disappointed our Canadian Ouelette wasn't chosen
as in the US I believe they also have a few very good choices.

I liked how Pope Francis asked people to pray for him
as well as praying and blessing the thousands who came out to see him.


For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing;
 it is the gift of God,  not a result of works, 
so that no one may boast. 
~ Paul to the Church at Ephesus (Ephesians 2:8-9)

It was nice to see and hear how the young Catholics
still have a strong connection and belief in Christ and God.

Wish Pope Francis the best.
He worked hard, served many and now is deserving to
have the honor and opportunity, to serve the world.

May God Bless Him.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Quote Indeed.

Today I went onto Vicky Westras' blog.
Vicky is a wonderful Hockey Mom with two active boys
and part of a very supportive community.
Today she had pictures of her hockey week end .
 I borrowed  one of her quotes
because I thought it was beautiful.


I found this to be a profound saying and so true in life
so I wanted to pass it on.
Life throws many punches
but if we see it in another light
the load gets lighter
Even if it doesn't change things much
We keep on fighting

I made two big meals today for my son and one for my hubby
One was a steak with tons of onions and garlic topped with
fresh spinach in balsamic vinegar
and for supper I  baked Pacific Salmon steaks
 in a bit of butter, lemon pepper and garlic
with potatoes mashed in yogurt and garlic and boiled
I am a HUGE garlic lover and can't imagine food without it.
I think this type of food puts hair on your chest ( and other places ) lol
Powerful stuff.
My boys loved the food today as they said it melted in your mouth.

I have a good day when my guys love my food. lol
but the new hat I am making is another story. I am not enjoying it
so I really have to put the threads away and do other things now.
But they are so addictive
and I do enjoy working with them.
and if I inspire someone to begin doing them as well,
well....... I think it's good for the local economy and many other personal reasons
and makes the days fly by.
We used to have excellent thread sold around here and even wool directly taken off llama or sheep
It's so easy to spin this into wool thread by hand, but
the farms are being slowly sold off and I find this to be a shame.
Now we have to go up North or on one of the islands to buy it
by the kilo. Then you have to wash it and comb it before spinning it with a kind of wooden stick
by hand.
I never tried it myself but I think it's much better to buy local than to buy from China and you don't know what they put in this thread.
and what a thrill you get when something is finished and warm, lying beside you.

Another quote:

“When I stand before God at the end of my life,
 I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, 
and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.”


Monday, March 11, 2013

What Have You Done?

What a variety of colors.
Brightens up a rather dull day.

You can look at them and never get tired


These are my babies From the big green bush I took clippings. I put two in a plastic bag.
Took leaves and put them in rooting powder and put them into a can to see if they root.
None have died yet. The red and Yellow bushes are not big enough yet to get cuttings  from but they still smell nice.
The green one stopped scenting the air because the flowers are gone. I can't wait for them to grow.

After Beaus' visit to the Vet he aged over night.
But his knack to outsmart you hasn"t.
I had a chocolate bar which I placed for desert on a plate.
After eating my soup I went to put the bowl into the sink and when I got back
to eat the chocolate both pieces were gone.

This dog is now called sly Beau and to this day he won't admit to stealing it. lol
If this dog were a poker player he would win many games.
He'd be slick and sly and never give his hand away.
He was always that kind of dog from puppy hood.
We should have called him Cool Hand Luke lol


Newest puzzle . I can never resist such scenes. I wish I had horses and a sleigh to ride in the evenings like this
Getting  a Christmas tree this way would be wayyyyyy fun.!! Living in a quiet spot like this would be fun.

Newest other thing is my juice machine. It wasn't a tough decision to make. A young woman came and grabbed one without batting an eye. Didn't need to read to see if it was a good or bad machine. lol
So I thought since young people are smart today, it would be a good buy and I better buy it before another young person came and grabbed the few boxes left. lol You young gals inspire me as I inspire my friends who actually pick up a needle and knit again. lol
These machines  are much cheaper to buy now than before.
We tried it out and the machine is quiet and make the best juice and the pulp is beautiful
to use in baking of muffins or cakes, vinaigretts, sorbert, zuccini bread, carrot bread , squash loaf, orange bread, veggie omlet, raspberry or strawberry cream cheese, pancakes, soups, salsa, frozen fruit pops.
and of course the alcoholic beverages with pulp.


MMMMM  Break fast was delicious and nutritious
 today. The machine comes apart nicely to clean.

I'm happy and so are my boys.
For once I won't have things to argue with them about food.
Standing by the cash were a bunch of young Moms and their babies comparing notes.
Whose baby was younger, whose was bigger, whose talked... it was nice to listen to them
talk about their beautiful children. Once upon a time this was us. I remember seeing older people listening
to our conversations without ever thinking this would one day be me.:)
So I looked around and saw promotional items like The Shticky. My Gosh are they making a killing on this item.
Are 3 worth 19 dollars? lol
Using scotch tape for what you need is more than enough.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pink and Purple and Green and Blue.

click to enlarge
These flowers are a sign of spring and you see them every where.
They smell heavenly.
I think this spring will be a flower spring for me.
I seem to be looking more at them lol
Especially roses.
Can't get enough of those because they bloom practically the whole year,
flower after flower. So unlike daffodils and tulips which only show their heads in spring.

The yard in front requires clipping so as soon as it warms up a bit
my clippers are already waiting by the computer.

click to enlarge

Smaller needles made a tighter knit on this hat.
 I like the beige white combination.
Using double knitting comes in real handy for hats
but I only did it for the front to give the undershell another color.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Play Time


This was a nice easy evening hat to make and looks very nice in one color but if you wanted to make it in different colors, it would be so easy to do.

I reinforced the ears inside the hat to make it double and thicker, by sewing inserts.
The pattern is unisex so can be worn by both men and women.
 I made the front part longer than the pattern suggested.

At Walmart I always check up the puzzle section and couldn't believe this buy.
4 x 1000 piece puzzles for 5 dollars.
They are great to take for those cabin by the lake week ends or as family night
together times, or for those school Bingo night donations
or you can split them apart for Birthday presents.
They help seniors keep their minds sharp too and develop young minds.
I enjoy doing them because I glue them onto a poster board. Some of them are beautiful
like the one in the left hand bottom corner of the train  and the top right corner has a cat in it but you can't see it for the sticker.

I'll keep it packaged for now till I finish doing the other ones I have. lol

Today I believe is Womans International Day
If any one is interested :)


Thursday, March 7, 2013

River Koi

It's nice to have a pond with Koi in them but I'll settle for
 coming and watching these at the nursery.
They are covered with a metal netting which kinda spoils the reason for having them but
then they wouldn't last long with the coons at night.

Seems there is a proliferation of snake fish in North America,
compliments of  a few Asian restaurants and pet owners who find them
to be delicious fish to eat and let a few out into the ponds and rivers.
Catch a few of those to put in your pond and coons would be
history in peoples neighborhoods lol
but then this would mean they are in the local waters and you can't go swimming in them
and risk losing a hand or a leg.
They have big sharp teeth, are vicious fighters and grow big.
They have barracuda coloring, can breath air and even
kinda walk by pushing itself  over land.
One person left it in a container for three days and it was still
alive and good a new.

We even have them in Burnaby, BC

I'll take Koi any time over these. They are wonderful.\ xoxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Warm Your Heart

This is a Pope like  warmer lol
Covers the neck and half the head if need be
as well as the shoulders. Can be worn over or under a jacket.
My son looked wonderful in it. With a robe it would make a great costume too.

This is a simple tuck in for men
Just enough to keep the chill off your back when the wind begins to blow.
My husband is always cold.
Took 2 weeks of nightly knitting to make them both.
Not bad since most of the TV programs were reruns.

Today the husband turned the news on. It's always up setting to watch
but I heard enough to hear the NDP say they want to keep Canada in Quebec.

What they wouldn't do for votes .
They just lie and lie and lie
for power and to destroy the country by keeping people upset.
Evil men running for evil parties.
Then they bankrupt the country and destroy what the Conservative Party saved
and built.
We only have one good leader and one good party in Canada
and that's Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada.
It pays to keep this in mind.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Singapore Warrior

This warrior always impressed me.
We walked by him quite often on Orchard Road, Singapore.

He stands between lush greenery ready to defend
a nation no bigger than the island of Montreal.

My parents had a great time exploring the island as most people do.
It was great fun to also go swimming on Sentosa Island
surrounded by flying fish.
My son loved to play on a  natural coast line full of little creatures like
hermit crabs and other crustaceans.

However, times change. Bulldozers come in and do improvements,
for tourists, build hotels and destroy what tourists really come to see and enjoy.
Nature, as nature designed it.
Today there is a barren , man made lagoon, with paddle boats.
The rest of the island has a butterfly museum , dancing fountains,
hotel and British Barracks when soldiers stayed there to defend
Singapore during the war. It's a lovely way to spend the day.

The old people still remember when they were attacked by Japan
It left long lasting scars, on sweet, hard working people.
Today  Lee Kuan Yew is trying to make sure Malaysia
doesn't take Singapore back.
After building it up he wants it for his Chinese people
 so he is encouraging many Chinese to immigrate there

Losing Singapore is an every day nightmare for this man
especially since he is old now and his days are limited.
He held a tight hold on his country and once he is gone, who knows
what will happen to it.
If Malaysia doesn't grab it back, China might have a go.
The little Nation State is always in peril.


Monday, March 4, 2013


If any one wants a dog that doesn't jump on couches and beds then this is a very good and easy dog to keep in the house.She would need stairs to help her reach the bed because the legs are not very strong on Pekanese dogs.
Pinky was friendly and a real little lion dog when it came to telling you someone was around.
We got her from a dear friend who raised pups. The parents came from Australia.
The Dad was soo fluffy one could not tell which end his face was. lol
The Mom looked like Pinky. She always had that baby face look.
My friend also bred cats and hers were also the most incredibly fluffy cats.
My son would love going to her house to play with them.
All the animals loved my friend and no matter how long Pinky stayed with us she still
remembered and loved her owner.
When ever she came over Pinky would be overjoyed.

Looking at her sad little face, one would never know she was also frisky and playful.
It's a dog you can only love.
If you took her outside you had to worry that an owl or something wouldn't fly by and grab her and fly away with her. So off  leash play was not allowed.
In Singapore you could be having your morning swim in the pool with a python and it would be a normal thing. lol
My son went to school one day and they went out into the field for gym.
He almost stepped on a cobra. He reported it immediately and every one rushed to see it busy eating a mouse.
Authorities had to be called in to get rid of it.
Goes to show you  never can tell when your time is up.
I always wondered how the snake shows never worried about the snake biting them but now I think I know.
They bind the vipers' fangs back so they can't bring them forward to bite.
Otherwise I am sure there would be more bites than less.
Kids had a lot of fun playing with geckos and finding little grass snakes and frogs in the back yard.

It's really nice when nature and man can learn to live together like this but those days were ending as more and more buildings got built and new overtook and killed the old.
I am not sure I liked it much. Life was a lot more peaceful the old way.

I would tell people, especially in Malaysia, you don't know what you have here. People from cities and crowds, run to places like this for peace.
Where can you go today where it's so quiet, you could hear a pin drop?
Not many places.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Angel In Your Garden

 It's  amazing isn't it, how nature speaks to man?
A brilliant Angel in a flower, over looked by
true royalty, God.
Last night I sat beside my sweet smelling plants and it was almost euphoric.
Who needs to drink or do drugs?
Surround yourself by the nectar of life and it does the job.
It was so pleasant to spend the night this way.
I sure wish I could keep them indoors.
They say plants are good oxygen ators but I am not sure these plants would like it.
They are outdoor plants.
It truly makes one feel good walking between so many
beautiful heads looking up at you.
This was also At David Hunter Garden Center in Surrey, BC
but you find them every where right now, in all the stores.
Pretty soon all the nurseries and stores will be full of people buying
flowers and plants to enrich their lives.
I especially am tempted to buy the ground covers which don't grow more than 2 inches but would be great for places like cemeteries.
I don't bring my Mom flowers anymore because no matter what I bring, disappears the next day.
I really do not understand these workers, who work there. but if I could plant a ground cover plant, and they don't see it to pull it out, it might take and spread in the grass. Even if they cut the grass, this would stay and become a wonderful asset to commemorate the dead and show they are never forgotten.
Can you imagine going to a grave yard where the ground is  covered in blue or yellow flowers?
It would give a new meaning to the word  hallowed ground.
I am always thinking how to out smart these cemetery workers lol

Maybe throwing seeds would work if the birds don't eat them.
This morning we have bright sunshine but we can't
trust the weather because yesterday also was initiated with spring weather,
only to change into freezing cold wind and rain.
I went out bold with less clothing and came back chilled to the bone
thinking I was going to fall ill this time for my stupidity lol
I make all these shawls and this would have been a great time to wear them lol


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sweet Smelling Mama

Today we went out to get some rat poison.
We got a box we had to sign for because its a controlled substance.
It comes in a box with packets which you lay out to invite the rodent to come eat through.
Then it dehydrates and dies.
If that doesnt work we will have to get a cat somewhere.
I know my neighbors used to borrow mine. lol
What you don't want is a rat reproducing around your house.

Then we went in David Hunters Garden Center.
in Surrey, BC
They always have beautiful plants there as well as seeds and bulbs and fresh flowers.vases.
I love to peruse through all their things.
The smell was incredible inside and I asked what it was
The Lady showed me a plant/hedge called Ruscifolia Sarcococca.
She said this sweet smelling shrub was what I was smelling.
That's the bigger shrub in back with little white flowers


Then I smelled two more I liked A Rubinetta Skimmia and a Frangrant Cloud Skimmia
(The two up front)
They smell like Lily of the Valley.
I love Lilly of the Valley.

Then I came across a beautiful dark crimson tea rose
They called it  the Black Baccara.
It already pricked me and drew
I feel like Snow White.
I can't wait to see it flower.


So I have my precious darlings on the computer beside me and I can't get enough of their
perfume. They made the car smell so nice as well.

Now I will go and make my husband  some stuffed peppers to show
my appreciation for his getting me these beautiful plants.
I am going to plant them in containers and put them where the scent will be visible
throughout the house.
These Japanese people seem to have the most beautiful incredible plants.
I wonder, do they create them? or do they grow naturally in Japan?

These flowers would be wonderful to boil in water and olive oil to create home made perfume.
Add a bit of alcohol to it when you are done and you will have something really wonderful to rub over your body.
I made some with wild flowers and forgot about it. It stood in a glass container for years and then I found it and gosh was it nice and didn't cost me 100.00 dollars neither.
Just a few hand fulls of flower petals, a pot with water, a stove and a cup of olive oil.
You cook it until the water all evaporates.
The oil absorbed the flower scent and the alcohol made sure it stayed.
The flower petals are then thrown away.

This was my Saturday
I hope you enjoy yours as much as I did mine.


Friday, March 1, 2013


This is finally a good picture of Kino , my blue fronted Amazon.
I raised him from a chick.
This young man was raising birds in his apartment and they were making a lot of noise
so his neighbors were complaining.
In Singapore Lee Kuan Yew built government homes and depending on the size of your family, this was the size apartment you got. There was a waiting list but it was affordable housing and had hawker stalls in the basement where any one could buy meals very cheap. It didn't pay to cook at home especially in the heat.

This young man lived with his Mom so I guess their apartment was maybe a one bedroom or maybe two.
It was very small and full of bird cages.
I loved going into parks in Singapore because people would bring out their song birds and hang them on trees and such and you would walk surrounded by birds and singing and chirping.
It was great.
I think they even held competitions for the best song bird.

So I came across this little chick he was selling. He told me how to feed it and care for it and I could see he was heart broken to sell it.
He came to my house to make sure his bird was ok a few times and once he was at peace, he stopped.
Parrots are ugly little fellas when babies but he was so cute and just like a baby.
You fed him milk and bread among other things and soon he became yours.
A loving companion.
I taught him many nice things like his name, I love you. Hi! How are you. I'm Fine.
Since his cage was above the front door every one who came in would be greeted by Hi! How are you?
I'm fine.
He mimicked my voice and he was so pleasant you'd forget everything as soon as you walked through the front door  and began naturally talking to the bird as if he were a person.
You'd always be in a good mood in my house. lol
Once he was looking at us holding onto the cage with his claws and fell asleep and fell down.
The fall woke him up and sleepily he said bad bird Kino and climbed back up on his perch.
If he got too noisy I'd tell him Kino, you will go into bird soup.
So he'd say
Bird soup ? Bird Soup?  MMMM good bird soup lol
This always made us laugh.

He'd say kissy kissy Kino and he'd bark at the dog and he would call my husband Bear!! Bear! and Alex would be Ayeks! and I would be MOM!!!
He would eat at the table with us and help himself to what ever he liked. lol
We had so much fun with this bird and I loved him dearly.
It was heart breaking to say good bye but he was relocated to a Swiss family which was only too glad to inherit him.The long trip in air planes and cold weather is not advisable for birds.
and people are all such a complaining lot. No one cares about pets.

If anyone is looking for a good companion, this is a swell one.
I think customs also allows you to take your bird across the border with you on holidays
because they know the bird needs its' family.

I am glad I was finally able to find one good picture of him.
I hope and pray he is still alive and having a good life.

On a sad note. Something got into my garage and killed my chinchilla .
My husband was devastated. He was his friend.
We fed him in the morning and in the evening he was lying without a head.
My little dog is hunting all the time and I did see a mouse or maybe it was a rat running away.
The other day my dog escaped outside the yard and she was punished for it but she will not stop and now I know why.
Since now we know something got into the garage, it's not a good sign.
I have no cats to catch them anymore so.....
what's left?
I won't risk my dog losing an eye to catch a wild killer rat.
It ate only the head which means they are smart and did it before, so as not to get worms.
My cats did the same with mice.