Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shafia Honor Killings

This is a terrible story that was just tried in Kingston, Ontario.

When people first ran to North America, they ran to escape old laws and traditions to be free.

In the US they created a melting pot society. Every one is extremely proud to be American.
In Canada we ended up experimenting with multiculturalism to see if it worked.
For the most part it works until now with this new strain of people coming in from ancient backward countries, where things basically stand still for hundreds of years.
The population is stifled and not allowed to learn and grow.

We agreed to multiculturalism, because it meant all kind of people coming and living together, with their own religions privately but going to the same schools following the same curriculum and to obey Canada laws becoming proud Canadians .

But Multiculturalism doesn't seem to mean that because religions do affect politics and laws.

Beliefs raise certain type of people . However religion was only meant as a guide and not to become a fanatic over.

To say religion is an opiate of the people is the same as saying being an Atheist is to have no conscience over evil one does to himself or others.

People, to be well rounded, require exposure to many ideas to form their own opinions and not to have the opinion formed for them.

Children, especially if they go to private ethnic schools, are not exposed to regular people they will have to live and work with when they leave.This may or may not cause them problems in later life.

It seems from the quote in my previous blog, the Dutch realized something about multiculturalism with the introduction of the Muslim Society, which does not want to accept the country's laws.
The Muslims brought tribalism and laws above the nation state.
Even amongst themselves in their own Islamic countries, they don't get along because they don't accept change or each others tribes.

We do not see this in North America because people learned to get along and love each other for our differences. People love to see different cultures, eat different foods, see different dances but national laws have to be the same for every one, so people get accepted and do not get hurt or hurt other people.

In Canada we can compare this to gangs like the Mafia which fight between families
and Motorcycle gangs which fight between each other but even they, apart from their business dealings, raise their kids with North American values. They protect their kids. They don't kill them.
If we want to elaborate even further, the Islam faith can be compared because religion is also a business for the serious and so people can be raised as sleeping agents.

Up until today we had no huge problems but with people running from Islamic countries and then trying to establish their own Sharia and now allowances for honor killing laws, this isn't going to stop.

These laws are ancient, crude, and illegal. But families commonly carry the name Muhammad in their names so this means they are disciples of Muhammad who stands for peace through war, and after 9/11, people are not comfortable nor trust their agenda for wanting to come here.
It's quite understandable.

It is up to the Islamic people themselves to change this by showing different ways to resolve problems other than through terror and killing, the first one being to teach people to put Muhammad under the laws of the land and maybe to tear out the first page of the Koran which states all non Muslims must be killed.

Even if you ask Muslims in Canada about their religion they tell you: Oh NO. This is totally different. Most people do not understand the culture. How they think.
People who come from there, tell a different story and then you have such things as Shafia honor killings, which means and proves, women are less than 2nd class citizens, in the minds of men.

The Shafia family was given the harshest sentence for these murders and the Father still insisted this was wrong and that they were right. In their countries people are stoned and beheaded for lesser crimes than being normal. It is sad a 21 year old boy now has to sit in jail 25 years without parole, as they all do.

In our country we may disagree on certain things but we never kill over disagreements.
Disagreements are for discussion purposes to help better understand issues which can be resolved. In every ethnic group there are good and bad people.

I remember buying Mao's Little Red Book when I was studying in college.
Every one feared Communism in those days and I thought it was the cutest little thing back then lol
We never saw such small books . In it he said something to the effect that it takes 20 years to change a man, for every 5 years of life.
so if you are 5 then to re teach you to be the person they want you to be, would take 20 years.
To re teach a 21 year old would probably take about 80 years according to Mao's theory.lol
A 50 - 60 year old man you can never reteach in this lifetime although old people mellow as they get older having seen so much chaos over their life times.
I know I can teach an old dog new tricks so ........lol but.....
If this is true, then it shows children of immigrants, must be involved in the society they will grow up to live in. They need to be exposed to other children in public schools and raised in accordance with the laws of the nation.
This way sharia laws and honor killings will not be an issue in the future.
The message must be sent that living in a multicultural free society, what you like or want or raised to believe in, does not have to be recognized by other people with different views about life, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

We raise our children. We teach them to be good but in the end it is their decision how to live their lives, learn through their own mistakes, and their cross alone to bear before God.
These are rights we fought for and obtained and make us one of the best countries in the world to live in.

Have a good one.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Whatcha Battin About?


A fortune in bats. lol
Now they will go to other houses .

Too bad they didn't catch them.

This was a nice cache. Such cute little guys. The workers must have had fun that day.

Liberty or Loss of it.

Inside Job -Charles Ferguson speaking with journalists, politicians and financial advisors, about the economic melt down.

I can't say I exactly understand what these people were doing with dirivitives etc... but I do know that I remember when they spoke of de regularization, it left me with a question mark as to what this all meant.
Why did they need to de regularize?
Why are financial institutions not accountable to their customers?
Banks are there to help customers not to destroy them. If they destroy them then they should be held responsible and accountable. People are.

Why make things so complicated no one understands what they are doing?
Government doesn't understand so they let them do whatever.

Obama was elected saying he will make financial institutions accountable but then he hired the same people responsible for the crash and still paying them public funds.
They stole public funds and are being rewarded for it.

Now It is very nice the Republican Nominees committee is talking about how bad things are
but what do they know? Will they hire the same evil people to run things to their advantage?
And after watching this movie it is obvious to me every one in these companies should have all their money taken away from them and CEO's put in jail.

To think how many people were defrauded by giving them non existent mortgages and taking away all their lives' savings to leave them on the street is just plain evil and then people have to bail them out
Well I'd say people paid enough taxes for sure and now all these CEO's and Employees who made millions out of fraud should be examined and their money frozen or taken away.

The government has a right to take back all the land and open government banks and give back to the people what was stolen from them and then once they regularize everything, bring back jobs
the people should pay modest tax and live in homes with mortgages they can trust.

This economy story is just unacceptable.

Bank CEO's were paid millions to keep their mouths shut. They should all go to jail.
The whole thing is like a night mare. They became super rich over night without doing a stitch of work legally robbing the working guy. Government is elected to protect you from things like this.
Every time Bush talked business to the people, his face would turn red. He knew he was lying lol

When Obama appeared out of nowhere to be elected, it was clear the Republicans were not trying too hard to win the election.
They all knew something and now the people know.

Obama also doesn't know what he is doing by hiring the same people who did all this to get America out of the problem
What incredibly difficult things will they come up with again that no one will understand?
No one seems can be trusted to do the right thing.

Taking God out of the court system was a sign.
Does America still say In God We Trust?
He is the only one teaching humility, love of man instead of money.

Have a good one.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Age of Aquarius

I liked this song and when I first heard it people were saying it was written by someone who knew their astrology.

What they didn't tell you is that we are in the age of Pisces and Aquarius is still 600 years away so the hell we live in today is still around to stay for our lifetime anyway lol

The age of Pisces is said to be the time of Jesus, who began to teach us about love.

Love conquers all and eliminates the need for rulers dictators and religions but I guess man is just beginning to understand its' power. Love in fact, can be a religion in itself.

It was what Jesus attempted to create in Christianity.

Instead of fighting to have powers over other people, the fight will be over self power. Power over self, the ability to rein oneself in, in face of aggression. Understanding how we feel about ourselves, will reflect on how we feel about other people.

Love yourself and you will love people.

Respect yourself and people will respect you.

Progress in science and technology in the Age of Aquarius, will not be for personal profits but for mankind, as we learn we are a part of the whole. We learn this today through zooming into things whereby the object disappears into itself. If we go far enough away, the same thing happens with earth which becomes a dot and disappears into the vastness of space, so in essence, no one even knows billions of people exist on this dot.

In a sense it is also like the molecules in our bodies. They could be viewed as little planets living inside a huge body. They act strangely and the body either loves them or tries to expel them, kill them vis a vis medicine, radiaton, etc....

The Universe could be acting in the same way. If Earth becomes a pimple, the universe will try to squeeze it. lol So the little part we play as a dot in the universe can have consequences because we are part of the creator.We have the power to create heaven on earth and live with the creator and Jesus understanding now that he is always with us.

The Age of Aquarius is a good thing to look forward to for future generations.

It makes everything we are fighting about today totally stupid.

Heaven lives in God and we live in God. We are all one.

Now this is something nice to think about.

Have a great day!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Empowering Father Frost

Old Man Winter allows for the creation of many beautiful things.
Tremendous works of art which disappear come spring.
If only........

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Childrens' Rights To the Dark Side.

Children's Rights to the Dark Side.

Sherman Alexie is the author of “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” winner of the 2007 National Book Award in Young People’s Literature.
He laughed at Meghan Cox Gurdon
when she complained about contemporary young adult literature as being too dark.

He said, how is anything shocking to young adults, when they have already been raped by clergy, or had babies at 12- 14.years of age.
Or grow up with drugs and alcohol abuse in the home, murder, lived with a serial killer, and wife and child beater. etc....

Many people believe like Sherman Alexie that maybe by knowing things, young adults could be spared of some of these things.
This is what psychologists feed us every day.

You know......two wrongs, do not make a right.

First of all, if adults were not exposed to such things, maybe they would not do these things.
If something is not good for your child, it probably is not good for you either.

Second. Just because one person was exposed to dark issues, doesn't mean it is right
to hurt the souls of other young adults whose families are good,
responsible, loving, God fearing people. It is these same people who fight to save, abused children. Otherwise, why would they care?

Third and this is the biggie. If our children are robbed of their child hood, which is a crime in itself, and if they become adults at what say....
10 years of age,( just to give it an age because one can easily go down to 2-3 years of age,)
how is this right?

How can a child this age, stop dark things from happening to it, by knowing it exists?
They are not smart enough, nor strong enough.
Dark issues are crimes against adolescence and therefore against humanity.

We, as parents and adults, fight every day for the rights our children have, to be children.

Simple respect from other people, even who don't agree, is not too much to ask in a society which prides itself on being loving and caring.

It's not a question about freedom to do things but a question of maturity to know right from wrong and have respect for other peoples' rights.

But as it turns out......
You have porn and rap that calls Mothers bitches and whores and people making millions on this sort of thing to heal themselves, while killing other good Mothers' childrens' souls.

You have people fighting for the right to be prostitutes as opposed to Africa where they want an education and steer clear of prostitution.

You have drug addicts fighting for their rights to take drugs as opposed to many places like Singapore who has a zero tolerance for drugs and gum. People don't complain.

All of the above will have side effects, which now becomes something society has to pay for to heal and very costly.

Then to demand on top of all this , copy right laws, to make more money out of, as owners of this type of entertainment.........

one has to sit and think ......
no wonder the 10 commandments have no place in front of a Judicial Institution.

It is shameful to put true love in front of a judicial system, supposedly portraying truth and justice.
There is none to be got there.

Why are we fighting for good schools to educate our young?
Why are we asking for a good country to live in?
What constitutes or what makes a country good?

We say a child is smart when he studies and gets good grades.

How do we grade, what a good society is, if it is based on freedoms profiteering from drugs, porn, prostitution, corruption, fraud etc.....
Do we say let's look at what Europe is doing? And Islamic countries have nothing to be proud of either with the way women are treated.
Honor killings , sharia laws while men sit do drugs, rape 12 year old girls and procure harems making tons of children to feed in an over populated world, while their cities have no infrastructure or education.

Shall we look at other countries?

OK let's look at Europe.........lol Let's look at how many people run away from their countries and then sit and complain in the free countries living off of social welfare and health care they didn't put money into.
Rights, truths, freedom, love............all imbalances. People want, but do not understand what this all means. And we know but because of these new people, we cannot pass the right laws through democracy.
Democracy is not just about what people want but about what is right as well.
You cannot protect a drug addict against himself or a prostitute against herself especially if they are minors.

If children get old before their time, they still have no capacity to understand, because the brain cannot absorb all this information. To be educated takes time.
Before a child is old enough to have an opinion, he has to be exposed to a wide variety of books and people and life and laws and history.
Children have to grow into information gradually, otherwise they grow up into thinking everything is ok.
They become, because of immaturity, what you do not want them to become.

The word " no" is not supported in dark issues.

Life is not all about fun and entertainment. What you expose your children to is what they will grow up into.

So, if like Sherman says, the kids are already exposed to the dark side on Indian reservations, and we see what it does to the kids there, how is it ok to expose more children to this sort of thing?
Logically, one would expect to want to have less exposure, so kids are not laden with all these sordid affairs, they don't, nor should they, understand.

No matter how much you educate children, if they are not ready for this information,
which they are not, all you are doing is killing souls.
One would think the Native people would understand this better than any one else.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

Show children dreams, sweetness,work ethics. Guide them out of darkness into a world where they belong, and watch them grow and flower.

Go to Africa.
The Missionaries show you abused, starving children.
They take these children and put them into a different environment with food, water, clothing
and schools and then they show you what beautiful children these children turn into.

What's our problem in North America? How is it our psychologists do not see the benefits of keeping children away from dark issues?
Instead they promote them at school.
Most of these dark issues, would not occur if people did not see them everywhere.

We never heard about beheadings in North America until the Taliban.
Now every second body we find is decapitated.
Feet, hands, heads found everywhere.

You sit on a bus and a guy flips out, takes a machete
and chops your head off for nothing.

Then we sit spending money to debate why he did this?
He had rights to go insane?
What about the justice for the innocent, beheaded person?

It can be argued as much as you want but
my Mother once told me not to put my hand on the hot stove burner and
the first thing I did,
when I saw a red hot burner, was tell my Mother :
Mom, don't put your hand on the red hot burner and then went and did it.

I was no different than any other kid is today or will be tomorrow.
If my Mother today, tells me not to put my hand on a hot burner, I probably won't lol

Kids, no matter how many times you tell them, do not understand until they are mature enough to understand.
So every one who tells you showing kids dark things is ok, is nothing but a liberal with a hidden agenda.
This person is there to make money at someones' expense.
He has a right to do it but parents also have rights to say no.

Kids have rights to be kids and no one has a right to rob them of their child hood,
which is what is happening in North America and Europe today against the wishes of many parents.

Megan Cox Gurdon is right. Time to pull in the reins.
Children need their time to be innocent and to play in innocence in their own world.
and adults have to behave as adults.
They have to be respectful, dignified and role models to the young.
Freedom is not a right. It's a privilege.

People also misconstrue what an adult is.
Maybe what we need is a different definition, as to what makes an adult an adult.
It's not just turning 21.

Have a good one:)


Some people argue atheism is not a religion
Atheism ...........is an - ism
like socialism, communism, fascism,........ which are all beliefs.

Whether you believe or not in God, you still believe in something, so you have in a sense, religion.

There is no escaping religion I'm afraid.

In the end you have to face evil and either succumb to it or fight it.

Today, as in the past, we see many succumbing to it.
It's a slow process.

The difference between Islam and Christianity is that Islam believes in order to obtain peace, people must all be Muslim with the same belief.

In Christianity, Jesus found another way.

He teaches love , believing we can all be different in beliefs, religions, languages, colors, politics, etc... and still be united in ......love.
Love makes the world go round.
Love procreates through the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Christianity encorporates every one, of their own free will ,because of love, without violence.

People speak of love every day without really understanding what this word means.

God is one.

The law and truth is one.

No matter what we do or do not do is irrelevant because we are ONE, whether we want to be or not.
We are all incorporated in the big I AM ........God.

God is an entity, a force, a knowledge, a creator, far beyond anything we understand.
We can't dispute him. Trying to only makes us look foolish.

So killing people serves no purpose at all. Killing is evil in the face of life and living, which is a gift bestowed unto mankind for a period of time.

Land , life , possessions, power, gold....etc...
nothing belongs to anyone. Most of our mental illnesses arise over worrying about things we should not be worried about.
We are all governed by temptation because we do not understand that what tempts us is stupid.

We are given life to live. We are given a brain to think with to make life good for every one.
We are introduced to the word LOVE and in love you find peace, through the 10 commandments.
But no one forces you to believe in the 10 Commandments. You need to understand them in order to believe in them.
If you don't believe in them then
this only reflects on your ability, capability, to understand the true meaning of love.
No wonder marriages don't work?
No wonder we fight over borders and land rights and water rights.
If you don't understand the basic 10 Commandments, how are you to understand any law?

This powerful message , which Jesus tried to teach us, was feared by men who would stand to lose a lot, if man understood the true meaning of love.

Their legitimacy to rule, kill, build armies, etc..... would disappear.

So Jesus had to die so we could talk about it to this day lol

If Jesus was not powerful and insignificant, he would have been forgotten.
But he also warned us about false prophets who will use his name for personal gain.

So these false prophets confuse and separate people, force them to argue and fight.
If you need to fight another man, this means you are following a false prophet because Jesus
taught love.
Love your fellow man.
Love your Mother and Father.
Forgive sins as you wish yours to be forgiven.
The message is so powerful, it brings you to tears.
It explodes you, from the inside out.

Fighting and arguing over issues serves no purpose at all.
Evil entices man to cause pain and suffering.

Through science, we have gone so far as to learn, that we can either be constructive and build or
deconstructive and destroy.

Deconstruction is equal to annihilation, to going back into the creator, into the big I AM.
Then he decides what to do with you since matter can neither be created or destroyed.

It all makes sense, if you think about it.

John Lennon, The Beatles, The Hippie Generation all spoke about love.
But we only touched upon this most powerful of all words ......LOVE.

Love,is the light we all look to. It unites us all.

Man is so busy punishing himself that God has no heart to do more to him.
He knows as well as we all do, that if we do not learn and quickly from all the science
and enlightenment, we have been gifted, man will annihilate himself.
He will be extinct unless some one or some other intelligence finds some DNA and decides to try and see what exactly is this creature called man, as we do with the dinosaurs in our search for answers.
And then once reborn, man will again defy the creation theory lol and history begins anew lol

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the next step


Yesterday I watched a movie about Jesus that was very disturbing.

The Last Temptation of Christ starring Willem Dafoe.

The movie made Jesus out to look like a lunatic.

It made no sense considering the message Jesus tried to portray, was a message of love.

Love your fellow man, is what he preached.
He tried to teach what it was that love really meant and it did not mean stoning or hanging or cutting off of limbs, burning, crucifying people who break laws which is what was done by people who carried guilt themselves on their own person.

Laws are broken because people do not understand them or find them to be ridiculous and unfair or designed to cheat and hurt another person. Some laws are broken because of greed, lust.. well ...you know.

It is a law to tax but how do you tax a man of the last things which he needs to survive?
It is a law to pay mortgage but how is it right to keep changing the rules to ensure the mortgage cannot be paid?
Killing is against the law and yet we train men to kill.
People invest in the stock market to make money out of good business.
But when CEO's gobble up the profits on purpose, putting them in jail ,will not return the money they gobbled, or the people they hurt. These men do not know what love means and they can't teach it to their wives or children and yet they will still be entrusted to do a job that will hurt millions of people because there is no accountability. Why not cheat and steal?
If I make a billion dollars, it pays to sit in jail a few years on tax payers expense.

Jesus was sent to do his homework and to inform God about who man is and Jesus found man to be in essence, good.

In order to successfully teach something as important as love , one must be above such temptations such as shown in this movie.
In order to gain followers, a man must show leadership and have people who have faith in his teachings.
He broke no ones' arm. People followed him of their own accord.
You need to have a straight head for this.

The movie depicted only people, who wanted to see him crucified watching.
They showed him dying basically lonely, with no followers.
If this was so, this movie would not have been made.
So some one is definitely afraid of Jesus, to this day.

A man capable of performing miracles such as reattaching a severed ear , reviving the dead, giving the blind sight, curing leprosy, growing apple trees stocked with apples from seeds in two minutes, feeding people with so many fish,turning water into wine etc....would be above such temptations as shown in this movie.

The movie down played the multiplying of fish to feed the people but up played the turning of water into wine making Jesus look like he was a closet alcoholic.

A Jesus who preached love, would never deny knowing his Mother, the woman who raised him.
He preached Love thy Father and thy Mother.

The person who wrote the script went out of his way to degrade the image of a man, who wanted a good life , truth and dignity for all man kind.
Jesus was gentle and kind.

Pontius Pilate told the Jews he found no guilt in the man and refused to punish him . He gave him to the Jews to do what they wished for political reasons, but he himself stayed out of it because it was wrong.

This script made Pontius Pilate out to look as if he ordered Jesus to be crucified and saw him as guilty.

The question this script put into peoples' minds was, that if Jesus was not calling himself King of this Kingdom and world, then why was he getting so angry and breaking the laws of Rome and threatening to destroy flood and punish?

Jesus hated to see cruelty. He was not doing the punishing. He was telling cruel men, that they will be punished by the Father, if not today, then when we all have to face judgement day.

No one knows who God is because he has no face, so they went to kill the messenger.

The story line brought Jesus an Angel, a little girl, who he had sex with. They implied Jesus had fantasies of having sex with children. One of his temptations.
Another of his temptations was to make love with men.
They replaced love, with lust and sex in the movie

I love my children but my head is clean where they are concerned.
I never worry that I may touch them wrong or kiss them wrong because I have no dirt in my head. I am never tempted to hurt a child be it mine or some one elses' which could very well be mine, let alone have sex with any of them.

I am a Mother and I Mother and protect and this is what God does as a Father to to his children who are so way below his intellect, that to actually believe we tempt him with our vices???? The very thought is down right ludicrous.

God would not send a pervert son, to teach people what love is. If he knew man uses his imagination to create these kind of fantasies, he would send an intelligent person to correct it. lol

The sad part is that young people, not acquainted with Jesus, will never know him .
This movie utterly destroyed the character of a holy man.

Freedom of speech grants the script writer freedom to write but life, will show in the end, God will touch people in a way they will understand and see the truth for what it is.
Truth will prevail because the Fallen Angel will not be able to deny it.

Jesus would never say kill all men who are not Christian.
If it was as simple a solution as killing, he would have formed an army of men, guerillas and
underground taliban as they do today and gone about doing it but he didn't.
God would have annihilated man kind long before Jesus, himself, if he thought there was no hope for man. but he didn't. Men picked up arms in his name but all it shows in history, is that men do and still do not know the meaning of
true love.

Jesus went about teaching people to love. He went about teaching people that when you know what love is and how to love, you would not conduct yourself in a way to hurt another man .
Just imagine, all soldiers and men of war, putting down their arms?

These so called temptations, would not exist because you would be above all that.
Temptation would attract you like sucking a lemon does.

If you do not vex another man and he doesn't vex you, there would never be a problem.

In that teaching about the meaning of love, people would find solutions to problems without lawyers , dictators, kings and government, because we would all know what the right thing to do was.

ex When a man is hungry, you feed him.
You do not say to him I will feed you if you bow down to me and my god and kill you if you don't.

Laws are designed to protect people but if people know how to conduct themselves, there would be no need of law.

ex. if the Jews left Palestine, what would the next step be for the Palestinians, to take more land ....... if not the whole nation?

This situation would not exist if man knew how to love. Land belongs to no one.

Books written by man, are just books.

Truth cannot be rewritten and this is the power God has in the two words
Try to prove he isn't.

Why do we have borders? We have borders because powerful men established laws and do not want to live by laws they disagree with.

And why do people break boundary laws and then support the places they ran away from?
They do this because they do not believe in the laws of their country of origin.
They do this because they have no voice in their country of origin.

They do this..... because they are not loved ........by their country of origin.

Such issues should never exist, if man knew what love was.
We are no closer to knowing what love is, than when we were in Neros' time because we still kill one another.

We have a word love. we don't know what to do with.

Jesus was indeed a very powerful man because of the truth in his method, message and teaching.
No man could argue with the logic here.

Even today, truth hurts.
No one likes truth and to speak it, is to sentence yourself to death because you make so many enemies.
Why this is, is a question we are not taught in schools, philosophies, or in our religions.

Why are people afraid of truth?

How do we pass judgement on another man, when we fear and deny truth?

How is justice to be expected when people deny truth?

If our laws do not depict truth, then why do we pass them and expect them to be obeyed?


I found this to be a terrible movie for the negative implications and I also found Mel Gibsons movie on Jesus equally distasteful. Just plain gore.

If I was God and saw my son being tormented , I would make sure he felt no pain.

Jesus did not get crucified for God.

He did this for man to understand something and we still talk about it today so must be there is something there.
Some call it politics. He was political.
Well then, I would like to propose to todays' political people, to clarify
what political issues would they
allow themselves to be crucified for,
for the people?

Why can't they make a movie depicting true love and show people what they really want to see.?

Tell people the truth about what love is.

Neither of these two movies is something I would want to see again.

This is not the Jesus and God I know.

Have a good one

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Story to Remember

Out in the cold, you see despair treading city streets, sleeping in card board boxes , cars and old tool sheds.
People who have long ago given up to it, feeling nothing they do, will change any of it.
They exist without feelings or thought, empty shells, having lost all hope.

But once in a while you see a man with sparkling eyes and a smile surrounded by an aura
of internal warmth.
He's accepted his situation and has not given up because he knows he carries a treasure inside.

Man was created from clay, earth..... and like a clay pot, he carries his treasures within, which make all of us, the people we were born to be.

We carry life, a soul, wisdom, experiences, love, grace, generosity, kindness, and most of all
We carry him and his blessings, every where we go.
We carry his story.

Because he is in us, hope can never be lost and
change is always possible.
The only thing that stops something better from being achieved is,
to not want to try.

On a cold winters' day, a man with sparkling eyes and a smile surrounded by an aura
of internal warmth, stood by a school waiting for the children. They came out one by one.

Some lighting a cigarette, some a joint, some swearing, and some beautiful people who
walked by silently, giving him a curious, disturbed look.
As he sat there in the parking lot, a few stopped at first to kid him and then to ask him his story.

As he began his story, more and more kids began to surround him, for his story was both wonderful and sad. His eyes continued to sparkle and the smile never left his lips as as he talked .
It was as if he was full of joy and contained the most deepest of secrets.

He was calm, depicting some kind of inner strength, accepting of his plight and intriguing enough, for kids to want to hear more.
One gave him a hot cup of coffee to warm his hands.
Another had a cookie.
The janitor came out to the dumpsters to throw out a few carton boxes and stood, to watch the man, before going back inside. Before long the Principal came out to the group to see what was going on and listened to the continuing tale.

She was going to call the police but hesitated, for something about this man pulled her to him.
She told the children to go home and asked the man to follow her inside.

And it was here he kept on with his tale whereby other teachers, counselors and secretaries began to stop and listen from behind the Principals door.
They brought him a cup of soup from the microwave and finally asked him if there was someplace he had to go.

The man told them, wherever he is , is a good place to be, thanked them and walked out the schools' front door.

During the week, he came every day to the parking lot and as the kids saw him, they would approach wanting more of his stories and brought him many things. A book , gloves, a sleeping bag, sandwiches, McDonald burgers, and as word went around about this strange man, who broke no laws and had so much to offer in terms of keeping kids out of trouble, a curious parent took an interest.

He asked the man his name and was given the name Joe.
The parent was an off duty policeman and asked him if he had a place to stay and the man said: Wherever I am, is a good place to be.

Well then, come with us and be in another good place.
The parent smiled and offered his hand to carry Joes' bag.

Joe smiled and got into the car.
He was brought to a modest house where two, ear to ear smiling kids, couldn't do enough for him
They took his coat and his boots. settled him into a nice comfy couch and turned on the fireplace to warm him up.
There was more coffee and cake as dishes clanked and dinner was being put together on a stove.
Outside gentle flakes of snow began to feather the sky and as Joe gazed outside he closed his eyes.

He was quietly covered by a blanket and left alone to sleep.
He slumbered through dinner and through the night.

It was Saturday morning and every one was up early. The kids waited till they saw Joes' eyes open and ran to tell the parents: Joe's up! Joe's up!

Joe asked for the use of the bathroom.
Mrs Linwood gave him a towel and told him to help himself to a shower and a shave. She had a change of clothing for him consisting of a thick fleecy shirt, jeans, wool socks and underwear.
Over breakfast of bacon and eggs, toast and jam and as it turns out, Joe preferred tea,
Joe told the parents he was a University Professor, by trade.

He lost his way after the death of his wife and children in a car accident.
His life became a journey as he ventured out into the world to find them.

He keeps walking because he sees them every where and they keep him warm and safe.
They are always happy to see him, wherever he is and he takes great comfort in this.

He touched the head of the youngest child.
You look like my little Marilynn and you son, look like my son Paul.
Paul looked at his Dad.

Joe lifted his thin knuckled hand to his eye to wipe away a tear.

Tell us more stories Joe, quipped Annie Rose.

Don't bother Joe . Corrected Mother giving Joe a chance to collect himself.

It's all right. I have plenty to tell and Joe began a story about a legend he heard in Greece and myths from far away India and Africa.

Paul was 14 years old and he sat wide eyed, totally absorbed, as if he never heard a story before.
At the end of Joes' stories, Dad cleared his throat and looked at his wife.

Joe, you have to spend the night and go to church with us tomorrow.

I could go to church. Wherever I am, is a good place to be. He smiled.

That Saturday, the Linwood family spent together at home, taking care of Joe and loving it.
Love flowed and surrounded the family in a beautiful candle like glow.

Every one was happy. Happier than they've been in a long time.
Paul didn't rush to soccer. Mom didn't go shopping or talk on the phone.
Annie didn't play outside with her friends
And Dad stayed in the house, instead of the garage.

The next day word got around in church and people were waiting for the arrival of this now famous Joe.
People greeted him as he walked in with the family.

Joe listened to the Pastor speak on the importance of family with bent head.
After church, there was a cafeteria full of finger food to snack on and this gave the Pastor a chance to come for a little visit with Joe.

Hi! I'm Pastor Wilkes .
He put out his hand to shake Joes' .
Welcome to our Parish Joe.
I understand you are a Professor?

Yes. I taught physics.

Where about you from Joe?

From every where and no where in particular.
I was born in Montreal.

Oh gosh, you are far away from home.
chuckled the Pastor.

Yes and no, depending on how you want to see it.
The world is a pretty small place.

Well you sure made an impact with your stories .
I was wondering if you would like to attend our meeting tomorrow night.
We would sure love to hear more of your travels and there will be a supper served.

Joe stood a long time and looked deep into the eyes of the Pastor.
He then looked into the eyes of
the people around him full of hope and wanting.

Thank you.
he said quietly.
I'd like that.

At home with the Linwoods, he helped with the cooking and the washing up of the dishes.
and of course there were more after dinner stories.

The children learned about love, in a way they never heard before.
They learned more about a man who looked death in the eye and refused to accept it.
They met his family, his children and his dog through his eyes and heart and they were as alive to them, as they were to him.

Joe attended the meeting with the pastor and was offered a job at a local college to teach Humanities. "Through the Eyes of Love."

His courses were always packed because it seemed people had a thirst and a longing to know what love really was .

The little town of Dunsmore, began to change slowly as the year came to an end.

Kids stopped doing drugs. Adults stopped drinking. Families began spending more time together . Chores were all done without having to ask for them to be.
There were fewer car accidents, fewer crimes, fewer deaths, fewer people in hospitals, less homelessness as people went home to friends and relatives instead of depending on social welfare and housing programs and more family dinners with Gramma and Grand pa.

Houses began to flower as each street began to take care of their gardens, growing vegetables and raising chicks and bunnies.
The city began to have more money in its' coffers so taxes could be lowered.

Things were really beginning to unexpectedly change, in a big way.

One day Joe disappeared as mysteriously as he appeared.
He took nothing with him except his old clothes.
People looked for him and missed him.
They wondered why he left, since they thought he fit right in.

But they understood Joe.
He left behind his kind eyes and smile and his words echoed
from hearts which were once blessed to sit and listen, by his side.

Every where I am......is a good place to be.

Have a good one.


An Arab Sheik was admitted to St Vincent's Hospital for heart surgery, but prior to the surgery, the doctors needed to store his blood in case the need arises. As the gentleman had a rare type of blood, it couldn't be found locally, so, the call went out to all the states. Finally a Scot was located who had a similar blood type. The Scot willingly donated his blood for the Arab. After the surgery, the Arab sent the Scotsman as appreciation for giving his blood, a new BMW, diamonds & US dollars. A couple of days later, once again, the Arab had to go through a corrective surgery. His doctor telephoned the Scotsman who was more than happy to donate his blood again. After the second surgery, the Arab sent the Scotsman a thank-you card & a jar of candies. The Scotsman was shocked that the Arab this time did not reciprocate his kind gesture as he had anticipated. He phoned the Arab & asked him: "I thought you would be generous again, that you would give me a BMW, diamonds & money... But you only gave me a thank-you card & a jar of candies".

To this the Arab replied:

"Aye, but I now have Scottish blood in me veins".__

Dusseldorf Sirens of War


One story my parents told me was quite scary about Germany and the war.
It had to do with bunkers.
The German soldiers were given better bunkers to hide in and
people like my parents were given regular ones which were not as good.

When the bombs fell (on I presume Dusseldorf) my grand father never rushed.
By the time he reached a bunker the bombing would already be over and every
one would give him heck.
He would stand and say: If it's meant for me,
then I will not escape it.

What he said was very true.
There was one man who was always first.
He'd run all the way down the bunker and hide under a bench.

One day the sirens began and as usual he was the first one down there.
A bomb hit the bunker, went all the way down to the bottom and landed
right in front of his face.
It didn't explode.

When people finally reached the bottom to see what happened, they found him
staring at this bomb, totally out of his mind.

Every one understood then why my Grand Father never rushed. lol

There were other people like him, tired and reaching a point where they've seen enough
burn't people with bubbles coming out of their noses.

They stood around and made wonderful friend ships, sharing what could be their last cigarette , as bombs exploded all around them.

When my family came to Canada and saw what kind of issues people were fighting over, they seemed so petty after their experience over seas.
No one ever wanted to see war , famine or death again.
They got busy with life and living.

This is why my parents taught me to be a proud Canadian.
They said you have to know history so you are not fooled into war.

But the old die, we are taking their place and the young have never experienced anything other than a belief in entitlement which we instilled into them.
They are entitled to freedom, independence, individualism.

Yet the world always has a twist to it. Instead of getting better , things get worse
and reasons for war again come to the forefront. Our planet shows us there is no such thing as freedom, independence and individualism.

We all need each other to work in unison so our species survives.

Wars are always different but the causes are always the same, dictatorship, poverty, fear, power. They always take precedence over love. We have not learned how to use love yet, to conquer war.
The thing is, if we cannot love our parents, our wives and husbands and children enough to do the right things, then how are we supposed to be able to love the world?

Everything starts at the beginning.

As for the German soldiers in Germany, they noticed that the better German bunkers were hit a lot more than the other ones and so they went to hide with the regular population because they saw God was on their side.

So no matter what you believe, a time comes when God touches people he wants to touch, so they may one day tell the stories of his little miracles.

He performs many of them every day in hospitals, schools, places of employment, airplanes.
etc..... and he may use each person as a vessel to be his Angel that day.

I often wonder why, I was where I was, at the time I was, to help a person in need and why people were where they were to help me when I needed it.

9/11 survivors have the same stories to tell. They were supposed to be at work in those buildings but for some reason that day, could not be.
Others who were not supposed to be there, went in that day ......to die..
It gives you chills just thinking about it.

Have a good one.:)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Every one is celebrating 2012, the Year of the Dragon

Feng Shui experts believe 2012 is the Year of the Black Dragon (or the Water Dragon or the Black Water Dragon). In any case, this year will be one of transformation and improvement.

As is custom the streets are full of orange trees and tables are full of
good food shared between family and friends.

The children are ready for their red packets

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!

to all my Chinese friends.:)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh This Woolly Bully


When ever I see a bull run in Spain, I always wonder where the heads of these men are, who run on the street chased by so many. Even a Matador, alone in a ring, should not be there.
I feel bad for some of these bulls who are forced into fighting.
Personally, my experience with bulls on a farm was quite memorable.

I visited my cousins grand fathers' farm.
He was little maybe 1 and I was a big 5.
The farm was old. It had a muddy river running in the back which looked quite deep. You wouldn't want to fall into it.
Beside the river was a hammock strung between two trees .
Again, you wouldn't want to roll into the river, so you stayed away from the hammock. lol

The Grand father was a little old bald man. He was very kind and sweet and quite bullied by his wicked wife.lol
He had two sons and both came for a visit. The other son had a girl and a boy who were either the same age or one year older than I was.
There was a long dirt road to get to the main road where the mail box stood and I guess we were going to check it.

The Grand Father kept trying to stop the other two children from running onto the road but they equally showed him disrespect by yelling at him and kicking him in the shins and still running towards the highway.
I remember feeling very sad for this old man, so I came and took his hand and we walked slowly together up the road.
Wherever he went, I followed him.
I remember they had an out house and it was quite stinky with many flies .
I didn't like that too much and always feared something would come out of that hole and grab me lol

But other things I really liked. He owned bee hives.
I stood and watched as he dressed up to go check them. I found these bees very interesting and would love to own a field of wild flowers, just to keep a few hives.
Bees are nice little guys and I prefer them to wasps. Once my third little cousin stepped into a nest of either wasps or bees.
She was bit so many times her Dad had to rush her to the hospital.
Whenever I saw any such wasps around my house I would take the hose and try to swamp their living quarters so they would find a new place to live.

The old man also had a barn with cows and we'd go into it to collect milk but at the entrance, in the first stall, they kept a bull with a ring through his nose. I called him raging bull.
Of course my Mother dressed me in red, so he did not like me at all.

When I walked in there, this huge black bull, began to dig his hoof into the ground and snort, lowering his head. I saw his long sharp horns and he scared the day lights out of me. I just stood and stared at him as he got angrier and angrier.
This is when the grand mother would begin to yell and chase me out of the barn.lol

They only had a long piece of wood across the stall to stop him from coming out and this I remember thinking was not a good thing. It was nothing for him to break it and come through.

It was this same year in winter, that the old man went to the out house in the middle of the night and they found him on the cold ground in the morning.
He had a stroke and died.

The boys sold the farm and the grand mother went to live with the younger son in Montreal.
She wasn't my favorite grand mother. She had wicked looking eyes and she wasn't very kind to me either. So I didn't like it very much because she transferred all this bullying from her own husband, to my aunt, who was herself basically a new bride.
My aunt was a very beautiful loving woman.

I felt so sorry for the Grandfather and her son had a handful to handle coming home each night from work. She was very critical and reported every tiny thing to him.
Eventually she changed.
I don't think she had much of a choice cause no one wanted her. lol

I guess men in those days never argued with their wives cause my Grand Father was equally kind and gentle and this is why I thought he was a Saint.
My Uncle never argued with my Aunt.
If he didn't like something he'd go out for a smoke or into the garden to BBQ with a beer. lol
and if he did get mad on the rare occasion, he'd stick out his finger to point and his nose would lift high into the air but all he did was utter the persons' name and say: enough.

He looked so funny, no one ever took him seriously, so he was ignored, as life bustled around him.
This was the same guy whose pants I wanted to wet so he would not touch my Aunt. lol
Come to think of it, my husband is the same. Doesn't suit being mad.
If he gets mad, every one laughs.

I guess the same applies to comedians. They have a certain kind of face that is funny to look at.
Other people always look angry even when they aren't. Each of us is born to be spoken of, having more to do with what we look like, than anything else and this may also shape the kind of people we turn into.

When my cousin moved to New York, the grandmother went to live with her brother.
I went to New York to visit them one day.
I was a new driver with my own drivers' license . My aunt was in the process of trying to get her license with a learners permit.
She liked shopping so she'd say: Lets go for a drive.
So the kids all got in and we'd drive and talk and laugh.

It never dawned on me she didn't have a license to drive.
After a few days she said: You know, I like driving with you.
My husband yells all the time and with you we have a lot of fun.
Of course, not knowing she didn't have a full license, I didn't think to watch her driving lol
So we had a good laugh and I told her she was a great driver.

My Uncle then gave me his car and told me I could drive it to the store. I didn't want to take his car but he insisted so I took it.
I drove very carefully not wanting to smash it.
The last bit of road, beside their house, was narrow and quite winding.
I thought, if another car would come round the curve, I would not see it, so I kept closer to the right edge of the street, leaving two and a half feet from the solid line, separating the two sides of the road. This is not the way you are supposed to drive but something told me to do it.

This is why I say I have an Angel sitting on my shoulder and Guiding me.
Right at this moment, a speeding car came round the curve, on my side of the road.
Had I been driving normally, this car would have made a head on collision with my Uncles' car.
It would not have been pretty because he was going quite fast. I could have died.
He just continued and sped off.
I got home and told my Aunt and Uncle what a close call I had.

I was so surprised he was on my side of the road on this curve but for some reason I steered closer to the other edge.

Today I am left with memories and it's hard to believe, people you love, slowly disappear.

Bullying takes place every where, not just in a barn or the bull ring. lol

I think if I had a choice for a bull though, I would not choose the one shown above. I'd choose and nice heavy meaty bull, with big brown eyes, who would just be happy chewing his hay and smelling flowers.
They always say fat people are jolly
Maybe it pays to be fat. lol

I sure hope my family met up there and are enjoying themselves.
They are probably finding it funny, knowing what they do
about all our fights and struggles here on this planet.

Have a good one.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Life - A Wonderland.

The other day my Son put on some cologne and it smelled like my teacher in grade one.
Hers was a much heavier smell and I thought hmmm. Interesting, but he didn't tell me which one he used. He has so many.

It took me back again into my little world.
My school was the best.
Mrs Fratkin was no push over. She kept me in the corner the whole year where the book shelves were. I don't even remember being bad so I think she just pretended and put me there during reading class. We had the See Spot Run books with Dick and Jane and I knew this book by heart.

One day, before school finished at around 5 min to 3, I raised my hand to go to the bathroom. She told me to put my hand down and I tried but just couldn't hold it for 5 minutes.
I sat suffering until this puddle began forming under my chair.
The teacher felt so bad for me and asked me why I didn't tell her.
I told her I tried. She was not some one who you could argue with.
Teachers were strict. I felt so bad being laughed at but then another, one of these ASHLEY, girls did the same in grade three and she had a wonderful teacher.
She didn't raise her hand at all. So I felt much better lol

During lunch we would be sent to the gym where they placed the benches horizontally.
The kids sat eating while this nice lady would come in with her velvet poster boards and display the bible story characters as she told us about Mary Joseph Jesus and the Wisemen.
I remember being fascinated. Time flew with her there.

After school for 25 cents we would have Disney movies like Ol Yeller and all go home crying lol
For 5 cents you'd buy a small brown bag of candy. I put my house key into it and then threw it away by mistake. My parents know these things happen so they didn't punish me.

At this school they designated me librarian so I also had a key to the door and went there every lunch hour to read and check out what other books they had. That was fun.
We had our Music teacher teach us to sing hymns at an Anglican church next door. I enjoyed that. Then they promoted volley ball basket ball soft ball and I played in everything.

We had two sets of twins. One set were girls who I played with and another set were boys.
They were very smart and athletic, with freckles. One summer just before school began, one of them went under a big Daddy Truck and had his head squashed. He probably went to get a ball or something. We started school that year on a very sad note. They were a year older and close to graduating.
They were similar to our Cunuck twins and you always saw them together.
Then we had a student exchange with the French school. This was a very big deal.
The French students wanted to go back because our work load was just too hard for them.
All we did at their school was sing and go to church and a little bit of the other things.

I made friends with one very nice girl. She put her finger into a door when it closed and lost the tip of her fore finger. In summer we went to the pool where guys looked at us and we at guys. One boy was a life guard and he took turns either walking her home or me.
One day she came and told me that she and I are competing for him.
I looked at her with this questioning look and she said he hasn't decided which one he wants to marry.
I laughed. He hasn't decided? She laughed too. We giggled all the way home.

What ever gave him the idea either one of us wanted to marry him? lol
He was good looking so I guess he figured we were both infatuated with him.
Guys thought girls were easy if they told them they wanted to marry us.

I can't speak for my friend but my mind was very far away from this girl / boy stuff.
I had a lot of boy friends but that's all we were ........boys that were friends lol
It felt good cause guys always watched out for their local girls. They never let bad things happen to them if they knew about anything that was supposed to go down.

They'd battle behind your back between themselves or threaten each other that if some one did something bad to a girl .... there would be heck to pay.
But being an only child, I couldn't depend on other people to help me, so I decided to take self defense.
Our teacher told us that we must always look for a way out but if we are cornered then to make sure what ever we did counted, because we probably wouldn't get another chance at it.
He made our program tough even for the girls.
I'd basically crawl out of that class at the end of the hour to get to the changing room. But once we got into it, we had the normal class and then we'd have our own classes with black belt friends and then we'd go on week ends. It was basically like a drug. You had to have more and more.

One day I practiced with this one older guy and he hit with such force that I thought ...woah.
I know he's being judged on being able to stop at a half inch from your face, but if he missed and hit, there would be serious damage. I wasn't sure I liked that. After class it had snowed a lot.
He asked me if I wanted a lift home and I said: Ok. Where's your car? He said: Right here.
pointing to a pile of snow. I asked: Where?

Right here. He began to push the snow off this tiny Mini Austin.
I was flabbergasted. The tires were smaller than the height of the snow we had to drive in.
I wasn't sure about this. lol
We both climbed in and I heard the engine rumble and he put it in gear.
I was soooooo impressed with that little car and he was smiling all the way, so proud of it.
It didn't slide or stop anywhere and we had huge trucks in front leaving high snow behind their tires and it didn't phase that Mini Austin in the least bit.

When we had a lot of snow, I would put on my skiis and cross country to school. Hardly any one was there so I could enjoy the whole building to myself. It felt like going to a chalet.
Coming back in the snow was equally as fun. It took two hours each way.I had a black coat with a hoody and never got cold in it. The city would make mounds along the side walks so you had a few things to slide on. It was great exercise and I always said why pay gym rooms when you could do things like this for free.

When I got home I'd count the blisters on my feet. The boots were not as comfortable as they are today. You could not walk in them all day and not expect some side effects.
I still have my old boots and skiis.
People ask why do you keep all these things?
I ask how can you throw them away?

Of course I would never do this today. There is no place like home is my todays' motto.
When I tell my son this story he calls me some kind of square geek.
I reply no. I wasn't interested in clubs and booze. I went a few times with my friends and found it boring.
I loved the outdoors and especially in winter, when the whole city became so beautiful in white.
You walked and you enjoyed every light, every house, every street corner, the people, the cars, the hustle and bustle. Everything looked so wonderful even the snow flakes.
You'd enjoy making it to where you were going. The coffee tasted better as you sat warming up with it.

You could read in peace looking outside at the huge snow flakes through a panorama window and when your clothes dried you began the journey home with different lights and hustle and bustle.
At home you slept like a baby with rosy cheeks. This was a healthy great life.

Today when young people say they can't make it to work I smile and remember how different it was in my time when snow never stopped people from trying.

Of course it wasn't as dangerous in Montreal as it is in some places in BC.
The climate was milder than Toronto's where the cold seems to go under everything.
Sometimes it just isn't worth the risk.

Have a good one :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Half Breed by Maria Campbell

Half Breed by Maria Campbell is a nice easy 156 page book.
It got you interested from the get go with Louis Riel and how everything he did was misconstrued.
Finally the Metis are fighting back and taking pride in who they are.

When I was in College one Humanities Teacher asked the class:
Where do you find yourself?
Most of the kids pointed to their heads and I pointed to my Heart.
I think I was the only one in the class who did this.

Then he informed us that white people usually find themselves in their heads and Am Indians in their hearts and the Chinese in their stomachs.
I guess all my excursions on the river turned me into a free spirit lol
because I could truly relate and love these people.
Her great Grand Mother had second sight met this naturalist man from England, who pretended to be Grey Owl, a Red Indian.

The Indians knew Grey Owl was not an Indian but he was accepted by them because they knew he wanted to be. They found him amusing lol.
These are very special people in the way they behave and believe in things.

Reading this book and the experiences this woman Maria had, reminds me of things that happened in Quebec, although the story takes place in BC , Alberta and Saskatchewan.

I found page 72 very special, where Maria spoke with her Cree Great Grand Mother Cheechum,who lived to be 104 years of age,
so beautiful and right on the nose.
I couldn't have said it better myself.

Cheechum kept the grand daughter believing that things would change for the better.
I loved that Grand Mother.

It's a great read if any one is interested in a good, true, personal story.

It's funny cause my dogs name was Cheechen or Cheechpeach as I called him and he was my best friend. He is the one I swam the river with and who protected me from dogs who would attack bicycle riders and accompanied me on my 10 km rides.
He loved his freedom, as all animals and people do.
I never knew the Cree had names similar to this.
I also learned about a Canadian food called Bannock made by Indians and new settlers when flour was not easily come by.
Usually if they used flour it was to thicken pemmican soup, rubbaboo, or to make galettes.
Galettes otherwise known as bannock.
Tiger's Bannock (tried and true)


    1 cup white flour
    1/4 tsp. salt
    1 tsp baking powder
    1 tablespoon butter or margarine
    1/3 cup or more cold water
Directions: Mix dry ingredients thoroughly then rub in butter until well incorporated. Add enough water to make a thick dough. Form into 1-inch thick cakes and place in the bottom of a greased cast iron frying pan. Cook on low heat until done on both sides, or prop the pan in the coals of the campfire. For a variety add dry fruits, raisins, blueberries, etc. Taste especially good with molasses and butter when done. For pancakes, simply add a couple of eggs, omit the butter and substitute water for milk. For native style use half white flour and half corn flour. To avoid the mess when clean up is a problem, measure out individual portions into a Ziploc and knead until done.

The Book was published by University of Nebraska Press
Lincoln and London

Have a good one :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

History - A Story of Life

The other day I watched a program on Armenia .
They always put these programs on, to teach about genocide.
They showed Christmas trees planted by different countries
recognizing that indeed a genocide took place there.

Unlike with Hitler, who made it rather clear what he was doing with and to the Jews,
Armenia warred with the Turks and I am not sure if any Turkish leader stood up to declare that all Armenians in the world, had to be annihilated off the face of the earth.

Turkey, to my knowledge, was not aiming at world control like Hitler was.
Armenians were Christians and lived in Eastern Turkey and Western Russia and they were friends with Russia which disturbed the Turks. So the Turks, wanting an all Muslim country, gathered them up and murdered them.
The young people are being taught by survivors, that it is important to keep your own land and heritage if for nothing else than posterity but then they bring in the word genocide.
Genocide is an ugly word.

When I asked my Dad about the war and where he came from, he said what ever happened to me, has nothing to do with you, You are Canadian. This is your country. So if I was to learn anything, it had to come from other people and history books. After meeting other ethnic kids, and seeing how they shook over subjects dealing with the countries their parents came from, I have to say thanks to my parents. They did not put a stone on my back. Their country, would never be mine. That land, I could never call mine, any more than the people living there, would accept me anyway.To them I am a foreigner and I will never understand what they understand.
I may have a certain heritage but my land, is the one I live in.
This land raised me, fed me,
employed me, took care of me and raised my children. If I had to make a choice as to which land I'd fight for, it would be for my Canada.

Did Kruschev try to genocide his own people in Ukraine by taking all their wheat away leaving them to starve to death? In the papers they wrote it up as Ukrainian Famine.
The end result would have been the same.Kruschev was Ukrainian.

If we are to compare this to the number of Russian men/boys who were sent to fight with basically picks and shovels, against well equipped German troops and were not allowed to be taken prisoner without being called a traitor and killed or sent to Siberia sentenced to hard labor if they went home after the war, one could say Russia was genociding its' own people.

Of course this was not the case. Russia gave orders to her soldiers, to give the last breath to save the Motherland, from the Germans. Saying it this way, put it in a different light.
The Turks might have been given the same order under the threat of spreading Armenian Christianity. Their Quran specifically teaches all non muslims must die. In the end, there can only be one for peace to reign.

Throughout history, whole armies were felled in great battles.
Do we attach genocide to them as well?
This would include a lot of nations, not just Jews and Armenians.

So countries understand the pain in Armenia but there seems to be a bit of a problem to call this what happened in Armenia an actual genocide.It was ugly unacceptable, ruthless and typical behavior to be expected of a Muslim in the face of a Christian. It was A message to all, not to live in their countries unless you are Muslim.

When I watched this program on Armenia, I saw the plaques in front of trees as acts of kindness so people could heal. I still have to question the term Genocide because I don't feel this is a term that should be thrown around.

And it got me to thinking .
What if the so called Quiet Revolution, started by Liberal Jean Lessard and refined by Renee Levesque in Quebec, was overtaken by the English speaking people?

Political books were written claiming the Quebecois were the White Niggers of America, over this French/ English issue, and if the English rounded up all the nationalists, would the Quebecois claim genocide? This is basically what they were saying to the people and to the world, that if we don;t allow them to speak Quebecois, they were a dead group of people.

It never sat well with me, that my French neighbor, who lived the same way I did if not better,
could relate himself to the slavery that took place in US, in Quebec.

If the English fought and won, again, would the Quebecois have disappeared?

"Quebecois" is relatively a new term for French Canadians born in Quebec. If you went any where in the world, you would not find a "Quebecois" in history past 200 years or so, except Quebec. lol

Instead 700,000 English speaking people quietly left Quebec and the tetes carre who stayed, are always invited politely to leave. They are replaced by new French speaking immigrants, who have no idea, that they will be asked to leave next. and so.....the Quiet Revolution. lol

If the Quebecois won and did an ethnic cleansing because they want Quebec for the true Quebecois, not immigrants, what would this be called then?
Would the White Niggers of America be then associated with genociding other ethnic people if they didn't leave Quebec of their own volition?

The Quebecois are different from the French in France. In fact, French people in France, do not call the Quebecois people, French, because of the dialect. Every French teacher from France that we had, always told us what we had in Quebec, was not French lol So why were we learning it to survive in Quebec?
I have to admit, I loved the French language, from France.

We had one beautiful, young French teacher teaching us and one day after Christmas, we heard she went skiing and got into a fatal car accident coming home from the Laurentians. All the kids were devastated. She made learning French fun and we just couldn't believe she ended her life this way, so far away from home.

Of course General De Gaulle would have liked Quebec to separate because of old wounds between France and England and he can surely be blamed for sparking this language trouble in Quebec by coming as a guest and screaming at the top of his lungs : VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE!
Rather evil and sly of him . :)

This began a whole new era in Quebec which also was interesting to experience and live through.
We grew and learned a lot about life and people from this social experience.
Every one ignored the Catholic Religion which was the real cause, keeping people down and uneducated.
Even today. I went home to visit my parents, and this woman saw me and walked into their house like it belonged to her, to ask me if I visited Toronto. I was going to call the police because obviously she was deranged and could one day even be dangerous but then I decided not to begin a scandal in My Dad's house. She had no weapons but she could have .
This means, speaking French will never be enough for the Quebecois. You were not a Leduc or Brebuf, or Letourneau. These are Quebec names coming from way back when it all began here in Quebec.

In some ways, this behavior resembles what's going on with Islam today and in the past.

People lay blame on everything and everyone except the real causes that create the effects, ending in war and death and it's funny because land belongs to no one. We buy it but it can be expropriated any time by the country. Land belongs to no one. In fact in Belize where they grow cacao, the people don't want to own land. They want the government to buy it off of them saying we pay taxes and then are told what to do on it.lol I thought, hmmmm.
This person probably never went past grade 6 but speaks quite intelligently.
Why do we pay 1,000,000 dollars for homes today? They are not worth the price. They say we pay for the land. Even if there is no demand they put the prices up. Well, give the land back to Canada and Canada will employ you, to take care of your place of residence.
It's a job right there computers can't do. You pay rent, and the rest of the money is yours to do as you want. Today even waitress jobs are being eliminated. Computers take the orders and you also pay the machine at the table. Servers only serve, clean tables and are now denied a tip since they don't have to socialize with the customer.

This was a summer I spent glued to the radio listening to the Pat Burns Program discussing our Quebec problem with the people of Quebec and boy did it get hot!! No one knew who Pat Burns was because he would have been shot for discussing the French issues in Quebec. He sure did a lot of yelling .

Today, we see French speaking immigrants, who replaced the exiting English speaking people, are living well in Quebec, becoming MP's etc..... and everything looks fine on the surface because Quebec belongs to Canada.

But History has shown that it always pays to be careful and to
BEWARE the Radical element,( unless you have a ruthless dictator).

Radicals do the stepping stone routine. They always have a hidden agenda. They gain power being nice and then to do the other things, people who elect and help them, know nothing about.

Stalin ( killed 7 million and suppressed 50 million). He was a nice guy.
Hitler, Alexander the Great, were also nice guys.
Renee Levesque learned a lot from Nazi Germany, etc..
Nice guy. lol They changed Dorchester Street to Renee Levesque Str.to honor him.

And Islams Quran's teaching is similar to Hitlers' ,
except they want every person converted to Muslim or turned into slaves or worse if they can get away with it according to the Quran. In a way this makes Armenias' Claim valid but it doesn't just stop at Armenians. This was an active act, to aid in eradicating Christians from the face of the earth. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Athiests , communists etc.....lol
So is this view considered genocide if it applies to religions and not to actual ethnic people themselves?

These are discrepancies no one discusses.

Was the Genocide on Armenians against a "people or against a religion"?
The genocide claimed against the Jews was against the people as a whole by Hitler.
He didn't care if they were blonde with blue eyes or changed their religion. It was Jewish blood and it had to be eliminated off the face of the planet as if they were aliens, who landed here and a full scale war ensued to get them off the planet. No one knew the Slavs were next on his list in his mission to create an Aryan race.

In Quebec they changed the license plates from la belle province to je me souviens.
Hardly amicable to drive a car with such a license plate considering what they are implying with it. It's political and hardly speaks for our province. We have nicer things to remember.

Che Guevera said: Cruel leaders are replaced only to have new leaders turn cruel.

In Canada, we have no cruel leaders so what do the French Nationals really want?

Right now we can drive from coast to coast without borders.
Canadians are truly blessed.

Will we be left one day, with only memories of this as well?

We are only travelers and land belongs to no one.
Every one should be able to enjoy this planet amicably without hate.

And as for Armenia, the Turks will never admit to the true reasons behind what they did.
They will hide it as they always did behind, not being allowed to discuss Muhhammad and there will always be a question as to if indeed, this was a real genocide that took place there.

Genocide means to do an act of violence to eliminate a group of people. In war, revolutions etc... people die but it's never a genocide. Never total annihilation but then I haven't studied small tribes with religions which may have already been annihilated.

As far as I can see or understand, Hitler did not succeed in his genocide mission either.
He performed horrendous, unspeakable acts on a people, but he did not eliminate the Jews.
Now I will have both Jews and Armenians mad at me lol

I am a person who doesn't like secrets. If you have to keep a secret,then it must be because it's offensive to someone . It's nice to be a free person, to be able to walk tall, be free to make your own decisions about life, discuss your beliefs,dress how you want and not be challenged by things which really do not matter in life.Of course some laws need to exist to keep order and the aim is to always grow to become better , smarter people.
Something to think about .
I was a very happy man. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been
dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married. There was
only one little thing bothering me...It was her beautiful younger sister.
My prospective sister-in-law was twenty-two, wore very tight mini
skirts, and generally was bra-less. She would regularly bend down
when she was near me, and I always got more than a nice view. It had
to be deliberate because she never did it when she was near anyone else.
One day her 'little' sister called and asked me to come over to
check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived, and she
whispered to me that she had feelings and desires for me that she
couldn't overcome. She told me that she wanted me just once before I
got married and committed my life to her sister.
Well, I was in total shock and couldn't say a word.
She said, 'I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want one
last wild fling, just come up and get me.'
I was stunned and frozen in shock as I watched her go up the stairs.
I stood there for a moment, then turned and made a beeline straight
to the front door. I opened the door, and headed straight towards my car.
Lord... And behold, my entire future family was standing outside,
all clapping!
With tears in his eyes, my father-in-law hugged me and said, 'We are
very happy that you have passed our little test. We couldn't ask for
a better man for our daughter. Welcome to the family.'
And the moral of this story is: Always keep your condoms in your car.

Have a good one :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gone Fishin Ain't Sure for What

It took me a while but I finally learned how to water ski and my Dad would take me on long rides while my Mom watched to make sure I didn't fall.I jumped over waves and even did the one ski ride.
Sometimes the motor would get tangled in weeds and slow down.
I didn't want to fall, so did the worst possible thing a person could do.
I collected the rope until the boat picked up speed again and then slowly dropped it.
This way I didn't have to sink into the water.

I knew better than to collect the rope so it would tangle around me and always made sure to be very careful but when you are not supposed to do something, you shouldn't do it.

One day as I was collecting the rope, the boat jerked the rope out of my hand and my hand tangled in it and I fell.
My Dad immediately stopped the engine but the boat was still coasting.

The rope pulled up and the water pulled me down. I thought my arm was going to be ripped out of my shoulder socket.

Luckily the boat stopped before that happened.

My Dad called out to see if I was ok and being stubborn, not wanting a lecture about rope collecting lol ....I said Ya.Fine! lol

So he revved up the boat and put it in gear again to go.
My arm hurt so badly I couldn't use it so I used my left hand and just pretended to hold the rope with my right to rise up out of the water.lol

Thank fully I did my ride and when my Dad swerved the boat around to shore, I was able to let the rope go and coast in to the wharf on my skiis to sit on it.
If you did things right, you'd leave dry and come in dry. lol

My shoulder hurt a few days and then got better but now I knew not to collect the rope to look like a hero. lol
There is never such a thing as control.

The family loved fishing. So one day my Mom got into the boat with the tackle box and rods. We just put the boat in and forgot to insert the plug under the motor, which we take out to empty any excess water that might be in it. The boat was always cleaned after each use and washed out with clean water and drained once we pull it out onto the trailer.

As my Dad went to get the other stuff, the boat began to sink. My Mom did not know how to swim. Instead of getting out of the boat, she stood there like a true captain, who goes down with the ship. lol
When my Dad saw her, she was already knee deep in the boat at the motor end, holding all her stuff high up in the air.
We laughed at her later and told her what if it was deep? Did you not think you could drown? Her answer was, the thought never crossed her mind.

My Dad said this was the mark of a true sports man. My Mom was extremely happy to know she was a hero for saving the tackle box and fishing rods. lol
Not that they were ever in trouble to begin with.

Not long ago in BC, we had such an incident where the ferry boat was sinking, and the crew jumped off the ship first, leaving the passengers to fend for themselves. lol This is unheard of and truly disgraceful since they know where all the safety equipment is.
Most people escaped but
One older couple was missing and upon investigation, it seems the ship went off course because the crew was high on pot and some apparently having sex , they were not looking where they were going.

Our family liked to cast and before starting, each took a spot on the boat further away from the other so as to keep it safe.
The hook I had was three pronged, attached to this red and white striped oval metal piece.
These were good to catch pike but other fish liked them as well. They twirled well and shone to attract attention.

I turned to look behind me to make sure it was safe, put the rod back and as I was bringing my arm forward to cast, my Mother decided to stand up.

The hook really caught her good.
One prong went into the crease behind the ear where it attaches to the head and the other sewed the lobe in and out.
My Mom grabbed her ear and I was devastated when I saw what I did.
I thought she was going to be deaf.

My Dad rushed to shore,jumped out of the boat, into the car and in less than a minute they were off to the hospital with this new pierced earring hanging from her ear, leaving me behind with the boat.
With a deep sinking feeling of guilt, I put everything away and went home.
I sat and waited and waited and waited.
They left at 2 pm and now
it was midnight and they were still not back.

With each passing minute I was feeling worse and worse
And then I saw lights coming and they were back.
I ran outside and my Mom said my Dad wanted to stay home in the city but she knew I'd be worried so they came back, after a little rest.
I sighed a sigh of relief.

They had to cut into the crease of the ear to pull that part of the hook out and stitch it but the other side, which sewed up the ear lobe, they just cut off the hooky part to take out.
After her tetanus shot she was allowed to leave.
Needless to say, I lost my taste for fishing after that.
I never went again.

I kept thinking:
What if it had been her eye or if I Ripped her cheek open.She would have been scarred for life.
My Mom had beautiful skin and she always took such good care of herself.

Then I thought about how the fish must feel. Until now, I was sure they had no feelings cause they had no nerve endings but now I wasn't so sure.

I know when we cut off a cat fish head, it didn't stop it from biting nor did it stop the body from jumping on the skillet a full two minutes before it stopped.
We'd give it a stick to bite and it would really clamp down on it.

These fish grow to 8 feet and have been known to grab rabbits, ducks and even kids off the shore.
We have a Nessie in these waters, so who knew what else we had and here we are fishing not knowing really how these creatures feel.

My Dad never said a word but his face said it all.
I guess he didn't want to start talking cause he didn't trust himself to say the right things but I knew he was mad and he already probably got an earful from my Mom telling him it was a mistake.

The next day we talked and I asked her why she got up?
I checked before casting and I was already half way doing it when she got up without looking.

You should check on what other people are doing before getting up in a boat.
At this point, there was no way to stop it from happening.

To this day I still feel bad but she was a good sport and a hero cause she never uttered a word.
There wasn't a peep coming out of her through the whole ordeal.

Again we had a story and something to laugh about later about my Mother. lol
It wasn't funny except for the fact she did something we were taught not to do.

Our car License Bureau says: There is no such thing as an accident.
Hello!.........They've attached new meanings to what an accident is???
An accident is caused by misjudgement. People are human. They make mistakes.
Machines have no brain. They make no judgement decisions at all so they too make mistakes if changes they are not programmed for take place.Machines hiccup as do computers.
In fact if you have a hacker or a person feeding it false info, machines like computers, can create a catastrophe.

There is always a wise guy somewhere trying to play with your brain.
No matter how prepared you are, shit happens.

------------------------Central Station Copenhagen Symphony Orchestra ---------

Have a good one.