Sunday, June 30, 2013


Looking at such beautiful flowers sunning themselves in the hot sun
I could almost hear the music of Beethovens' Fur Elise
It is an easy piece for professional pianists.This girl plays it
with such ease. Her fingers seem to hardly touch the piano keys.
The piano seems to be playing on its own.

This piece is as delicate as the flowers who listen to it.
This must have been some love.

The story goes that in 1810 , Beethoven was 40 years old and fell in love with an 18 year old girl.
Her name was Therese Malfatti. He wanted to marry her.
Therese's Father had a party and Beethoven was supposed to play a bagatelle he wrote just for Therese , to be followed by a marriage proposal. 
But instead he got drunk and never played the piece. Nor did he propose.
He tried writing her name on the front page of his bagatelle = Fur Therese.
When the manuscript was found after Therese died, it was published as Fur Elise because they could not read the handwriting.
So sad.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Canada Day

Beautiful Fragrant Wild Roses for a gorgeous
CANADA DAY Week end.
I keep them potted and plan to try rooting some shoots
They make for a great hedge.

These flowers are as open hearted as our society is.
Bethoven Sonata 8 Pathetique

Have a good day.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wiebos' War is Everyones' Problem.

My friends at the Parrot Jungle.
Sometimes life is like this. You can talk as much as you want,
and no one listens. Here is a serious and scary documentary
of what happened in Alberta called Wiebos War.
Can you imagine living happily on your land and then
you get bullied by the gas company and no one cares that
everyone is either sick or dying because of these intruders.
Wiebo was called the intruder instead of the gas company
seeping sour gas on his property.
This should never happen to anyone.
On TV they showed lambs being born with nothing to hold their internal organs
and adults having aborted children where they showed the child had no
skull. Scary scary stuff.

Pretzel Hot Dog Anyone?
Check this out.

Pebble Creek

Monday, June 24, 2013

Habemus Papum

No big moon last night because of the clouds.
So I missed out on taking a wonderful Moon Picture.

Had trouble sleeping last night . 
Usually we have trouble emptying a mind and yesterday I had a need to fill it
but it wouldn't fill. lol I was unable to obtain food for thought. 
It's all the same things over and over and over again.
So it kept me up and this is a ridiculous reason not to fall asleep.

 Today I watched Habemus Papum
A story about a man who was elected Pope but in all good conscience, could not lead.
He said he was a man, who needed to be led.
He was a man so humble, kind , sweet and soo sad.

Well the Pope is led and he would have made a good Pope, as a Pope, who is led by God,
who is in turn, followed by the people.

So where are the answers to this leadership question?
Who shall lead?

Who is best qualified to lead nations and religions?

 Those qualified are never elected nor do they run to govern.

When it comes to God, there are no elections. There is no buying or selling of votes.
There are no discussions, organizations, faculties.....
There is no financial gain or spurts of glory or special privileges or fear.
God crosses boundaries, nations, worlds.....

You believe and follow him because you understand it is the right thing to do and that only this way,
 could man ever live enlightened and free and in peace.

 This is the teaching of the right religion
no matter what name it is under.

It is funny because when you think about God and his power and glory, you feel dizzy
because you know you are not even close to being in the running either for or against him.
It's all irrelevant.

Man is really nothing in comparison to the planet and the planet is nothing in comparison to the universe and beyond.

So who are we fighting really? Ourselves?
And who are we that makes us so important?
Do we really expect to find answers amongst ourselves or try to look into the beyond
to see if they lie out there?

It really is the right question to ask when standing on a street corner just watching the people go by.

Who are we that makes us so important?

We are important to only ourselves because we live in this body we have to defend from harm and from this
results the messy world we live in but the people who need the defence, are the innocent,
 who are deprived of it.
They are deprived of it because man has placed value and faith into things and into each other, 
rather than into humbleness, education and mans' internal spirit, things living inside this body
we wear.
People fall in love with the body. Hurt the body, and they move on to another.
Not many look into the person behind the eyes, where God is supposed to live.
Sometimes he is overshadowed by evil spirits which find their way inside.

So everything we do, is for nothing if all we are tingled and excited by is violence, deviance, trickery,
proving of oneself to be more than what we really are... just babes in the woods.

In the face of "CREATION" we don't exist and it makes no difference at all if we do.
Fighting and killing ourselves resolves nothing and speaks for nothing.

We are on a path designated to us by God. If we follow this path, we will learn and grow and stay alive.
If we deviate, we will be standing on cliffs of self destruction and there will be no one to blame and no one to save us, no matter how much money we spend.

I liked this movie Habemus Papum because this was a man who would have been worth following because he understood life, its' delicacy and its' promise and God.
He looked at people and somehow felt it would be too difficult to save them.
How could he represent actors, people who do not know who they are, any more than he did.
What would he ask of God for these people, who act and believe in the act they live in, rather than the 
cold truth.As he walked through streets he saw cruelty and goodness and found
 it impossible to represent both.
On another front I still have emails from people about the to Spank or not to Spank blog.
One man wrote that he was spanked and it affected his whole life, his self esteem, his feeling of worthless ness.
So he said it's my opinion but he doesn't agree with it.

I say yes, it is my opinion and it is an opinion, that took me a great while to arrive at.

Spanked children become better people. I say spanked, not beaten or abused.
Some kids never get spanked but sit in dark closets and grow up with issues.
Or get verbally abused and grow with a feeling of worthless ness.

Once in a while, if a child needs a spank, he should get one or be given a decision to make between a spank or grounding.

The blogger speaks of loss of self esteem, says he has sense of worthlessness.
I see many kids today growing up, unspanked, feeling worthless,living meaningless lives, in broken homes, with no self esteem. 
We have kids today, committing suicide because they have no inner strength to fight bullies.
We have
parents fighting in schools and with governments, to make more bullying laws, who do not understand that they are not preparing kids to survive in the ugly and bullying world they have to live in. We are all bullied every day on city streets, in our jobs, by our municipalities, by our utility companies, by our banks, by our newspapers governed by advertising rather than truth.
We work and have to cry for our salaries. Companies leave showing no sense of loyalty to country.
Even to get a cup of coffee or a screw in a store, you can face discrimination by a person who says he doesn't need your business because you are not the same race color or speak the same language.
 If you can't survive in school, how are you ever to survive in life?

Every child that grows up in a home, where he is spanked, learns early in life, to have survival skills.
He learns to accept the word NO.
 He begins to develop ideas, power of reason, accountability, responsibility, politeness, sense of self, and compassion for others who are spanked and to teach others who are spanked why they are spanked.
When living in a society where it is normal to spank, people grow stronger. 
They become fighters, survivors.

These are not people who roll over and play dead unless it is to survive.
They do not spend time sniveling, crying to politicians and lawyers and judges feeling sorry for themselves.
They look for answers to help themselves.

They build their muscles, so if someone spanks them they feel nothing and use the other persons power so he hurts himself.
 Spanking like putting a green soldier into battle and he sees his friends' head blown off.
Of feeble mind, he could go insane or be killed but with  strength of character, he will understand right away, that man...... I gotta fight and get outta here. 
Seeing his friend, is like getting a spank, a smack of reality across the head, putting him into action to survive because at that moment, this is the right thing to do. No! He will not die today. He will live.

Spanking is a good thing. I lived in a world where kids were all spanked and we all grew up into good hard working, family people as opposed to those who were not. 
They lived not knowing which direction to take, totally lost and they made more kids who were like the parents, growing to believe in social welfare instead of fighting for themselves.
 Of course there are always the good kids who do nothing, to ever deserve a spank.

Most kids do because they don't take no for an answer and in life, you have to learn to take the word no and to follow orders or end up destroying everyone around because of your obstinacy.One Mother believes they grow out of it without spanking. Sure some do, many others don't. A spanking could stop a child from hanging around kids who will give him marijuana laced with something that will kill him. It could stop a child from sneaking out of the house at night. It could stop a child from getting pregnant or meeting a pedophile.A spank could make a child understand not to put their body into harms way. Since children have short attention spans. It helps them remember there are just some things you do not do.

You can't run a business if you give an order to do something and it gets ignored but a paycheck still has to be issued. A spanked child follows orders while the unspanked one thinks ok, when I have time. I have to 
text my friends first.

Now society stepped into the lives of families, took matters in its' own hands, destroys our kids and we have nothing to say about it.
Are the kids better off? No. Society forces drugs on them now. The drugs cause irreversible changes in brain
The kids look for answers in tattooes, drugs,  alcohol, sex,  verbal abuse, except now, it's the police that beat them for disrespect, it's communities who say no, you can't work here because you are untrust worthy and we can't build enough prisons to keep them in, so we change the laws and say ok, you win, crime is ok. 
It doesn't matter.
It's the good people who have to learn how to live now.
So it's the good people who now get hurt and have nothing to say about it.

We have a good Prime Minister but he will lose the next election for standing by doing the right thing,
by a guy who says look, everything is ok.

Now why would people elect him? 
While they are free to self destruct, he and his caucus is free to make themselves rich.
With more and more people to feed and less and less taxes collected, 
society breaks down, as it did in Greece.

Kids don't take no for an answer and give orders rather than take them,
having no experience or education or even laws to back them up with. 
They are given the right to vote without understanding what it is they are voting for or who this person running really and truly is. Does he know anything about politics or business or life?
Respect , honor,  rights are obtained by showing people you are worthy through good morals and values.
Not today.

Today they have Human Rights. People hide behind them saying we don't need to prove anything.
We are human, so you need to respect, honor and give us rights to be.

Sure.... but not in my house. What's even funnier is that scientists are saying we are not humans but hybrids of humans. Something between Neanderthal  and God.

So today, to be an honorable man, is short of committing suicide because
of the dishonorable ways laws, justice, politics and man prevails upon those who are enlightened to lead for
enrichment of the mind and spirit and thus life.

Human Rights, means nothing, when the people who stand behind them, are the people doing the most inhumane things of all, the most harm, because they feel they are owed and can do what ever they want.

Life is a gift, but no one said it was going to be easy.
Every year we live, it gets harder to survive even for those who know how.

There is a lot of evil out there and nothing is as it should be.
Look in South America where money is printed and people are rich using fake money and yet the country and people are poor. Look at Europe where they elect dishonorable men into honorable positions.
It will run it's course but in the end, every house built on rotten foundations falls.

We will, in the end, have choices to either raise our own children right, even if it means to spank them or leave it to others who will dictate, beat, imprison and enslave us all, because we don't.
 History always tends to repeat itself.

One way or another, it's always left up to the people, because it's irrelevant to God.

He's been there and he's done that and he lives while the rest of us keep dying,
 over and over and over again.

Next to the Lakers winning the Cup, Tonight the Hawks Beat Boston!!!

Wow!! What a series.!!!


Saturday, June 22, 2013


This is a picture I made when I was a teenager.
I pulled it out of the dusty cupboard.
It is a a fishing village some where in New Brunswick I think.

Fishermen have dangerous and yet some would say exotic life styles.
Most people never get to wake up to such beauty and
excellence of Mother Nature.

Today it is still cloudy and cool. I made my son a quick lunch of steak mushrooms
asparagus and fries. Plus, he had two left over tandoori chicken pieces.
 I had a spinach salad with my favorite mango dressing.
I wasn't shy with the onions and garlic people don't usually like in their salads.

Yesterday we watched an excellent basketball game where Miami Heat won the Cup.
San Antonio sure gave them a run for their money. My son wore his poncho to show me how
much he appreciated I made them for him and my husband sat complaining that he didn't
have one. So now I have to begin another one. This unpredictable weather sure
encourages one to wear stuff like that.

A documentary on Ethiopia showed them finding very old human bones and a theory
that aliens did come here and genetically changed the Neanderthals because they needed slaves
to work for them to save their own planet.
 So we are hybrids, half human and half alien and this is why the Bible
 states God made man in his own image.
Genetic mistakes the aliens get rid of with natural disasters
They say we are promised to be happy soon but I guess they havent figured out how to make man happy.

But they do say there are aliens walking around us with telepathic powers and we have no idea they are alien, giving us ideas.
Eventually there will be a new man walking this planet.

They said they can't figure out how it is man jumped so quickly to be able to even
 imagine the things he did
without some help from someone alien.
 Leonardo Da Vinci was one such man they mentioned.

Archeology sure is interesting when they can dig out stuff. Studying Sumerian writings is also
something one would want to investigate and they say Rome has them in their library.
I wouldn't be good at stuff like that How do you remember it all?

I wonder how the Chinese remember all of the signs they draw to write and the same applies to all
ancient writing.
Our short alphabet seems almost too simple to remember and use and still we send kids to school
and they graduate without knowing how to spell or write properly.
Then they figured out that the brain doesn't require us to spell properly to understand what we write.
Life can be confusing sometimes lol

Walt Whitman wrote:

The world is rude, silent, incomprehensible at first,
nature is incomprehensible at first,
Be not discouraged, keep on,
there are divine things well envelop’d,
I swear to you there are divine beings
more beautiful than words can tell

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tides in White Rock

This shot looks nice framed.

As the tide goes in and out, it makes these little pools of warm water
which are nice to sit in on chairs and refresh yourself while watching your small children play
They love to splash around in these small bodies of water and there are always little things to find
under water to entertain them. Sorta like having a small swimming pool without investing on one.
Here it looks like rivers meeting up into a big body of water.

I got up early today and as I am on the internet the TV is playing and as I glance up it seems to be
a show on the paranormal.
These people sure know how to scare themselves into believing things lol

But shit happens like the time I was sitting writing a letter
explaining a funeral taking place on the other side of a wall.
There were wailers, clangers and bangers, chasing evil away from the dead person,
cause it was a Chinese funeral
so I wrote the word devil and just as I was writing it, the ceiling lamp exploded with such ferocity
and glass flew across the room to my feet.
Sure made a believer out of me lol

All my life I never liked anything around my neck and wondered how men could wear ties.
Even turtle necks bother me.
So I always thought that if there are things such as past lives, I was probably a person who was hung
and this is why in this life, I fight so much for childrens' causes and goodness.
How the two connect, I don't know.

As I write this, the paranormal show finishes and my Favorite Anthony Bourdain comes on exploring
New York, specifically Queens which has become the Asian quarter.
Now the Chinese love pigs feet and head cheese.
I remember seeing feet sold in stores and we'd buy them and boil them till the the skin comes off the bones.
with bay leaves. They we'd chop the meat up and cover it with the broth from the feet.
Sometimes we'd add unflavored gelatin sometimes not. When the bowls cool off we put them into the fridge and we get head cheese. I would eat a bowl at a time
Head cheese is delicious with mustard, vinegar and on rye bread.
You can't stop with just one slice.
In Flushing, NY he stopped at a Gneshi temple. where vegetarian food is served. He had rice noodles
and seeing I can grind rice into flour with my coffee grinder, I know making these noodles at home is not a far fetched idea. Try even making pancakes from this flour covered with some spicy masala prepared before hand

Gosh makes me want to visit New York. lol I loved the art museum when I was there and having tea at the Woldorf Astoria and walking by the building where Mrs Kennedy lived. Of course the statue of liberty is such a treat to see for a foreigner. Gives you a good feeling .
Does Mick Jagger live in Staten Island??? Who knew hunh!

Then he went into the Koren sector where octopus was slowly cooking in a wok over a hot fire sorta like a hot pot.  and fried seafood pancakes. I don't think I could eat that or watch it suffer like that. but apparently it's already dead.
Then they eat again, this squiggly octopus, cut in pieces, which is still alive.( but dead). sea snails crab claws mussels. They sell crab with roe which you will never get here in BC, unless you are a bear or eagle, because it's against the law.
Now doesn't seem fair does it. Why is everything so much more abundant on the east coast and not on the west?
Brooklyn is full of Cantonese people and dim sung is special because you sit at a table with people you don't know for breakfast . The place is full. Here you try duck feet and steamed food like Tripe. Dough is made from rice flour and deep fried with pork stuffing , shrimp mmmm.

Then he showed a place where tortillas are made by machines. They make so many and so fast in one shot.
Just unbelievable. I guess Mexican food is just so popular they can't keep up with the tortillas. I really love this show. I could watch this guy all day. How he eats so much and stays thin I don;t know. Probably cause to get to these places he goes to, he does a lot of walking.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Bronx is where you find Italians Domincans and Africans
Here you find loyal Yankee fans and the best ribs, bbq chicken, macaroni and cheese, beef heart and bone marrow
People burp and fart all together and everyone is happy. 

They have butchers which cut meat put stuffing into one piece and sew another piece on top of the stuffing. Definitely a different way of cooking

 In Brooklyn they have a butcher which buys local meat. They believe the fresher the meat the better so it comes in from basically your neighbors' farm.
Now this is the right way to do things.

 Who is the wise guy who said bigger is better? They strip locals of jobs
that should be theirs and control in communities where it belongs. Imagine something going wrong at the main warehouse, and no one gets meat in the whole state/country.
No , staying local is better.

New York, no wonder they call it the Big Apple.
 With such a variety of people, it's the true heart of America.

Before even leaving the comfort of my bed on which I sit cause I have my computer here, I had my morning coffee and a full days worth, of food for thought.
Should give me a few things to think about as to what to make for lunch.
I put on the oxtail soup on last night for today and glad I did cause the weather is cold damp and wet today and certainly a kinda soup day.
Should I try grinding rice into flour? Hmmm
I know this gluten free recipe from ground rice flour for pan cakes.
It uses 3 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 1 tbs vegetable oil,1/2 tsp salt and one cup rice flour.
After beating all the ingredients together without lumps you put it into the fridge for an hour or overnight
Then you heat your griddle on med heat with oil and drop large spoonfuls of batter into it and make your pancakes.

Well, I'll figure it out.
( I made them and they turned out great!!)
Have a good day !!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

White Rock Special

This is one old car I could not pass up photographing.
They sure know how to dramatize old vehicles.

I tried my video camera and it's so light that moving it without rocking the movie
is very hard to do. So I know in the future, apart from learning how to use the internet
to blog videos, I need to use a tri pod.

This is a small footage of the sea gulls. The girls behind me were cackling like birds and fit it wonderfully
but my husband thought music would be better.
The little baby girl was such a delight to watch on the beach as she played and explored.

Maybe in the future I will be able to put up more interesting stuff to see.

Albert Einstein = If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed
of shabby ideas and shabby philosophies. It would be a sad situation
if the wrapper were better than the meat wrapped..
George Carlin: Here is all you have to know about men and women.
Women are crazy, men are stupid.
The reason why women are crazy is because men are stupid.

(I like this guy )
Mark Twain: Clothes make the man
Naked people have little or no influence on society
Good friends don't let you do stupid things............



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm A Learning Man

I love this shot of the train tracks and tide coming in.
One day I will take the train through BC.
It should be a wonderful ride through beautiful mystical landscape

I'm a learned man 
I get bullied when I can
I have closet kits and zits
And really close shaved har (hair)

I run in the wrong gangs
I guzzle rum in bars
If intellect is scarce
Just come in my den of drugs.

Your mind will explode high
Your eyes will fall inside
And droolin.....
 Is never a surprise
Cause when the crankin starts
You'll feel it in your guts and
Ride it out in potty holes outside

I'm a Learned Man
Thinkin when I can
Have no time cause doin nothin's rough
I guzzle beer in cans
And kiss girls after Sandy Man 
By showin them a tatooin
 Good time.

If you need intellect
Here volcanoes rupt , 
From vents of piercin holes, never knew I had.
And when I need to snort
I cough and then cavort
With all the Disney graduates I find.

They Call me Learned Man
I do what I can
To help, this sorry, pissin land
I know it's all out there
Wrote it in my underwear.
So if you need me .........
I am here to vote 
A Lady's Life

A Bit more of Verbal throw up. lol
Inspired by the new psychological thrillers
we watch today.
But hey, to have ideas to make such movies,
expecting no  bad side effects from people
who are already depressed, is a little unrealistic.
They can't self censor. Not many people can.
Artists say this is art and this is what people like to see.
This is what attracts them and people can differentiate
entertainment from real life. But can they, when your system
is on over load. It just desensitizes you to evil.
It becomes a part of life, a part of hell.

One would think that "crazy" is not something we
want to play with but parents lose so many children
who use other peoples' ADD drugs and no one comes back from
those drugs.
We teach them in schools and yet they are not old enough to understand.
Do all kids need drugs, as much as they are pushed on them today?
Have they no say in the matter?

So why push kids to grow up so fast and why do adults not understand
that it's not all about them. You don't do what you want to do, in front of children.

Parents behave in such bad, self serving ways, setting such bad role models to follow
 that the only way you can stop a kid, from doing bad things
is to say to him, your Father or your Mother, will be put in jail for what YOU do.

It seems that's the only thing that will make a kid stop to actually think
about the consequences of his actions.
Seems a kid still has a soul compared to the adult who is now hard core,

If something is not good for a kid, it's not good for an adult.
That's why children are gifts, to keep you grounded.

Sandy =  the sand man, when people sleep.

Not much hope when crazy goes to vote either
Yesterday I watched a documentary of foreign doctors
who went to work in Africa to places like Senegal and Kenya.
They work in very bad conditions, doing what they can to help,
 taking care of very serious
human health issues. They help many but many also die.

They speak of God forgetting Africa but you can't have everything.
As you move forward, some things are lost to make room for new
and better ways to live. That's not to mean one should forget.
Then after you save a person, another comes and kills him
in the name of God.

And what about the rest of the world living in better conditions
fighting over religion/ culture, instead of working together, as a country
moving forward to guide people to live happy and peaceful lives?
Do we elect governments and leaders to lead us to death?
So much waste of energy, money, health.....
fighting over things that don't matter.

As spiritual beings, we don't understand that we cannot escape God.
He enters us all. Every time a parent loves kisses cherishes cries over, a child,
This is God. When you show charity, compassion, mercy.... this is God.

but God can be used by evil when you invite bad spirits to enter your body and soul
like through drugs, watching bad movies, violence, alcohol, bad religion,political  dogma,.... things
 which open doors to painful things,  taking over.
bullets, bombs, chemicals,stones, nuclear energy, poison......

Trick is to know what true love is and this can only be taught by the true God.
Those fighting in the name of God should think about that.
Those fighting against God should also think about that

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just a Son of Man

This is an entrance door to one of the houses in White Rock, all made of stones.
I thought it was a beautiful gate and it inspired me to write this poem.
Looking at it, one would love to see what's on the other side.

Don't deny  your love
You are just a son of man
You are just a son of man
 In my heart

If you deny your love
I won't know you when I die
And I want to live again
 So don't deny your love

I love you son of man
You're exactly what I need
You are heavens' wings
And the song that fills my day

You are just a son of man
And the Father of this land
Oh I love you son of man
You're the darling of my heart.

So don't deny  your love
 Father of this land
Father of this land
That I love

Don't deny  your love 
Cause I don't wanna die
Wanna walk on by your side
Right through Heavens' gate


 I love you son of man
Don't, deny  your love
You are just a son of man
The soul within my heart
 A Lady's Life


Monday, June 17, 2013

Pearly Gates of Home

If the Pearly Gates of Heaven
Were flowers all in bloom
I'd walk through them all a glow, and
 Thank The Lord for all his gifts endowed,
So I might know

If the Pearly Gates of Heaven
Were the Pearly Gates of Home
I'd be running home my friend
To outstretched arms of love.

And if by chance I met with God,
Enjoying grace so pure
I'd thank him for the tenderness,
In the garden, I call home
A Lady's Life.

I speak of love and your words kill it
I feel the love in the heart you pierce
I know love but you don't know it
It's just a word, in the mouths of men.

It's written cursed abused and played with
It's a word made worthless by acclaim
It's just a word but no man knows, it's
True value on this earth.

For what is love, in veils of darkness
Behind black eyes, which carry swords?
What is love behind the madness
full of cursed, evil words?

I speak of love in terms of flowers
Of scented gentleness in spring
I speak of love in its' uniqueness
One flower,  to be loved by one.

I speak of love in terms of rain drops
When flowers bloom in a field of green 
I speak of love in terms of sunshine
Radiating rays of warmth

I speak of love that truth resides in
Where no partition walls exist
I speak of love found in contentment
For in contentment, there lies peace

I speak of love so freely given 
Eye to eye and holy bound
Knowing trust, lies in forgiveness
As unique, as a fragile flower in the sun.
A Lady's Life


Sunday, June 16, 2013

You Belong To Me

(click to enlarge)
My soul will love you always
Unlike my heart which will one day stop
My soul it is eternal, even if my heart is  not
My soul will stay forever, watching over yours
My soul belongs to God in Heaven and..
Yours' dear boy, is mine.
A Lady's Life.

It's exciting to love and to be loved.
It's exciting to believe that there is a purpose to life and living
It is exciting to believe there is a tomorrow, away from hell on earth.
It is exciting to know there is a love out there, so powerful and strong
It is exciting  you can feel it, without sight or touch or smell.
It is exciting to walk toward it, full of trust, a fearless son.
It is exciting to feel safe knowing you are not alone.
It is exciting to tell angels stories they don't know
It is exciting to find peace, we left, to search  beyond the sun
It is exciting to conclude that after a long, glorious quest
We can exhale, nay...sigh.... and say Oh Holy Father,
 There is no place like home.
A Lady's Life.



I remember the tenderness with which you held me, as we walked on salty shore
The time you felt my pain when my cheeks were swollen and so sore
The time I rocked you close to heal your damaged heart.
The time I said that it's ok.
 You survived and all is well.

I remember how you slept in tears at night
How you woke up in my arms holding you, so tight.
I remember how I cried each time you flew away
A broken hearted swallow, grounded from the sky

I remember how we walked, blindly on dark roads
Fear doesn't exist, when you are so in love
How we thought we conquered time, that it would never conquer us.
Even now we fight it knowing, fighting it is wrong.

I remember children, sleeping soundly at our feet.
Holding them, to hear them breath, quietly and deep
I remember how we toasted, both good times and bad.
How we laughed between the tears, not to be so sad.

I remember bravery,  as you walked forward into storms
Knowing I'd be waiting, here for you, at home
Keeping fires burning, waiting for a word
Looking at the setting sun, sailing in the wind.

Windy letters would blow in  and whisper in my ear.
I am coming. Wait for me. Stay strong and
Then you'd  walk right in.
Speechless we would walk, on the soft green grass of home.
Holding hands so tight, never wanting to let go.

I remember tenderness we had back then and even now
We survive the test of time and babe,
That says it all.
A Lady's Life.


Happy Fathers' Day from White Rock ,BC

I love the idea of turning shells into night lights.
White Rock, BC had so many of them displayed in store windows.

If it wasn't for the strict pay parking laws, it is a very nice border town to visit.
where dogs have free parking.. lol

 Being a sea town  people have dogs sitting in balconies over looking the restaurants and people walking
down below. They are never bored and living what I call the best dogs life. lol

At least Tanya found this all sooooo cool. She enjoyed her day out
on the town.

As can be seen there is a very wide selection of shells to peruse through for sale.

The train track follows the coast line and we were lucky to see one
go by. This particular part of the city has the best fried fish.
People come to buy take home or to sit and eat at the beach.

Far out, you can see the famous White Rock Pier jutting out.

On the top left hand corner we find the closest US town, Blaine.
We used to go boating there into the marina to see the seals sunning themselves.
These sea gulls were very entertaining and would come right up to you.

Here is a closer shot of the pier .If you click to enlarge, you will see
a lone crane on the right side of the picture. People feed birds here
so the sea gulls are HUGE.
People love to walk on the pier, set up chairs and umbrellas and kids dive
off of it for some old fashioned fun.
We used to crab here but no longer.On the other side some boats are tied up
behind the rocky wave  stopper. All around you see mountainous islands.
Such a beautiful sight.
We used to spend a lot of time here. The restaurants are excellent.
As you sit you see people sporting their old jalopees, lambourghinees,
and motorcycles.
 You can enjoy home made gelato. Excellent food. Sit on the roof top
 of the famous Boathouse restaurant, visit the beach museum and shopping
for art craft work and beach wear is so much fun here.

As evening approaches, the tide is slowly coming in. These birds
would never leave the cement table we were sitting on

I especially loved photographing these birds.

A Beautiful end to a beautiful day.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Choose You

I choose you for your loveliness of spirit
I chose you for the sparkle in your eye
I choose you for the depth of your intellect
I choose you, my sweet beloved friend.
A Lady's Life

Lovely song again.
Adios Amigo by Gentleman Jim.
Died at 40.


Friday, June 14, 2013

I Only Want My Arms Full of You

Jim Reeves  Still one of the best singers I know.
Life full of promise and disappointments
Life never knowing what road to take in a world
no longer believing in ethics morals and values.
Hard to decide, when even the straight,right road,
 is blocked, rained out, torn. No one said it would be easy
but this is when faith and hope in the one who matters
is what it's all about. His arms are always full of you.
I thought this recipe would be a good one. I found it a long time ago.
Don't think I put it up before but all these things are healthy for you.
Quinoa health bars
Prep time:  1 hour 10 mins
Total time:  1 hour 10 mins
Serves: 8
  • ¼ cup cooked quinoa
  • 6 dates
  • 2 tablespoons tahini
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • ¼ cup almonds
  1. Puree the dates, almonds and quinoa in a food processor, pressing several times until you get a smooth paste.
  2. Transfer to a bowl, and add coconut oil, and tahini. Mix well with a spoon or clean hands until everything is completely incorporated.
  3. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.
  4. Wet your hands, take 2 tablespoons of the mixture, and form a bar. Place on a dish, and repeat with the rest.
  5. Refrigerate for at least 2 more hours, and eat as desired. You can also put them in the freezer 2 hours before eating, for a firmer bar.
  6. If you would like a more chocolatey taste, add as much cacao powder to the mixture, as you like.

This morning I had a night mare.
I dreamed I saw my white rabbit in his aquarium.
A thin black one was running around in there with him.
As this got my attention I began a closer inspection and saw my Mom
sitting beside the cage holding a big fat white wet rabbit looking non too pleased.

Then I saw my Dad and he was thinking I would be happy but was a little concerned when he saw
I was looking in horror cause now I saw 6 more rabbits in the cage with mine.

I kept thinking they will kill him and then look how much work this will be to clean this aquarium
You can't keep 8 big rabbits in an aquarium even if it s a big one. The smell alone would kill them.
You need a cage with a grill bottom so it's easier to clean in the morning and I can't do all this work.

It was enough to make me jump out of bed and hear BBC news say the rebels gave up in Syria.
Then I went to the bathroom and opened the net to check this out and all it said was Obama finally
decided to help the rebels, Putin saying this is bad  and Brown in England saying if we don't help there will
be more world terrorism.

Well Putin wants to be Czar and dictator. We can see why he would be interested in the people to lose.

I kept thinking all the good people are dying and the bad ones no one kills.

I got up, made coffee and a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs mushrooms and onions for my husband
along with \French bread.
He won;t have lunch now being so full
And for my son I have boiled potatoes with turkey burgers with red peppers onion and garlic along with
fresh spinach with mango dressing.
Hope he likes it.

It seemed like a very full morning even though I did nothing special.