Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Lonely Tulips

Out of 100 bulbs, these are the only two tulips that survived the squirrels.
They come back every year, to rejuvenate my soul. They are the survivors and in my opinion heroes deserving of a medal. lol

This year, no one even picked them.
The children are growing up in my neighborhood. lol

I went shopping and bought some soup bones because my husband loves soup, especially ox tail soup, which I croc pot all night for the flavor.
They were remodeling in the store and I guess they put the wrong bones in the soup bone section.
I bought them, believing they were beef, when in fact they were pork.
I made my soup and my husband was a bit disappointed when he saw I put in the wrong bones.

But then I was thinking, if they don't make soup out of these bones, what do they make out of them? Then I thought .....maybe it wasn't a mistake.
Maybe no one is buying pork anymore because of the flu so they slipped them into the beef bone section.
I'll just leave it to being an honest mistake. It's a bit too late to return them lol

After my delicious meal in Seattle, I decided to try to make a copy of it at home.
Calamari shrimp and crab were invited into my carosse and then I began shopping for the corn shallots cilantro etc... I can't wait to chop up the corn cobs so they are easier to eat on the plate.
Next to the shop vac guy, who uses his vacuum to suck out anything that falls down the drain, using nylons to cover the vacuum hose, this is another "bestest" idea.

A thought popped into my mind to check where the seafood came from.
They turned the seafood labels around so you couldn’t read them, which I found odd.

I discovered they all came from China. People are getting ill in China from the seafood, so disappointed, I put everything back.
They put the products on special probably because no one is buying from China anymore.
The other products from Portugal and California did not drop in price.

Now I see I have to be extra careful shopping and reading labels is not my forte . I just like to see it's on special and say
Oh Wow! Here's a good deal. :)

I always figured the store would be careful with what it puts on it's shelves but now I have to be more vigilant.
We are all told about sodium nitrite but almost every product I look at, seems to have it.

Shopping gets to be a drag this way.
The more this happens, the more I advocate growing your own food.
It gives your system a break from store bought food, where you have no control of what its grown on or prepared with, before it is shelved.

It gives you a reason to recycle leaves from trees.

This is my thought to share for today.

Peter I am watching the news and hope you are not in the areas they are showing.

Have a beautiful day every one :)


Anonymous said...

So love the pictures. I"m glad that 2 of them survived :) Aloha

Vicky said...

I grew up with tulips popping up in spring and I so miss them. I forget to go and buy the bulbs and plant them in time for them to be able to come up in spring.

It is very hard to shop these days if you don't have a lot of fresh flown in every day, and everything else is processed with so much additives!

Bz said...

Saw your comment profile pic at Neas Nuttiness... so I HAD to visit -my husband and I breed Black Arabians (Breezy Acres Arabians). Sure enjoyed the stop by. What lovely tulip pics! Plus, you have a nice straightforward way of writing... enjoyed the stop. Thank you!

Nessa said...

Your tulips are adorable and home grown is so yummy.

Dr.John said...

I refuse to worry about food or flue . If something is going to get me it will. But having to worry all the time just takes the fun out of eating and living.

A Lady's Life said...

Well I tried my soup and I love it but as for the sea food, there you have to be careful.
I also am beginning to pay a lot of attention to food because people are getting ill and these things can all be avoided.I hate suffering, especially if it's going to be me lol

A Lady's Life said...

Luv Arabians Especially black ones They are gorgeous!
Such beautiful expressive faces.
Wish I had a place to keep a horse.
I don't ride but I love brushing them and walking with them and giving them carrots.I feel sorry for the horse when they carry people. I think if I had a Clysdale or something similar, I wouldn't feel so bad because of the thick bone structure.:)

Voegtli said...

Thank you for your worry. I am about 50 km from the area they are showing. Waiting for the people to come down and ready to assist them.

A Lady's Life said...
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A Lady's Life said...

Oh boy! That is very close Peter.
Hope the action stops or continues to stay 50 km away.
So sad this whole thing.
In Pakistan and Afghanistan it is very bad as well. My cousin is there.

Thanks Nessa. They almost look like they are made of sugar.lol

Vicky I agree. My Mom had a huge garden and she made a lot of preserves but next door, the farmer sprayed the corn. I am just wondering if her Parkinsons came from that spray.A lot of people got brain tumors and nerve disorders like she did.Those are the worst diseases. Our mail woman had a brain tumor and she delivered the mail till the last few days and then she came and said good bye, that Friday she'll be gone.My Mom and her both cried. It's all so amazing.

SandyCarlson said...

I am glad they left you a couple to enjoy; those greedy rascals.

I hope YOU enjoyed your soup!

A Lady's Life said...

Certainly did. Well winter all animals need to survive. I would feed them but they and the racoons decided to tear up my roof so I stopped feeding. I feel sorry for the birds but no I found a way to keep them at bay by using a bird cage to put the seed box in.
This way only birds can get in to feed.lol

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience with us. It has reminded me to be more careful when I do my shopping.

Excellent thoughts of growing your own food. I do for only a few fruit trees due to limited land space.

Have a blessed day everyday,

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome James :)

Gattina said...

We don't have many squirrels here in my area but I got 100 tulips for mother's day, lol !
I don't pay attention to the food I buy, food controls are so strict here in Belgium that you never hear about a food poisening except for a bad oister. The pig flu became meanwhile the A flu and to me it sounds like a big blown up baloon. If there are no catastrophes they have to invent some !

A Lady's Life said...

That is what I heard too but some people are dying. We had one in Seattle that was in the papers.
Maybe you need to be ill with something else which already made your immune system weak, then adding to that, is lethal.
Myy son came back from his soccer trip to San Diego two weeks ago and he brought back with him a very nice cold.
We thought it was swine flu and I was scared I'd catch it too but I didn't catch anything yet and he went to California again this week end with the same cold.
He seems to be coping well with it but it is a darn thing to get rid of.

Leah said...

My son and I started some sunflowers from seeds. They were doing great, but alas the squirells! I think we have about 3 left.

A Lady's Life said...

lol Leah ya them rascals are bad.
They ate a hole right through my ewes and then the racoons came and did the rest.I had one fall down from my roof.Poor little guy had a bloody nose and he cried just like the baby he was. He broke no bones luckily.
I will show him to you On my blog.
We nursed him back to health and his moma came and took him.
We thought about taking him somewhere else but apparently raccoons are territorial and the other ones would kill him.So I ha no choice but to let him go in our yard.But I still have a roof problem.They are strong buggers and know what they want.

Jientje said...

I think I would prefer squirrels to tulips? No?

A Lady's Life said...

I love wild animals but only when they are nice and don't make my home, their home.Squirrels and raccoons are very destructive.
The raccoons around here, are huge!!!