Friday, August 30, 2013

The Birth of a Statesman

John G. Diefenbaker

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”

  • My abiding interest is your interest; my guiding principle is the welfare of the Average Canadian.
  • It is so strange that such a great honour should come to a small man like me.
  • He who would be chief among you must first be servant of them all.
  • The prime minister has all the responsibilities and does all the joe-jobs.
  • I cut down on social functions. No prime minister can carry out his responsibilities when he’s going to dinner every night. Dinners are not a substitute for statesmanship.
  • Too much and too many of the moneys extorted and squeezed from the Canadian people are being wasted by the parasites of extravagance.
  • The heresy of yesterday is the Liberal orthodoxy of today.
  • The Liberal Party has become a hodgepodge of discordance, a cacophony of political nonsense.
  • No Canadian can but be proud that through the warp and woof of our constitution are the golden threads of our British heritage.
  • Freedom grows in the practice of good citizenship. It withers or decays in the apathy or neglect of the citizens of the country.

We , in Canada have our own Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy and Martin Luther King in a 
Prime Minister who genuinely loved his country and his people.
He left no heirs although one did pop up thinking that he might be one.
He spent his whole life serving our country , got the biggest popular vote and no one talks about him
because he did not smoke pot or do the pirouette.
When we speak of  honorable members of Parliament, we can include John Diefenbaker as
one who lived up to this honor.
He spoke English rather well too. ;)

John's first contact with politics came in 1910, when he sold a newspaper to Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier, in Saskatoon to lay the cornerstone for the University's first building. The present and future Prime Ministers conversed, and when giving his speech that afternoon, Sir Wilfrid commented on the newsboy who had ended their conversation by saying, "I can't waste any more time on you, Prime Minister. I must get about my work."

Even as a child Diefenbaker was a very busy young man taking life seriously and even impressed the Prime Minister of Canada.

Life unfolds itself as it should.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Horizon

The horizon melted in the sky
The colored hues didn't fade away and die.

The day didn't find an end
The sky was heavy but no tear did spend.

It was  wondrous to behold
All gold and silver, black and bold

The heavens opened to the eye
Above, beyond, the scared surface of the sky.

I stood alone, too small for any one to see.
I stood alone, like so many more of me

I stood beholden to creation
To  wine and  oil

To bread that gives us strength and power
To  love I feel, in mine own heart

The day will never find an end
The heavy sky, no tear will spend

I stand alone, like so many more of me
With wine and bread and oil

I am beholden,
 To your love for me.

A Lady's Life
Aug 29, 2013

And remember.............
Be kind.
For every one you meet,
Is fighting a hard battle.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Minty Affair.

The mint has gone wild.
I am soo happy to look at it and smell it when I touch it.

Nothing like a fresh leaf to chew on.

I remember back in Quebec , we would go up north into Gods' country.
It was pretty wild up there and it was nothing to walk on rocks and stones and come across
deer bones and antlers , a carcass left over from a kill, by what?
 A cougar?
A bear?
One could let ones' imagination run wild and you'd think I'd better get out of here.

We would collect drinking water from a dent in the ground covered in leaves which always had
very tasty cold clean water in it.It never went dry and always filled up from somewhere.
The air would be crisp and fresh, the water in the running stream, ice cold and the stars so bright, filled the darkness and showed you the way.
You could feel them trying to reach out to you. Every nerve in your body tingled
trying to absorb everything you could from the experience of nature. The taste, the smell, the feel.
Your lungs never got enough of this mountain air and the experience of breathing,
touched the root of your soul.
There was never enough and you got spoiled very quickly.

As you looked up at the stars, cool wild mint would crawl between your toes
and the aroma would float up and leave you with a heaven scent you
 never forget as long as you live.
It is on such nights that you think, it is great to be alive.

Thank you.

There was a private lake not too far away and some one put aquarium fish in there.
They looked like angel fish with yellow stripes on them .
Such a pretty curiousity and they stayed in the shallow end
between the rocks so you would always find them there to look at.
I'd spend an hour easily lying on those rocks observing them.

It was always so peaceful and quiet .A colorful bird would fly by with a twitter.
it was as if this person, who owned this land and lake, created a kind of personal paradise for himself.
If you ask me today where we were, I couldn't tell you.

I could tell you about the beach we'd go to which was always full of people. There would be a hot dog bus
and french fries they put into brown wrapping paper covered in salt and vinegar.
The whole beach smelled of these fries and it must have affected every one the
same way because the line up to get them was always long.
 The portions they gave for 50 cents was very generous too. For a 1.50 you'd get
a dog, fries and coke, that tasted like coke should.

I still have the taste and smell of all these things lingering in my nostrils. It's been a long while
since we smell these smells any more.
I don't think they make vinegar the same way as they did before either.
The smell and taste is different today.
Polish dogs don't taste like polish dogs. Bacon doesn't taste like bacon.
Garlic sausages don't have garlic in them.

Food has become second rate and you keep tasting, in the hopes of  finding a product
that is familiar to what you ate as a child. Of course the food was all made locally by the butchers and bakers and you bought directly from them and they were all European.

When you bought rye bread, it was real rye bread. You tasted the yeast and the rye
as you crunched the toasted bread covered in butter.
After the war people relished food and as a kid growing in that time you had the best of both worlds.
Food, peace, love.
 Ok lots of discipline too, and freedom to enjoy nature. Kids are too hyper today because
we keep looking for things to entertain them with.
 In our time, we found our own entertainment. We actually looked at our surroundings.
We smelled the flowers. We chased mice between the leaves and shrubs.
We explored, tasted, got into trouble but we grew strong and healthy.
Our cheeks were rosy. Our hair messy. We wore home made clothes and oxford shoes and no matter what, we always had a smile ready to go.
We always had a desire to help out and make ourselves useful and the days were always way too short.

The only hope we have today to find the food we ate back then, might still be found in Europe, where it seems they still cook and bake with the old recipes. Even the cheeses were different.
They actually had a taste to them.
Today they just come with a label and a huge price tag but no flavour.
No one misses it cause they never tasted food like we did back then.

Winters were brutal back then but no one complained. Every one would come out with their shovels,
snow men sprung up in every yard and as the piles of snow grew, kids would dig tunnels in them and make forts to play in. Some yards got the hose out and made back yard skating rinks but the park always had two rinks and a small hill to toboggan on.
One rink was for hockey and one for the normal kids to enjoy.We'd spend the whole day there and our feet and hands were always frozen. Hot chocolate milk was always welcome.

In December came time to choose a tree and we'd know where to go.
A friend from school, Brenda, had a dad who brought in truck loads of the best trees to choose from Their whole yard was full of trees and people would walk over and struggle to carry the big things home. The air was full of excitement and smiles.
This man sure loved his trees and pleasing people. We'd pay him 5 dollars for a tree which aired out the whole house with freshness from all the powdery snow that melted off of it. Not many brought cars.It was a special treat to walk your tree home in all the snow, while huge flakes tumbled from the sky, thick soft and white.We were always so happy trying to push this tree through the doorway and my Mom would wait for us with a big smile on her face.
Every year my dad would make a new stand to fit the tree.
He was always so excited himself to see how it would look.
The only other time our house would smell so fresh was when we would take out our rugs and cover them with snow to sweep the dust out of them on both sides. They would come back in so fresh and clean and it was such a pleasure to unroll them.

It was a lot more fun to live back then, with family being so close knit always working as a team.
The presents were never as important as all these memories we made.
Maybe this is why today I like the small town feeling where people all know one another, as opposed to the world we live in today, where even neighbors are strangers.

 Well , this is what mint does to me. lol
Enjoy this video

Have a good one.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why Do People Hate Good People??

I love my flowers this year.

Christ was crucified for being good and for teaching good.
Nothing has changed since those times.
I asked Google:

 Why do people hate good people? and this link gave some answers from
the general public.

I remember having a friend who purposely invited me into her house knowing her huge dog bites people.
When the dog did not bite me she was amazed he didn't do his job which made me look at her
twice She could not be trusted and no one would believe it if I told them what she did or was now seen as capable of doing. That day I would say God was with me. The dog smelled innocence and friend ship.
She did many bad things as a kid and I didn't and I guess her parents always asked her why she couldnt be like me. She is dead now. So called FUN catches up to you in the end. I never squeeled on her.
I just didnt do the things she wanted me to do and went my own way.

Friends are funny that way. I had another one who came to ask me to go to the park with her.
Someone asked her to bring an athlete so she brought one for a money pay off.
When I saw her getting paid off I looked at her and left. God was with me again.
All that would have been needed was me getting a needle stuck in my butt.
These are good friends I grew up with and don't expect stuff like this from.

In my opinion, a lot of it has to do with money.
Let's face it. Bad things are fun and this is where the big bucks lie.

Where do you want to be, with a group of friends, high, laughing, drinking, and having a good time
or working, serious, studying, taking life serious and sombre?
Or be seen as miss goodie two shoes because you try to get ahead in life and hated for it.

Young people like to be gay and there is nothing wrong with that.
Old people like to laugh and be gay too.
 Parents like to laugh and be gay.
But like it was explained to us a kids there is a time and place and then it is back to the drawing board.
Being good is boring and there is no money in it or is there?

I'd like to think there is.
I'd like to think there are many ways to make money, have fun , be clean, innocent, learn,
without having the hurt someone side effect.

There is nothing wrong with being moral or ethical. or trying to be.

In fact, it makes life so much easier to live, if every one just faced themselves in the mirror, and tried to change what they didn't like, to make themselves better people.

Talking about it opens so many doors, the bad want to see stay shut.
 They hate it when we talk about being good.

We will never be perfect, but what is the harm in trying to be good or the best that you can be?
There is room enough for every one, in this area of life. The word is about.TRUST.

Being bad is fun but the side effects are devastating and this is where lots of money can be made
to further heal or further create more needy people that could be controlled by the powers that be.

We need to be able to see through the false prophets we have been warned about and they are found every where. They preach good but do bad. So if people are not armed with the word of God found n the 10 Commandments they are easy prey.

In the end, it is a power struggle as to who will win.
We find truth in the good words of the 10 Commandments.
These words never change and if you see things changing them,
 you know this to be a falsehood and have to tread carefully.

The Bible for example, will say look both ways before crossing the street.
The false prophet will say: Hey, they have to stop for you. You are the pedestrian.

 Do they stop?
Ask any Mother who lost a child, which rule she would teach her child to follow?

Most of our lives we find we have these sort of difficult, back breaking, decisions to make,
that we do not ask to make but fall at our feet and we don't know what to do.
Internally..... looking into our souls... we DO know what to do.
It's just that we find an excuse not to.

The bad say we are all bad . No such thing as a good person.
We had this discussion at school dealing with the subject of sex, prostitution and married women.
The women libers argued that a piece of paper doesn't change the fact you have sex with men.
It makes you the same as every other woman. They use colorful terms to further degrade you to put you on the same level.
But in the words of my grand mother, dirt does not cling to clean surfaces. It blows off.
People know you for who you are by how you live and by how much you care and how you behave.
If someone tries to soil you, your reputation stands firmly beside you.

The traditional side argued that yes, the paper does make a difference. It shows commitment.
It creates a legal family that is bound together as one. It ensures a Mother and  a Father for the kids.
It ensures stability. It stops people from running around feeling they owe no one anything.
It opens doors to a feeling that here you are safe and free to show your true face and your
weaknesses and it is here truth will be told to you and the kids. You do not work for individual gain but for the gain of the family. And then there is a safety feature in having sex with a person who won't bring you some VD because to them it's just sex.
In a marriage, it is never just sex.
They slyly changed the question to why should you from why shouldn't you?
Fear stops you. Actors use money issues as examples to not marrying.
Thing is, a contract signed under false pretences should be null and void just as the empty words I love you
from someone fearing to commit.
Somehow signing mans contracts this way are ok but signing one under Gods eyes makes people wary.
Expectations , rules, emotions, hurting the innocent, come with the contract.
If they are not up to it, then what do their words really mean?

You really have to love someone seriously, to be willing to sacrifice of yourself and of your life, for the other.
This is why we have the piece of paper signed before God and in his eyes, there is no divorce.

Where our psychiatrists say divorce, before you kill one another, the good man says you have to be good and you cannot kill, so why divorce?
What is it you really fear? Mistakes? We all make them and we correct them.
Of course you will always have some cases where there is no other choice but to divorce because
people hide who they are but then these same people do the same things unmarried. Abuse lie cheat.
You think because he/she says they love you you can change them but you can't because they don;t know what true love is.
This is why marriage is a sacred thing and one has to be sure the one they marry is the real thing.

Another argument people use for divorce is that they need to be individual and free.
In the adult world there is nothing you can't be in a marriage that you can be in the world out there single..

In fact, there is more freedom in a marriage than to have to fight alone in the outside world.
Its easier to say no, in a marriage than if you are a so called free person.
The world and life is about laws, not about real freedom.

The freedom we are allowed to live outside of marriage doesn't change much inside marriage.
It's just that inside marriage you are no longer a child and know your mind and what you want.
That decision was made and put behind you, trust love commitment established, in order to move forward.

To fight bad people, they say, makes you just as bad or worse because you have to out smart them, pull them into your web, by getting them mad enough to make a mistake to show their true colors.
If they were smart they would walk away but they can never resist.
They are like moths flying around a lit light bulb.
They all get caught.

 They have a false notion that they are perfect criminals.
They are smarter and they like to show power by inflicting pain and suffering just because they can.
These are the computer hackers, the people who make obscene phone calls, pedophiles, people who try to sway you into making a mistake they can hold over your head.  etc....
Life hurt them and now they feel they have rights to do the same and spoil it for every one, instead of seeking help.They use bad language to break you down and put you on the same level saying there is no difference between them and you.

As Mr Monk and Columbo show, they always get caught.
The good person can learn to think like the bad guy but knows boundaries and lives within
self dicipline , within  self control while he defends the innocent, to catch the bad guy.

The good person needs to have  very strong moral skills, self will and determination, which he will not have
 if he is not in control of his mind. This he gets, through good positive living, good morals and ethics,
things looked down on today.
He doesn't do drugs because the law says he can.
He doesn't abuse liquour as an excuse for his problems.
He doesn't hit on another mans wife/husband because he/she is of easy virtue.
He especially doesn't abuse children because he finds them annoying. or worse, sexually attractive.

Being good, is not that easy to do. It is not a sign of weakness.
 Being good, is a sign of strength.
Being good is an act of the strong who can say no to bad things without fear.
Being good is a right today in a world where bad hides in shades of grey.

Try being good sometime and see how hard it really is.

There are many arguments as to why we should be tolerant to the bad people.
One reason is that it is the bad people who are weak.
They can't think things through properly, can't make good judgement decisions because they don't care to learn, being careless with their own lives.
So if they can't learn, we have to be tolerant until they do, showing good will and kindness, we hope will rub off on them.
It's ok to be tolerant as long as it doesn't hurt you.
There is a time to say no as well and not be swayed by laws which allow for harm to take place.
Crying after the fact, won't change things.
Man's law is slow. Someone always has to die before people decide it needs changing.

Prostitutes argue that we have rights to be prostitutes. It's an old profession.
OK. Fine . Then why is it that when they get old, sick, and not attractive any more, they look for fresh meat to sell and they get it through trickery, drugs and even slavery.They prey on the young and the innocent.
There is no free will to be found here.
They play on issues of personal greed offering candy to a baby.
The babies who accept the candy come in all sizes and ages.No one is immune.
They say it's ok as long as there is a market for it and take no responsibility for it.

People who sell drugs have the same philosophy but try teaching God's word as to why you shouldn't accept candy, it suddenly becomes a hateful thing to teach.
Should becoming a woman of the night, be something one should agree to, out of ones' free will without being forced into it?
Reality shows that this is not the case.( I can see so many objecting already but this is something they have to really sit and think about)

And so the power struggle continues between the good and the bad. The good talk and the bad say shut up blah blah blah. We heard it all. Money talks and bull shit walks they say.
 There are no jobs so we make them, they say, but try taking away the customers and see what happens to your side of free enterprise lol
The more tolerant of the bad we become, the more we become entrapped and fall into a life of confusion,and sadness and even intolerance and cruelty one will never find in a world of a merciful God,
It becomes harder and harder to get out of when good people stop talking.

. Only the strong realize the road they are on, before it is too late to pull out.
When the scales tip, the good samaritan becomes the hated and the fall of Rome is not far ahead, as history repeats itself.

Now the things I say is an opinion, open to discussion, without bad language.
I don't expect total agreement as I don't agree either with people, which is my right not to in a free just world. it is every mans' journey to seek truth.

I speak for the benefit of young people who need to hear this, for personal courage.

Thing is, it seems people of the God I know, are more tolerant than the people who don't believe in his word
and are ready to crucify any one who speaks his true word.

They say religion is intolerant and God doesn't exist but in reality, tolerance is found in the the word of God and unbelievers are the ones who find fault and unacceptance.

Now I say the word of God, not the word of man, speaking for him.

 If they were right, about religious intolerance,they would not be here to talk about it.
It would just not be allowed by God himself. He doesn't need man to speak for him.
He already sent his son to die for us.

The God we believe in has no face and thus takes no sides.
We just have his word to read, learn, understand, in very simple terms and yet full of heavy philosophy.
It opens doors to false prophets as well as truth and God leaves it up to us to know the difference.

The answers are all there,
if people would just look at them with open hearts and minds..


Monday, August 26, 2013

Wild Child.

It is funny because we say animals are taking the characteristics of people today and we treat them with kid gloves, pampering them, and they get people diseases like rotten teeth we now have to brush and cancer. In the wild they die from hunger and fighting with other animals but some are strong and survive a long time without our help.
This is an interesting video and proof of what ails our society.

 We show such hideous movies and behavior and make excuses for showing them to people.
Some say we do this to help ourselves through expression of our feelings.
Ya ok but then while they get better how many does their expression destroy?
Can't they keep their expression private?

We call it art, expression, fantasy,self healing but what we don't accept responsibility for, is for teaching broken mindsand even young healthy minds, something they are not capable of handling.

 With people taking and using drugs furthering brain damage, we can expect a person, capable of anything and everything, walking city streets, with no such thing as self control, self discipline, etc....

 The last thing this professional said in the video caught my attention because I believe it.

 Most of society's problems wouldn't exist if we did not expose children to so called adult behavior and most adult behavior and thinking wouldn't be talked about as adult or important for that reason,
 and as for crime, most of that would not exist either and neither would bad language which proliferates like a disease.

 Most people would never think of doing things some people do today because of personal experience or learning through some other violent  way.

 The video shows people are a product of learning and brain cells change as a result of what we learn.

 It also promotes the observation that what we teach society is important in developing the kind of people we like to associate ourselves with.
So when we promote things like rap and sex and horror movies marijuana etc..our society end up going into a wild direction instead of a direction of self discipline and self control we teach them in schools and at home .

We lose out when kids have to face another kind of world outside requiring to be tough to survive.

 So if self censorship doesn't work, we all must work together to discourage, instead of making excuses for,
 some of the things we put out into the world for people to see and accept as ok.

Makes Beaver Cleaver look good doesn't it?
Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle and Blast from the Past speak for themselves.
Great movies and very enjoyable to watch for most people.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Aussie Belch

Aussies have been in the news a lot lately.
A Canadian winter Olympian won gold for Australia because he was not good enough for Canada he said.
We grow em good up here. Don't we?

Australia - a British colony for prisoners, makes good use of its heritage.
In Melbourne they have ghost tours with Drew Sinton. The haunted Mitre Tavern, The haunted Bookshop.
The place is full of spooks . lol

Ned Kelly is a restaurant where they offer a three course meal while hanging by the neck on the gallows.
Ned Kelly was hanged in the 1890's.
Death sentences were carried out under Aboriginal customary law, either directly or through sorcery. In some cases the condemned could be denied mortuary rites.
European executions began in Western Australia in 1629 when the Dutch hanged the Batavia mutineers.
 Capital punishment had been part of the legal system of Australia since British settlement. During the 19th century, crimes  carrying a death sentence included burglary, sheep stealing, forgery, sexual assaults, murder and manslaughter and there is one reported case of someone being executed for "being illegally at large" and These crimes saw about 80 people hanged each year throughout Australia.
Before and after federation, each state made its own criminal laws and punishments.

Gaol tours are popular for tourists. You can have a candlelight tour in the dark.

Homeless people entertain you with pirate talk for a buck or a cigarette.

Oprah was aghast at how many people greeted her there. She said she thought originally, the place was full of flies and 104 degree weather.

Aussi words are special too . For example:

Yobbo = petty criminal
 Crow Eater = an aussi from the south
Winging Pom =a new whiner immigrant
Feral = hippie
maggot = a drunk
bush pig = unattractive woman
bludger = person living off of prostitutes
blob head = idiot arrogant person
dag = a foolish unfashionable person
galah = stupid person
pommie = nick name for a Brit
Show pony = someone who tries to impress
Sook = timid, cry baby
sticky beak = nosy person
wombat = selfish male

Gosh a person can get insulted there and think it's funny. lol
Who takes Aussies seriously anyway eh? lol
And then lets not forget the sharks they are known for out there.
"There have been 207 unprovoked shark attacks in Australia over the last 20 years, and 124 of those occurred in the last 10 years, according to John West, curator of the Australian Shark Attack File at Taronga Zoo, Sydney."

Some of the most poisonous insects and snakes come from Australia . Many  are of interest to pharmaceutical companies and they pay big bucks to get samples.Unfortunately, it takes only, in some instances, seconds to die getting them and different anti venom is too expensive to keep in a medical bag.
As for Aussi foods, they complain but they like what the immigrants brought in.
Vegemite - personally???? = yuck.

Australia is slowly joining the world in the art of cuisine.

Paul Jennings is a famous Aussi childrens' author .

Aussi's have many outback tales for kids and yarns are told in colorful language no one seems to mind.

Many are from the out back like the one about a British Mom who couldn't get her bread to rise so she dug a hole to hide the evidence of her disaster. It rained at night and her dough rose like a mushroom to be found by her husband the next day. They had a good laugh. She learned quick after that how to use yeast so it works.
Just dump it in the rain and mud at night. hmmmm.
Cloud Street by Winton is a good book to read:

In Strailya... 

An Australian, a Kiwi and South African are in a bar one night having a beer.

All of a sudden the South African drinks his beer, throws his glass in the air pulls out a gun and shoots the glass to pieces.. "In Seth Efrika our glasses are so cheap that we don't need to drink from the same one twice," he says.

The Kiwi, obviously impressed by this, drinks his beer, throws his glass into the air, pulls out his gun and shoots the glass to pieces. "Wull mate, in Noo Zulland we have so much sand to make the glasses that we don't need to drink out the same glass either," he says.

The Australian, cool as a Koala, picks up his beer and drinks it, throws his glass in the air, pulls out his gun and shoots the South African and the Kiwi. He turns to the astonished barman and says," In Strailya mate, we have so many bloody South Africans and Kiwis that we don't need to drink with the same ones twice."

I can see Crocodile Dundee doing this lol

Funny blokes these Aussies. Kinda like our belching brood of red necks.  lol


Friday, August 23, 2013

Just A Bush

(click to enlarge)

We find inspiration in the most unlikely of places when we least expect it.
A harmonious bush, in the forest, captures your eye
and you think how like a weeping willow it seems, so quiet , demure,
swaying its' leaves ever so slightly, to an invisible breeze, welcoming it,
as to a visitor, who comes to dine.
You think, it's a nothing bush.

Just a plain ol bush and yet, here it is,
capturing you and keeping your gaze, as if it were the only thing in the world to see,
 showing you life, as it should be, simple,
un pretentious, humble and pure.

Just a plain ol bush. Nothing more.
Bare, cold and deaf to a winters' night and yet
so full of life and warmth in summer, that if fire should be green,
it would set your heart to burn like embers
 in a live volcanoes' mouth.

A Plain ol bush , with feathers hanging from each branch
so lush and glowing, from the sunlights' beams.
If red were green, we'd never worry.
We'd say: It's nothing..... like this bush.
A Lady's Life.

Know how to do stars now.
Feels cool when they turn out. lol
Had it been bigger it could be a nice pillow.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Batters' Beating.

The Batters' Beating

Into the Dawn of Night
Rides the Batter on a wave of light
That streams in on a
Moonlights' beam and
Sinks its' teeth into shore lines' seams.

The Batter beats the coast
with snaps and curls and whirls.
He foams with swooshing sputters
Till he's done abusing shores.

And when the sun awakens
We see the shores so full
With spoils and all the treasures
The Batter left behind
A Lady's Life
Love is a fart
Of every heart:
It pains a man when tis
 kept close,
And others doth offend, when tis let loose.

Eternity is a terrible thought.
I mean. When is it all going to end?
Taine Hippolyte 1828 - 1893
There are 4 varieties in society.
the lovers
the ambitious
and the fools.
The fools are the happiest.
It is an extremely hot and humid day today.
I thank God the fans are doing their job.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Hunt

(click to enlarge)

I can smell it but I can't see it.

The Hunt
It is the hunt and not the hunter
That's important to this tale.
For the prize is what we value
What we lose and what we find.

The hunt, becomes a big race
To the Winner, go the spoils.
But the fun is in the hunting
In the running and the find.

Oh the tales that I can tell now
Of the places and the smells
Of the rain and of the swimming
Of the drenching, sweaty trails.

Of the hills and rotten tree logs
Of the green and yellow frogs
Of the burrs and thorns I fall in
 When I roll in the sweet grass

Of the heat and heavy breathing
Of the joy within my heart
Here and there, my head is spinning,
The seeker seeks, the hunted runs.

And all the while the prey is sneaking,
Around the seeker of the hunt.
Avoiding by all means the hunter
Who wins a prize upon his death.

Aha! He pounces on the hunted
The seeker pokes him with his nose
The hunted pleads by giving paws up
The fun has climaxed to an end.

Oh, the joy is in the hunting
Not the prize the hunter wins.
The heart loves frogs and rotten tree logs.
The smell of sweet grass, in green, wild  lands.
A Lady's Life
Canada has some old weird laws too Gattina.
For example.
Did you know it's against the law to sell edible underwear without a food license in Canada?

In Petrolia, Ont. “Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or singing is prohibited at all times.” 

Businesses must have a place to tie horses.

The city is a no pee zone.

You may not own a log cabin

You are not allowed to water the grass when it is raining.

 If you are released from prison, it is required that you are given a handgun with bullets and a horse, so you can ride out of town.

Not more than 3.5 inches is allowed in a bath tub in etobikoke. ont

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love Is Heard.

This is beautiful by David Garrett.

Such a nice handsome young man too.

Lia Sophia has come up with some beautiful cameos
and the bracelets are absolutely beautiful.
Wish I had somewhere to go where I could
shower myself with this jewelry.

What is good about Lia Sophia is that it is like
Avon where you could Host their products
and make a few dollars on the side.

I like that they make their jewelry on site and I wouldn't be
surprised if they even made your created designs for you.
Never hurts to ask.

Funnies for today
A little boy went up to his father and asked: 'Dad, where did my 
intelligence come from?'
The father replied. 'Well, son, you must have got it from your
mother, cause I still have mine..'

A doctor examining a woman who had been rushed to the Emergency
Room, took the husband aside, and said, 'I don't like the looks of
your wife at all.'
'Me neither doc,' said the husband. 'But she's a great cook and
really good with the kids.'
_____________________________ _____________
Two Reasons Why It's So Hard To Solve A Redneck Murder:
1. The DNA all matches.
2. There are no dental records.
Moe: 'My wife got me to believe in religion.'
Joe: 'Really?'
Moe: 'Yeah. Until I married her I didn't believe in Hell.'
The graveside service for the old man's wife was just barely
finished, when there was a massive clap of thunder, followed by a
tremendous bolt of lightning, accompanied by even more thunder
rumbling in the distance.
The little old man looked at the pastor and calmly said, 'Well, she's there.


Monday, August 19, 2013


I made two roses last night and I am so delighted with them.
I used Coats and Clarks South Maid thread.
Victory Red. 2.35 mm crochet hook, 72 chains.
I took many pictures but only got one clear one.

This You Tube video gave clear instructions and made it so simple
anyone can do it. It's not in wool and has a silky look to it.
Its small enough for doilies, hats, a pin for a coat or jacket,
and it would even look great as a necklace with a black ribbon.
The stars also got  used, to give it a Victorian look.
The picture would have looked better on a pink satin back ground but
 it's good enough to show on my blog.
Now I need to make leaves for it and then find things to adorn them on.


The Talking Centipede
A single guy decided life would be more fun if he had a pet.
So he went to the pet store and told the owner that he wanted
to buy an unusual pet.
After some discussion, he finally bought a talking centipede,
(100-legged bug), which came in a little white box to use for
 his house.
He took the box back home, found a good spot for the box,
and decided he would start off by taking his new pet to church
with him.
So he asked the centipede in the box,
"Would you like to go to church with me today?
We will have a good time."
But there was no answer from his new pet.
This bothered him a bit, but he waited a few minutes and then
asked again,  "How about going to church with me and receive
But again, there was no answer from his new friend and pet.
So he waited a few minutes more, thinking about the situation.
The guy decided to invite the centipede one last time.
This time he put his face up against the centipede's house and shouted,
"Hey, in there!  Would you like to go to church with me and learn
about God?"
This time, a little voice came out of the box,
"I heard you the first time!
I'm putting my shoes on!"

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I learned about making stars which can be turned into doilies,
appliques, tree ornaments, pins. There is just no end to where little things like this can be used.
I will make more and see what happens. They take no time at all to make to have a collection of them .
They can surround the poppy I made for example  and make another doily for Veterans Day.

Having a sense of entitlement is a kind of sickness in todays' world. While it is ok and perfectly fine to help and save your fellow man, it is not ok to keep yourself in a state of sickness, when help is being offered. anymore than it is ok to drown the person, trying to save you from drowning.

 In a case such as this, to save ourselves, we have to dive so the person lets go and basically let him drown in order to save him. This applies to many addictions people have today: drugs, sex, alcohol, liers, etc.... You have to let them drown in their vice before they realize and really want help to get better. Some people will never ask and therefore they will die with their sickness. These people would probably not be helped even with help.

 You operate on a person with throat cancer and he goes back to smoking.

 I agree that today the world is a scary place to live and so it is even more important to be careful or fall into the crevices and cracks which more and more people seem to fall into today. Making appropriate choices improves your self esteem. The world has become more dangerous, as people walk away from the teaching's of a man who knew what he was talking about. Then they wonder what happened? Why we continue to suffer?

Walking away is not a solution because evil follows you and tries to enter through other doors.
 Psychological maturity is therefore needed to keep you safe, clean, by being able to close the door and not invite evil in without seeming in compassionate.

 These people have no self esteem because they walk, hiding in anonymity, in shadows and darkness, instead of in the light. Yet... They feel entitled, They tell you they are

.They tell you to be a libertine as they are but they don't tell you the price you have to pay, for it. It's not easy today in this world that whirls faster and faster around you,pushing shoving, giving you less and less time to think. But in the world of our Christian God , we are all on the same page and don't have to panic or worry about it.

 In his word, we are free. In his teachings, we are free.

 We are the the true libertines.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Beauty and the Glass Door.

At Beautys' door of glass
Where Wit and Wealth once stood
They asked her:"which might pass?"
She answered: "he who could."

I like this poem but don't know who wrote it.

The door of glass could mean many things.
It's a door so it must open and close
But is it locked?
Are beauty wit and wealth reflections
one sees in the glass door?
Or can wit and wealth  open the door and walk right in
since beauty makes no effort to pull the curtains.
Did Beauty also have wit and wealth?
Or did wit and wealth have no beauty?
Who would get Beauty in the end?
Unless some very imaginative way were found, wit and wealth could not pass through the glass door, unless they were already with her on the other side and she was looking at them as reflections of herself.

And who is beauty? Is it a person a place or a thing?
Could wealth buy beauty?
Could wit obtain beauty?

or is beauty an unobtainable thing?
Maybe beauty is a spirit, or a rainbow, or northern lights??
Maybe beauty is the sun or the ocean or a star.
Maybe beauty is a feeling
4 simple sentences but so much can be written into it.
No wonder people find it hard to understand one another lol

The above doily is a lacy snowflake It turned out very pretty in real life.
Very soft and fluffy but only 6 " .
It takes a while to make since lacy things are mostly chains.
I am learning to make 1 1/2 "  stars now and will try to sew them together
to make something else.
It's a granny pattern and grannies sure know their stuff.
I think if I made them with larger hooks and different colors, they would make a lovely
baby blanket or afghan . Small as is, they could be sewn on a pillow case to give it and elegant look.

I have always had this fascination with thread and how many different ways it can
 be curled and wound. It began with watching fishermen making nets.
In the past they had to make their own thread as well from roots of plants.
They had to know which plants to use and how to break down the fibers, dry them,
wind them into threads that did not break.
To think how much ingenuity man had to have in order to survive and get something from nothing.

With internet and the fast pace of life, people do not learn things like this and once technology is lost,
so will man have to begin again learning from scratch what their ancestors knew long long ago.
even in math, we see our ancestors knew so much more than we expected they did. So what happened?
Why did they stop learning?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Of Wedded Souls

(click to enlarge)
Wedded Souls  by Shelley seems to be a poem of self discovery.

"I am as a spirit who has dwelt within his heart of hearts and
 I have felt his feelings."

To know oneself.
 To understand oneself.
To feel so united with oneself.
To be aware of this reality of unity between man and his own soul
Is an amazing philosophical  feat, people spend years to learn
 if they learn at all.
To have a marriage with another person who
you understand, know and are likewise united with, in the same way,
is a love that supercedes all worldly expectations.

To marry, is to be wed to another person, as you are wedded to your soul,
united, inseparable,so as to tear oneself away, equals facing death itself.

Is it no wonder that a man and wife, cannot live without the other and die
 of a broken, lonely heart, shortly after the passing of one,

"having unlocked the golden melodies of his deep soul as with a master key."


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Greek Bliss Sealed With A Kiss.

We entered a little Greek Restaurant in the old part of Chilliwack.
As most cities, there is the old and the new sections and here we could see
how people aged, along with the buildings and wine dispensers beside our table.
I couldn't help but think that in a few more years, new people will have to come and the city will have to renovate or establish a tourist area out of this area.
It won't be hard to do as there are many heritage buildings and a nice park across the street.

The food was very good at the Rendezvous Restaurant. For 12 dollars we got a huge plate of dolma, rice, Greek salad,spanakopita ,baked potato with tzatziki sauce and  some other Greek sauce for the salad and fresh baked flat bread.
 The food was remarkably lip smacking
 I still find it interesting how the drinks all change names.
 I wonder how many they will continue to invent?
You left thinking, Greek Bliss sealed with a kiss.

This little church is a historical monument of sorts because they turned it into an island surrounded by
roads. You could just imagine paths full of  horse carriages driving by it, from all sides. It must have been pretty in winter with all the snow. The story of this church is interesting.


It has a wheel chair ramp . So many people ride scooters here
or walk with walkers and canes. The local radio station is on the next block

They had the bell on the ground with writing on it.
While we were eating we heard church bells chiming which
 was kinda neat. They are soo soothing to the ear but if it wasn't this bell
then it must have been the Chilliwack equivalent of Big Ben.

We found these trees growing in so many places.

The Church is quite active and puts on a lot of plays  giving it a real
nice old fashioned community feeling, the way things should be,
 but some how just aren't any more.

Finally a snow flake done in white and the picture doesn't do it justice.
 It is so pretty and made from bamboo.
Yup. Bamboo.
Apparently it can be broken down and woven into thread like hemp.
The thread is mixed with cotton and is silky soft.

And YES!!!  We still have snow in Chilliwack!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Golden Ends.

We are getting closer to the golden end of summer and everything seems to be growing
bigger and better.  These golden beauties came to my attention in Cloverdale.

Calgary stages the Calgary Stampede but Cloverdale has its own show with
cow roping and bucking horse and steer riding to impress people with. Gives you a taste
of how the west was won.
 Families come for rides cotton candy and so many other goodies.
It has a distinguished Flea Market to peruse through which is fun for the whole family.

It is bigger and better than the Night Market Richmond has by the Richmond Casino.
I didn't find anything different or special to blog about but they do have a lot of stuff.
If you want more fun the PNE is a big amusement park for kids.
 It's a great place for families to enjoy ending with fire works.

For a more historical glimpse of BC, Fort Langley is a nice place to visit.
I havent been there in ages.
We always drive by but never quite enter the tourist area.

We are waiting for the crowds to die down to go on vacation as well, the end of August.Would be nice to sit and watch the waves roll in, from the Pacific Side of Vancouver Island. Oregon has the same kind of beaches and acorns the size of watermelons. HUGE. It's not only Texas that grows things big.

On Vancouver Island people know that on the west coast of the Island, not much would be left with an incoming tsunami.
So the people treasure the years, days and moments they have, to live there, surrounded by extraordinary beauty in the raw.
Unlike Asia though, where water is luke warm, here the water is always cold. Surfers always wear
suits.They are always looking for that big wave.
 As a diver, it doesn't really  entice me to enter this water especially with all the under currents. BRRR.
People mostly like to stay by the parliament buildings and visit the Buchard Gardens.They also take the tour boats who try to find some Killer whales for them to see or a bear or two but you are not always lucky to see them.
There was a one eyed seal that stayed by the pier and tourists bought little fish to throw him. That might be interesting to see in the little picturesque city of Horseshoe Bay.
Apart from that we are enjoying our local parks and beaches. The small community parks have fountains and little pools for the young kids to get together to play in. Parents come and put up gazebos and pic nic
with friends while watching their kids stay cool. I'd say the cities do good by putting up such things. Saves people using house water for their own pools and sprinklers.

SALES SALES SALES  Wonderful end of summer sales and school stuff is out.
I get all excited and I am not even in school. Sometimes I think I should have become an elementary school teacher. I would have had so much fun with these kids having learned so much from my own hobbies
Well nothing ever is what you want it to be and time flies.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Natures' Way.

These are pretty flowers just looking up at you brightening up your day

In the news they showed two boys who were killed, by an escaped python, from a store.
It got in through the ceiling and killed them.

And yet as this video shows, kids in Thailand, are very used to snakes.
The parents teach them from day one, how to behave with them and since I saw this with my own eyes,
I can say it is true.I was not able to get stats on how many kids are killed every year as a result of pythons.
More can be said of cobras and other poisonous snakes.
Why is it when they are amonst other snakes, they don't bite them?

Our society goes too far to disassociate animals from people.
So as a result, we know nothing about animals or how to behave with them or act when we come across
them .
 When we panic, we die.

When faced with a cobra , what do you do? There must be some kind of behavior to defend yourself with,
that can be used cause some people deal with snakes every day.

I did not see very many aggressive pythons because they were all well fed and thus docile and we could even find ourselves swimming with one in a pool.
Maybe they also give them something to make them docile. This, I don't know.
But kids living with pythons is a very normal thing or was back then in Thailand.
Thais like to impress tourists with pythons and some sit in cages with chickens and they even pray
to them, asking deliverance from the python spirit.(satan).

It is funny but I dreamt of a snake and a child riding one and then I read of the two children being killed by the python. Weird. It woke me up.Sometimes life is weird. I seem to be making up for lost time becaise I rarely dream and then three came in a row.

Everything you learn in life, is good for you to know.
The answer never lies in hiding or taking what's out there, out of harms way, but in teaching people
how to deal with dangerous animals.
Would a bear kill you? Or is it a hungry bear that kills you? Could a hungry bear be distracted enough for escape with a jar of honey, rather than a bullet?

Why keep any animals in a small space, we can't afford to feed?
Do they kill all the crocodiles in Florida cause they kill people?
No, they still live in the swamps and  you never know if one will come to visit you one day.
It's just part of life as everything else is. Do we get rid of all cars when one kills one?
Buses? Airplanes?
 Knowing how to deal with it yourself is also a part of life one has to learn to live with.
Granted, Canada is not snake country but still, we do have them and usually they high tail it fast,
if they see a human.
So why was this different?
Why did a snake come into a room with sleeping children and kill them?

This is the right question to ask.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Rose Is Not Just a Rose and A Life Is Not Just A Life.

Roses are beautiful no matter what angle we choose to photograph
them from.
They just always rise up to the occasion. The flowers just finish blooming with new ones
 already budding to replace them.

I crocheted a few more doilies and a few coasters roses would look lovely beside.
People say romanticism is dying but I don't believe it ever will.
People like nice things.

My cousin got her doilies  in the mail and was delighted to receive them as this
was a total surprise to her that I sent them. They sit pretty on coffee and end tables
surrounded by plants and hers will look nice beside the orchids she grows.
She loves to garden and especially flowers.
I know she will keep them a long time since she still has my pysanky eggs from some
40 years back
The week end is going by quickly. One of my tomato plants has 52 flowers on it,
and so far 8 real tomatoes are growing.
The leaves that I tried rooting, I think for the most part, are doing well.
 I guess we shall see the results soon..
We have tons of black berries in the back yard again and a lot of work to
 chop the vines down.
They are aggressive and would cover the whole yard if you let them.
I think if anyone wants to grow them they should stay in pots.

I think life would be good if we didn't listen to the news.
This week they said 39,000 jobs were lost in Canada in July.
But car sales went up.
The gas and car rentals seem cheaper the further away you go from the big cities.
Why does government allow such playing with gas prices?
Should renting cars not have the same rates irrespective of where you rent them from?

Another interesting thing we heard about Pennsylvania, where oil companies are
digging holes called fracking, and destroying the drinking water.
Sounds like some of the stories we hear here in Canada.
They can light a match and the water from the tap, catches fire.
So people are all upset and yet here are the Arab countries all producing oil
and we don't hear any stories about fracking from them. They have the least amount of water
in the desert, and people seem to be doing fine.
What are they doing right and what are we doing wrong?

We also have environmentalists still fighting over the cutting of old trees.
Now knowing people are upset over this, why does government allow healthy,
1000 year old trees, to be cut down when we have so many others that are being wasted?
It seems to be an easy enough problem to resolve.

Megalodon is an enormous 49-60 foot shark that seems to have shown its' head on the ocean surface.
It makes our biggest whales look like sardines in comparison.

It is said to be extinct 1.5 million years ago but apparently it is not and can dive 6000 feet in minutes.
One such shark was tagged but the signal was lost after it went over the 6000 foot depth margin and they never heard it again.
Subs can go down about 250 meters  or 750 feet and I don't believe at the same speed this shark dives.
I wonder how far up it can jump out of the water? Can it pull a plane down flying in the Burmuda Triangle?
or swallow whole boats, hook line and sinker?
Makes you think twice before sailing in the ocean blue, when the oceans are being depleted of fish by aggressive over fishing.
Man needs to replenish what he pulls out of the oceans and this includes shrimp, lobster and tank fish like groupers, trout, mackerel and sardines.
 Islands such a Hawaii and Vancouver Island, PEI, Haiti, should make it a project to grow fish to let go into the seas or sell to other countries to put into their lakes.
The more we throw back, the more there will be for every one to share.

We elect people to our government, and then spend time in courts judging them, when we should be
electing people who know what they are doing and who truly cares about our country.
Are there fishermen in our government, doing the right thing for our fish?

And why do we need ALLLLLLLL our beef to come from the same plant and not from the areas they are
raised in, so people know what they are eating. Or chickens and eggs and milk for that matter.

People get sick with cancer, parkinsons etc... and no one can measure why? Maybe if we kept things separate, we would know why? Why people from some areas have more sickness than others because of the local food they eat and water they drink and air they breath?

Seems people allow things to be done without fighting harder for the rights to jobs which really should be kept local. Then we don't have to sit worrying every day about who will be let go when and who will die where and when.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Good Luck Italian Style

Danny Bhoy is a funny comedian I put this video on cause I never knew Italians
meant good luck with this gesture.
His other videos are also funny as he can change accents so well.

Did you know you have to run zig zag getting away from a crocodile?
Otherwise running straight you have no chance of getting away.
I never knew that. Useful information that next time I see one. lol

You have to be Australian to know that.
And Kangaroos.......... What they do before engaging into a fight is also quite
interesting but you'll have to watch his comedy on you tube if you want to know what that is. lol

Anyway I thought this guy to be pretty good and some one people would enjoy .

So till tomorrow.... I wish you all lots of

GOOD LUCK.............Italian Style  lol