Friday, September 30, 2011

water bridge

This is amazing. I wonder how long this bridge will last but it is a very good idea.

I wonder where the boats go once they have crossed the bridge..... into another canal?

It's a whole water road.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Open the Door to My Love

Dalida, femme fatale .

An Egyptian star of Italian origin, who hypnotized her audience with elegance, grace and song.

In as much as the world loved her, she was not lucky in love and her life ended in tragedy.

She was a beautiful flower born to serve, as a Queen of hearts, leaving a quiet legacy of songs , love and her smiles.

She will live eternally in the memories of those who met her, knew and loved her, and those who have yet to discover her.
A treasured icon , in a foreign world, we have yet to understand.

Chaque Nuit
Quand l'oiseau de Paradis fait sa ronde
J'ouvre la porte à mon amour
Et tous les deux nous voyageons loin du monde
En attendant le retour
Des premiers rayons du soleil et de l'ombre
Dans la chambre nue
Où tous nos gestes sont un monde inconnu
Every night when the bird of paradise make its rounds
I open the door to my love and we travel far away from the world
and awaiting our return are the first rays of the sun and shade
where naked in our room our gestures and sentiments are unknown to the world.

Chaque nuit
Nous échangeons des colliers de promesses
Nous échangeons des anneaux d'or
Des rivières et des diamants de jeunesse
Et puis nous quittons le port
Comme des rois sur des bateaux de tendresse
Pour mille pays
Que tu fais naître de ma main chaque nuit
every night we exchange necklasses of promises
we exchange golden rings, rivers and diamonds of our youth
and then we leave the port
like kings, on boats of tenderness, for 1000 lands
you give birth from my hand each night

Et nos yeux
ne trouvent pas le sommeil
Comment s'endormir quand l'arbre est en feu
Devant le soleil
Que je t'aime chaque nuit
Que tu m'aimes chaque nuit
Que la route est belle chaque nuit
and our eyes do not find sleep
how do you sleep when the tree is on fire
in front of the sun, God,
That I love you each night
That you love me each night
That the road is good every night

Mon amour
Je ne veux plus jamais voir le jour

my love I never want to see day again

Such passion from a single woman, is bound to raise a fire in many hearts.

Have a great day!

Maybe someday you'll come
To the village I'm from
Right by the bay of beautiful Napoli
Where each Saturday night
As the vino takes flight
We sing and dance and love of life is free
Giorgio plays the guitar
Sandro the mandolin
And me I dance and bang on the tambourine
But when Gigi appears
The hurrahs and the cheers
Come from the crowd as he begins to sing

And in between each song
They shout and sing out strong

We love you
Gigi l'Amoroso
The greatest Italian lover since man discovered fire
Gigi l'Amoroso
If you only knew what you make us do
With your songs of desire
For each and every one his favourite song
Volare, Come Prima, Ö Sole Mio

Everyone loved Gigi,
the baker's wife would leave her shop just to hear him sing,
the notary's wife who was a saint blessed him and made the sign of the cross every time
he opened his mouth, and the widow, the young one,
tore her wigs to shreds and put on fancy lace,
and on and on, everyone loved Gigi,
even me, even me, but…

Came a lady one day
Rich as all USA
Who told him Hollywood wasn't very far
Oh ! he liked what he heard
And believed every word
Like Valentino he'd become a star
We were all at the boat
With a lump in our throat
To wish him well and show him how much we cared
Everyone in the crowd were all openly proud
He'd made it now beyond the village square

And when he said Goodbye
We all began to cry

We love you
Gigi l'Amoroso
The greatest Italian lover since man discovered fire
Gigi l'Amoroso
If you only knew what you make us do
With your songs of desire
Arrivederci, Gigi, much success
The tears you see are tears of happiness

We stayed 'till the boat was out of sight,
and we all returned to the village, but,
it wasn't the same after he left
Everything seemed different
the baker's wife refused to light the oven
the notary's wife, wouldn't even talk to her husband
she just kept counting her beads
and the widow, the young one, cried and went into mourning for a second time
And me...

Many days have gone by
Oh the years how they fly
The fountain even cried we all missed him so
Not a word, not a sign
My heart measured the time
Oh Gigi, Gigi why did you have to go ?
Our performance went on
But the spirit was gone
Each song we sang was only a memory
At the end of our show
As the silence would grow
Each night I'd hear his haunting melody

If you only knew
What you make us do
With your songs of desire

Gigi !?
Is that you in the shadow?
It is you Gigi
come closer!
Oh let me look at you
You are crying ? But why are you crying ?
Oh ! l'American !
Now I understand
what do they know except Rock and Roll and "Baby, Baby, Baby"
That's not for you, you are Giuseppe, Fabrizio, Luca Santini
and you are Napoletano !
Listen Gigi, listen... that's Giorgio playing
and that, that's Sandro's mandolin
wait, Gigi, wait !
I'll get my tambourine
wait, you can't leave like that !
This is your home!
Listen... you hear them Gigi ?
The whole town is coming !
They want you to sing Gigi !
To sing for them
They love you Gigi, everybody loves you
Sing Gigi ! Canta ! Bravo !!! Bravo !
Carmella, Carmella Carmella lo sai che é arrivato Gigi Cesarina,
Cesarina scendi è arrivato Gigi da Hollywood ! Ma se te lo dico io che é arrivato scendi no
Guaglione, guaglione guaglione corri va a dire a zio Gennaro Che é arrivato lo zio
Gigi dall'AmericaBravo !

To each and everyone his favourite song
Volare, Come Prima, Ô Sole Mio
We love you Gigi l'Amoroso
The greatest Italian lover since man discovered fire
Gigi l'Amoros

If you only knew what you make us do
With your songs of desire
To each and everyone his favourite song
Volare, Come Prima, Ô Sole Mio
We love you Gigi l'Amoroso...

under paris skies.

We jump to another part of the world into the realm of blue Paris skies and lights, so well known not only by the Eiffel Tower, but because this is a city of love, where lonely hearts flock to meet.

I can see how easy it is to fall in love with the beautiful people you can encounteer there and even the French accent is music to your ears.
Life in the cafes is open for 100's to see.
So like many........
"I fell in love
I was a fool
Paris can be beautifully cruel
Paris can be a gay coquette and then forget
Strangers need to beware because in Paris. there is love in the air.
Fantastique! sympatique ! magnifique !

I wasn't smart and fell in love
under Paris skies
So watch what you do
The same can happen to you."

I think with all the history found in Paris, France, this will always be a place people will want to see and experience.

It can be a cold cruel place if you let it, cause lets face it, it attracts, as many big cities do, those who use it for their personal pleasures.

But the view is spectacular! and love for loves' sake, can blossom and grow .

I can almost see Maurice Chevalier and his walking stick, smiling, tipping his hat, wooing all the young ladies walking his way. I can see lots of flowers being sold to those who have found precious love.

I can see the horse drawn chariots being pulled on a clear winters' night with white snow flakes surrounding them, and the pretty rosy cheeked girls bundled in their furs smiling at their gentlemen friends.
Visions of Paris, never to be forgotten.

Lots of foot steps walked those once cobbled streets and if one listens closely,
One will never be bored under those historical
Paris skies.

Have a great day!

Fall Rain

Music for dull weather, full of inspiration.
Great to begin your day with.

Winter is around the corner and along with it in BC, dull skies and wet weather
which we seem to have way too much of.

For the young it means cuddling up with a loved one and
for the old it means achy bones and hoping for sunnier days.

As you watch the very young at play, you remember days when you also walked in the rain, felt the wet grass between your toes, and played in puddles.You remember
skimming rocks in ponds, the sounds of little frogs and tad poles swimming between
the stones wiggling their little tails.

You remember camping days, surrounded by a forest
and from your shelter, be it a tent, RV or cabin, smelled life all around you in soft moss,
mint, and rotting wood.

The swaying of the trees in a strong breeze, made the leaves whisper their secrets, as they quietly dropped from on high, providing a soft red carpet at your feet to greet and invite you into their glorious domain.
Beyond these walls is life ever lasting, children, laughter, camaraderie,singing birds, and the perfect quiet and peace one needs to enrich the soul and especially love.

It makes one wonder why, when nature has all this to offer, man plunders and turns her into a cemented jungle, devoid of the true smells of life.

Have great day!!

Fall Inspiration

This will take your breath away. Life is like the paintbrush changing the colors of the forest and the sky. One moment you are sad, another moment, life hurls you up into breath taking sights and feelings, you never thought possible and it is all incredibly beautiful as a whole picture, because it leaves you with memories, understanding, maturity, and wisdom an inexperienced soul , who hasn't taken the journey, will never understand.

This leaves you with questions as to who should lead the world, the impulsive young or the old who tend to be more careful?
Who understands change better?
Who is uncorrupted and pure?
Should we strive towards perfection or let life slide into imperfection, saying everything is ok?

It depends in what society you live in and what it believes in.
Is it ok to force change on people and if so, then when is it ok or maybe not ok?

When dealing with the UN, the idea is to help in man's humanity to man.
No matter what philosophy religion or political ideology you believe in, it must not
destroy another man woman or child in the process and if it does then, the humble and weak must be helped.
The problem is when the humble and the weak do not understand what you are doing.
It always has to get worse before it gets better.

Or so they say :)

Have a great day!

Being a Mother

Bill Burr is funny.
FRom Snopes - this is a good article to read.
Every little bit helps.

Remembering Mama ( tear jerker)

Mama you were right, its difficult.
All knowledge is hard to forgive
It's like freeing a bird without a wing
And I am tired of being strong

Mama do not shake your head
I don't want to love him
Mama I want to come back home to you
mama you were right
I am tired of being strong

Monday, September 26, 2011

Images of War

Images of war are not pretty pictures.
We see people dying as usual.
We see heart ache, devastation, evil as usual.
but what differentiates the wars from yesterday, from the wars of today, is that we do not know the enemy.

If we knew the enemy, we could avoid war.

No matter how I turn it in my head, I always seem to head back to the one true thing which seems to be responsible.
Financial greed.

Financial greed unites us all and so we are all a part and parcel of the enemy that causes
heart ache, devastation and evil to take place.

We say we have needs to survive.
If mans' self worth was not measured by his pocket book or the nations' pocket book or the world pocket book, we would have a better world.

However, man was not designed this way.
Man likes nice things
Man likes comfort.
Man needs toys.
As long as man requires more than just food and shelter there will always be conflict.
Conflict always results in war.
Man also wants something for nothing which also results in conflict because inequalities in effort are gross. No one wants to work double shifts to pay for a lazy guy who sits and makes babies to support and drinks beer.
This is probably why money originated.
Bankers understood this greed and were greedy themselves for easy money.
Banking was a nice way to take peoples money and use it to create more for yourself while giving people less.
I think today, instead of looking for jobs, people should open their own banks lol
This would scare the bankers who would go on spending frenzies to buy them all out for much more than interest payments, to stop competition and then ,you can always open up a new bank with the profits lol or buy out a weaker bank yourself and get into the game.

Images of war would change for a while because now the enemy is where you can see it and possibly control it or at least make it uncomfortable for them.
But little bankers have to be of pure mind to compete against the heavies they will have to face.

They always have to be one step ahead.

Images of war are ugly but it is the images we do not see, where the war is really fought.
The moment any weakness is seen, instead of helping, the vultures come in for the kill.
This is man.
This is his biggest strength and his biggest weakness.
Unless this changes.... good luck Charlie, as they say. lol
Today we see countries trying to help each other and as a result, everything is faltering.
The bankers got too greedy.
The milk is spread too thin but the top dog, is still in control.
He is the invisible enemy.
He created all this knowing the little dogs would lap everything up, leaving nothing.
When they fight to get something, they suffer and die.
Good birth control.
The enemy is not the politician, or pressure group or religion.
The images of war we see, come
Right right from your own home .
We eagerly run to the evil,
not understanding who and what it is.
Keep your money in your OWN bank.
Be your OWN banker.
Have a great day!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Listless Tired with Irregularity?

This song should make you feel a lot better.
It's beautiful.

This is so true about old people.

I never really liked the term "Old Person" but this makes me feel better about it.
And if you aren't one, I bet you know one!
I got this from an "Old Person" friend of mine!
I'm passing this on as I did not want to be the only old person receiving it. Actually, it's not a bad thing to be called, as you will see.
  • Old People are easy to spot at sporting events; during the playing of the National Anthem. Old People remove their caps and stand at attention and sing without embarrassment. They know the words and believe in them.
  • Old People remember World War II, Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal , Normandy , and Hitler. They remember the Atomic Age, the Korean War, The Cold War, the Jet Age and the Moon Landing. They remember the 50 plus Peace-keeping Missions from 1945 to 2005, not to mention Vietnam .
  • If you bump into an Old Person on the sidewalk he will apologize. If you pass an Old Person on the street, he will nod or tip his cap to a lady. Old People trust strangers and are courtly to women.
  • Old People hold the door for the next person and always, when walking, make certain the lady is on the inside for protection.
  • Old People get embarrassed if someone curses in front of women and children and they don't like any filth or dirty language on TV or in movies.
  • Old People have moral courage and personal integrity. They seldom brag unless it's about their children or grandchildren.
  • It's the Old People who know our great country is protected, not by politicians, but by the young men and women in the military serving their country.

    This country needs Old People with their work ethic, sense of responsibility, pride in their country and decent values.

    We need them now more than ever.
    Thank God for Old People.
Pass this on to all of the "Old People" you know.

I was taught to respect my elders.
It's just getting harder to find them.

I am not really that old but looking back you see yourself slowly losing everything meaningful, and familiar
Parents children landmarks and how many friends who passed away at 8 12 14 20 29,48
Age is never a factor when fate decides.
Strong healthy people, struck down in seconds while those who you consider ailing and withering manage to hold on till they reach ripe old ages in their 90's.
We watch them celebrate birthdays with big smiles and people ask them the secret to their longevity.
Lots of sex they tease.
Good shot of brandy before bed time.
You look at these people and swear you see a halo, an aura surround them.
And then you think, well maybe they were meant to be so people could look into their beautiful old souls and be nurtured by the experience.
And as each day passes and you watch yourself getting older you can't help but ask,
will I be one of those people the young will be impressed with one day, as I am today with those born before my time?
And then you see young people with issues and drug adds helping them get over being
listless tired with irregularities and you think, where do they find time to dwell over such things when life is so full and enriching,
if only they would step outside
and take a look.

Have a great day! :)

Trivia : Bach had 2 wives and 20 children

Picasso had 4 children from three women, He had 2 legal wives and around 8 relationships.

Shakespeare had one wife, Anne Hathaway,8 children, he died at 52 years of age.

Matisse had one wife and three children.


Life is about change. As seasons change so do relationships.
Some for the better and some for the not so better.
Exciting days ahead when kids head back to school
Every year they get older and wiser and adults become less so. lol

My once little boy changed
He helped today by painting the front door area.
Now the garage doors need to be done.
Eventually maybe we can change the whole house a bit.
It all takes time since rain will become an issue again.
So house changes are in the agenda this year.

New money is in for a change to be safer to use.
Every year they come up with new money and
it is hard to keep up especially globally it seems .

Even chicken changes.
Not only do they come in different sizes and colors but it seems in names too lol
Yup seasons bring in a lot of changes and why not?
It would be boring otherwise.

I would love to go back to Happy Days with the Fonz and
with Cookie combing his hair on 77 Sunset strip
but he was before my time with his black leather jacket.
Girls wore bobby socks and two tones penny loafers,
which looked like golf shoes.
Try getting our kids to wear those shoes today. lol
Car races were as popular then as they are today and just as deadly.

Change .

Have a great day!

MR Universe 1975 , 2011

Wow !
I never knew there were so many muscles to build lol

Again Wow!

How hard do we want to work for things?
Watching these men achieve what they did really puts everyone else to shame.
Wonder how long it will take me to build muscles like that?
I can still enter the Universal Ol Granny Muscle Builders Competition. lol

.................. is there an old Granny Muscle Competition?

Comon Grammas ! Let's get crackin !!!!
Work them bunnnies!

I am gettin a heart attack looking at these guys.
Arnold looks pretty smooth compared to the other guy.

Let's see who we can give a heart attack, to see us?
Probably our husbands watching stupid.
Anything they can do...we can do better. :)

After returning from his honeymoon in Florida with his new bride,
Virginia, Luigi stopped by his old barbershop in Jersey to say hello
to this friends.
Giovanni said, "Hey Luigi, how wasa da treep?"
Luigi said, "Everyting wasa perfecto except for da train ride down."
"Whata you mean, Luigi?" asked Giovanni.
"Well, we boarda da train at Grana Central Station. My beautiful
Virginia , she pack a biga basket a food.
She brough at da vino, some nice cigars for me, and we were lookina
forward to da trip, and open upa da luncha basket .
The conductore come aby, waga his finger at us anda say, 'no eat
indisa car. Musta use a dining car..'
So, me and my beautiful Virginia, we go to da dining car, eat a biga
lunch and starta at open da bottle of a nice a vino!
Conductore walka by again, waga his finger and say, 'No drinka in
disa car! Musta use a cluba car.' So, we go to cluba car.
While a drinkina da vino, I starta to lighta my biga cigar. The
conductore, he waga is finger again and say, 'No a smokina disa car.
Musta go to a smokina car ..'
"We go to a smokina car and I smoke a my biga cigar.
Then my beautiful Virginia and I, we go to a sleeper car anda go to
bed. We just about to go boombada boombada and the conductore, he
walka through da hallway shouting at a top of his a voice..
'Nofolka Virginia ! Nofolka Virginia !'
"Nexta time, I'ma just gonna taka da bus."

Have a great Day!

I Am Woman

A woman's job is never done.
What don't we put our noses into lol
love sports cooking creation
We are witches and princesses and godesses and amazons
we are dancers and doctors and lawyers and teachers.
We are women
you can't live without us. :0

Feel the Power Ladies!!

Leila Lopez

Miss Ukraine 1st runner up = Olesya Stefanko
Miss Brazil 2nd runner up = Pricila Machado

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Wish Tonight

When I wish upon a star
I hear your love
from very far
It lights the sky
with flicker bursts
as if it knows
my every thought and word.

When I wish upon a star
I know it sees you
where you are
and like a mirror it reflects
my eyes in yours
embraced entwined
in sweetest kisses
in pond lit skies.

I wish tonight
and every night
on heavens' brightest star
that when I hold your fingers tight
you will not be very far.
a lady's life.

I always loved this Disney song.
This man sure knew how to attract childrens' dreams and spark imagination.
He uplifted every heart in the songs, and stories he put on film and left our generation with so many good memories.

Walt Disney was indeed a special gift to our world.
We treasure his dreams because he must have wished upon a star
and was heard by the most highest and the most brightest.

Have a great day! :)

This wall is located at St Peters' Basilica

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Poor George!

Every one wants him married.I guess it's for the better good because people want the best for him.
People like to see people settled, dug in, not running around like loose cannons, going where the wind blows.
But I guess George has a lot more class than his friend Brad who drags a small train behind
It must be hard on the kids because kids like stability.
They like their stuff, they like their own room, they like a routine and there is nothing routine
in travelling 24/7 being patted down by security, stared at , written about.

They have each other but they don't have best friends they can hang with, ride a bike with, fight with over games and toys, play outsmarting games with or just be quiet, alone, doing nothing.

I guess George, being an old fashioned kind of guy, knows he is not in the Daddy style of living and can't do movies around the world and handle what is required in a family life.
He's tried it and saw it doesn't work.

Once you taste the high style of living you get hooked and you want more.
But how much is enough? Young actors know their acting professions have a time limit before roles decline. Not everyone is like Anthony Quin who had roles till the day he died but then his life was rather flamboyant as well.

So what is to become of George? Will his parents ever see the day when they can enjoy grand parenting? Will George ever bump into the right woman he will give up a career for to stay at home and be Daddy to his own children?

I think he and Jennifer Anniston would make a lovely couple lol
They would bombshell their counterparts Brangelina but Jen seems to avoid him like the plague.
Maybe they should make a movie together and be known as Jengeorgi
sounds pretty cool. lol Would sparks fly on the set? Could Jen coo into his ear like Angi coos with every actor she plays with? Soo sexy and sizzling HOT!
Tickets would sell to see this happen with a Jen and Cloony movie for sure considering the history there. lol

George would be seen as a sly knight in shining armor, saving the princess, his friend betrayed and hurt. I have to say watching Friends and Jen then and watching her today, is like two different people. She used to be open and loving and young .
Today she is a tough professional out to fight it out to the end.
Will she ever be herself again? Could a handsome guy like George melt her heart?

For sure, acting is fun but it also takes its' toll on personal and family life.
I guess for now George has to settle. Maybe Jen will have to settle. She's got a new guy it seems.
(But what's a ring between friends lol)

The commercial says it all .
Some people are lucky in life and for the rest of us, it is smart to save up.

Save up that a joke........with families? much do you need to save before enough is enough?

hmmm a hear a whisper....... Oh ya...there it is again.....


Sounds like ....... Lake Como lol

Can't blame a girl for dreaming lol

Have a great day! :)

Oh Oh! To Multitask or Not to Multitask

Oh Oh!
Big fines for hand held devices.
No more multitasking folks.

This means you can't hold your cup between your fingers.
This means no smoking while you drive.

It means pulling over in traffic to have a drink of water and then
fighting to get back in.

It means if your kids throw something on your head from the back,
you can't take it off even though it obstructs your vision, till you pull off the road and kill a pedestrian or a cyclist, with rights, or land in a ditch, in the process.

It means if your wrist is broken and in a cast you still have to use it to drive.
God help you if you have a tummy ache or a head ache or are solving an important math equation in your head.You can't use these as an excuse for an accident because this means your attention was not used to concentrate on driving.

It means you can't use a kleenex to wipe your eyes or sweat from your brow or blow your nose,
cause big brother is watching and waiting to fine you. (did you think it was just for the phone?)

Apart from the wicked economy and the gas companies buying and selling away your jobs
they have you over a barrel again in the car, cause lets face it, todays' car, is like yesterdays horse.
Taking away a man's horse was a hanging offense.
Not today. They'll gladly do it.
Your car has resale value but no one cares if you hang .lol
If you haven't committed an offense, they will find something you do to make it one, so they can extort something from you.

(Don't it make you wish those chatterboxes would shut up when driving?)
and as for people who suggested fines... well they are as bad as the scum bags who suggested seat belts and car seats for kids and the safety bags blowing up into your face at 300 miles an hour.

Safety kills today.
Have you ever driven with kids who want the front seat or do not like to be strapped into a seat screaming at the top of their lungs?
What happens to kids with handicaps who drive you crazy in the car?
Do you sedate them before putting them into the car so you do not break the multitasking law?

I wonder how this applies to standard cars where you need to multitask to drive?
Guess they can't sell them anymore.

It is disturbing, that man's rights are being taken away from him.
Pretty soon they will turn behavior into law and fine you because you spread germs and gave another person an illness that kills too.

And to think ........we rejected etiquette .

Common folks. Multitasking?
That's what we do.
Talking, listening to music or the news is enough to scare you into causing an accident today.

A car back firing, can cause an accident.

Reading the signs on the road is multitasking.

The sun or headlights in your mirrors forces you to multitask.

Watching a plane fly across the highway is multitasking.
(ok that's stretching but it happens right)

If we couldn't multitask using the mirrors for 360 degree vision, we would not pass the drivers test.

This all concludes than man requires multitasking to function in every day life, including behind the wheel of a car.
Multitasking cannot be equated to drunk driving or drug afflictions, where you are deprived of this ability to multask.

Multitasking keeps your mind sharp and fights alzheimers.

Of all the laws I do support,
I think this one. is the most ridiculous I have ever encountered.

Do you know what emptying your mind does to a person?
It puts you to sleep. Its called yoga, meditating, levitating.
In my books it's called being bored out of your skull and can result in an accident.

If you had to pull over for every tiny little thing, I think this would cause more accidents on the road with people stopping and going all the time than just doing what you have to do and moving on.
Do we need smart cars today?
Has life become so hard we need technology to do our thinking for safety reasons?

Lets get a smart car, so our hands are free to talk on the phone .

Technology is not perfect either.
It's got glitches.
Doesn't anyone watch movies? lol

I prefer thinking to take place in my own brain, so I grow as a person.
Taking thinking away from people, just makes them more vulnerable, dependent and
therefore less able to survive.
Creating stupid laws, resulting in unneeded stress, also shortens life.

So I give my blessing to multitasking.
Go for it!
And I am so close to saying Screw the law.

Have a great day!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To Moose or Not to Moose

Ontario is a very wide province.You travel through it three days and find yourself still in
Meanwhile you are food for mosquitoes, dragonflies, deer flies, and black flies and as you drive through various areas you see invitations to get licenses for fishing, to kill bear, moose and deer.

Unlike BC, where animals seem friendly before they eat you, Ontario's animals are man wise.
Here, is a shot of one daring moose bragging to my son,as he dangles his Father by his hoof tip lol

In Ontario it's a who's who game every day.

Who's in the stew?
Is it me?
Is it you?

It's kinda biast though cause, man has to pay for a license to feed, while the creature world eats for free.

To Chop or Not to Chop

We don't have much of a front yard but it sure filled up with stuff.
If one looks tonight, except for the huge Japanese fir, everything else is gone.
chopped up and hauled away.
My green leafed, ground cover, which took me 10 years to grow, has been all torn out. The hydrangea, the palm, the rhododendrum...all gone.
The yard is peat mossed and tomorrow is the last day for roof cleaning and and the final touches.
Now begins the next part of the clean up with painting.
All the neighbors had a chance to say hello and tell us how nice the house looks without all the vegetation. We never see anyone as there is no reason to step outside but seems everyone did the same thing, replaced vegetation with peat moss or stone.

My guys are not letting me do anything so life for me is very hard lol
But I managed to put an old chicken to boil for the bouillion and my husband chopped up the potatoes and veggies to put inside the soup.
By nightfall the soup flavor was delicious.

Tonight was Charlie Sheen night. He was roasted and part one, of one and a half men, was aired
with Charlies' funeral and the introduction of Ashton Kutcher , his replacement.
It was hard to see his own cold hearted Mother with crocodile tears and only interested to make money selling his beach house.
Makes you wonder what was so funny people laughed.
Apparently Charlie got hit by a subway or something
Ashton Kutchur is going to buy his house I guess because he likes all the girls there,and the story will continue sans Charlie. I wonder if his ghost will ever appear on the show?
It will be renamed Men since the little boy is big now and collects his own chicks.

I guess my home was not the only one with chopping
To chop or not to chop?
To chop or not to chop?
To chop or not to chop?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kissing Mom

The workers worked power washing trimming cutting all day today
I am happy the rain is holding out.
Apparently it is not good to power wash a tile roof so they cleaned it by hand and then Monday they will spray/powder it just like a baby's bottom.

I stubbed my thumb again
I told my guys I have to keep the hand wrapped Otherwise its easy to reinjure.

Beau was barking nonstop so Nick took him into the bog to pee and pull out some shedding fur.
His fur is a head ache.The dogs are not used to people.

It's hard picking stuff up to put into garbage bags, loading the dishwasher etc... with one hand.
I fried some eggs and even peeled a few potatoes but that was not a good thing to do.
It was too much for the Survivor man who pretended to hurt his left hand in a plane crash in winter woods.
I had to laugh. What a woose. lol
but he did snare a rabbit to eat.So you have to give him koodoos for that.

Today our cable company was robbed of 14 km of copper wire and so most of Delta had no cable or even internet.The robbers will now resell the stolen cable if they do not get caught.Lucky for the clients, the cable company was able to to fix the problem.
Our neighbor also suffered a broken pipe which flooded his basement
He has a lot of damage and fixing to pay for.

Gatineau in Quebec had a small .4 earthquake.
That's something funny because we never had any before like we do lately out there.
We never worried like we do in BC and when it finally hits no one will be prepared.
After seeing what happened in Japan how can you ever be prepared?

Water comes in and takes everything away.
In the end, we only have God's mercy to depend on.

Well, we shall see what else the day brings.

Have a good one!!!


An American soldier who was serving in Iraq called his mother on the phone.

As soon as his mom answered, he started kissing the phone as if kissing his mom:
'moa moa moa moa moa moa moa moa moa moa moa moa...''

The mom said: 'Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.'

Nevertheless, the soldier continued kissing the phone 24 million times.

His mom asked him 'What are all these kisses for?'

He said, 'These are on behalf of all the Iraqi people. They love you so

His mother wondered and asked him 'Why do you think that?'

The soldier said: 'Whenever I meet Iraqis, they keep telling me:

(In arabic, this mean: "kiss your mom's ass") LOL

red shoes

Sandy, writing in faith, talked about red shoe poetry so here is mine :)

she is a red gypsy
with red tapping shoes
which tell the old stories
as well as the new
through morse code if you listen
through passion and flair
through frills like no other
those shoes tap to the fools
they all listen with envy
to red shoes all aglow
the red shoes dance to melodies
none of them know
they hypnotize all
who dare look their way
they burn through the memories
discreet, mysteries
So beware the red gypsy
and those glossy red shoes
they tell all the secrets
while she dances in style.
A Lady's Life

Have a great day!

Only September

Its only September and the yard is full of leaves.
This goes on till the end of November,
on a steep incline.
Nice to live in the bog .
You have flowers, birds, snakes, coons, squirrels, possum, skunks and then the odd coyote and wolf,
Life is always interesting.
Go outside and fill your mouth full of blackberries. Gods" gift to the world.
Yup I will miss this place but I can't keep falling and breaking bones all the time.
Have to know ones' limits and
stay on flat land.
It's not like I have a big family willing to help out.
This work ethic is a quality our parents put into us but they didn't have new technology to compete with like we do with our kids.
We did not say NO to our parents lol.
Everyone I know says the same thing about their kids.
When they are at home everything is ok but once they get married and have bills to pay...
well the rules come out pretty quick, even for visiting parents lol

It makes you wonder how come you are such a sucker
Is it because you love them? lol

Today the roofers are here to clean the roof and the yard around the house and of course Beau is barking.
Instead of taking care of him my son, playing a football video game, just told me to hold him.
I told him my dog is the small one.The guys wanted big dogs so they should take care of them.
Today Tanya and I had a little talk and I told her she is the daughter I never had.
This is how people fall in love with their dogs and they become their children.
Dogs never argue and behave even though they are not in the mood.
That's if you train them right.
None of my dogs ever barked but this time my kids grabbed them as pups and the training didn't happen.
Usually done right it takes three days to toilet train and few months to train doing other things like obedience and no barking, to get a civilized dog.
Children are a joy as babies until they go to school and learn from other kids to be little individuals with 50 year old minds.
It gets worse when the schools begin teaching them what they should eat.
Seems your healthy cooking becomes bad and they don't eat it anymore.
These little quirks never end till they grow up and have children of their own.
Until then the parents are guided by innocence instead of the other way
Yup times have changed.
In my books however, its better to be a leader than a follower. You don't want to fall off the same cliff everyone else does but sometimes knowing ones' limits and how hard to push is wise.

Looking back, I remember the wise old words of elders who knew how to live. They passed on their wisdom to me and I was happy to know it because it made a lot more sense than some things we are taught today which are wrong but enters your home without your permission
and forces new changes which you need to let happen for learning to take place.

It kinda always skips a generation as ones' kids never listen, as opposed to grandchildren.
Grand children look into your mouths for wisdom their parents don't have lol

Becoming older, falls under other words like, being worn down, humility, wisdom, inner strength, and inner smiles because you know what the end result will be lol

Time may change but people never do.
I guess getting older is like my back yard right now.
Gets kinda messy but
eventually it all cleans back up again.
Have a great day!

This is what I want to be in my next life. lol
This ballerina has so much control and her movements flow with such ease
it makes it look easy. But it truly requires talent to be this good.

Marienella Nunez

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Day in the Life

This guy gives very nice video lessons and he has lovely art work.


The cast is off but now the real work begins because the wrist and thumb hurt.
The tendons need to be worked on so the hand works properly.
Apart from being petrified of falling again, I need more aspirin and this morning I rewrapped
the wrist for support as well as for my psychological well being.
It felt better in the heavy cast lol but now the blood flows into it and after exercising, it reswells.
The doctor said it had to be worked and moved and that it would hurt 6-7 months.
I am thrilled lol
A long time for me to remain a cripple.
One doesn't realize but the bone from the wrist to the elbow can't be laid down without pushing up the part attached to the wrist . Being newly healed, there could be danger of rebreaking.

At the hospital there was a man who cut off fingers on both hands, with a saw at home.They had to take one finger and reattach it to make a thumb. He came to change his bandage and got hell
for helping to take off the bandage which the aid cut through. He got pale from pain and was put on a bed. Apparently not moving a tendon was crucial.

Another man was motorcycle riding in the bush. He fell down, either a very steep hill he did not expect or a cliff. Broke his collar bone , lots of ribs, his lung collapsed and his spleen was punctured. It took a long time for him to be airlifted to the hospital and he was in very serious condition.
He said his collar bone had a plate but otherwise he was mending well.

Then another old woman had a hip replacement and the doctor told her her bones were big and her joints were the biggest he ever had to repair so the healing would take longer.She asked him if she would be able to play sports and he said yes. She said good cause I couldn't before.
He laughed and said he gets caught every time. One patient asked if he would be able to play piano and he said yes and the patient said good cause I couldn't before lol

I felt bad for the doctor.He looked like he hadn't been home in a while to either change or shower. But he was in good spirits.

When they came to cut off my cast , I behaved like a baby.
That saw vibrated the cast and my bone was healed but I could picture how this vibration
would hurt a person with a bone still broken inside.

I told him my husband will be glad of no cast cause now I won't be playing baseball with his head at night lol
Deep in sleep, apparently, I socked it to him one night lol.

I thought I was the only one coming in with a collapsed wrist but apparently many people do.
It doesn't seem normal to me.
I don't know why they do not inject the bone with this glue after resetting.
Regan Tec makes it. Its a white powder acting like a spongy bone keeping things together
and encourages natural regeneration. Then it turns into lactic acid.
I think it would help the wrist not collapse requiring metal plates.
Metal in winter gets cold and could keep you in pain would it not?

Well this was my exciting day yesterday.
A nurse walks into a bank, preparing to endorse a check. She reaches in her pocket and pulls out a rectal thermometer and tries to write with it.

She looks up at the teller, pauses for a moment, then realizing her mistake, she says, "Well that's great. Some ***hole's got my pen."
Upon arriving home in eager anticipation of a leisurely evening, the husband was met at the door by his sobbing wife. Tearfully she explained, "It's the druggist - he insulted me terribly this morning on the phone."
Immediately the husband drove downtown to accost the druggist and demand an apology. Before he could say more than a word or two, the druggist told him, "Now, just a minute - listen to my side of it. This morning the alarm failed to go off, so I was late getting up. I went without breakfast and hurried out to the car, but I'll be damned if I didn't lock the house with both house and car keys inside. I had to break a window to get my keys. Driving a little too fast, I got a speeding ticket. Then, about three blocks from the store I had a flat tire.
When I finally got to the store there was a bunch of people waiting for me to open up. I got the store opened and started waiting on these people, and all the time the darn phone was ringing its head off. Then I had to break a roll of nickels against the cash register drawer to make change, and they spilled all over the floor. I got down on my hands and knees to pick up the nickels - the phone is still ringing - when I came up I cracked my head on the open cash drawer, which made me stagger back against a showcase with a bunch of perfume bottles on it, and half of them hit the floor and broke. The phone is still ringing with no let up, and I finally got back to answer it. It was your wife - she wanted to know how to use a rectal thermometer.
Well, Mister, I TOLD HER!


In the Morning Light - Two Versions

In the morning light , a mirror reflected a vase and lamp from a nearby dresser.
The movie Local Colors was playing depicting days of rain and thunder
And here was art speaking to me,
From a corner of my room,
From a place least expected.
Outside, a gloomy dawn was awakening,
Reality mingled with fabrication
The Shadows spoke
And like a bolt of lightning, life burst forth
An arm..broken and yet with purpose
Bristles of a brush, worn dry and yet alive
Broken hearts and yet still beating.
Broken lives and yet still living.
Teachers taught and yet, still teaching
and so
and so
and so.......

In the morning light........colors, life and shadows
Reflections of life,
still to live
A Lady's Life
In the morning light I glanced in the mirror and saw how the shadows reflected a vase and lamp in it , from a nearby counter.
The movie Local Colors . was playing, and here was art speaking to me from a corner of my room where I least expected it to.
The movie had lots of rain and thunder and outside a gloomy dawn was awakening in my
back yard.
It all seemed to fit.
Shadows light , existence and fabrication,
An arm and yet broken with a purpose,
a mirror image of what is and what should be.
An awakening, like a bolt of lightening
jolts you back into the light and the living.
And so
And so
And so........
The shadows speak
From a mirror, in a corner of a room
And all makes sense.
A Lady's Life

A man and his wife were returning from a party one evening. As the couple was driving home, she asked her husband, "Honey, has anyone ever told you how handsome, sexy and irresistible to women you are?"

Totally flattered, he replied, "No, dear they haven't."

At that point she yelled, "Then what the heck gave you THAT idea at the party tonight?"

Young Son: Is it true, Dad, I heard that in some parts of Africa a man doesn't know his wife until he marries her?

Dad: That happens in most countries, son.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Susan Lucci
Frons, is cancelling"All My Children" and "One Life to Live" in April, saying the soap operas were a victim of declining interest. He said trying to prop up shows in severe decline was like "trying to catch a falling knife."

Susan Lucci disagrees and like her character in All My Children, she will not take no for an answer.
The Soaps are like a drug.
Once you get into them, they become your family and you worry as they worry on the set, what will happen tomorrow ?

It was hard for me to stop watching them but I did.
I began seeing things which did not make sense.
I put myself into a situation and knew I would have a different more adult solution to my problem but these actors, were told to make immature decisions while making millions to live the life they live.
They never grow old lol
So I asked myself, how do people who know how to make millions in their story lines, make such stupid life mistakes?
If they were that stupid how are they not swindled of their grandeur? lol
Then the plots became stupider and stupider and yet ..........
here we are , all glued to the set.
I remember the heartbreak I had when Another World was canceled.This was my favorite soap.

“We do not live in this world alone, but in a thousand other worlds,” which Irna said represented the difference between “the world of events we live in, and the world of feelings and dreams that we strive for.”
Another World focused less on the conventional drama of domestic life as seen in other soap operas, and more on exotic melodrama between families of different classes and philosophies.

I was devastated for Mac and Rachel Cory when Mac died.

The importance of the Cory family on the show was shaken when Douglass Watson,(mac) unexpectedly died while on vacation in Arizona in spring 1989 from a heart attack. At the time of Watson's death, Another World was about to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

After the show was taken over by other actors and Rachel was bereft of her true love Mac Cory, the show lost its' power because no other strong love like theirs replaced it.

Some people belong together and when one dies, the other soon does as well.

Susan Lucci has to accept I guess, that the world has moved on.
Ladies of her caliber, have been replaced by a more modern woman in pant suits, straight hair and Reeboks lol
It's too bad because the new shows live on the edge of porn and are just not interesting anymore.
They are empty of emotion and suffering and aspects of true love and commitment.

Fickleness of spirit is promoted not just between people in love but in business and politics and religion.
I mean look at George Cloony.Everyone makes a big deal about him but watching him, all I can see is a man afraid to grow up and behave his age instead of his shoe size.

The dangerous consequence results in the raising of an uncaring, cold society, bereft of conscience and spirit.
We see this in horrible acts of cruelty which we never saw or heard of before, as a daily event.
Convicts would not support a pedophile in jail.
Today, jails are filled with them.
The new generation finds it harder to survive today.
Schools are tougher.
Teachers are told not to be true to themselves but follow the program they emotionally can't.
Oh well.
I guess there is room to replace Passions now with all these new problems surfacing.
Maybe they can save society by bringing back tears and hope into todays' daily lives, we read about in the papers.
Or make it
40 per cent cheaper to make the cooking and weight-loss series that are replacing the two soap operas.
Have a great day!!!

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Partridges are very funny birds.
Apparently you can't find any here in North America.
They are known for stealing other birds eggs but when the eggs hatch the babies do not accept them and fly to their own mothers when they hear her call.

I wonder what this does to the imprinting theory since I had evidence of it in my house.
My cat was raised by a dog so he walked and behaved like a dog and then this cat raised a puppy and that puppy rubs itself around your legs like a cat lol

For camouflage this bird rolls over and covers itself with soil.
Their nests are covered in thorns and the eggs with dust.
To lure away predators it pretends to have a broken leg or wing.
This bird will also carry her chicks to hide them from a male who will attack them if he gets pestered.

"The partridge stealing eggs is like the devil, who steals souls from their creator. But when sinners recognize God as their true parent, they return to him." is the allegory pertaining to partridges.

Is it no wonder we sing about them in our Christmas songs.

When asked why she lied and stole her friends make up, Jules replied it was due to pear pressure.

Now we know why partridges sit in a pear tree. lol

Louise went into her bank to cash a cheque. She looked hesitant so the cashier .kindly pointed where and added:
'Please sign the back of the cheque, here, 'as you'd sign a letter.

'Louise looked extremely grateful, scribbled on the cheque and passed it back to the cashier.

Signed on the back was: 'Yours affectionately, Louise.'


By the looks of these mugs, I guess people are still in the holiday mood.
Here in BC the weather is hot.
My son went to trek up Grouse Mountain with his soccer team.
His Dad and I are trying to clean up the yard.
Since I am useless with my wrist still in a cast it's mostly my husband working.
I am fearful of redamaging a wrist that hangs by threads.
Already Sunday night while deep asleep, I moved my arm and thumb right into my husbands' knee, vertically.It woke me up in pain since the cast is heavy so the blow was generous to my wrist below the thumb .Now I am worried again.
I was doing so well.

I don't want metal in my body so if the doctor says anything I'll be prepared to tell him to inject glue which helps bone rebuilding and dilutes into lactic acid eventually.
But I hope it won't come to that.
I takes so long to heal a bone and especially chips of bone, so I really don't recommend breaking any lol
The papers said Keinan Hebert, the 3 year old abducted from his home in Sparwood , BC, was brought back to his home again, safe and sound.
So many people are relieved especially the parents.
I can't imagine the mental anguish they suffered during this time.
The community really pitched in to help find the little guy but by the time they put out the amber alert, the abductor could have taken him to tim buck two.
Our system is very slow but everyone is thankful the abductor realized his mistake and did the right thing.

Have a great day and don't forget to chill while the weather is still good.
A man comes into the ER and yells . . .

'My wife's going to have her baby in the cab. '
I grabbed my stuff, rushed out to the cab, lifted the lady's dress and began to take off her underwear.
Suddenly I noticed that there were several cabs - - - and I was in the wrong one.

Submitted by Dr. Mark MacDonald ,
San Francisco

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11 Tragedy


Today we remember all who died on that tragic day 10 years ago,
which resulted in nothing less than an inferno of smoke and rubble.
One of North Americas' most tragic hours.
A declaration of war against innocence
by cowards who ran and hid,
by fanatic pretenders, of peace.

In God We Trust
To God we gave our friends and relatives and children
May God cherish and love them now,
While we remember their spirits in our hearts and souls.

A Lady's Life

Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh Baby Baby!

Now this always up lifts ones spirits to see the birth of a young person
so full of life, dreams and hopes.
An innocent unaware of the world except what you show it.
A little being only wishing to be loved and hugged and kissed.

What an incredible gift to human kind. :)

I got a letter from my sister. She just had a baby. But she didn't say whether it's a boy or girl. So I don't know if I'm an uncle or an aunt.

Dewey and Odell met on the Brownsville main street. "Say," said Dewey, "Ah hurd yew and yore wife is goin' ta night school ta take Spanish lessons. How cum?" "Uh huh," answered Odell. "We went and adopted us a little Mexican baby, and we wanna be able ta understand him when he gets old enough ta talk!"

Mum, are the Smiths very poor people? I don't think so, Jimmy. Why do you ask? Because they made such a fuss when their baby swallowed a coin

Who is bigger - Mrs Bigger or Mrs Bigger's baby? Mrs Bigger's baby, because he's a little Bigger.

A+ for the Turtle

This is the first time I understand how the turtle beat the rabbit

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. ~Woody Allen

Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis. ~Jack Handey, "Deep Thoughts," Saturday Night Live

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward. ~Kurt Vonnegut

Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails. What puts man in a higher state of evolution is that he has got his laugh on the right end. ~Max Eastman

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

renoir a la lady's life

I guess this painting has been hanging around a long while and requires finishing eventually.
Trouble is once you put the paints away, it takes a while to get back into it. lol

It isn't funny but you have to laugh

Oh my goodness!! lol