Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom's Perfect Day :)

I hope every one had as splendid a day as I did, spending Mothers Day with their loved ones.
My son finally managed to call after his game to wish me a Happy M Day with good news about winning the second game on Sunday and scoring two goals.:)

This was my Mothers Day present from him , to win this week end.

Thanks Son!:) Wish I was there to see it.

He visited some universities and the tuition is soo high, I don't know how people can afford it.
But he wants to play soccer and I want him educated, so we have to find the fine line between the two lol

My Husband took me to the Crab Pot on Seattle's Waterfront.
We watched some lovely boats and ferries before getting our table.

They cooked Alaskan crab with mussels, clams, shrimp, red skinned potatoes, and sweet corn chopped in 1 inch pieces together and then plopped everything on paper which they covered the table with.
Then they gave you a cutting board, a hammer and rye bread with butter and butter to dip the seafood in. Different but easy to clean up. I used to eat off banana leaves so this was

It was the most delicious crab I ever ate, I must say and I love crab.
Even the lemonade we ordered was just exceptionally perfect.
Not too strong and not too weak and not too sweet. Just PURRRFECT!

Thanks Honey, for a wonderful day!:)

Parking was free on Sunday, which was a treat and we parked across the street under the bridge which was quite convenient for me, since I have a small problem with my knee. lol
(Talk about having the need for tune ups lol
I am trying trigosomine and will know soon if it helps or not.)

After our wonderful meal we exited to our car and with the aid of our Tom Tom, we got to the airport just on time, to pick up the boys. It used a different route, we would otherwise never know how to use.

The days are longer now so it just got dark after 9 pm.
The 3 boys we picked up were all in good spirits and very tired.
They snoozed while we drove back up north towards the border.

We dropped two off and got ourselves home by about 1:30 am. Every one rushed to bed, to dream about our great day and week end.

The only sad news we heard was in the papers with headlines of one local death due to swine flu.
That is really very close to hitting home.

Well ... now we have new things to look forward to.
Keep on plugging as they say. lol

Take care and have a wonderful Monday!!! :)


Vicky said...

Not only do I love Seattle, but fresh seafood? Oh my. It sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day, and a win to boot, so who wouldn't be excited for that!

Voegtli said...

It is nice that your being a mother was so well celebrated.

I, finally, was able to reach my mother and talk to her. She was indeed, as I had presumed, gone out for dinner with my brother.

She told me that they had talked about me and were worried about how I was, with all that is shown on TV.

I told her not to wôrry, that I was ok and not exposed to danger, though being close to war zone.

Anonymous said...

Great Mother's Day it sounded like you had. Thank you for sharing :)

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks for visitng all!! :)