Saturday, June 30, 2012


Husband took the wife to a disco on the weekend.

There was a guy on the dance floor giving it large - breakdancing, moonwalking, back flips, the works.

The wife turned to husband and said: "See that guy? 25 years ago he proposed to me and I turned him down."

Husband says: "Looks like he's still celebrating!!!
Have a good one !!

Friday, June 29, 2012

My Bones. 
Bones - How much are our bones worth?
According to the video I saw today, our body can be cut up and sold for 250,000 dollars.
It seems there is a big demand for body parts and we can't really be sure where they come from or from whom. In fact when people are given cremated ashes of their loved ones, it may not be their loved one at all.

Some body parts are stolen and sold for a lot of money to people in need and yet we are asked to donate them for free so someone else makes a profit and sticks the person in need with a lot of money to pay for the parts.
Doesn't sound fair does it? No one should donate a body for free now that we know it's worth 250k.
This can help the dead persons' family a lot.

They suggested that in order to stop bodies from being stolen, people should donate their bodies themselves, for parts after they die, so there is no illegal demand.

This is how our system works..
Actually this is how it doesn't work. Nothing is sacred.
 Not even death.
Just to think of someone cutting up my body after I am dead, gives me the willies.
To think that I have no choice in the matter because someone will chop me up anyway, for financial gain,
is criminal. 
It's a new world and people are looked upon as nothing but meat. 

Too many people. Too many demands.

Families have to check the body of their loved one in the casket before it is buried, to make sure it was not tampered with and that the bones are the original ones and the eyes are still there.
Of course when there is an autopsy, one never knows what they did inside or even if they left anything inside.
Terribly morbid thing to think about.

A criminal is a criminal. 
If it is illegal for family to tamper with a dead body, then for strangers to do it without permission
is even worse. In my case, our religion demands we be buried whole and not even cremated. 
On judgement day, the soul returns to the body.

In Germany during WW2, bodies were lying everywhere. Some people robbed the dead bodies.
Word got around that those who did this never gained from the robbery. The dead come to take back what is theirs and the robbers ended up dying as well.
This was a tale that was told me by more than one person who lived through the war. 

This was a horrible video to watch about the selling of body parts and that even funeral homes, who are entrusted and paid for preparing the body burial, are involved.

In the olden days the family would take the body home and keep it at home for three days before its buried.
Maybe those days have to return if the system is broken.
How sad.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Humming Away Stress

I had a humming bird in my back yard but not like these in Alaska.
I can't believe they could be so tame.
They are quick little things. Almost angelic in spirit.

Sooo cute.

Monday, June 25, 2012

When Nothing Becomes Something

Put me on a ride and take me all around the world and I will be as happy as if I really was there.
This is an amazing way to discover the world.
They have such a ride at Disneyland.
 It feels so real I could ride it all day except it takes you over the same places over and over again and you are really just sitting in one spot with people over you and below you.
However to fly over water like this, is indeed a thrill and it's so safe cause you actually are not going anywhere.
Can you imagine lying on a beach that looks so real with the smells and sounds and view and not be on a beach at all? Today they have holograms which make you truly believe in things until you try to touch them and they are not there.
Wow! Amazing technology.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Right Pup


Puppy Size
This is one of the neatest stories you will ever hear. You will know precisely what this little
girl is talking about at the end (you'll want to share this one with your loved ones and
special friends)!
'Danielle keeps repeating it over and over again. We've been back to this animal shelter at
least five times. It has been weeks now since we started all of this,' the mother told the volunteer.
'What is it she keeps asking for?' the volunteer asked. 'Puppy size!' replied the mother.
'Well, we have plenty of puppies, if that's what she's looking for..' 'I know.... We have seen
most of them,' the mom said in frustration...
Just then Danielle came walking into the office.  'Well, did you find one?' asked her mom.
'No, not this time,' Danielle said with sadness in her voice. 'Can we come back on the weekend?'
The two women looked at each other, shook their heads and laughed 'You never know when we
will get more dogs. Unfortunately, there's always a supply,' the volunteer said.
Danielle took her mother by the hand and headed to the door. 'Don't worry, I'll find one this
weekend,' she said.
Over the next few days both Mom and Dad had long conversations with her. They both felt she was
being too particular. 'It's this weekend or we're not looking any more,' Dad finally said in frustration.
'We don't want to hear anything more about puppy size, either,' Mom added.
Sure enough, they were the first ones in the shelter on Saturday morning . By now Danielle
knew her way around, so she ran right for the section that housed the smaller dogs.
Tired of the routine, mom sat in the small waiting room at the end of the first row of cages. There was
an observation window so you could see the animals during times when visitors weren't permitted.
Danielle walked slowly from cage to cage, kneeling periodically to take a closer look..
One by one the dogs were brought out and she held each one.
One by one she said, 'Sorry, but you're not the one.'
It was the last cage on this last day in search of the perfect pup. The volunteer opened the cage door and
the child carefully picked up the dog and held it closely. This time she took a little longer.
'Mom, that's it! I found the right puppy! He's the one! I know it!' She screamed with joy.
 'It's the puppy size!'
'But it's the same size as all the other puppies you held over the last few weeks,' Mom said.
'No not size... The sighs. When I held him in my arms, he sighed,' she said. 'Don't you remember?
When I asked you one day what love is, you told me love depends on the sighs of your heart. The more
you love, the bigger the sigh!'
The two women looked at each other for a moment. Mom didn't know whether to laugh or cry. As she
stooped down to hug the child, she did a little of both.
'Mom, every time you hold me, I sigh. When you and Daddy come home from work and hug each
other, you both sigh. I knew I would find the right puppy if it sighed when I held it in my arms,' she said.
Then, holding the puppy up close to her face, she said, 'Mom, he loves me. I heard the sighs of his heart!'
Close your eyes for a moment and think about the love that makes you sigh. I not only find it in the arms of
my loved ones, but in the caress of a sunset, the kiss of the moonlight and the gentle brush of cool air on a
hot day… They are the sighs of God. Take the time to stop and listen; you will be surprised at what you hear.
'Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take Our breath away.'

Have a good one :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Overcoming Tribulation

Talk about a tear jerker . What a great movie!!

These are the sort of movies people need to see .
The more we watch such movies, the more incentive there will be in society to do the right thing
for the right reasons.
4 police men and the tribulations they have in their lives and one latino man who they be friend.

I love the part when Nathan gives his daughter a ring to wear on her left hand to be replaced by her husband's on their wedding day..
He told her to look for a man who loves God because then he will love you.
He will understand what love is.

Truly Inspirational movie !!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Talking Totems

They make totems more and more beautiful every day.
You can find them in the most unexpected places and they speak for BC.
I wonder why the Indians in Quebec do not expose their culture like they do here in BC?
I wonder what their totems would say?
Totems say a lot and they should be put up in public places with the story behind them.
They are a part of the heritage this country carries and it is a beautiful and proud heritage
which we should never forget.

In as much as we are all different, we are all the same.
We all come from South Africa from the same mother, Eve.
We are all her children.
We are all immigrants, all bohemians looking for answers, in all places.
The answers we are looking for are not out there, but close to home.
If we raise our own cows and sell milk from them to our own town, it will be cheaper.
In fact, every one could visit the farmer to buy their milk.

If we grow our own apples. Our town could have its own apples and apple sauce the whole year round, cheaper without packaging and shipping costs.
Most basic things like meat, eggs, milk,  cheese , fruit and vegetables, we can grow at home and supply our own communities, cheaper.
If we did this, this would be our story. Our totem would show others how we lived and survived.
Control would be kept at home where it is easier to do.
We can't control a company selling basic goods from another country and as a result we are then are forced into doing things, depending on things, eating things, which we do not want to to do or depend on or even eat.
Someone doing our thinking for us instead of us doing it for ourselves, is never good.
A man not able to be in control of his life, is never a good thing because systems are cold and have no feelings ethics or values and therefore destroy people.
Of course there should be trade but trade is always more expensive even in the olden days.
Things like spices, material, jewelry, wood, construction equipment.
But towns need to be small with an infrastructure able to support them with local jobs food water and basic supplies.
Learning to live in a self supporting system is something people are being robbed of.
What happens when large systems break down?
Shelves become bare very quickly.

Totems speak of families and families are a good thing to have.
 In the end, there is no place like home.

A woman walked into the kitchen to find her
husband stalking around with a fly swatter.

"What are you doing?",
she asked.

"Hunting Flies",
he responded.

"Oh! Killing any?",
she asked.

"Yep, 3 males, 2 Females,", he replied.

Intrigued, she asked...

"How can you tell them apart?"

He responded...

"3 were on a beer can, and

2 were on the phone.”


Have a good one :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beautiful People

I love to see such a transformation in people when they dress for the occasion.
When our kids graduated from high school and came all decked out, how lovely they all looked.
It made you want to cry.

But alas times change and so do people but.......... music lives and we listen to it  as if for the first time,
after it was presented to the audience by the original composer.

We are so lucky to have been so blessed. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interesting Discoveries

This documentary about the Lost Gospels is very interesting.
It shows how incredibly delicate the birth of Christianity was and how important
it was to originate in order to beget a loving and tolerant world for man.

Monday, June 18, 2012




I had am amazing experience this Fathers' Day.
I didn't get eaten by a bear which must have smelled all the lobster claws
I ate earlier.

First he smelled me and then he licked me  and then he got excited moving back and forth sideways.
I think he liked me
Enough to eat lol

What an awesome animal.!!

 We had a great day and thought about all the Dad's sharing with their families.
Hope all the Dads' had a great day!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Amazing Model

This is really a great tourist attraction and worth visiting in Hamburg, Germany.:)
Happy Sunday to everyone!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cool is Cool

H&M Jeans

I love these new jeans. The denim is stretchy and so it wouldn't be hard to get the right fit.
Nothing can climb up them and you don't have to worry if they are too long or too short.
They fit into boots well and any type of shoe would look good with them and they must be warm.
They wouldn't hold much water if you got them wet  so they would be fast drying

 I would love to get a pair (even If I wear a skirt over them lol)
But seriously, with a 3/4 top, it's a good fit for any woman.
These Rugby guys from France agree :)

Jean Marc Doussain, Cedric Heymans  Pictures & Photos
Now this is the kind of progress I like :)


Friday, June 15, 2012

Tit for Tat


One Halloween a man was walking down the street and heard a thumping noise behind him. Looking behind him he saw a coffin following him, upright. He was a bit nervous and began walking a little bit faster. The coffin continued, "thumpety thump, thumpety thump". He began running and the coffin kept up and began opening and closing, ""thumpety thump, thumpety thump clap, "thumpety thump, thumpety thump clap". Terrified he ran to his front door, and went inside, slamming the door and locking it. The coffin continued, "thumpety thump, thumpety thump - CRASH" it came right through the door, He ran up the stairs, and right behind him, "thumpety thump, thumpety thump clap, "thumpety thump, thumpety thump clap". He rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door, but the coffin broke through the door - "thumpety thump, thumpety thump crash". Terrified the man grabbed the first thing he could, a bottle of robutusin and threw it - and the coffin stopped!

The drunken defendant appears yet again before the tired judge, who says, "You have been constantly appearing before me for the past twenty years." Replied the drunk: "Can I help it if you can't get promoted?"

After drinking, Men talk unnecessarily, Become emotional,
Drive badly, Stop thinking, Fight for nothing
Women can do all these without drinking!

Gals....we did it again :)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Colors of Time

Languages are a living organism just like flowers.
It's amazing how they change with time.
In Quebec we have what is called Quebecois French.
Quebecois French is evolved French, as
 a sort of bastardation of the French language.

I remember our teachers telling us, it is not  true French.
Our teachers in the English schools were all from Paris.

When the first settlers came to Canada
they intermarried with the Indians and inter related with the English which you could say
evolved the French language into something different.
Wikipedia had some interesting things to say about it.
It discussed the Acadian French and mentioned the word Joual which is the incorrect
working mans French used in Quebec.

The word Patois was also mentioned as nonstandard French . It comes from the Old French meaning
incomprehensible speech, rude language and non Parisian French.
Jean Jaures said "one names patois the language of a defeated nation."

Similarly, Patois is also referred to many forms of English spoken in the Caribbean.

Jamaican Patois consists of many words from many races within the Caribbean such as Latin, Spanish,
Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese AmerIndian, English, and several African languages.
Going to live there thinking one would understand English would be a mistake. You'd have to learn the new words  or slang pertained to this area, using words from all those languages.

Creole dialects include words from French Spanish Hebrew German Dutch Italian Chinese Japanese Vietnamese and Others. Patois is also spoken in Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana.

It is described as a bastardization of the English language in the same way Quebec French is described with respect to that of France.

Many of the words used today in Quebec are different from the French used in France.
The example I remember our teacher using was the word la gomme instead of effaseur for a blackboard
eraser. We also called chewing gum , la gomme.

This is what makes Quebec interesting when the Quebec politicians speak of preserving the French language,
when the French from France refuse to be associated with it linguistically.
This is what makes it interesting when they kill a language and then try to destroy a country by pretending to be what they long ago have seized to be.

The Quebecois today are Canadian. They cannot call themselves French and therefore a distinct society.
The Province is heterogeneous, filled with many people from all countries and in order to change this, many people would have to be turned out of Quebec or re educated which is indeed ludicrous and would have to resort to ethnic cleansing.

Wiki - Office québécois de la langue française, believes that objectively standardizing Quebec French would lead to reduced interintelligibility with other French communities around the world, linguistically isolating Quebecers and possibly causing the extinction of the French language in the Americas.

I guess they admit that all things are not as they

 People have to learn to live together and stop all this separation nonsense .
Time colors us all. Nothing ever stays the same.
All I have to do is look at the smart hydro meters they are forcing people to install today when there was nothing wrong with the old ones.
Another reason to force money to be spent on things people do not need,to create more trouble. These new meters will break just as the old ones did.
One has to understand that the more complicated we make things, the harder they are to repair and the more repair they will require.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Winds of Change

We are all aging and animals do not escape it any more than we do.
Beau was a gorgeous , smart little puppy.
A little bear.
He grew up rugged, stocky, and very thick furred.
I have never had a dog with the kind of fur this dog has.
His face however kept its' baby faced expressions and if it wasn't for the
whitening around his nose, one would never know he was aging.

Beau took his second place in the alpha domain quite well.
He respected Nuggets' number one position and then little Tanya came and well she is the little woman of the house. Keeps every one in line.
But Beau is no beta dog .
If she goes too far, he makes sure she knows it and then she trots off like an innocent little pup.
Ordinarily Beau is just good hearted and stands aside to let her have her way.

Yesterday he felt hot in that furry skin of his.
My son and I noticed and we began quietly talking using he word "walk", just to see if it had any effect on him..
You don't have to talk to a dog directly in order for him to understand a word.
Beau heard "walk" and got up from his nap, to poke his nose at my son to say, he would
really...really.....really.....really ....really
like one.
No one takes him for walks since my oldest son left. Alex was the dog walker but when he walked the two dogs, people let their dogs loose in the bog and they attacked Beau who was leashed.
As a result we don't let him outside because he barks at
everything he hears and sees especially at other dogs.
So he has to make do with outdoor pee time and the house.
Yesterday we had a good laugh at Beau and my son felt sorry for him and said ok
Let's go.
To see the delight in Beau's face at the prospect of a walk was worth everything.
So little to make this dog happy.
Since the passing of both Nugget and Tatty, the animals took a while to get used to the idea
the head honchos, were not coming back.
Beau was happy for the extra room, more love and freedom.
He pokes his nose at your hand and would sit all day forcing you to pat him if you let him but he is also happy to lie by your feet or nearby where he can keep an eye on things.
He was always the kind to hide behind a bush and watch you, while you look for him .
Then finally he decides, when he's had enough time playing hide and seek with you.
His coloring blends him into his environment soo well, you can't see him. lol

And Precious, who loved her Tatty , finally learned not to scream every time the neighbor cat comes over to woo her. She is spayed and needs no boyfriends lol.
For the first time in years she comes inside and mews to tell you she is hungry or if she wants to go outside.
She even began to be more civilized when you come to pick her up for pats and purrs.
Very independent lady this one and her own girl.
Now when Tanya tries to bother her at her food dish, she lets her, as if she welcomes the company.

Yes, the wind of time has changed.
And along with it both people and animals.

Alder Tree

I used to get angry at all the rubbish these trees throw into my yard and roof.
They don't belong to me and is more of a nuisance
The Alder trees are very tall and emit sticky substances which damage your car, not to mention what they do to your roof.
We have to get people to scrub the roof, displacing tiles which then leads to water
rushing into the ceilings and destroying the ceiling before you can fix it.
The animals come because of the seeds and convenience of these trees hovering over your roof and the seeds
from each of these thousands of pods is mind blowing.

Having said all the bad things about this tree I have to say this is an amazing tree.
The roots are deep. It lives in clay soil. It's used to curb erosion.
Can survive in lime, acidic and dry climates.
The leaves and bark of this tree are used for many things
scabies, skin lesions, gum problems, as a throat gargle, against cancer, rheumatism, anti inflammatory.,  as a natural pesticide
It is a goldmine with respect to its assets and no one knows about it.
The tree itself lives 150 years.
Spinning wheels are made out of it. It is naturally pliable.Fishermen used it to make nets.
I can go on and on about this particular tree.
Of course I would much rather it lived somewhere else than next door. lol

I am so happy to have read up on it and finally finding out about this gift of nature
which thrives right next door, beckoning me to learn about it to love it.

Looking at these fluffy cat tail pods I wonder if they can be used
as the cotton on them seems it can be spun into thread.
Maybe this is what was used to make  nets out of.
Live and Learn. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hey There Country!!

My Dad used to drive through country roads and when the fields would be fertilized
by fresh cow excrement, he would roll down his windows and take a deep whiff.

He would enjoy it and exclaim:
There is nothing like fresh country air!!

We of course thought he was crazy and giggled in the back seat, cringing our noses trying to block the
over whelming smell.

I could never figure out why he enjoyed it so  until one day I grew up.
The innocent veil was lifted and the real world, as it truly is, was disclosed to me.
There was nothing innocent, pure, romantic, just or free about it.
No place to stand and breath fresh air by standing in stagnating systems and
people who sit all day to gossip, criticize and argue.

There was only one place on earth where you could still find
fresh air and
My Dad knew where to go.

So now when I drive by smelly farmer fields, I remember my Dad and roll down my windows.
I take a deep whiff and tell my passengers
who think I am totally insane:

Ahh! There is nothing like fresh country air.!!

The farmer knows his soil by tasting it.
He sifts the salt of the earth through his fingers before
pulling out the ol horse and plow and then he digs in.
Wiping the sweat off his brow, his lungs are full and strong
and as he looks at the silent rows of black soil,
he sees the future full of green sprouts which will soon
cover them.
A true feast for the eyes, the heart and the soul.
My Dad knew and he taught me and now... it's up to me to teach
This land
Precious. Lovely. Given to serve us
in return for protection and love.

A place to walk and fill our lungs
A place to shiver the sweat off our skin
A place to taste the salt of the earth
and feel the soft warm breezes
My Dad knew where to go.

PS I'd love to comment on every ones blog but sometimes the captcha words make it impossible .
Its best to take them off.

Wife Swap Anyone?

It's becoming a scary world out there.
Not much to choose from and no one knows what to expect anymore. lol

We watch movies and intellect has fizzled right out the window.
If  we bring up our children to focus on nothing but entertainment, then
who is to guard the future of this country?

In Canada, I remember my teachers mimicking each other and it irritated the heck out of me.
It's ok for Europe.
Europe's doing it.
Look at Europe and every one is happy.
They shoved Europe down our throats because Europe gave people something for nothing.
And Canadians gobbled it all up.
No one knew anything about Europe, except that Europe did it lol
No one understood that nothing is for free.

There is a price for everything we do and use.
Europe...had all the answers.
Here,in BC and Ottawa, the NDP has always been hollerin
Look at Europe
They have social programs  and seems every one is happy.

And Europe is not happy.

Yesterday our Finance Minister should be applauded for saying NO to Europe.
Europe needs a bail out .Suddenly....... it ran out of answers.
A few years back the US needed a bail out and Europe showed leadership and said NO.
 It imported and has enough mouths to feed.
The US was told to fix itself.

Here in Canada, our Liberals and NDP always say yes, as if their pockets can never empty,
while our people live on frozen city streets and the rest get abused by
hydro and gas companies we were told would sell services cheap.
 So .... What happened there?
Thank God we  have someone who read a few books
and is smart and brave enough to voice leadership and
 This is a word that should be used more.
 Governments have to tell banks, finance companies, Real Estate firms, untrustworthy businesses and liberal
judges who say everything is ok......


If we cannot raise people with competent thinking capabilities , unafraid to lead,Believing that to rule, truth cannot be told to the people,
what happens to democracy and elections ?
Leaders... Untrained to think.....but trained to lie?

What options do we have except to
Vote for empty headed people, who want to lead but have no answers, except to raise taxes.?
Vote for people, who talk the empty talk, to get elected.
And what if every country becomes like this?

We will all stand like fools pointing at each other.
while crooks rule outside the system and don't care about what anyone thinks.
They are the true people, who do get something for nothing
because we are too busy looking at everyone except ourselves.

So..... have you read any good books lately? lol

Sleeping with a good science, biology, math, biochemistry, physics book
seems like a good option in face of todays' news and street behavior.

When someone asks how to build a bridge, we can say no, if we know it will fall and if it can be built better, cheaper.
When someone wants to build a ferry boat, we can say no, because the waves from it will be too big or we have a better design..... lighter, stronger, available.
When someone wants to build a house, we can say how and where because we understand infra structure
 and who it's built for, to live in.
When we buy meat, we know who grew it and where it came from.
We know the butcher, the baker, the milk man  and the trucker .
 There would be no room for mistakes because you hire knowledgeable people, who have no choice but to be accountable for their actions.
We would know the true definition of what a wife is and what a husband is
Knowledge, would make it easier on the justice system which would have less gray areas to deal with.
because in big systems, knowledge disappears.
This is called education.
A far cry from instruction.
Education teaches one to think, not with the heart or self interest but to be able to gather info
in the right way, so as to make good decisions for every one, with positive results.
Getting the right education, unifies people and countries.
because there are less mistakes and
Right and wrong is seen in a clearer light
as it really and truly is.
One thing every one knows.
United we stand, divided we fall.
We will never understand other people, if we first don't understand ourselves.
An old Professor once told me, it takes years to learn.
You can't wake up one morning and have one person tell you
it's like this and take it, that what he told you was true.
Education is a life study which never ends and leaves room and doors open
to correct mistakes.
It's not too late for Canada to pull back.
We still can control who we sleep with, buying producing, growing and building local and
bringing jobs back to Canada.
Have a good one :)
PS I'd love to comment on every ones blog but sometimes the captcha words make it impossible
It's best to take them off.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Being Square is Fun!!


Lions Brand Sends me free emails with updates as to what's up.
They have so many nice patterns and color blends which inspires me to want to do more lol
Like this project for instance.
Squares put together, in a small project, to cover a chair.
9 squares. (not 244)
Easy to wash and brings so  much color into a home to give it a feeling of warmth and real hominess.
It's not for every one but to a family woman like me, who loves kids, animals, flowers and to be surrounded
by stuff , which means something to me, this sort of thing attracts me.

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the house he lives in.
 A naked house means the person is not about family.
Family can't get away without stuff inside.
Projects, art, a messy kitchen, dirty floors lol
It means there is life going on there.
People don't exist but actually live there and for me, this is what
makes a house, a home.

When I enter a house which is showcase perfect, I know the woman/people, living there is/are suffering.
 24 /7 is about cleaning, obsessing about cleanliness and forgetting about living.
or maybe they are living somewhere else.
There are not enough hours in a day to keep a house spotless, if you also want to live in it.
 Apparently it's also not healthy because so many people say you should cut an onion to absorb germs in the air.
You will never see an onion in a showcase home absorbing germs. You will smell
sprays, lysol, etc.... many other chemicals which are not healthy for you.
Dirt is healthier for you because it forces your immune system to work.
Onions are healthier for you, vinegar, spices.etc...
 Life and Living
So...... I love houses full of smells and projects and Lions brand brings color into my life ,
in projects which enhance my immune system because they make me smile.

Thanks Lions brand :)
PS I'd love to comment on all your blogs but the captcha words sometimes make it impossible.
It's better not to have them.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Lilly of the Valley

My GrandMothers' yard was full of lilacs and lily of the valley, every spring.
I used to love these angelic little bells and they would take me back into small towns
where I would see them as churchbells .
What a lovely sound and fragrance this make believe world of mine had,
living with these flowers.
I had a perfume as well, made from them which I loved

These flowers are also known as Jacobs ladder because of the stem they grow on.
Little bells with so many uses.
Who knew?
They can be used to relieve fevers, as a diuretic , sedative, made into a salve to prevent scarring from burns.
They have some digitalis properties to help old people with their hearts.
Their aroma helps relieve depression and counter effects the brain from aging.
It can help lower blood pressure, gout, rheumatism, sprains and regaining memory

A Lilly of the Valley Legend tells a story of these flowers growing from the blood of St Leonard,
Who fought a battle with the dragon of Horsham, in Surrey, England.

This  perennial comes back every year and spreads through rock gardens, adding
to their mystic qualities.
Where but in God's land, could we find such beauty and poetic power, in so little a plant?
We have so much riches all around us and men walk by never noticing what they are missing.
We use these flowers in little girls' hair, at weddings and othe times when we want to show
angelic delicacy
but they have so  much more to offer.
I would definitely put them alongside the Regal Queen Rose,
unquestioned in the flower world, as the most beautiful
on the whole planet.

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who is the beautifulest of them all?
You my Queen but there is another,
Cinderella is her name.
Have a good one :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bull Frogs

I love frog legs. They taste like something  between chicken and fish.

We had a bull frog scare a few years back here in BC.
 Someone let some frogs go near a bog and as they are voracious eaters, people began to worry what they would do to our bog ecology. This was in 2008 so I don't know what happened since then.

These frogs can grow to the size of a dinner plate and provide a lot of meat from one frog.
Bullfrogs are carnivorous and will eat newly hatched goslings, ducklings, fish, native frogs, kittens, mice, garter snakes, the rare native pygmy rabbit which thrives on our farm, turtles, any other amphibian, any rodent it can get into it's mouth.
A tadpole can be as long as a mans hand.

But I wondered how they went about killing a frog to prepare it for eating.
What they do to make it humane, is to take the frog by the legs and smash its head on a rock till its' tongue sticks out. This is how you know it's dead.
Then you cut around the neck line and gently pull the skin off with pliers.
Then you cut off the head and feet.Some entrails should come out with the head.
Then you cut through the stomach and take everything else out which leaves you quite a lot of frog to make tons of dishes with.

In Louisiana frogs are a delicacy and they cook them cajun style .
Rayne, Louisiana, is known as the Frog Capital of the World.
But here in BC we like them the French style way of cooking and we only eat the legs.
 French and Cantonese cuisine knows frog legs are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and potassium. It is seen as a poor mans food but soo expensive at a good restaurant
I.n the early 20th century frogs legs were considered a disgusting food by the British. Escoffier, while chef at the Carlton Hotel in London, had them accepted by no other than the Prince of Wales by listing them on the menu as 'cuisses de nymphes aurore', or legs of the dawn nymphs.

Well ..... if it's good enough for the Prince of Wales then........

  1. Clean the frog legs and chop off the end (opposite side of the legs)
  2. Heat the clarified butter in a skillet
  3. Dredge the frog legs in flour
  4. Sauté in the hot butter, flipping them until golden on both sides
  5. Add the garlic and spread delicately all over the legs
  6. Add the chopped cilantro and do the same
  7. Cover the skillet and cook an additional 5 minutes
  8. Serve hot. Eat with your fingers. 
  9. Have a good one :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Men At Work

Did you ever wonder what's behind those pumps?
Here we have more than a birds' eye view
I always buy gas here (with the better -view-  ahhh - service.) lol
Sunday Monday Thursday  4 cents off.
I'm confused
4 liters = 1 gallon?
US gallon is smaller now so does
3 liters = 1 gallon?

Being creative is what it's all about.
It costs 75 dollars to be towed.
75 dollars in a big car, gets you from Vancouver to Penticton.
but you save on brakes oil and engine use being towed.
and you get a free chauffeur
So next time , ask and see if you can tow your family on your next vacation. 

This speaks for itself lol


Welcome to Channel Commercials PLC

Channel Commercials is an established commercial vehicle and LCV dealer in Kent, providing sales, parts and servicing for DAF Trucks, Nissan vans in Kent, BMC and King Long buses and coaches.

Talk about pushing it 



Monday, June 4, 2012


A little old lady from Wisconsin had worked in and around her family dairy farm since she was old enough to walk, with hours of hardwork and little compensation. When canned Carnation Milk became available in grocery stores in approximately the 1940s, she read an advertisement offering $5,000 for the best slogan. The producers wanted a rhyme beginning with 'Carnation Milk is best of all'.

She thought to herself, I know all about milk and dairy farms. I can do this! She sent in her entry, and several weeks later, a black limo pulled up in front of her house. A man got out and said, 'Carnation LOVED your entry so much, we are here to award you $2,000 even though we will not be able to use it!'


LOL This was funny I thought lol

I hope I have no captcha words for people to do to comment on my blog, because I can't hear all the words on other peoples blogs and so if they don't hear from me this is why.
I am not a robot but if I were, I would probably know how to do the captcha words better than as a human.

Friday, June 1, 2012

More Projects

Here is another pillow crochet cover.
This one I made with bands holding the piece on the pillow
This way it can be taken off to wash.
Also the middle of the sun flower sticks out. It goes well with the creme thread on a brown pillow.
The blue is the moon and the triangles are more to do with the sunflower except I had no green to make them leafy.
I am considering making bands for the other two pillow crochet pieces I made.
It's easier that way instead of having to wash the whole pillow.
Or maybe not since the casings can be taken off the pillow. hmmm.
Should have thought this out more.
Well my son has three now so I think that's enough.

Here are my beer mugs.
Of course they have to be horses. lol
Beer is great for summer and yet here they are with winter scenes.

The one in the middle is from Scandinavia.

Here's mud in your eye . Chin. Chin. :)

This is a crochet pillow cover I found being sold at a bazaar.
The thread alone to buy, is more expensive, than what they sold it for.
So much hard work went into this pillow cover and then there is the material to sew the
casing to fit the crochet work with the embroidered roses.
Beautiful hand work done with a small crochet hook and not appreciated.
I am doing a doily right now with a small hook and it's harder because the stitches are so small.
So I put it aside till I have more patience.
I would never give away such pieces.
Its more to hang on the wall as a work of art.
 I got it for a song.
Really. Not kiddin. :)

Have a wonderful day :)