Sunday, July 31, 2016

Full Speech is Better than what Media does to Trample Trump

Donald Trump full speech in toledo Ohio.
Pays to look up.
Trumps speeches are not aired like Hillarys' esp not by CNN.

Anything bad on Clinton they cut out the bad parts, distorting the truth.
The Press only puts out bits and pcs to trample Trump
so here is the full speech and it's good.
Puts Hillary Biden and Obama to shame.

The liberals do not understand they are being used as chumps by the liberal parties
including Canada.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

the idiot christian

How do I know God exists - Dinesh d'Souza

What is the fight about? Religion?

No .

The fight is not about religion but about land.

What about atheists? What about corrupt politics and politicians  who
destroy our freedoms in the name of political correctness?

Google is going to make a few changes ignoring the fact
that they will be destroying and trying to change history.
 ie tearing down Saddam Husseins' statue, does not change
Tearing down Lenins' statue does not change anything.

Changing street names from Dorchester to Rene Levesque
 does not change anything.
If you can't make something new, changing the old does not change history.
Google by denying freedom of speech in their so called LIBERAL
organization, will not change the fact that masses will not be stopped.

They will just go in a different direction and maybe one day get angry enough
to stop killing innocent people and go after the big wigs who do bad things
to countries. Why have elections if the people elected do not do the job they
 were elected for and ran under false pretenses.
Conspiracy theories will become historical truths as history has already shown
in the past.

There are only so many lies before it all comes back to you and hits you in the face.

This is what makes the Christian religion and especially the 10 Commandments an original
truth that cannot be denied and therefore never erased.

No matter what you, what you believe in, or where you go, it will always
come back to haunt you.

It is much stronger than Muhammad could ever be because it is the cold raw truth.
Cold raw truth is hated because people do not want to live up to it. and
make excuses to deny it calling it political correctness.

lol Ya . Right.
If it's wrong, Political correctness will not make it right.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Soccer skills

This guy was the best. He is short and always put on a great show.