Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wolf Hound Charisma


This is a dog of all dogs. I have only met up with one Wolfhound, once in my life and thought my God!
What a wonderful animal. He stood there like a king on the street, alert, calm and free.

Today I think if I moved to country living I would get me one because it is great with children and strangers . They look scruffy with prickly fur but good hearted souls. Sorta ......like......me lol

He would do great sitting in a garden following me around, keeping me company while keeping an eye out for bears, coyotes and mountain lions, which tend to lurk around more and more in people areas.

They were once prized by royalty and who would know better about dogs than the creme of society, used to the best.

My Dad used to like doing things and when we had a dog in the country, he would make it a wide collar of thick cow hide. He also knew how to insert some sharp metal studs into it.

People used to let their dogs run and I'd go bike riding a lot with my dog, so attacks from yards were normal things. Dogs would run out onto the street and my dogs' job was to defend me so he'd stay back to fight, while I moved on far enough to call him. He would then see I was safe and take off.
This particular dog I had was a local yokel born of a Cocker Spaniel Mom but the Dad must have been a lab. He looked like a lassie with a neck covered by a mane of white. He wasn't too big but of sturdy body.
Cheechen would swim the lake with me every day and then go on long bike treks. Needless to say, he was in great shape.
He was smart as the dickens and loved his life.

Well I'd check him over after such a fight, and this collar saved him many times. He would learn to turn in circles so fast he would be able to bite each dog circling him at least once on the legs and all they got was a collar and sore mouths.
The collar was bit right through, which means these dogs really meant business when they attacked him.
In such cases it's never a good idea to tie your dog because then he has no defense system. He can't run away or fight. It's always a good idea to put on one such collar though in the country .
This way you are both free to ride and run away.

If I had a dog such as this wolf hound, I'd do the same thing my Dad did. Make him a wide collar and even a thick leather body armor just in case of a bear intrusion. In times such as these, dogs are truly man's best friends. While keeping the wild animal busy, this buys you time to move away and hide and then get your best friend to follow you to your hiding place.

Today I dug up a French lilac tree which I planted some 8 years ago . It hasn't flowered once.
I think its because it wants a sunny dry place to live and I planted it close to my window hoping for some nice smells to come inside the house from it. But because I am on a hill its too wet and shady for it. So now it sits in a flower pot waiting for some rain and I have to see what fertilizer it will also require to keep it healthy. Now I have two such plants to go with the oak trees I am raising.
Because I leave my land natural I find so many earth worms in the leaves. These are good to put into your plants to make holes in the soil and fertilize them naturally and they are good to put into your garden for the tomato plants.
Every time I do this I get excited.
I don't know why.

I also have a Chinese lilac bush. These are great if you want a bushy hedge and the smell is incredible. Usually I like to mix them with roses so you have flowers all year long.
I don't do much gardening now but I still love it.

It's this Wolf Hound Charisma I have. I'm also Scruffy, prickly and put my nose into everything. lol

Have a wonderful day.:)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lake Champlain's Champ

I wrote about Champ before but now more and more people have seen him/her in Lake Champlain.
With the flooding in this lake and the Richelieu River, we have no way of knowing where he is. He is as elusive as Big Foot which more and more people see as well, and believe that now
Big foot might be either Indian Shamans, sent into the wild for ten years becoming wild or a man we have forgotten existed and lives in the wild.

Well Champ also has this same kind of story. They believe he may be a left over from dinosaur times.
Having done a lot of swimming in this area myself, I do know one thing which no one talks about.
Apart from the many different kind of fish this area holds, such as bass, sunfish, perch, pike,sturgeon and walleye, it also sports eels.
Not many people eat eels, nor do they eat the other fish because of pollution, so the fish in this lake and river could grow to be very big as well.

This Champ, looks snake like, almost like a huge eel.
Size changes behavior and we did have a boat broken in half in which fishermen like ourselves, were fishing in. Could be they caught themselves one huge eel and it broke their boat in half, killing the boaters, who were never found.

I remember snorkeling once in murchy water because a storm was brewing and the waves were getting to be high for the area.All of a sudden I came face to face with an eel.
It couldn't see me and I couldn't see it and we bumped mask and muzzle.
It got scared as did I and we both got out of each others way. lol

Snorkeling allows you to see eel behavior . On the US side they have Fort Montgomery along the edge of the shore line. I am not sure if the US did anything to rebuild it like we did Fort Lennox just up the river a bit, but if you snorkel it's easy to see one of these eels digging with such exuberance underneath, at the stone wall with their mouths and noses, to get at something.
You can't help but think, I am glad that's not me they are trying to get at.

There was a time they had huge cat fish who would come to shore and grab ducks.

This Champ just might be a huge eel, which means people need to be careful in good ol Lake Champlain and Richelieu River because just maybe, if there is one such huge eel, then there might be others and that's not even mentioning the catfish and other big fish growing and untouched due to toxic food intake.

Man sure gets a prize for killing nature. People used to drink this water and this area had so much to offer to growing families who brought their children out to enjoy life at its best.

I don't live there anymore but I sure do not forget all the time I spent on this river. In some ways I was Huckleberry Fin because I could have lived there for ever with the bull frogs and tad poles and so many different fish fries.
I do not forget all the dreams I had there and how I played out the historical dramas of Samuel de Champlain and the Iroquois. So much history can be found by Ol McCallums farm.

They were all good people . All gone now leaving their places and history to those who do not appreciate it as much as it should be.

So ol Champ makes his debut once in a while, to tell us all to be ware. He is still there. He is not afraid and he is still watching,taking care of his lake and river.

Some say that along this area are swampy bogs which go in so deep, that once you go in, you will find it hard to find your way out. Lots of things grow in there and it would be a terrific place for eels such as ol Champ to nest in.

Have a wonderful day :)


Peace is found on this stretch of ground, for the men who marched to the bugels' sound.
To the brave and the strong who carried our flag
So a nation can stand proud and strong.
We hail them on this Memorial Day
We hail them each day.
For righting the wrong.

We thank them for caring. We cry every day,
for the price they paid for this sacred soil
Memorial Day.

Thank you.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aussi Land of Change.

Brisbane sure puts on a show .
Australia, home to such as Nicole Kidman and Russel Crowe, can be proud as crowds come in to watch how movies are made.
I wonder which movie they are acting out today?
Will people be changed because of what they see?

This country also came out with bra burning, Germaine Greer and some very well known Aboriginal Authors.
One of them, Noodgeroo Noonuccal, wrote verse.

We Are Going

They came in to the little town
A semi-naked band subdued and silent
All that remained of their tribe.
They came here to the place of their old bora ground
Where now the many white men hurry about like ants.

Notice of the estate agent reads: 'Rubbish May Be Tipped Here'.
Now it half covers the traces of the old bora ring.
'We are as strangers here now, but the white tribe are the strangers.

We belong here, we are of the old ways.
We are the corroboree and the bora ground,
We are the old ceremonies, the laws of the elders.
We are the wonder tales of Dream Time, the tribal legends told.

We are the past, the hunts and the laughing games, the wandering camp fires.
We are the lightening bolt over Gaphembah Hill
Quick and terrible,
And the Thunderer after him, that loud fellow.

We are the quiet daybreak paling the dark lagoon.
We are the shadow-ghosts creeping back as the camp fires burn low.
We are nature and the past, all the old ways
Gone now and scattered.

The scrubs are gone, the hunting and the laughter.
The eagle is gone, the emu and the kangaroo are gone from this place.
The bora ring is gone.
The corroboree is gone.
And we are going.'
Change and life, is like a dream you live in.
Your memory serves like a movie you watch and relive over and over again.
Time gives you a chance to relive the mistakes and the joys, to make you a better person.
Man is indeed a creature of wonder.

Have a good day! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Generation Gap No More.

Alize was originally made for women 45-55 years of age but stood for 8 years without many customers.

I guess they did not advertise it. No one knew about it .Its a cognac liqueur, based on fruit and jam.

It took rapper 2pak (TUPAC SHAKUR) to turn it into something special.

He came out with a video called


Now here is a drink thugs drink today.

2 oz of Alize

2 oz of champagne preferably, Cristal made by Louis Roederer

Price ?

Alize was sold for 25.00 a bottle

Cristal, 350.00 a bottle.

Now would a discount apply here? lol

Even with 10%, I think I'll pass. lol

Unfortunately for Tupac, he will not be here to enjoy it, but his death, made Alize a very popular alcoholic beverage to drink today.

Tupac closed the generation gap between the young as well as the older and more mature element, at social gatherings.

Quebec it seems, just closed it more by making the official drinking age, 14 years of age. They kids cannot buy booze however and parents cannot buy it for them to drink, but if they want a little swig or two , I suppose they can find their way to the liquor cabinet. lol

The free thinkers believe we should allow people to do drugs and alcohol . I can only presume it is only to promote chaos and to establish dictatorship, ending democracy and freedom.

This is what happened in China when opium was popular.

Is it a plan to save or enslave the world one day?

President Obama made a wonderful speech in England about two things, which unite us all. Dignity and freedom. Seems the man is Kenyan, Irish, Indonesian and who knows, maybe even Russian. He just has a problem proving he is American, which would then make him close to a citizen of the world. lol

But like everything else in the world, it takes more than words to achieve citizenship, let alone, dignity and freedom.

These are things you are supposed to be born with, not things you need to obtain.

These are things you are, that walk with you, from the day you are born as an individual.

A person is not a number.

As a number, a person does not exist .

Freedom also has its' limits, for the better good.

So Here's a toast to Tupac, for his good taste , and for closing the generation gap, to hopefully do more chatting than drinking.




An over-the-hill new to-the-gym, workout wannabe, spied himself a sweet young thing over on the elliptical.

Easing over to a strapping male trainer he slyly asked, “what machine do you think I should use to impress that little cutie?”

The trainer looked him up and down and drawled.. "I’d try the ATM in the lobby"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cloverdale Rodeo on Victoria Day Week End.

While the world is busy, this week end, some got to enjoy the Cloverdale Rodeo, in Surrey, BC

It was a time for the kids to have rides and for grown ups to listen to some country and western as well as take family pictures for posterity. This is a time people pull out their cowboy hats and boots and the special shirts and step back in time to when the west was won.

These are the good things in life when one can, for a moment, step away from bad news and the head aches of everyday life and living.

We have so few events like this in life, which seems to just fly by.

This makes it even more important to make your New Year Resolution about making time for memories celebrating every day life and living.

The attorney asked, "May I help you?"
The farmer said, "Yea, I want to get one of those dayvorce's."
The attorney said, "well do you have any grounds?"
The farmer said, "Yea, I got about 140 acres."
The attorney said, " No, you don't understand, do you have a case?"
The farmer said, "No, I don't have a Case, but I have a John Deere."
The attorney said, "No you don't understand, I mean do you have a grudge?"
The farmer said, "Yea I got a grudge, that's where I park my John
The attorney said, "No sir, I mean do you have a suit?"
The farmer said, "Yes sir, I got a suit. I wear it to church on Sundays."
The exasperated attorney said, "Well sir, does your wife beat you up or anything?"
The farmer said, "No sir, we both get up about 4:30."
Finally, the attorney says, "Okay, let me put it this way. "WHY DO YOU WANT A DIVORCE?"
And the farmer says, "Well, I can never have a meaningful conversation with her."


I guess whether they are cowboys or not , Men will always be Men. lol

If you can find a way to celebrate life every day, it sure makes life worth livin.
Next year, if you folks have nothin to do, why don't you come on up?
Aw shucks. Comon up anyways and have some good ol fashioned BC Fun.
You might even find a gold nugget or two.

Have a good one Everyone!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Either a Discount or It's Free !!!

Want to know why its always good to have Gramma and Grampa pay at the Cash register?

They get discounts. This alone is a good incentive to have them tag along.

People over 50 get 10% off at Church's chicken and 10 % is 10% when you buy a bucket of chicken. at 21 dollars lol

Makes you feel kinda good to know you are still needed for something lol
And seniors being the kids they , may like to rap and hoot and holler with the kids.
What else do they have to do?

There are other discounts you can find on pages like :




Linda Bowmans' books on Senior discounts :



Hotel Discounts Participating Hyatt Hotels offer 25% to 50% savings to seniors 62 & over in the both the US & Canada Marriott Hotels offers seniors 62+ 15% savings off of normal room rates. Must show ID when booking Days Inn offers 10% off of standard rates to seniors 62 years old or older. Must show proof of age Howard Johnsons offers seniors 60 and older discounts from coast to coast Best Western at least 10% off regular room rates for seniors 55 and older

Many other hotels offer discounts to seniors. Make sure to ask when you make your reservation.

Restaurant Discounts
The restaurants below offer discounts to seniors as do many others not listed here.

Appelbee's, Arby's, Bakers Square, Boston Market, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Chick-fil-A, Chili's, Church's Chicken, Coco's, Country Kitchen, Dairy Queen, Denny's, Dunkin Donuts, El Pollo Loco, Fuddruckers, Golden Corral, Hardees, Home Town Buffet, IHOP, Jack in the Box, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Krystals, Long John Silver's, McDonald's, Ponderosa, Popeye's, Shoney's, Sizzler, Sonic, Taco Bell, Village Inn, Wendy's.
(Discounts & age requirements may vary. It's best to ask before ordering)

Some additional savings:

Airlines Many airlines offer discounts for seniors 62 or older.

Banks Many banks offer discounts to seniors often providing free checking accounts and free checks. Check your bank to see if they offer free travelers checks, special rates on savings accounts and use of bank services like faxing, copy machines, etc.

Bon-Ton Department Stores offer a 20% discount to seniors one day a month if you use a store credit card & 15% if you use any other payment www.seniordiscounts.com/FeaturedDiscounts/BonTon.aspx

Cruise Lines Most cruise lines offer discounts to seniors. Ask to see if you qualify.

Midas Auto Service many locations offer a 10% discount if you are 55 or over. Check this out for more information www.seniordiscounts.com/FeaturedDiscounts/MidasServiceCenters.aspx

Movie Theaters Most offer discounts to seniors but often for certain showing times.

Regal Entertainment Group offers theater tickets at its 546 theaters at a 30% savings if you are at least 60 years old www.seniordiscounts.com/FeaturedDiscounts/Regal.aspx

Museums offer discounts to seniors but often for certain days or times.

Summers' Here ...........So make sure not to forget to ask for them Discounts.

Or your Grand parents :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Water Ailments and Cures

Well the country is really getting an upheaval.
Lake Champlain is rising and pushing water up the Richelieu River which is where my Dad's house stands. The army is called in to sandbag and if the wind doesn't blow the houses down, we might just make it through this very bad spell of weather.
Every year more and more people are hurt by weather conditions.
This year it's our turn. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Cure # 1: Water prevents and cures heartburn.

Heartburn is a signal of water shortage in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a major thirst signal of the human body. The use of antacids or tablet medications in the treatment of this pain does not correct dehydration, and the body continues to suffer as a result of its water shortage.

Tragedy: Not recognizing heartburn as a sign of dehydration and treating it with antacids and pill medications will, in time, produce inflammation of the stomach and duodenum, hiatal hernia, ulceration, and eventually cancers in the gastrointestinal tract, including the liver and pancreas.

Cure # 2: Water prevents and cures arthritis.

Rheumatoid joint pain - arthritis - is a signal of water shortage in the painful joint. It can affect the young as well as the old. The use of pain-killers does not cure the problem, but exposes the person to further damage from pain medications. Intake of water and small amounts of salt will cure this problem.

Cure # 3: Water prevents and cures back pain.

Low back pain and ankylosing arthritis of the spine are signs of water shortage in the spinal column and discs - the water cushions that support the weight of the body. These conditions should be treated with increased water intake - not a commercial treatment, but a very effective one.

Tragedy: Not recognizing arthritis and low back pain as signs of dehydration in the joint cavities and treating them with pain-killers, manipulation, acupuncture, and eventually surgery will, in time, produce osteoarthritis when the cartilage cells in the joints have eventually all died. It will produce deformity of the spine. It will produce crippling deformities of the limbs. Pain medications have their own life-threatening complications.

Cure # 4: Water prevents and cures angina.

Heart pain - angina - is a sign of water shortage in the heart/lung axis. It should be treated with increased water intake until the patient is free of pain and independent of medications. Medical supervision is prudent. However, increased water intake is angina's cure.

Cure # 5: Water prevents and cures migraines.

Migraine headache is a sign of water need by the brain and the eyes. It will totally clear up if dehydration is prevented from establishing in the body. The type of dehydration that causes migraine might eventually cause inflammation of the back of the eye and possibly loss of eye sight.

Cure #6: Water prevents and cures colitis.

Colitis pain is a signal of water shortage in the large gut. It is associated with constipation because the large intestine constricts to squeeze the last drop of water from the excrements - thus the lack of water lubrication.

Tragedy: Not recognizing colitis pain as a sign of dehydration will cause persistent constipation. Later in life, it will cause fecal impacting: it can cause diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and polyps, and appreciably increases the possibility of developing cancer of the colon and rectum.

Cure # 7: Water and salt prevent and cure asthma.

Asthma, which also affects 14 million children and kills several thousand of them every year, is a complication of dehydration in the body. It is caused by the drought management programs of the body. In asthma free passage of air is obstructed so that water does not leave the body in the form of vapor - the winter steam. Increased water intake will prevent asthma attacks. Asthmatics need also to take more salt to break the mucus plugs in the lungs that obstruct the free flow of air in and out of the air sacs.

Tragedy: Not recognizing asthma as the indicator of dehydration in the body of a growing child not only will sentence many thousands of children to die every year, but will permit irreversible genetic damage to establish in the remaining 14 million asthmatic children.

Cure # 8: Water prevents and cures high blood pressure.

Hypertension is a state of adaptation of the body to a generalized drought, when there is not enough water to fill all the blood vessels that diffuse water into vital cells. As part of the mechanism of reverse osmosis, when water from the blood serum is filtered and injected into important cells through minute holes in their membranes, extra pressure is needed for the "injection process." Just as we inject I.V. "water" in hospitals, so the body injects water into tens of trillions of cells all at the same time. Water and some salt intake will bring blood pressure back to normal!

Tragedy: Not recognizing hypertension as one of the major indicators of dehydration in the human body, and treating it with diuretics that further dehydrate the body will, in time, cause blockage by cholesterol of the heart arteries and the arteries that go to the brain. It will cause heart attacks and small or massive strokes that paralyze. It will eventually cause kidney disease. It will cause brain damage and neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease.

Cure # 9: Water prevents and cures early adult-onset diabetes.

Adult-onset diabetes is another adaptive state to severe dehydration of the human body. To have adequate water in circulation and for the brain's priority water needs, the release of insulin is inhibited to prevent insulin from pushing water into all body cells. In diabetes, only some cells get survival rations of water. Water and some salt will reverse adult-onset diabetes in its early stages.

Tragedy: Not recognizing adult-onset diabetes as a complication of dehydration will, in time, cause massive damage to the blood vessels all over the body. It will cause eventual loss of the toes, feet and legs from gangrene. It will cause eye damage, even blindness.

Cure # 10: Water lowers blood cholesterol.

High cholesterol levels are an indicator of early drought management by the body. Cholesterol is a clay-like material that is poured in the gaps of some cell membranes to safeguard them against losing their vital water content to the osmotically more powerful blood circulating in their vicinity. Cholesterol, apart from being used to manufacture nerve cell membranes and hormones, is also used as a "shield" against water taxation of other vital cells that would normally exchange water through their cell membranes.

Cure # 11: Water cures depression, loss of libido, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy.

These conditions are caused by prolonged chronic dehydration. They will clear up once the body becomes well and regularly hydrated. In these conditions, exercising one's muscles should be part of the treatment program.

For More Information, Read the Book:
Your Body's Many Cries for Water.

by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Today I was reading Westra, one of my blogger friends.
She is a wonderful Mom with two great boys, who she loves with all her heart.
She is also afflicted with breast cancer which has spread to stage 4.
Doctors tell her they can't do much but she is a fighter and so lucky to have a group of friends around her who help her and her family in their battle to save her.
Vicky's blog today enlightened me.

In my drudgery every day thinking about meals I don't really want to eat, she reminded me that there are other things, easier on the stomach, healthier, enriching and something you can carry to hockey/soccer or even the back yard to do your gardening with.
It saves you using pots and pans and washing dishes all day.
I got out my Hamilton Beach, and pulsated my way to heaven.

I chopped up spinach, broccoli,carrot, apple, ginger, and a hand full of cherios, topped it off with a glass of water and voila, a meal fit for a Queen.

I sure enjoyed it and it took Vicky to remind me, that yes Veronica, there is a Santa Claus.

I am praying Santa Claus hears my plea to give Vicky a present she truly deserves.
Health, Love and Family.
The second two she already has and needs to keep and the first she is fighting for.

May God Bless You Vicky. This blog is for you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Poor Mothers Heart.

This is a very old beloved and also hated song of my youth
sung by the King of Tango Peter Leschenko.

I was a little girl and listened to this song over and over again.
It was bad enough it was a Tango, the dance of love but
it also broke my heart because the song was about a Mother who lost her
son who she accuses of having forgotten her.
She was dying of a broken heart and wished she could see him if only for an hour.

She told everyone not to call the doctor cause he couldn't do anything to calm the anguish and trembling in her heart.
She wanted her son back because life was too difficult to live without him.
He was the light of her life and without him, not knowing where he was,
her soul was dying.
I was around 4 or 5 when I broke the record and shoved it behind the radio gramophone thinking no one would find it there. lol

When My Mom asked me why I broke the record I told her my Mothers heart is not broken.
She doesn't need a son, when she has me. I was quite upset.
My Mom delicately explained to me that if I don't like something I should just put it away and not use it.
I think I broke her heart that day. lol

This was just a record and had nothing to do with me or my family but when people have problems at home, its not just grown ups suffering. Children watch grown ups suffering, and this leads to terrible side effects. I have to think right now about all these children growing in the African and Islam world. How many years will it take to heal their wounds? More are being raised on the hatred in their parents hearts.
When I went to school I was amazed how many kids came, literally shaking over issues which had nothing to do with them. Did they live in a concentration camp? Were they starved and shot at by the Reds in Russia? Even in Quebec, we see this hate being inspired against the English part of the country, to gain Quebec separation, using history, which has changed so much in their favor. The Quebecois forget that their schools never educated people except in religion, so they were not qualified to do anything.
Today, they can't use this history anymore but they continue to try to proliferate hate into their children. In BC the same is being done with Punjabi children and Phillipine children who are being taught that we OWE them for the past. I don't feel I owe anybody anything. My Father was an innocent who spent his life running and sitting in labor camps and my Mother was beaten
by German surgeons when she, a child herself, did not give them the proper surgical instrument
during an operation. She was a person who fainted at the sight of blood, so I can just picture how terrified she was at that time forced to work for such people.
No matter what their experience was however, they spared me from knowing about it until I learned for myself in books and from other people. I grew up with a clean and good heart because of their charity and true love to spare me. When they did say something, they told of good people who would risk thrusting a crust a bread through a fence seeing people were starving. A small thing but helped a person survive. Life is such that moves you forward.
Once you are gone, forget about it and don't keep looking back because you won't fit in.
The singer of this song kept looking back and was sent into a hard labor camp after being allowed entry into Russia.

Then we see schools and governments trying to put the blame on different things, like bullying and in politics, Christianity and the CIA lol.
If only it were that simple.

Instead, the blame should be put on pressure groups, parents and leaders, who put themselves first before their population and children.
Why are societies allowing children, to watch an adult world, which they do not understand, behave badly? Is this a way to raise people to develop a loving peaceful world?

When we say we are our brothers' keeper, we mean this especially where children are concerned and people should always behave in such a way, so as to set children a good example for them to grow on.
This means no bad language, no adultery, no divorce and stability, bringing love into their homes and supported by business institutions who care about people instead of their money. Money should not make slaves of people. A man should not financially destroy another to earn a living.
Maria Shriver knew what she married and I am not so sure she didn't know about Arnold's
escapades and that the woman in question right now, was even working in her home.
Maria didn't look very happy for a long time.

She must have heard talk of this woman and what she was doing. Maybe she even suspected the boy playing with her family had a resemblance to her Arnold.
Regardless, she stuck it out long enough not to risk political scandal with respect to the man she married. She will sue him and clean it all up and for the first time in his life, Arnold is terminated.
Maria is now wearing the pants in the family. But beware......Arnold has a sticky history.
He'll walk behind her saying.........I'll be back. lol It might be a true love story here. lol

Our communities and government and social groups try band aide solutions which they know will never work, because psychological damage takes years resolve, if ever.
It creates angry people who do not care to be their brothers keepers.
You can only take so much abuse.
You can only watch so much abuse in politics , businesses, churches, families, TV, Music, art and
especially financial institutions which are cold and heartless, when it comes to money, not caring who they hurt. We shudder hearing about people being beheaded in our busses and shopping marts. More will happen, because people are over exposed to technological, psychological abuse .
It's all business which is not interested in working with their client. Today the little guy needs scavenger lawyers to nip at their scavenging lawyers, and both sit in checkmate because the laws do not work anymore.
It remains to be seen how Maria Shriver will clean it up with Oprah at her side lol Will Arnold be able to withstand her institution of friends? lol

It makes you wonder, why have laws and why have prisons, when the true criminals design laws
to fail. They are used against the person they are defrauding and hurting legally.
Other obvious examples ? Mortgages. Bank policies, Insurances, Gas companies. Who needs them? They offer you nothing but trouble. They play on natural greed.When you need them, they fail you. So why give them your money? Use it to buy your kid new shoes and or to teach him a life hobby of survival.

Businesses cut you quick and clean. They are not interested in your problems.
But when an instance happens whereby the customer victim, proves probable cause, of say fraud, they ignore the victim and do not pay the reparations owed, to the damage they did, even if they are insured themselves should something like this happen. They drag it on and on and make the little guy, the bad guy and maybe even a dead guy when it comes to health issues. A lot of good it does to sue then. Someone always has to die before issues are corrected.

The only way to deal with such institutions is to have a feisty Judge,interested not only in law but in clean business, take the side of the people and freeze their business until a thorough investigation takes place. It would be a wise thing to do because once an institution is investigated other cases would be easier to deal with. Truth would be at the top of the pile.
Shut the whole thing down.
After all, this is what they do to their customer. Otherwise it can be seen as discrimination.

Once they understand the billions in assets they will lose each day, by getting a taste of their own medicine, they will not resort to these methods, in their legally preplanned contracts, designed to fail the customer who buys into them or who they sell to. They would ensure good business practices with things called responsibility and accountability.

Why would a President of a gas company, care about the fraudulent money he took and owes a poor man who needs it to feed his family, when he can sit on it and collect interest and earn a million in company bonuses? What does he care about honor and business accountability,
when money is involved to his advantage?

Todays' world, inspite of all the rhetoric, does not care about his fellow man, as much as they care about their bonuses which amounts to millions, if they know how to legally destroy enough people. So learning and teaching people how to destroy others pays in the end because judges only look at laws in black and white and not about the root causes and meaning behind them to stop such things from happening.
The things our local police deal with, are small problems, and these problems would disappear once people are happy in systems that work fairly for them .

Right now
Shakespeare comes to mind.
Julius Caesar:
Brutus said he was ambitious and Brutus is an honorable man.

Today's world ..........As in yesterdays'
A true tragedy............leaving
A Poor Mothers' Heart to suffer.

Love and People

This is a beautiful video. I wish I could make something like this.
Maybe one day. lol

Today I visited the Lia Sophia Catalogue looking for some jewelry items.
Once in a while I like to treat myself. lol

Well I found this beautiful Solace Ring made with Abalon.
I love delicate looking things like cameos and this ring was very appealing to me.
I thought it would be very expensive but when I looked it up, it was only 58.00 dollars. Totally reasonable.

I think this company has come a long way and is really beginning to know its' customers likes and dislikes. Worth taking a look see.


And while we are on jewelry, after the Bin Laden demise, Obama and his wife are invited to spend time at Buckingham Palace.

I guess it might be the Queens way of thanking Obama for maybe warning them about what was happening in Pakistan thus postponing William and Kates' Honeymoon.

It was very nice of her, considering Prince Philip is known for his quotes and gaffes which might not be very considerate or flattering or exactly polite lol Joking of course.

Prince Phillip's quotes and gaffes (Also known as the 'consort's clangers'..)

(1967 When asked if he would like to visit the Soviet Union) "The bastards murdered half my family.."

(1981 A comment during the UK's recession) "Everybody was saying we must have more leisure. Now they are complaining they are unemployed.."

(1982 To Solomon Islanders, on being told that their population growth was 5% a year) "You must be out of your minds.."

(1984 On receiving a gift from a Kenyan native woman) "You are a woman aren't you?.."

(1986 To a group of British students in China) "If you stay here much longer you'll all be slittyeyed.."

(To a Cayman Islander) "Aren't most of you descended from pirates?.."

(c. 1990 To a British expat in Hungary) "You can't have been here that long, you haven't got a potbelly yet.."

(1995 To a Scottish driving instructor in Oban) "How do you keep the natives off the booze for long enough to pass their test?.."

(1998 To a student who'd trekked in Papua New Guinea) "You managed not to get eaten then?.."

(1999 On seeing a fuse box while being shown around an Edinburgh factory) "It looks as though it was put in by an Indian.."

(2002 To a school band in Cairns, Australia) "You were playing your instruments weren't you?, or do you have tape recorders under your seats?.."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Horsin Around

These are my two boys on horses at Langley 204.
It is run by this wonderful woman Teresa, who is a champion horse rider herself.
She saves good horses from an otherwise poor demise and she has other women with farms who help her if she ever needs a place to retire a horse to die in peace. That's what I call love.

While I was taking care of my Mom, we spent a lot of time there with the horses riding and helping Teresa keep them fed and clean and of course loved. My Mom would sit and enjoy the view and the horses.
There used to be a farmers' barn we passed along the way and they sold broken unsellable carrots, for horses. We always got 2 huge bags for these wonderful animals, who worked to earn their keep.
When they would see you with a bag, 40 horses would run to the fence post and God FORBID you didn't treat them fairly. lol They were like children and understood everything. lol

Teresa taught the kids , who came regularly, about horses. She made each person ride a different one, so as to learn , that it's not just a horse but an animal with feelings
and a character and pride. They were no different from people and expressed themselves accordingly.
As I am writing this the Canucks scored 6 goals against San Jose who scored two.
My goodness are they on fire tonight!
My favorite time was when Teresa would have these barrel races after a work day, for the kids.
The kids had to dress up their horses and wear a costume like for Halloween. She had the same things for Christmas and other times of the year. She made it like a club to thank the families for supporting her and her horses, by giving each child a horse to do with as they wished.
Even women riders would dress up as fancy Spanish LAdies and their horses were equally gorgeous.

Teresa had this pony and no one wanted to ride it because it was small. However, for barrel races, it always won because it had the extra touch of being small to make quick turn arounds and the area covered was not that big. A big horse needed more time to turn and could not gain speed this way to make up for the lost time. When the kids saw this they all wanted to ride the pony but Teresa refused because there was a weight limit.
Lots of disappointed kids was the result when they learned they were too big for the pony. lol
Oh my God! They scored again 7-2. Geez! 3rd period.
San Jose must be pissed. They are a great team with Niemi as their goalie.
San Jose will not come back now. No time left.
They just put in a goal so its 7-3 . San Jose is not taking this very well and there are a lot of fights.
Will be a lot of disciplinarian stuff going on
The young man on the gray horse is my son Alex. He really enjoyed going into the National Park with the horses. They ran fast and boys like thrills.
Behind him is little Nick who rode like he was glued to the horse. He was a natural.
But then Nick was a natural at everything he did. Even bike riding. He just got on and rode.
Alex would close his eyes and not realize he was alone and riding lol
Two boys, totally different, just like horses.
Alex careful and Nick a little confident risk taker.
I got into learning how to sew the face masks for the horses so the flies would not bother their eyes and thick blankets to place under the saddle as pads, to prevent chafing.
Blankets would need washing as they got dirty quickly but I would imagine it would be hard on the washing machine. Face masks were expensive to buy and sometimes during play the horses would rip them, so making them at home was much cheaper and easy. I made 40 to give Teresa that summer. The kids also learned about salve for the hooves, special brushes, and soaps to make the horse shiny. Needless to say, maintenance for one horse, was very expensive.Then there were the leads and the horse mouth bits.

Anyway. If anyone loves to ride horses, I recommend Langley 204 in British Columbia.
You will love Teresa and she deserves merit for saving so many horses.

A Little Poetry To Clear the Mind.

Our school is a good school,
It's made of bricks and plaster,
The only thing that's wrong with it,
Is the bald headmaster.

He laughed when they said it couldn't be done,
He smiled and said he knew it,
But he tried the thing that couldn't be done,
And found he couldn't do it.

Poor old teacher, we missed you so,
When in hospital you had to go.
For you to remain there is a sin,
We're sorry about the banana skin.

There was a young caretaker named Frank,
Who kept all his beer in the school tank.
One day it was locked,
And he was so shocked,
Because without his pint he'd go blank.

When things get twisted and out of joint,
Don't get discouraged and quit the game,
Remember a corkscrew never goes straight to the point,
But it gets there just the same.

The joke you just told isn't funny one bit,
It's pointless and dull, wholly lacking in wit.
It's so old and so stale it's beginning to smell
And besides, it's the one I was going to tell.

Mary had a little bear,
To which she was so kind,
And everywhere that Mary went,
She had a bear behind.

Don't worry if your job is small,
And your rewards are few.
Remember that the mighty oak,
Was once a nut like you.

There was a young teacher of Rheims,
Who had the most frightening dreams.
She would wake in the night,
In a terrible fright,
Shaking the house with her screams.

I wish I was a little grub,
With whiskers round my tummy.
I'd climb into a honey pot
And make my tummy gummy.


The day is sunny and we are waiting for the Hockey game to begin between the Vancouver Canucks and San Jose.

It should be a treat as the Vancouver team is said to be very focused.

It is going to be a long week end here in Canada and the college kids are heading up on to Whistler to partee.

Mama and Papa will also partee at home alone for their anniversary. We are slowly becoming a single couple again.lol

Saturday, according to one priest, is supposed to be judgement day. Its just a matter of days before we see what all this is about.

Seems to me the end of the world has been predicted every generation and still the world is carrying on as if it doesn't know anything. It just continues on its' path doing what it always does, ebbs and flows, freezes and melts, rains and shines.

The rest of life has to deal with the consequences of the planets behavior.

Lately it has been naughty. Is it learning from life to live?

To make it exciting for people?

Well at least we are busy trying to clean up our lives so less time is spent on dirtying it. lol

Trying to see the bright side of it.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Precious Instinct.

I often find myself in a precarious situation with this cat.
She is very independent and likes it that way.
So many times I have attempted to capture her on film and it was like she would hex the photo because it would never come out.
She is a nice cat when you leave her alone .
I guess it is because my son found her downtown and put her in his pocket to bring home.
She was tiny but already had her wild instincts inbuilt.
We named her Precious because this was the first word that popped out of my mouth when I first saw her. So she must know she is loved and once in a while lets us know by allowing us to pet her and carry her around for a while.
She has a fur coat of pebble looking spots and she loves sitting on that fence looking over her garden. It's her world.

Never lend a geologist money. They consider a million years ago to be recent.
A volcano is a mountain with hiccups.

Biology is the only science in which multiplication means the same thing as division.

One day the zoo-keeper noticed that the orang-utan was reading two books - the Bible and Darwin's The Origin of Species. In surprise he asked the ape, "Why are you reading both those books"?
"Well," said the orang-utang, "I just wanted to know if I was my brother's keeper or my keeper's brother."

-- Neurotics build castles in the sky.
Psychotics live in them.
Psychiatrists collect the rent.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mural of Many Lives.

This Cochrane mural is comprised of so many small pictures which fit in, to create a huge wall picture when you step back.

So interesting.
If anyone want to peruse through old LIFE Magazines . Here is where they may be found:

The Canucks are still in the game, winning the first of a game series of 7, this time against San Jose, in Vancouver, BC.
The next game is on Wednesday
It was a tough battle as San Jose is not push over.
The Vancouver fans are ecstatic and hopeful for the best things to happen.
Toronto is not happy with BC as they wish it was their team winning.


It is special to be able to make it, up to the big teams.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Seed Price.

Matitiyahu (Matthew) 13:24-30 Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: 25 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. 26 But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. 27 So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares? 28 He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? 29 But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

Since man is born knowing both good and evil, anything can be expected of him.

The above Matthew 13:24-30 gives an example of how to resolve a problem in the field when good intentions of planting wheat, are
sabotaged by someone who threw in weed seeds to either kill or weaken the wheat plant and also maybe to trash the farmers' reputation of being fair just and good.

The answer was to allow both weeds and wheat to grow until harvest and then
pull the weeds out and then, to gather the wheat.

The verse is amazing because we do plant certain plants into toxic soil, to absorb the poisons, which we then collect and burn. The soil is thus left renewed, clean and able to be used again for healthy farming .

We probably could find certain plants to plant in lakes and rivers to absorb the toxins from the soil below we could not clean up after cleaning the water. We can't eat the fish because of it because they eat the plants which absorb the toxins which now lie in the ground below the water the plants root in.
However if we pulled them all out with the toxins they absorbed, eventually the fish would be edible again.

This example transcends, time history and can be applied to marriages, business, politics, schools, churches, corporations, banks etc.... It makes me wonder if it can be applied to diseases such as aids and cancer. If we can't get the aids virus for example, out of the white blood cell, maybe by adding something more into the white blood cell, we can pull out, that also attaches itself to the aids virus inside or outside the white blood cell, the aids element can be manipulated to behave in the way we want it to.
Thus it can be either destroyed or washed out, attached to the new addition.

No matter how good a foundation you build, you will find both good and evil.
Someone always tries to trash what you are trying to build, grow or have built, for personal profit or envy or just because he/she can. As society grows, without moral conscience and decides everything is, just business, it behaves more and more like the cancer and aids we are trying to find solutions to.

Someone comes along and throws weeds into your domain so your life or product, does not produce fruit.It happens every day, more than we know.

The answer, we learn in the Bible, lies in patience .
Planting other things. Other seeds to negate the weeds or evil, also need time to grow
so evil can be eliminated or found where it hides.

Patience lies in time. Many don't have the time. Many don't have either the patience nor the money to buy time. Many panic and produce chaos. Evil loves chaos.
However, chaos can be used both ways.
It can promote good as well as evil.

No one ever said it was going to be easy.
For everything we have and grow, we learn from the tree of knowledge, there is a price to be paid and sacrifices to be made.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

UN Treaties and Our Personal World.

This was not my idea of what the UN should be.I thought they were supposed to bring the world up, not down.
Are they going too far?

Take for instance Global warming. We do not know if it is due to our behavior or celestial behavior or the Earth's natural cooling or the Suns' natural cooling, and yet decisions are being made for us raising costs of living.

This price gouging attack on societies, does not stop the oil from being sold, or the rich from getting obscenely rich doing things to continue to pollute the earth.They continue to make money and live a good life no matter which country they live in
Their products still sell and the public is punished instead of the rich and companies doing the selling. Look what they are doing in the arctic?
They don't care about global warming. They care about money.
The UN should stop them but it doesn't.

The UN is there to bring nations up. It is not there to make a judgment decision, that if you are a have country, you should be put down to be on an equal level to a have not country. On the other hand, it is up to the people to speak up and if they don't, then this means they are happy with what they have or rather what they are losing and don't have.
Someone who has nothing, doesn't miss not having something and finds being intruded upon to create something for him, rather arrogant and threatening as for example the few tribal societies left in some countries, who love being who they are in the forests they live in.
They have things we don't and will never understand or appreciate, for what it is.
The Muslim countries are the same. They are used to their dust basins and oil. They don't like our life style and those who do, escape. lol

Instead of keeping money in our own pockets, we are being charged and taxed and give money to governments, who then put it into the salaries and pensions of bureaucrats or into someone's expense account.
It doesn't go to subsidize the gas prices we need to live our normal lives.It doesn;t go into health care or into education for our children. It magically disappears.

We should plant more trees and force the UN to do the job it was put together to do or leave it.
We do not need the UN to destroy the Arctic, or to keeping the masses down, feeling bad about the planet, when the leaders of countries don't seem to care at all.
This includes Russia, China and Europe.



Prices are quoted in US dollars per gallon for regular unleaded as of March 2011

Oslo, Norway $6.82

Hong Kong$6.25

Brussels, Belgium $6.16

London, UK $5.96

Rome, Italy $5.80
CANADA $5.36

Tokyo, Japan $5.25

Sao Paul o , Brazil $4.42

New Delhi, India $3.71

Sidney, Australia $3.42

Johannesburg , South Africa $3.39

Mexico City$2.22

Buenos Aires, Argentina $2.09

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia $0.09

Kuwait $0.08

Caracas, Venezuela $0.12

Gee, if only the U.S. and Canada were an oil producing nation.....

Hey, wait a minute!!! We are! What the hell happened!!

The oil companies have their reasons they say but they don't because they spend so much money on other things. If they stopped using oil money for other things and kept it in the oil business, then the prices would come down.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Power of the Shwartznegger

Now all jokes aside I feel sorry for this couple since they seem to be a couple in love.
So what's the beef? They are rich, have social status, are respected and loved by not only their friends and neighbors, but the whole world it seems.
What's so irreconcilable?
Arnold is getting old and so is Maria.

So.... now they argue????

As you get older shouldn't things become easier? Shouldn't people become mellow with age?

So let him make another movie and let her be free as well to do what she wants to do.

Time for her to wear her own pants and tell him, to stay out of them lol

There are many ways to stay in love. Many ways to have sex. Many ways to live.Many ways to have children.
Mankind seems to have a vivid imagination in how to achieve without actually achieving anything. There is how ever, only one right way and to deny that, is to deny everything.

Leeza Gibbons said something which I found to be very true.

She said, when you decide to do something,
ex: have a career or be a Mother etc...,
you decide to be excellent at what you do.

In order to excel, you have to leave the rest behind.
Otherwise you spread yourself too thin and then nothing happens.
The creme, she says, ( those who try harder), rises to the top and separates from the rest of the milk.
The rest of the milk party's while the creme is kept alone and it can become very lonely.

I could relate to this myself in parenting style.
When other parents had their kids, teen boys, had overnight sleep overs with girls. These parents allowed their kids to bum smokes off of them, marijuana etc...
These parents behaved at home ,in a way that was not complimentary to child rearing.
and then....
When society pays police to watch over the community and bring a child home to tell the parents of the wrong doing, these parents say you have no right to touch the child. Take the child back to where you got him.
One day, the child dies or kills or rapes or steals and this same kind of parent raises a stink because it's every one elses' fault.
Some blame it on poverty but I have known many fine good God fearing families who raise wonderful children.

I would also tell my kids no to all of the above things and try to teach them right from wrong.
I was trying I guess, to do what Leeza Gibbons said, be or build the creme that rises to the top, but I was and am, always the bad guy for it. lol

To me, life is about not just looking up at a beautiful sky, but to try to raise society up to that level. Since the sky is limitless in our perspective, there is a lot for us to learn. A lot of space to upgrade in.
But some get left behind because they get no support at home, no guidance.
People learn to depend on government instead of on themselves and government can't be a solution to everything. Government is impersonal.
As individuals, people are personal.

Leeza said she advises her friends that maybe it's better not to strive for perfection
and she is right. Once you let other people into your life, your life never is about you anymore and to expect it to be, just ends up in a lot of needless suffering.

Only one thing wrong with that. Once you let people into your life and they do what they want, you are still held responsible. In the end, the control that is taken out of your hands, comes back to haunt you, to control you, for doing nothing wrong.

Strange world we live in. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

In my house I used democracy. We all had a vote to decide what we should do and when.
For the most part it was fun and worked very well. In other cases someone had to say no.lol

I hope this couple resolves their problem. Maybe they should let their kids in and let them vote too on this personal family problem. In my opinion,
this couple needs to make time for each other, in between the his and her projects. lol
Charity begins at home.
There is a time to live for the world and a time to live for your personal life.


Putting down your best friend is the hardest thing anyone can do.
In the past, we worried about leaving a dog or giving it to the SPCA because it was known animals were given or sold to scientists who did experiments on them.
So in order to avoid that, you made sure the dog was put down before leaving so it would not be made to suffer.
After watching this video, I now have shivers going up my spine.

Do we now have to take the body home after euthenasia, to make sure the vet did a proper job?
This is another example, that no one can be trusted to do the right thing and for the right reasons.

We put our 7 year old shepherd down because of major hip displasia. He would have needed
many operations,at another facility who did this sort of thing, lots of money, and no guarantees that he would not be afflicted with the same problem after wards.

We did not say good bye to him as this would have been too painful and I would have broken down last minute and taken him home.But it cost us a lot to do this after the xrays and such, plus cremation costs.
Now to find out we paid for one thing and then if the Vet did another ......??????

This gives plenty to think about.
Vets get samples from companies and like doctors, they push products for these companies ,making patients sorta like guinea pigs.

This sort of makes the whole system kinda untrustworthy.It makes the pot calling the kettle black a reality .
Vets have become pushy people, making you feel bad for not doing something or not feeding the dog a special brand of expensive and yet maybe still unhealthy dog food.
They have been known to lead people on to spend more money.

This man was stunned to see his dog wake up but now, how can he put it down again, when the dogs' will and destiny, is to live?

Man to dog trainer: "Every time a bell rings, my dog goes into the corner."
Dog trainer: "That's OK, he is a Boxer."

A wife says to her husband one weekend morning, "We've got such a clever dog. He brings in the daily newspapers every morning." Her husband replies, "Well, lots of dogs can do that." The wife responded, "But we've never subscribed to any!"

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Back Yard Bliss

My yard is an overgrown forest.
I love keeping it this way as everything fits in.
The birds, flowers, trees, wild life and most of all, Beau.
Like everything else in the back yard, he is growing older and scruffier but he is the same
loving smart pup we got 8 years ago.
He likes to hide behind branches and play hide and seek with you because he never wants to come inside, thus keeping his old inherited dog traits
Coaxing him back in is not exactly my cup of tea.
He still needs a 10 year old boy to play with him but my youngest has already outgrown dogs.
Beau watches the wild life and keeps the coons and cats at bay.
He says this is my turf. No trespassers but it seems no one cares and trespass anyway. lol
Spring is a beautiful time in my back yard as things begin to grow again.
You forget winter and all the rain and concentrate on the glory of rebirth.
The smells of new fresh grasses and chirping of birds makes your heart flutter.
Nothing like nature at her best.

We finally moved on in Hockey to the next level.
This is the first time in 17 years that we got so far.
The Canucks played an aggressive game because they said they needed the rest in between series. The next series will really be a difficult one. Both Detroit and San Jose are stacked with excellent players and goalies.It's going to be a difficult haul.
Ryan Kesler really did a lot for this game and ended up the teams' MVP

Nicole Kidman was in the Nashville Audience. We saw her at two Nashville games.

With a bursting heart I wish you all a very beautiful day!


After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, British scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 200 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 150 years ago.

Not to be outdone by the Brit's, in the weeks that followed, an American archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet, and shortly after, a story was published in the New York Times:
"American archaeologists, finding traces of 250-year-old copper wire, have concluded that theirancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network 50 years earlier than the British".

One week later, Canadian Dept. of Mines and Resources in Newfoundland reported the following:

"After digging as deep as 30 feet in NE Canada, Jack Lucknow, a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely bugger all. Jack has therefore concluded that 250 years ago, Canada had already gone wireless."

Just makes one proud to be Canadian, doesn't it?


more redneck humor

A Great Day!

I made this collage to commemorate the great day we had as a family.

There was only the three of us as my first son moved too far away and began his new life.
But we had fun anyway with the Canucks, Lakers, and most of all , being a little spoiled by my two men one of which is my most favorite soccer player in the whole world.

My husband worked most of the day to create a beautiful table. As you can see, a few red blooded friends were invited
to share our table . lol
They were a delectable delight.

Red Neck Mom Letter

Dear Son,

I'm writing this slow 'cause I know you can't read fast. We don't live where we did when you left. Your dad read in the paper that most accidents happen within twenty miles of home, so we moved.

Writing Home to Mom
Won't be able to send you the address as the last Arkansas family that lived here took the numbers with 'em for their house, so they wouldn't have to change their address.

This place has a washing machine. The first day I put four shirts in it, pulled the chain and haven't seen 'em since.

Writing Home to Mom
It only rained twice this week, three days the first time and four days the second time.

The coat you wanted me to send to you, Aunt Sue said it would be a little too heavy to send in the mail with them heavy buttons, so we cut them off and put them in the pockets.

Writing Home to Mom
We got a bill from the funeral home, and it said if we didn't make the final payment on Grandma's funeral bill, up she comes.

About your sister, she had a baby this morning. I haven't found out whether if it is a boy or a girl so don't know if you are an Aunt or Uncle.

Writing Home to Mom
Your Uncle John fell in the whiskey vat. Some men tried to get him out, but he fought them off playfully, so he drowned. We cremated him, and he burned for three days.

Three of your friends went off the bridge in a pickup. One was driving and the other two were in the back. The driver got out. He rolled down the window and swam to safety. The other 2 drowned. They couldn't get the tail gate down.

Writing Home to Mom
Not much more news this time. Nothing much happened. If you don't get this letter, please let me know and I will send another one.


P.S. I was going to send you some money, but the envelope was already sealed.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


A mother's love determines how
We love ourselves and others.
There is no sky we'll ever see
Not lit by that first love.

Stripped of love, the universe
Would drive us mad with pain;
But we are born into a world
That greets our cries with joy.

How much I owe you for the kiss
That told me who I was!
The greatest gift--a love of life--
Lay laughing in your eyes.

Because of you my world still has
The soft grace of your smile;
And every wind of fortune bears
The scent of your caress.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you wonderful ladies with beautiful children.

Today I was shopping and heard this little boy sitting in the shopping cart, saying to his Mom, Don't worry Mom. I love you. He must have been 2 or 3 or maybe 4 but I could not resist telling him what a wonderful little boy he was and how lucky his Mom was to have him.
He was happy to hear he was a wonderful boy and the Mom was happy with the nice comment.
And to tell you the truth, I was also very happy to give it.:)

The Canucks lost their game today but helped Nashville win, by scoring one for them off of Edler.
Then We almost helped them put another one in with Dan Hammhuis.
I think they must have forgot which side they were playing lol
So Nashville can't say we were not helpful today lol
As usual, their goalie was hard to get through.

My personal favorite, Kesler, did a wonderful job today and got hurt when a puck hit his mouth.
He needed stitches it seems but came back to continue playing.
Samuelson was also hurt but unfortunately he did not return to the game.
My son wore his new Canuck shirt but there was no street party to go to.

George should be very happy with his Nashville team today.:)
The day went by very nicely today and tomorrow maybe we will go and celebrate a bit.
Usually we like to celebrate earlier to avoid the rush but with the game, we all stayed home.

Hope everyone is having a nice week end.
Hugs and kisses to all the Moms.

A Lady's Life.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lotsa Shakin Going On

The world has a lot of news these days.
Obama got Osama.

Prince William got married.

Paul McCartney is engaged to marry.

The rain looks like it is about to stop flooding areas.

The flowers are blooming giving many something to smile about

I thought the video above would put a smile on someones' face,
not only because this fellow is a little thin but because it doesn't stop him
from letting it all hang out anyway.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Every Day Anew

The days are flying by. So much going on in the world that it leaves little time to shave your legs lol

My soccer son came and told me he needed to Nair his legs for soccer and many athletes do today because the socks feel better. He wondered why the hair on my legs didn't grow as fast as his and I told him it was due to hormone changes but it is good to be hairy because it keeps you warm in winter. He said he noticed this and that it was true.
Long hair also keeps your back very warm in winter too. I never knew until I cut mine. lol
This week I made muffins. I hardly ever make muffins but I was in the mood and had all the ingredients so I decided to try. They turned out so good that when I woke up in the morning they were all gone.
So I made 12 more muffins the next night and woke up to no muffins.
My son woke up and made an order for another tray of muffins and I complied and made some more. Well 6 are gone already, compliments of my husband and son and by dawn I imagine they will be gone again.
Now that I am running out of paper muffin cups, they will have to wait for shopping day before I make any more. But I might decide to bake something else.

I don't blame my guys for eating them so fast because they are full of raisins walnuts and apples. I added some Fry's Cocoa, butter,baking powder,1 cup sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. You won't get muffins like this from the store, although I did go to a cinnamon cafe because their buns smelled soooo delicious but they wanted 12 dollars for 4 buns.
I found this incredibly expensive but they must be selling because there were plenty of boxes on display and more baking in the oven.
With a sigh I went to our Superstore and bought regular cinnamon buns for 4 dollars and the box had 6 lol

Other than muffins I decided to try doing fish and chips with tartar sauce.
My cooking is not very good but I was in the mood to try and to my amazement my cod fish turned out amazing dipped in flour eggs and herbs.
I made basmati rice (instead of fries), my very favorite rice so easy to cook and even eat cold with milk and a teaspoon of sugar, and I made my very first batch of tartar sauce.
I never knew it was so easy to make with mayo , one tsp of lemon juice ,chopped onion and a dash of garlic powder.
My husband who loves fish, really enjoyed his meal and ate seconds before bed time and checked the next day to make sure I made him fish burgers with the left overs for a snack.
I am very happy he is eating because he is very thin and needs to fatten up as opposed to moi, who needs to cut down. lol
So being the brat he is, he now keeps demanding more and more food to eat so I stand in the kitchen.
Well I am no fool either and tell him the next round he has to make himself. lol
Thus our days go by quickly and I can't believe its going to be Thursday in a few hours.

Todays meal was simple. I just steamed chicken legs with green beans and potatoes.
and now have to plan another meal for tomorrow and have no idea what I should make.,
Well, since I learned how to make noodles I might decide to do something again with flour and eggs.
Why not?
I might decide to make those stuffed tortillini's and freeze them to use by hubby and son when they want to experiment their cooking talents.
This summer my son got a job making pizza's and tomorrow I would like to order one that he made personally. Who'd a guessed I would have a chef for a son? lol
This will be very good experience for him this summer not only to make a few bucks for school but to learn how to make his favorite meal.
And last but not least, my 2 year old grandaughter, Annie Rose, was spotted on the Aussi news dancing at a beach Boat Festival. Will she be the next Nicole Kidman?? You never know with star qualities like this, at age 2.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!