Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year to everyone.....

I would like to wish each and everyone of you and your families and close ones a very Happy New Year, filled with Joy, Happiness, Health and take care of your families and close ones for that's what Life is all about...this time of the year reminds me, as a little girl growing up, of our close knit family, which consisted my mom, dad, Baboushka, Dedoushka, uncles, aunts and Dad and I would go shopping on St-Lawrence street in Montreal for the meal to be prepared for a once a year feast to be enjoyed by the entire aunt and her family used to drive down from NY state to celebrate the New Year with us...those were the days...these are the fond memories of a child grown up and nurtured in a loving and caring family...I have since grown up, married my sweetheart and had children of my own and we still do the same traditional stuff at New Year's...even though, sadly, my parents are no longer phyically with us, their spiritual presence and love is felt by each one of us at the New Year's table and toasts...May they rest in peace till we meet again eternally in a life beyond...
God Bless you all and Happy New Year to All.

Thursday, December 24, 2009



I guess holidays mean different things to different people.

This particular holiday for me is in celebration of our Jesus's birth.
We call it a Christmas Day.

As the Christ grew he learned many things. He tried to teach and shepherd many
into understanding what humanity is and how important it is to behave since
we have the potential to self destruct.

Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men he preached.
To all men who believe in his Father.

For he is the Father to us all.

It sounds rather funny that we fight over our prophets and religious leaders, because
they are all speaking in the name of the ONE FATHER and his message to all is to live in peace.
understand one another, love one another, accept one another.
Why do we not hear and understand?

Jesus was no different.
Did he exist?
Is he a fable? A legend??
Does it matter?

What matters is that to this day
we criticize one another as if we did not all have and know

We demonstrate this when we destroy what is good and replace it with
what hurts innocent people, families and children.

When we take pride in sin and the wicked, saying everything is ok,
we deny them hearing what is good, gentle and kind.
This is what Jesus stood for and loved.
Because of his ideas, people come of their own free will, to love him.

We can't help any one if they do not understand why we are protecting them,
for we took out the most important person in whose
name we are doing all these things for.......
the Father,the Son, and the Holy Spirit. For this is who Jesus stood for.
This is who he was.

On this day we try to share in the good by greeting each other with joy and
gift exchanging as the wise men who followed a star, did,
casting away the bad and the ugly from the spirit of mankind,
which was, even then, hunting and killing, new born babes.

So on this Note I wish every one a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!
May there be enough turkey and cranberries and love feasting at your table .
May every day be filled with the spirit of Christmas as you walk through
your paths in life.

If only every day were Christmas. What a glorious world this would be.
God Bless you all!!!
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Tatty

And as far as Tats go, this tat is the big Meow!

He reminds me of Garfield a little and I am sure he will delight in all the Christmas goodies hanging on the tree.

What lurks behind those sad, bored eyes?

Is he sitting under Cat nip mistleto?

Is he watching a little mouse scampering around a piece of cheese?

Or maybe he's Santa's helper making sure every one is asleep when Santa unloads his presents under the tree.
He might be an elf making sure no one steels the presents

Maybe he is a present to some wonderful boy or girl?

Or maybe he is watching the train go round and round the train track getting him sleepier and sleepier?

It could be he is sitting indulging in the aroma of pine needles, cinnamon buns and scented candles Or smelling the sweet apple bark crackling in a warm fireplace.

A shot of cherry brandy might be making him feel warm and fuzzy.

Or maybe he doesn't believe in Christmas.

My adult children do because they love Santa. He only comes to those who believe in the love, magic and spirit of Christmas.
And Christmas is about love and the joy of birth and giving.

Whatever is behind those eyes, I am sure it's about the wonders of Christmas and how nice it is making him feel just now.


He is exactly like Garfield.
Bored lazy and happy.


garfield christmas

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Being Tupac Educated.

Last night my son and I had quality time together.
We passed the football and I found I still had it. lol
During this time we again got onto the subject of rap.
My son admires Tupac.
He got me a link and we sat down and listened to his interview with a reporter when he was 17 years old.

I was impressed. I told my son, Tupac's views were no different than my own.
Then my son showed me a written version of the young man's rap.
It was clean, no swearing, no abuse of women.
He basically just really tried to get kids to do the right thing.

It became confusing.

I told my son something is missing. There must be more to this story. He must be involved in either drugs,guns or gangs. My son said no but then, I found out the boy's Mom was a Black Panther.
Then it all clicked together.
Going back in time, this was a time when the USA was involved in a Cold War with the USSR and Cuba.
Talking to a communist, let alone being one, was enough to put you in jail.
The US had serious problems.
The Black Panthers was a serious group to contend with, fighting for black rights and communism.
Malcolm X was a communist revolutionary.
His Mom was raped by a white man and he hated white people so he changed his last name by putting an X behind Malcolm.
Malcolm X and the Black Panthers were involved with each other.
Malcolm X was working towards breaking up the US into two countries, black and white.

Anyway. Tupac said his Mom could not get a good job because of her Black Panther background. It haunted her wherever she went, so they had to live in poor rough areas and he didn't like it.
It seems his Mom groomed him very well because he was a well spoken young man.

In California he reformed the Black Panther's. I think this was where he went wrong.
No one wants the rehashing of this period in time.You need to work inside the system, like Obama, not outside. The Lenin ideology did not work.

I told my son, first it takes half your life to study and learn before you find a voice to have an opinion worth airing.
Second, you can be an entertainer or politician or a revolutionary.
Third -The first two ....ahhh .....people may or may not like uniting but a revolutionary a whole new ball game.
Revolutionaries usually stay clear of the public.
They are more like Bin Laden, hidden, hated and hunted.
My son admitted to Tupoc being a revolutionary. I asked him how having views people all agree on, made him a revolutionary?
Well now we get back into the Black Panthers.
My son said this group was not a big part of his life, he was a kid.
I told him that may be so, but his Mother was and no one knows how deep he was involved.
Obviously enough to step on a few toes.
My son said his death was a random drive by shooting but I have to question this.

We left the conversation with me saying it was too bad Tupac ended up the way he did.
He could have made his money and done something good with it, not just for black people but white people as well and why not even for the world?
He had what it took had he not got involved in something which had nothing to do with him or his life.
The Black Panthers was his Mother's time and since then, a lot of things have changed.
People are tired of fighting. Every one wants peace.

You learn from the past.

You don't repeat it.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

When I was a little girl, around two years old, I still remember the quality time I spent with my grandfather.He would always be at work but when he was home, he would sit at the kitchen table, with a pencil and paper figuring some math thingy.
He had the nicest hand writing and I would love to watch him scroll.

I would sit at the other end of the table in my high chair.

My Grand dad never got angry. In all the years I have known him, he never so much as raised his voice.

I still picture him sitting at the end of the table smoking his cigarette and looking at me with a twinkle in his eye.

Then he’d say KOONYA ( I still don’t know what that means) to draw my attention. Then he’d take his fore finger and point it first to his head and then to the table to show me I was as empty headed as a piece of wood. Then he would stick out his tongue and bite it and I'd giggle away and he would watch me with great satisfaction.

I was empty headed because I thought he was cool and looked forward to him sitting down at the table every day, just to beat him to the punch and call him, Deda,…..then I would do the same, point to my head and then almost break my little finger poking the table and stick my tongue out at him.

He would sit and laugh with this twinkling that I loved so much and I would too.

My Grand mother and Mother would be upset with me but they blamed him for teaching me to be rude, saying, she only does this to

But he and I had a relationship and I knew I was very special to him.

When I got older, around five or six, I went to my grand mother and I asked her if my granddad was a Saint.

She raised her eye brows and began to laugh . A Saint??? Oh no my dearest. He is not a Saint .

She walked away laughing and made sure to tell the whole family what I thought of her husband.

But my Grand dad was a Saint.
Who but a Saint would walk on the streets when bombs fell like hail while every one hid in bunkers? They thought he was crazy but he knew he was safe.

He had a Saints twinkle in his eye. He would always take me to the corner store to buy cigarettes for him and a bag of 5 cent candy for me. He always worked, never yelled, never took part in arguments. Didn't like to be a part of social spectacles. People would party and he would sit and nap.
He never boasted or drank.
He was always working or tinkering with some tool or machine always thinking about how he could invent something or make something work better.

He was a simple man putting on no airs and he loved me.
We did not need to talk to understand each other and I'd love sitting beside him.

He was my Saint and now that I think about it, maybe I was his Angel.
I was the one he liked to look at to inspire him.
At least I'd like to think so but I am sure he loved all his grand children.

A few days before my 13th birthday, he died.
That night, he visited every home to say good bye.

I woke up at night (it seemed around 11:30) and looked up, to find his kind face looking down at me with the same twinkle and smile

I said good night Grand Dad feeling safe and warm knowing he was watching over me, turned on my side and went back to sleep

The next morning my Mom said she was washing dishes and when she turned around he was sitting at the table like he usually did and asked her for a cup of coffee. She said sure Dad and then it dawned on her that he died. She turned around but he was gone.

It is funny we both had a story to tell the next morning.

We both saw him clear as day.

Christmas is a day of miracles . It is a day of birth and celebration. It is a day of Angels and Saints.

The true gifts lie in the simple, innocent and true relationships we have with our family and friends .My grandfather gave me many gifts without giving me anything.
He was my Saint.

The token gifts are for appreciating having this time to be born to celebrate the true nature of the holiday, a new born babe in swaddling clothes,
who looks into your soul with twinkling eyes, innocence, love, and pure joy.

There is nothing like it in the whole world.

My Grand father had a twinkle in his eye.
The Wise men saw the eye of God twinkle that night of nights, showing them the way to the child who would shepherd us and show us all the way.

Some of us still lose the way but all we have to do is look up into the sky and he will still be there, filling our lungs with the essence of nothing short of splendor.

Lungs full of air ,swell up the heart and feed us with energy, hope, the will to succeed . This in turn, helps us seek and find the path to follow to reach our goals
All from a twinkling twinkling little star.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Caroling

Walking for the first time in down town Vancouver, happened to be around the Christmas period for me.
What made it special, was seeing Christmas carolers, dressed in costumes of days of old .
They were just like my Christmas cards I had tucked away for safe keeping, treasured memories of days gone by,
when people used to go to ice rinks and live in small towns with small churches and horse drawn carriages.
Looking at these cards allowed me to dream about how pleasant, kind and nice life could be.

It reminded me of days in Montreal on St Catherine Street when all three of our biggest stores,
Simpsons, Eatons and The Hudsons Bay Co.behaved like a big family,
filling their windows full of wonderful winter scenes, elves, trains, Christmas trees and boxes and boxes of presents.
Those windows were always packed with people, who just couldn’t get enough of these displays.
I was one of them.

In Vancouver, suddenly, snow flakes began falling on quiet empty streets because families
were all at home enjoying a few days of long awaited rest.
I was a visitor, far away from home, looking for the hotel with the “big green roof” to have my Christmas meal

It was a lonely time of year for me that year but inside the hotel, the buffet was great and the people seemed to be quietly enjoying it.
During the week of my visit, I frequented many an establishment and saw people singing carols in many different ways.
They turned them into rock and roll and today into rap.

It seems that every generation has a love and a use for them.

Our heritage traditions are unique and they are what makes this country a special place to live.
Christmas is just as important as the Thanksgiving Turkey on our table.

Granted, some people just don’t care about holidays or celebrations of any kind.. They sit like Uncle Scrooges and Grinches complaining,
feeling they are doing this country a favor by getting rid of the past, which reminds people of colonialism, emperialism and the world wars.

They seem to think that by getting rid of all the memories, people will heal and have nothing more to gripe about.
There has never been a day in history where people didn’t complain and there never will be.
Some just live to complain.
Historians believe we cannot run away from our past.

We can learn from it, celebrate it, understand it, share it,
try not to repeat it but it is never healthy to keep it hidden in a closet
like it never happened, because it did.

Some people may not like Carolers or Christmas or the Bible but like it or not, this country was built on these institutions
and they are things all Canadians have, to be proud of.

These are things I will tell my grand children about and they will tell theirs and one day
maybe they will become just stories to remember written in some musty history book.

One day some one will pick up a book of Legends and read it and say Hey! Now there’s an idea.

Lets do a Carolers Day or a Christmas Day because it brought peace and joy and comfort to a lot of families and while
we’re at it maybe the idea of FAMILY should be revived as well and Thanks giving.

Now why do you think they got rid of all these things? They’d ask.

Because……………. Good things …………….never die.

Brenda Lee Rockin Around the Christmas Tree.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Birds Fly South

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Bird migration is something quite remarkable.
These little homeless birdies weave nests out of
whatever scraps they may find, lay eggs, raise families,
and then fly south for winter.
Every spring they come back.

I have to ask myself why do they come back?
It is so much warmer in the south.
Is it maybe too warm and they don't like it?
Or maybe our food up north tastes better? lol
They get no checks in the mail and certainly have no one to answer to.

What ever the reason for their coming back, what is
remarkable, is that they are strong and healthy
and they do this flight every year.

What is even more interesting is that birds are homeless.

They are like some tribes that believe soil belongs to no one.
It was there before man and will still be there after mankind dies.

We have many homeless people today and every year the numbers are getting bigger.
Society looks down upon these people as if they did something wrong or are not
of the same caliber as the rest who have homes to go to.
Rest assured,society is wrong.
Homelessness can happen to any one, even the richest of people.

It is for this reason that I feel society has to help the homeless.
If you do not want to open your home to a stranger, then at least let him live amongst you in peace.
As long as he is drug and alcohol free, there should be no problem.

As for homeless people, there is no reason why they should suffer in winter.
The government supplies them monthly checks and this money can be used to go south to much cheaper places to live for the winter months.
In fact I am surprised our governments haven't come up with this idea.
310 dollars a month could go a long way in another country.

People suffer because there is no one to do the right thing.
No one to organize to make it easier to survive but it doesn't mean it can't be done.

Whenever I see some one thumbing a ride south, that is exactly what I think he/she is doing.
Just like the birds, they are migrating south for the winter.
What I dislike about our MLA's ,
is that we pay them to think and all the do is whine.

Whining is the the public's domain. Finding answers, solutions, is what we pay government to do.

Johnny Denver – Today While the Blossoms still Cling to the Vine

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas. The Essence of Mankind.

As the snowy, cold, festive season approaches, many sit depressed,
to see life isn't cracked up to what they thought it would be.

The ho hum life of getting up in the morning,
getting ready for school or a job they hate.
Maybe housecleaning is not a forte they enjoy
but the dishes are piled up from the night before.
What is one to do?

I can't help but go back to when people had nothing after the war.
People like my grand mother and even my parents whose youth and even life,
was lost, in running from fear, sitting in labor camps and receiving beatings in front of sharp toothed German Shepherds.

That to me, would be very depressing.
I would be angry to have some one rip my life away like this
Not these people.
They were survivors.

They saw the humor in things going wrong. They understood the world's insanity.
It looked pretty threatening and cold and yet it was wonderful
and people valued each other's warmth and
shared in what little there was to share.

What more could go wrong? They'd ask.
And sure enough something more always did and they
would find the humor in it and go on living,
working harder, to make it better.

One had to respect that.
I watched my grandparents and parents who took nothing for granted.
They blessed their food every day.
They took great pride in the shelter they owned working,
dollar down dollar a week. No job was too demeaning. They were free people.
Recycling was not something governments had to be involved in
Everyone knew to do that.
Every bolt, every screw could be reused somewhere else.

They worked and they grew their gardens and they pickled winter preserves, made their own jams, their own moon shine, their own juices, their own clothes and they had so much fun competing as to who made what the best, over a table eating cabbage soup with potatoes tomatoes, beets and meat the butcher cut from the cow or pig they brought to slaughter, animals they raised, on food they wanted to grow them on.

Simple fun in taking pride in what you do,
Becoming the best that you can be, at doing the things you know how to do.
Every one took part in helping every one, continuing to learn, and sharing in the bounty.

What happened to those people?
Where are they today?
No wonder life is boring.

There is no more craziness, no more life or living.

People are bored and heart broken and keep asking is this all there is?
They need to be entertained 24 hours a day.
Even actors can't keep up with the demand.

Today when we want something, we run to stores or whine and blame our parents and our government for things we don't have. We make them responsible for our lives, blame them for our shortcomings and failures, instead of taking pride in the life God made us a gift of.

Life is something to be treasured and celebrated.
It is a gift of breath and sight and wonder.
Every day is a new day to be experienced, in a new way and I have to say at this moment, that if you do not experience and learn something new every day, it is your own fault.

The world has so much to offer man, that there is no time for boredom or depression.
There is no time to sit idle believing solutions lie in drugs and alcohol.
No time to run away. Where are you running to anyway? What's out there that you can't find here? It's just another piece of soil.
One needs to stay awake to appreciate what there is out there and clouding ones eyes just makes it harder to see or fools gold.

We say wars are insane and the people who make them are insane but if we still keep searching for a way out, in a land of plenty..........
Is that not insanity too?

When will mankind ever be happy?
Mankind is never happy unless it suffers.
Only when a man suffers, does he see the light and the joy and meaning of life.

Every day we wake up is a blessing. Insanity is a blessing.
It gives us an outlet to laugh........and this is also a blessing.
When you laugh it's because you see the humor, the irony of life.
In humor, you also see the light to guide you.
Instead of a whiner, man takes pride in becoming a survivor.

Celebrating Christmas is a time of joy.
In spite of all the hardships Mary and Joseph encountered, they found hope in a good person who showed them where their baby could be born and they found joy in receiving a healthy baby boy in spite of all the odds against them and people, who came to share in their joy following a brightly lit star that guided them.
Christmas is a miracle story about simple people suffering and surviving
It is a story about the essence and greatness of mankind.

Life has no time for depression.
Every day is something to be celebrated because
every day is waking up to the pangs of new birth.

Blue Spanish Eyes - Elvis Presley

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do I Make You Crazy?

MAYBE I’M CRAZY ........... about you.

We had a street full of fun neighbors. It was like a big family

Every one visited each other in their pyjamas.

If your light was on at 2 a m and they couldn’t sleep, we’d hear a knock on the door or

in the morning for break fast, some one would always pop in to share a coffee by the pool

Sometimes you’d wake up and look outside to see your neighbor cleaning your pool giving you hell for not cleaning it on time lol

6 am??????

It was great. This was about the same time when I was at my brattiest, monkeying around, doing things others would die of shame.

Like the time I brought a chair and sat in the middle of the street in front of my friend's house with some kids.

We clowned around, hooted and hollered with balloons, bells and whistles and party hats, dressed as clowns,

doing the splits and hoola hoop, singing Happy Birthday etc…. when we saw her husband come home from work.

It was a birthday he will never forget.

We did it for half an hour before we left, totally embarrassing him.

Then the time at school when the principal was giving a speech and saying something like, well you know,,, it’s like,

You will never kiss the person next to you. It’s just socially not done.

I stood up and said never say never.

Nothing wrong with that and chomped a biggy on my friend’s cheek.

She blushed from ear to ear holding her purse tight and all the parents burst out laughing.

We sure dumfounded the principal. He didn’t know what to say then.

I blew his speech right out the window, brazen woman that I was.


I asked other people around “Who else wants one?” and they all laughed and clapped their hands.

Inside I kept hoping he was right and that I wouldn’t get in too deep with this one. Loll

Kissing my friend was easy. Loll Watching her blush was even more fun than watching the Principal swearing under his breath lol

But it sure was a needed gafaw to make people laugh, with all of life’s pressures.

Lots has changed since then but not life’s pressures.
We just keep carrying them around on our backs and they keep getting heavier.

We had this tiny man walking this huge BULL MASTIFF by our house every day.

The dog was a horse and wore a Captain’s hat.

I have never seen one like it since. The leg of this dog, above the ankle, must have been at least 4 inches across.

The head was the size of a small horse except it was round and wide.

I thought if he ever chomped on someone, it definitely would be the end.

I said to the guy:" Gosh, you can ride him. What happens if he sees a cat or something?"

He said not this dog. He is perfectly trained.

Too bad he didn’t have a bag to collect what the dog was not trained for lol.

We had a great street where nothing was impossible to see or to do

Halloween was a lot of fun. I dressed up like a humped witch and we acted out the Hansel and Gretel story one year, on the front lawn,

making kids afraid to be cooked and made into pudding.

We had a cauldron full and I told them this is what they will become if they stepped into my house for candy. Loll

Another time I dressed up as an angry witch with a Disney land shot gun scaring not only the kids but the parents as well.Being yelled at by a person in a mask can be scary not to mention hard to repeat all night.

When some one would come up my walk I’d run out screaming, asking why they came here, to steal my candy? and then forgiving them and giving them their treats.

They had to be brave and dig for it in my pocket while snakes came out from behind my collar.

Every one told every one they met, to go to this house. Loll

My oldest walked in front of the house very slowly like the grim reaper for effect.

Going crazy sometimes is a lot of fun especially if you have a good group to go crazy with. Loll

You make lots of good memories not only for yourself but for all the people living around you

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


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18 + Joke

A young man was planning to get married and asked his
doctor how he could tell if his bride is a virgin
The doctor said, 'Well, you need three things. A
can of red paint, a can of blue paint and a shovel..'
The man was astonished and asked, 'So what do I do
with these?'The doctor replied, 'Before the wedding
night, you paint your one ball red and the other ball
blue. If she says, 'That's the strangest pair of balls
I ever saw', you hit her over the head with the shovel.'
This is naughty but I had to laugh. I asked my husband how would this work if a woman did this to a man to find out if he was a virgin?
Would he say I never had a woman as kinky as you? lol

Honey Honey Abba


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My Husband loves his oxtail soup and his vine leaves.God forbid anyone touches his pots. He hugs them and keeps them close.No one else gets a chance to eat his favorite meals. Its funny. (He's joking of course).

So I made up this song for him to the

Honey in the morning Honey in the evening Honey at supper time.

You’re my little honey and I love you all the time. tune.

Remember that song.?

Well I sing:

Soupa in the morning soupa in the evening Soupa at supper time

I just love my soup and I hug the pot all the time

I put my arms around it and smell it till I die

I will eat this soup forever till the end of time

Soupa in the morning soupa in the evening soupa at supper time

I will eat this soup forever cause the smell is very fine.


My hubby liked this song and we sang it together this morning loll

That’s our personal special song.:)

Monday, December 7, 2009


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One day u will ask me:
What is more important to u,
me or ur life?

I will say:
my life..!

You will walk away from me
without knowing that


Mario Lanza You are my love
You're the sun in my sky

Slipper Squares.


These little buggers were sooo much fun to make.
I almost felt bad when I ran out of squares.

I began making random squares for a blanket.
I saw Michaels asking people to throw some into their outdoor box to make blankets for the poor, but mine were not 8x8.
Seeing I didn't have enough for a blanket I decided I would try something else and ended up with these.

All you do is sew up the squares and then if you want to make them soft warm souls just crochet another small patch to sew on the bottom.

I have a lot of them and even added a few for grown ups
Very handy to give as gifts and to keep for visitors when they visit.
Also when you visit some one just pop them into your purse.

I noticed the nice ballerina type purse slippers I always used to buy for a few bucks in the store to put into your purse to wear in other peoples homes sell for 32 dollars today.
Oh well mine are much better, much cheaper, softer and warmer.
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King Tut Mask 2009


I wish I could take credit for this one but I can't.
It was a school project my son had to do recently.
He and his friend had to make a King Tut Mask.

My son used different colored play dough and he liked the result.
What happened was that as it dried, it began to crack..

So....... Help Mom! lol

I told him first off to use a brush and cover it with glue to prevent it from completely falling apart.

Then I figured the next step would be to use toilet paper which splits into very thin sheets.
When you put glue on the piece you work on, you can smooth the paper onto the surface, with the glue,
with a wet brush.

So he did that and it gave it a lovely textured look but it no longer had the different
colored play dough which he liked.

So then I found my old gold spray paint can( praying OH God I hope I don't have to buy a new one cause the spray thingy is clogged. I hate school projects cause you spend so much money on art supplies just to throw it away later)
I used it to recycle a old piece of furniture. Thankfully it worked but just a little, enough for him to spray his masterpiece.

Then came the art work and he had to paint on all the lines the eyes.
Then we had to figure out how to present it.
The dollar store had great framed canvasses. I thought hmmm.
If you inverse it, it makes a fine frame.
So we got black poster board the framed canvass and it was off to finish the project.

It is so hard to get teenagers to spend time with you, so I had great time helping my son to figure things out without actually doing anything lol
He appreciated it, cause to leave it the way it was, just with the play dough, was not going to

He glued the poster board into the back of the framed canvass and then the King Tut Mask onto that.
It dried over night and Voila..... an A grade on something he himself was surprised to have achieved and something he was very proud of himself.

This piece is sure to be something I want framed and put in his room.
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Canvass Coloring


This was a fun project to do and very easy for kids and parents to spend a quality evening together coloring.

I got a painters canvass for the floor from Home Depot.
I cut it into the length I wanted and drew pictures on it.

This canvass is easy to color with felts and /or you can use acrylic paint.

You can sew up the sides or do whatever finishing you may want and use it for carpet covers for Christmas or as a Table cloth or a couch cover. Actually it could go anywhere depending on what you draw on it.You can even turn it into a curtain.

If you varnish it, it will be easy to wipe off any spill from it or it can be put under a clear plastic table cover or glass.

What is good about it though, is the fun a family could have being creative and since it is reusable you can put the dates and names and anything else you may want to remember the year it was made.

I had fun making this one.
I could still put more stuff on it but I didn't know what else to do. lol

I didn't want to over crowd it and risk destroying what was turning out so nice.
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This is one project that I have been working on.
It was to be a present for my Son.

I love to do things for my Family .
I like to leave things for them to remember me by,
having things from my own Gramma I treasure to this day.
I picture her doing them and I know my kids will do the same.

As it happens, this throw will be even more memorable.
I finished it the day His High School won the Provincials
I will write more about this on another post.

Hope you enjoy the throw The pattern is so easy and enjoyable to do.
I made 45 blocks, one color at a time. 45 yellows, 45 reds, etc..
I used 40 for the throw and then two blocks(for front and back) for each pillow I made two pillows.
It worked out fine. I have one block left for good luck which will probably throw me into beginning another throw with. lol


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