Friday, February 28, 2014

Bella Mia

This is Bella .
She is a new addition to our family.
She is a Sichon just like my Tanya is except her
 parents had longer legs . I think they were more 
 Bichon than  Shitzu.

Black is difficult to take pictures of but rest assured, she is gorgeous
just like her Daddy, with no overbite.
If you look at her from the side her profile resembles a lions'.

She came from ol Prince George, the land of snow, ski doos, skiing
deer, moose, and mountain goats.

Tanya found this trip very exhausting. She just
about had it  feet away from our house before having a total melt down.
I never saw a dog break down like that crying and howling.
 I must get out of this car!!!! Get me outa here!!!
I hate snow!!! Take me home!!!
She was also not used to playing second fiddle to a pup.

I must admit we all felt the same way as snow and long slow winding  mountain driving, with cliffs on both sides, do not mix. I don't call this kind of road a highway. We do not realize we are so spoiled until we see what the pioneers had to go through. Even worse than that.

 Is it no wonder they shut the highways down after a snow fall. They told us it was lucky we left when we did cause they were snowed in and blocked off from the rest of the world for 3 days.
We also didn't dare stop except at night, thinking we better get out of here before it's too late.
So again, no time for pics.

Bella's drive was serene. She slept and ate and slept and played in the snow.
She loves  snow and looks so pretty with the white fluff in her fur.Typical baby.

Tanya was soo happy to walk into her own house with her own stuff and freedom.
 It is verbotin to touch any of her toys,especially her balls. lol
But it is ok to steal Bellas' and God help Bella if she objects.
Even Beau doesn't cross that line.

I can see by Bellas' behavior she will not be intimidated for very long as she grows
so Tanya will find her match. lol
To watch my three dogs behave is so funny.

Bella, when she walked into our home looked confused.
Hunh? Where's Mom? Where's Dad? Where are the kids?
Hey!  What is this?
 Time flies.
She was 9 weeks when we got her and she is now 11.
After a week of love and caressing and nurturing, she feels right at home.
In fact she gained her bearings and filled her tummy, so there is nothing left to do but play
and look for trouble.
 Her little sharp teeth find my fingers in spite of all the chewies she has

As soon as Tanya walked in, Beau who was not her very favorite, was her best friend.
They were so glad to see each other and kissed for the longest time.
Then there came the issue of Bella.
Bella and Beau are the same words for beautiful or handsome.

Beau examined her and thought oh no, not another one.
My son brought his girl friends little pup Bear here and he bothers Beau to no end.
Beau ignores him or leaves the room. Bella is less aggressive and more polite.
At least she is for now.
If she gets too close, he kicks her gently with his hind paw, to say go away.
Old dogs find young ones annoying lol

The other day Bella got into one of her play moods She jumped and growled and played
till I finally told her Bella No. But she wouldn't stop so I picked her up cuddled her and put my lips behind her ear and growled. She did not expect that and yelped like a pup who thought she was going to die.
I did not expect that reaction and began to laugh and asked her: Did I scare you Bella??
Poor Bella.
She licked me with that:
That was a close one, kinda look.

The other dogs heard her yelp and immediately ran into the room to see what was up.
Especially Beau who lets the women chat but when push comes to shove, has the last word. lol
He knew the young chick was in trouble.
After seeing it was nothing, he nonchalantly turned around and went back to the front door to lie down to get some cool outside draft.

People think dogs are animals with no soul but animals are individuals just like people, with feelings
and characters.
It will be interesting to see how they begin to get along or not get along, where Tanya is concerned.
There is bound to be a show down between these two if Tanya doesn't change her behavior.
It doesn't look like Bella will submit to her.
Right now everything is a toy to Bella. Even the hair brushes.
I don't know how she will let anyone brush her if she sees a brush as a play thing. lol

Today Tanya watched Bella play with her ball and did nothing but once SHE begins to play, then watch out. No more Mr Nice Guy. Hopefully Tanya will begin to understand that you can't fight youth. She will remember what she was like as a pup, all full of energy.

Well life goes on.
New Year, New Life .
It was a wonderful Valentines Day getting this new puppy.
 My son is enjoying her .
She loves playing with him and pups are for the young. lol
But for us old guys she is a joy to watch, just like a new born babe.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This is so interesting . I would never think to test a bttery this way.
I have to try it.
It is especially good when buying new batteries which may or may not be
truly energized.
Beautiful white sunny day today. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

End of Sochi 2014

We watched the end of Sochi. It was a wonderful
Putin looked sombre as Sochi was marked by so many bad
 political events like the uprising in Ukraine and
reporters causing trouble by showing the Pussy Punk group
being harassed and beaten by police.

Why is it that people always try to destroy something nice,
 especially reporters.
It's like words like  manners and politeness, don't exist
any more than they understand morals ethics and values.
If rebels have issues with political views, they should fight
them on the political front.
Ukraine has always been known as Russias' bread basket.
Russia needs their farmers.
It will be hard for Ukraine to get
away from Russia and why does it want to?

Ukraine was divided into north and south.
North was considered Russified and
 the south was more on the Polish front.
If Ukraine separates, the people can again decide
to separate from Ukraine and go to Poland.
It's just trouble and all for nothing.

You know, going to school we had Ukrainian students and if you asked
 them about the situation out there, they would shake with hatred against Russia.
I always wondered why parents put so much hate into
 their children, when they should be teaching love for the
country they live in, that feeds them, clothes them, educates them,....

Punks trying to steal free publicity and  attention should not be given it
at an event where all the attention should be payed to the athletes
who worked hard to get there and more deserving. This is there show.
Maybe athletes should get into the punk scene when they are performing
so no one watches their performance

The same with the gay issue. America doesn't accept words like
"respect" and "freedom" and allows for everything while denying things
 people are comfortable with that is seen as good.
 Does this mean what America thinks is right
 for America, is right for other countries where the people support other values?

When I sit and watch the Ellen commercial for Covergirl it always makes me laugh.
Does the woman not know what she is? She is a man. She absolutely refuses to
 wear womens' clothing.
She should be doing mens' under wear commercials, not womans' make up.
It's just like a man doing bra commercials.
I wonder if Kramer would do some for Warners. lol
America is known for "crazy" but other countries don't like it and should be
shown some respect.

I love America but sometimes I think she goes too far.
I am so glad the Guy doing the speech on the Olympics was gracious and kind
to Russia and so was the public sitting in the bleachers.

Apart from that, my tree outside is beautiful. We had powder snow falling
for two days now. I think we brought it from up north. lol


 Rick Watson has left a new comment on your post "End of Sochi 2014":

I live in Alabama and it is ground zero for crazy. I would like to think the world takes our good points and dismisses the crazy stuff.

Thanks Rick

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Beaver Beats the Eagle At Sochi

The Beaver Beat the Eagle today at the Sochi Olympics.

Go Canada Go!!!!

Pretty cold outside here in BC. We drove through the mountains
and got stuck there after the snow began to fall.
All the roads were shut down and when they were open
the drive through was treacherous and beautiful.
Truly God's Country, for the strong and free.

It took us a long time to get through them doing 90 degree
turns on a highway with just 2 lanes.

We did see mountain goats, a moose, and a deer.
It's truck country up in them hills.
One hit a moose at our hotel and it dented the left hand front
end pretty good. Had it been a small car, the people would have died.
The moose would have gone through the front window.
It is cow and horse country . Rodeos and the old west
is still in full swing and there for many to enjoy.
Along the road sides are little stores with Indian names
selling mineral stones and even gold.
I thought I'd have a chance to taste some venison but no one sold it
unless you went to some farm and bought a lot of it to bring home.

Went by some pretty awesome mountain water in Lillouette
It was under BC Hydro Management.
 They keep the best for themselves lol
Soo blue and clean and gated ! Very private.
You don't see water like this anymore.
 The local people are so friendly and
especially the hotels are pet friendly.
It's so nice to see.
The heaters in the rooms were all in perfect working
condition and they kept the rooms HOT!

I have to say I had a great time in spite of the driving stress
the road conditions provided. I finally got a doze of
Quebec weather. Fresh cool air, perfect white snow along
with a nice hot shot of brandy.
That's the life!

Well let's see how our Canucks manage out in Sochi.
So far so good.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Old IS New , New IS Old.

I began this painting (as I have many ) in the year
I know cause I made sure to write the date on the painting.

Then it just stood there waiting for the finishing touches.
Finally I got tired of all the knitting and decided to pull
out the paints again.
Once that is done I can say it is ready to hang on the wall.
It is a big painting on a ply wood board. 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 feet.
Once you begin to wait for the paint to dry to continue, it
gets forgotten, cause you begin other paintings. They reach the same
point where they need to dry to continue and then they get forgotten,
 as you always get side tracked.
Behind it is another one the same size, I will have to finish.
I love painting winter scenes as they give me such a sense of freedom.
Living in BC always leaves you with that strange feeling
of mysticism. So much inner luxury in beauty enjoyed by so few
because to enjoy it could be deadly.
Banks Island alone is like 70k miles and full of animals including grizzlies
and musk ox. Once you head up north, running out of gas or getting lost is NOT
an option. Leaves you dizzy just thinking about it.

Being pulled like this by deer, looks like so much fun and I wish I was young
to be able to try. That's my knid of skiing. lol

As it is, I am still waiting for that moonlight ride
in fresh powder snow, pulled by a Troika. lol
Dr. Zhivago is still deeply embedded in my mind.
What a story that was.

Now the actors are old and the roles they play today do not suit them.
But I guess you take what they give you. It's a job.

The new Nikita hardly compares to the old one.
She just doesn't cut the story line.

Well, since it is still not finished, I decided not to wait and put it up on line.
It doesnt have much left to do Just deer touch ups and a few things done to the scarf and mittens.

It is big so one has to put it up to do the bottom and then wait till it dries to do the top
or risk the animals rubbing against the wet paint and leaving hairs. lol
In this case it wouldnt be a bad thing cause it fits the ambiance of the thing. lol

On the home front I got my hearts and stuck them on my wreaths on the front door
So I am ready for Valentines.
My oldest is a Valentines baby. He sure is a big baby now. lol

They also had the St Patties things out so I made sure to get a few hats and beer glasses
and the clovers ,which will go on the wreaths so they stay up till March 17th at least.
The wreaths are getting dry and the needles  fall when you touch them, but I am determined to keep them up since I took the trouble of making them.

Well have yourselves a wonderful day!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Tara Taree

Rain rain..finally we get some Was starting to miss it.

Made pizza pops and pizza and other stuffed things great for snacking on

This morning tried out making more yeast dough since the yeast seems to be
good for a change
Usually they make you spend a ton of money and you bring home dead yeast.
This time it worked and for once it was fun cooking and chopping.

Hubby got his liver fried with onions and garlic.
 I made really chippy fries and falafel as I sat asking myself....
self?....what is there more that I can do?
I got a new potato peeler and I love how it works
especially on carrots.
 All I have to do is keep peeling till the carrot disappears into a great salad.

Any way there will be stuff to freeze for snacking for the big boys.
You know what to do with left over stew??
Stuff it into dough and the kids love it.

Being busy helps a lot to not get bored. It's like multi tasking
Watching the Olympics,chopping, painting, and knitting
all in between stuff, while dough is rising.

 I just love yeast dough when it works.
The stove keeps the house warm from the drafts.

When we were young my husband would come home and make himself a batch of dough
and he sat waiting for bread to come out of the oven while studying.
In those days we always had good yeast though. It bubbled like crazy.
I guess he found making bread was a good reason to stay awake at night.

Today we are like Maxine
 We stay up all night and then get mad at the alarm clock in the morning
but like she says we can't break it cause it's in the phone. lol

Hope you are all having a nice New Year so far.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Frosty Outside

Have been busy cooking and painting and knitting.
Hope to put something new on the blog soon.