Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just Enchantment.

This is another one of my very favorite postcards.
I was always enchanted by the lily of the valley
 with their little bells and
impressed with nature in creating such delicate
yet firm little guys that had such a hypnotic aroma.
They would spread through our rock garden filling up all the cracks.
I always had a bottle of lily of the valley perfume.
Can't seem to find it today though.

Our yard was full of lilac trees of the french variety. They were the most fragrant
and every spring, when you opened the window, the scent would be
blown into the house by a gentle warm breeze.
Just one whiff would stop you in your tracks with enlightenment.
We had white and purple trees and people would walk by and could not resist
grabbing themselves a few sprigs to take home.
As a result, we always had more and more flowers the next year
 as God is generous

Next on the list were red and yellow daffodils and tulips. The bulbs were planted
two feet deep so no rodents could get to them.
Peonies and ronunculas, were big time favorites.  So pleasing to the eye.
We were just sorry they didnt grow all summer but then our wild roses
compensated for it and brought in the bumble bees which were quite pleased
with these flowers. They also carried a very sweet smell and were
very good as a fence to keep out intruders because of the thorns.

All these flowers are still my very favorite today. The only plant I would add to the collection
are jasmine because of the scent. These will always be our family traditional plants.

Of course since then, we have come across rhododendrums,  magnolias,
apple and cherry blossoms and the majestic orchid.
The world is full of the most beautiful creations
some of which have the a most inventive means of survival.

One wonders how any one but God could have  such a wild imagination.
We blame him for wars and destruction but he only stands for love and we don't
 have far to look to see an entity, so busy doing such great things, that one would wonder
why it would want it all destroyed.
 It is only man who would use his name to do that.

Have yourselves  a wonderful day.

Sunday, April 27, 2014



If you could get to watch Zeitgeist , it is a very good video to watch

Where does our money come from and what does it mean to have money

Did you know that if there was no debt there would be no money?

And how is fraud and mortgages explained.

Google is not the only one who makes something out of nothing
God is the only one we know who does this

and now money is explained the same way.

And what of politics religion democracy communism fascism socialism and elitism.

What about unemployment?

What about the Venus Project?
How would it work when technology takes over everything?

If you can't get the link you will have to go to putlocker  and look it up under the letter Z.

 for Zeitgeist.

It is all good to know.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spirit Lifted

Man oh man. Rap at its best.
What a great movie!!!!

"Lifted" on you tube

Every one has got to watch this!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NEW Royals

Such a lovely couple visiting Australia and New Zealand.
Little George is so cute with his chubby cheeks.
Kate looks fabulous and William.. well he's Englands' darling.

Never thought to see the day he would be a Daddy to another baby Prince.
Diana would be so proud.
This is the future right there, to carry on the legacy the Queen Mum and
Queen Elizabeth worked so hard over.
She should pass it on before she dies so there is no mistake as to who
is next in line to be King of England.

I hope they make the right decision.


Sunday, April 20, 2014


The Moment After on you tube.

I like all these movies with no belligerence/ swear words.
People don't see how using bad words affects ones soul.
How far away you become from your inner self, using them.

It is so nice to be able to flip the channel and not have to listen
to movies with such a limited vocabulary.

Have a good one

Ressurection of the Bread of Life

The Infinite Resurrection of Perfection, such is the reality, of endless life.

Christ has risen
Christ has risen
Christ has risen

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Story of Jesus

I never get tired of watching this movie on you tube.
The life of a child, who grew into a man, who was crucified
for nothing but words and who left such an imprint
and continues to fight the wickedness in man.

Fraud corruption lies unwholesome behavior drugs adultery...
the list goes on and thus, the wicked fight to kill goodness,
kindness, gentleness, accountability, love,
in the name of freedom .

"For if they do this when it is green, what will they do when it is dry?"

They who do not see or understand the meaning of the word "freedom",
find themselves enslaved by the very vices they say they are entitled to
under human rights and freedom. Freedom does not mean anarchy.
Only those who earn it, who understand the laws of life and are accountable to it,
deserve it and live free.

Well, the story is told and continues to be told, in the hopes that one day, man will
understand and see what the message was all about in the name of love and freedom


Friday, April 18, 2014

A Sacred Son

Wishing Every one a holy blessed Good Friday.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Trigger Legend

Dale  Evans and Roy Rogers and of course Trigger was a matinee that gave people
meaning . They were a wonderful role model to kids and adults alike.

Hope, Values that don't change, all that good can be, a strong attractive force.

Have a great day .

Happy Trails

Wishing every one a happy trail for spring and summer.

I remember loving this couple and song as a kid.
They made life seem so wonderful knowing there was a happy trail to look forward to.

Life is a journey and so, may we find the wisdom, to make the right choices in life,
to make it so.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cosmic Law

This is a very interesting video about aliens which seem to have always been
with us and who guide us.
They seem to live 800 years in an uncontaminated body.
They seem to have interfered with Chernobyl to help so it didn't do more damage
than it could have.
Worth watching if only somethng to think about.

Have a good one xoxoxoxox

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nicholas and Alexandra

The Last of the Czars is a u tube video that shows a couple very much in love.
It is nice to see in England with William and Kate and the Queen and Prince Philip.
I can't speak for other countries as I don't know much about those couples but it
seems Princess Grace loved her husband King.

It is hard to keep control and leadership in a  society, if the laws are loose but then to keep them loose, one needs an educated thinking public and if every one sits drunk or high or is too ill or controlled by too much fanaticism, or has corrupt reasons to govern, things always head into a deep abyss. So laws have to be used in such a way as to
guide people in the right direction.
Society should understand that there is no free man, unless each man is free of his devil/vices.
How do people expect to be free, if they  keep themselves in chains?
They can't speak of  "freedom" if they can't self govern.

The Quebec election tonight showed a province of people who are very tired of politics and empty talk. They live in a nice country, Canada, envied by the world and so the only thing needed here, are good people to run things smoothly so people have jobs, a place to live,education and health.

Had the Czar made sure his people had these things and not kept as serfs/slaves, he would have been loved and the Romanoffs would have continued to reign.
 But as it turned out, he trusted in the wrong people and they lost him his life and legacy.

Last night my Bella had a tummy ache and she was very uncomfortable. I gave her yogurt and she farted a few times and then finally fell asleep.
Today it is hot in the house and she ate but did not drink much water and this concerns me even though she is playful and assertive again.
She has been so loved here that to think she could be lost, is just unthinkable.
 She had her shots 9 days ago and they say it takes 6-9 days before distemper shows itself.
I just hope her body was able to handle the shots she received. 
She needs another shot next month.

Mean while my sons friends' Bear, was taken to the doggy park and he gets very dirty there.
This results in his fur becoming very matted and badly in need of clipping.
He is a handsome dog to look at if his fur is groomed properly .Instead it all has to come off.

I like the idea of doggy parks but if they are not kept clean, then dogs can pick up tons of things
from the grounds. I told my son I don't want Bella there.
I took my golden to swim in the ocean and he got an ear infection we could never really ever get rid of and my husband hooked his finger fishing and also got a skin disease on his hand nothing helps to cure. The skin gets very dry and cracks.

How sad when you are surrounded by beauty but it is all polluted and can't be enjoyed.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Russian Revolution As Never Seen Before

As the Czar was not a bad man, it is the bad men who find interest to get their way by using good men.
What this video teaches is that one must take care of ones own people first.
Food jobs water shelter .
Lenin was also an idealistic man but idealism is not to be had when dealing with
unidealistic people. People who want what they want and have different interests.

The Cheka was a very feared organization. One can be found in every would be revolution.

Why do men fight? Why does history not teach the very basics of why men fight?

Before religion was blamed but how many men bled under bad governments.
Did they die as patriot heroes or as men who feared to say no?
History tells one story but one can understand why people do not want to give up their guns.
Once the guns are given up, there is no saying no to a dictatorial government.

Why do men fight?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

.Bella Bella Martadella

Bella Bella Martadella as my husband lovingly calls her.
I finally managed to get a decent picture of her. lol

She wont let me trim her nose so you can see her eyes better.
She is my bratty little girl who loves to play bark growl and bite.
Lucky she is small and doesn't do much in terms of damage.
Pups will always be pups. lol
Whatever I eat or drink Bella has to have a smell or a taste
She is very observant and vocal.
I think you can teach this dog to talk.
You can't help but love her and Tanya is beginning to finally give in.
She rolls on her back so Bella smells her but then Bella lies down when
Tanya is looking at her so
they speak their own dog language.
When they go for walks Bella prances enjoying this new world she is discovering.
She loves the outdoors and tries to get a good whiff of it.

In the car she enjoys watching the goings and comings but there is no place like home.
You know shes had a full day when she conks out at night into a deep sleep.
Babies are all so precious and bring so much joy.

Have a good one.