Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Feeding the Bull

No wonder things fall apart lol
They sure know how to cut corners.

I thought this was funny.

Lt.-Col. Quick on Killing.


Young men sent to ancient lands to do a mans' job. Canadian
Lt.Col Quick was one such man who found himself doing things
which he felt were morally wrong. He fought to keep his men alive
overseas and he came back he said a changed man.
I think most people who go to these countries experience things and come home different people. lol
I did as well and I killed no one.
In spite of our free lifestyle, I grew up innocent.
Then across the seas, I learned the score which tore my heart
and destroyed my soul. I was stunned for a long time.

War is an immoral thing.
People die in war.
People kill in war and no one is safe .

As a soldier, you sometimes have to close your eyes and heart and do your job to survive, or die yourself. Imagine people, born to live this way from day one?
We in north America are a naïve sort of people because we don't understand how people still live on
the other side and what kind of immigrants we import here from there.

Immigrants from WW2 were also all different people. What only, had their eyes not seen?
They rarely cried and if they did there were no tears.
They were hard survivors because the weak didn't make it.
These people never winced in pain, never whined, never demanded rights because anything was better than what they lived through.

Ancient lands never changed as we did. The people suffer and the women are abused and kept enslaved
and I think this is where the idea that sex is ok and normal and the better one it's just sex... emerged
and is being fed to our babies in schools, here.
It came from a mans' world.

We fought for womens' rights to be free women, not to have our children now turned into sexual objects, because from day one, they are being prepared (for their own protection) by big companies who see money can be made here.

This is also why I cannot agree with the gay people that they can't change.
or with sick people who come from India saying have no pollution free places in their country,
nor with Sikhs and Muslims who come here and tell us their religion forbids them to  obey our laws.
BACK HOME THEY DO WORSE under their religions' . It's a different world. They think different.

On the other side of the world it is just sex but here in our world it's intimacy, love, romance,feelings  marriage, commitment,
etc.. built to last.
Stability is good for us . We don't need sex to survive to the next day.

So if the east is a mans' world I feel the west is for women.

So the arguments that we are facing today in our society is that:
1) People learn to survive and make do.
2) Sex is normal, needed and  it's just sex.

If it is just sex then  love, morals ethics values are ignored and this then means no lasting marriages or families, and thus breaks down the gay ideology as well, with respect to being gay and with marriage
because it just breaks the whole social pyramid,  down to crumble into nothing, for both gay and straight.Any one can do anything with anyone and it's just sex so then it's ok to explore.

It opens doors  for predators to go after our children and for the state to take them away.
The child is taught from birth sex is ok, it's just sex, then the first few times they give them alcohol and drugs and after  few hundred times, you have a kid who is a true believer that it's just sex and normal and ends up an empty soul.

It's not just sex.
Every person who experienced true love will tell you this.
A man died on the cross to tell us this.
The 10 Commandments teach us this.
Morals ethics and values do have a place in this world if people like Lt Col Quick
have them and feel strong enough to write a thesis on killing about it.

If it's just sex, then it's just killing, it's just war, it's just religion, just a life, just a body, just kids, .......
 the list goes on once doors are open to these ideas.

Lt Quick should not feel bad about having a conscience and morals and ethics about killing. Killing is wrong.
Killing people who kill innocent people, under the cloak of religion or politics, is self defense .
It's ok to rule to do good but if you rule to open doors for people and companies to knowingly do bad, it's a horse of a different color.

I feel our laws are confused today in the gray area.
People can and do change  . You see this every day.
Most of who we become is a force of habit, education.
Star Trek with Spock, Worf, the Romulans etc... are an excellent examples of people brought up to believe in different things.
Change their worlds and they would become different people.

The way things are going, Walt Disney could one day wake up
and find his country to be all gay. lol
What created the gay man, could be spread out to other people. 
Or he could wake up to his world being full of zombies or killers.
We make movies about this never realizing that it could happen.
So it is important not to lose sight of how we want to live in our world.
If we want peace and love, we have the laws already in place to make this possible in the 10 Commandments which unite us all.

I never thought I'd be coming back to this subject so much in my whole life. I just figured people understood but seems they don't and will never again if we don't step up to defend the world our forefathers were building for us under words like honor, morals values and ethics and under God and the 10 Commandments.
Otherwise we should just let the chips fall as they may and forget about it.
There is no future to be had and we are just wasting our time and money.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer Sizzle

We said goodbye to our old BBQ and brought the new guy in.
We have two now. One for the beach with charcoal and this gas one.
This one came with a long chain.
We wondered what it was and they said it was to ground the BBQ
in cases of lightning because there is a gas tank attached to it.
Scary. All these years and we never knew about that.
Live and learn.
Men get soo excited when it comes to BBQ.
My husband can't wait for the BBQ sardines
I can't get my son to cook but here he was enjoying flipping tex burgers
and steak. lol
I guess every one must be doing it so he wants to invite his friends over
to try his cooking for a change.
No complaints here.
He can cook away.
Supper  went well with  cold, noncoholic beer.
Well the noncoholic Bloody Mary is good too.

We fix it up with ingredients which makes it taste like it has alcohol but it doesn't
and it makes all the difference.
You can have just as much fun without the booze part.

But when the guests come then of course come the wine and beer and maybe even a touch of brandy,
depending for a night cap.

We shut off our heating yesterday because it was too hot in the house and it was nice to sleep but this morning it is chilly and windy outside so we are waiting for the sun to warm things up.
BC weather is unpredictable.
One minute it is burning hot and the next cold.
One moment you see sunny skies and then this cloud comes in and it rains half the day.

I remember one summer it was perfect. It rained every night and the days were sunny and hot.
These are the best summers when this happens.

Well , we started a bit early this year with summer activities.
I think its a good sign for every one to be looking forward to it.
These dull wet winters wear you down and it is good to feel the sun on your back.

Something to be said for rum filled dessert too :)



Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Gift from Nature

These beautiful tulips are adorning my table
compliments of my dearest. :)
and bring color into the area where we spend a lot of time in.
Of course being an old romantic I went to look up the meaning of Tulips lol

Tulips are symbolic of fame and perfect love. The symbolic meanings also change with the color of the tulips. Red tulips mean "believe me" and are a declaration of true love. Variegated tulips mean "you have beautiful eyes." Yellow tulips mean "there's sunshine in your smile" and cheerful thoughts. Cream colored tulips mean "I will love you forever." White tulips symbolize heaven, newness and purity. Purple tulips symbolize royalty. Pink tulips mean affection and caring. Orange tulips mean energy, enthusiasm, desire, and passion.

Wow! He still loves me ;) 

I transplanted my  bushes into self watering pots.
I hope they will be ok this summer in the pots.

They sure look nice right now.
My husband power washed the driveway which looks almost brand new now.
Another wash will do it.
He also cut the grass but it rained and it grew back so fast so now he needs to do it again.
I have knee trouble these days so I can't do much to help him anymore.

Last night we went to the pub again. Saturday, it was full of people
and birthday parties. The Pub blows up these crackers and paper flies everywhere
like when they celebrate New Years in New York.
Our table was covered. lol

I tried this Pizza with shredded calabrese , cheese and
they topped it with fresh tomatoes, chopped salad,
and sour creme. I never had one like this so it was interesting for me to try it.
 It was almost raw like a pizza salad. lol
Lorna got me into the Margarita mood so I ordered one
with cranberry and grapefruit.
It was delicious but I stopped at one and had a beer with the meal.
Hubby had a Montreal Smoked meat Sandwich.
(BC styled ;0)
Today I want to try making the Pizza recipe they do in Sao Palo.
You open a pita bread and spread mince meat with chopped parsley in it and salt and then top that with mozzarela then you close it into a pocket
  and bake it or toast it. You eat it with a knife and fork.
They said it was so popular the owner got a patent on his recipe.
Sao Palo has wonderful restaurants but you need a local
who knows the streets and people
or you get cheated.
The best recipes still come from France.
Nothing beats their cuisine.
I sure like to try making them but then I see how rich they are and
hold back. lol

My computer is old and slow so we are looking into buying a new one before it crashes.
It sure did a lot of work for me without a glitch.
It is a Gateway.
Now I wonder how to go about taking everything off this computer and putting it into the new one.
I have my emails and pictures and of course all my book marks
I hate losing those.
Takes years to collect them.
This is where I like paper more
Once it's there, unless there is a fire or something, its there.
I also got a present of a JVC movie camera.
It apparently can send emails too.
So I might be able to put some movies on my blog. lol

Mike and Nick go into a bar, whooping and hollering. "Bartender, drinks for everyone. We're buying!"
they yell.

"What's the special occassion?" asks the bartender.

"We just finished a jigsaw puzzle, and it only took us seven months," Nick replies.

"Seven months?" says the bartender. "What's the big deal?
It shouldn't take you seven months to do a puzzle."

"Oh, yeah?" Mike answers. "On the box it said 'two to four years'!"
A pregnant woman lapses into a coma. She awakens and frantically calls for her doctor. "You had twins, a boy and a girl. They're fine," he says. "Your brother named them."

Oh, no, the new mother thinks. He's an idiot. Expecting the worst, she asks, "What's the girl's name?"

"Denise," the doctor says.

Not bad, she thinks. I guess I was wrong about him. "And the boy?"




Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gnomb of an Idea. Short and Sweet.


Every now and then you meet people, who think they are above every one else.
They tell you how to park your car, where to park it on your property. where to plant your flowers,when to cut your grass. when and what to eat for lunch . They insult the clothes you wear, language you speak, etc...
Everything  bothers them.They walk like lords and masters in a country, where all men are equal.

Yesterday, I had one such neighbor come to my door pretending to
be collecting money for cancer research.
Now she had no credentials proving who she was and soliciting in our province
is illegal.
So she was lying, to get access to the home.

But I figure since the SPCA came to our street to another neighbor, it must be because she told them to go there and all she was doing was going to peoples' houses to listen how their dogs barked so she could get the right sound of the dogs' bark , she wanted to report.

I felt bad for the neighbor. I heard his dog bark the other night and I knew something was wrong because it's not an all day all night sort of thing where the dog is a nuisance.
It barked for a reason. They are just moving in and this is a stressful time for everyone.

The dogs around here only bark when there is something in the area they should be barking at.
We have kids doing drugs, hanging around after 10 pm in the forest behind our houses, buying, selling. Maybe one of her kids......???
Maybe her? I will not venture to go out to find out. lol
There have been a few shootings between drug gangs. Bodies found in ditches.
Dangerous stuff.
You don't want to be sitting in your living room one night or sleeping in your bed and have bullets flying around or someone breaking in to get away from someone.
I would think any neighbor would be grateful that while not owning a dog and paying for its upkeep, they get a free guard service by a dog who knows, she might not be safe in her house.
Rather than report the dog with excellent ears,she should investigate the area around her house for
It would then be a case of neighbors, helping neighbors.
Good stuff.

Today I saw on TV, dogs used to sniff out drugs .
The owners of these dogs said that the bomb bags would have been sniffed out before they blew, if the dogs were there. They can even find things in car tires.

Well now you see. Excellent reason to own dogs.
Even a little lap dog walked by a Gnomb, could be trained survival skills like sniffing out drugs, bombs, and dangerous chemicals
aimed at hurting a wide number of people, so police could be called in quicker, to avert disasters.
Imagine how many dogs that live in our homes on this continent, could be performing a valuable service.
This would be a great community project, to get people together in neighborhoods and teach them to train their dogs to do stuff like this.

Every one would own a

With a certificate saying that this is a trained dog, it would keep sick neighbors at bay and drugs and weapons out of their houses, because a dog walking by, would know and they could be quietly reported.

Enjoying walking your dog, who now would have rights on down town streets , restaurants, stores and malls as a working dog, there to sniff out trouble and keep people safe, would be great.
No more would there be a dog, sitting in a hot car in summer ,
 cause you are not allowed to take it inside to cool off.
Where you go, your dog goes as a

Imagine how many lives and legs would have been saved that day in Boston
if people brought their dogs with them to watch the races.
 Imagine how much the police would be helped cause your dog knows what busy body neighbors are doing in THEIR homes. lol
I think this is a great idea.

God is always on your side.
By doing good, you send evil to self destruct.....legally
while keeping peace and tranquility in your neighborhood.
The Message?
 Dogville - No Bullets Here. lol
Have a good one.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh To Enjoy a Cool One!

On a hot day nothing goes down better than a cold ale.
I don't usually drink beer but it sure tasted good today.

To watch the little bubbles go up and escape into the foamy surface was a treat.
You knew it would be good and it was.

The meal was equally as good. Baked salmon , bok choi, shitake mushrooms,
tempura green beans on a bed of basmati rice and soy.
Just a perfect blend for the palette., served in a huge round plate.
I got to use my chop sticks which was a delight for me too.

My husband ordered chicken with shrimp vermicelli and vegetables.

We were able to sit outside on the patio of our local pub.
It's nice to have a local pub nearby to enjoy and they even supply you with a free shuttle bus home.

My son did not accompany us so we ordered him butter chicken , his favorite , as take out.
He was famished it seems and gulped it down when we got home.

Nice when all's well that ends well.

People say we want World Peace.
All over the cities we see these signs and especially at the WWE Wrestling matches.

Today I was thinking how meaningless these signs are.

What they should say is

 Internal Peace.

If every one was peaceful inside their souls,
they would not look for bad things to do.

So how do you live and conduct your life
to obtain internal peace.?

Under what laws?

Good questions to ask oneself.

Have a good one.



Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bunnies in My Cradle

We speak of Downs Syndrome children being born today.
These children have come a long way.
People learned how to teach them so they become productive members of society.
You see them going to normal public schools and dealing with normal kids
who in turn are very nice to them because they are nice to be around.
These children can be pure joy because of their innocence and goodness.

But then you have stories you don't hear about.
Stories of children born with no air passage in their nostrils
Children whose brain capacity would not go past 2 years of age.

We had one such child born and the Mother was told to give it up to the state.
She said no. It's my child and I love it.
So she went through everything with this child.
The operations, the suffering, the extra work.
She had two more girls who had to take care of their much older brother because
he always wore diapers and as he grew he would soil them and take them off
as any baby would and walk around naked.
It was very hard on the family to have this boy living with them.
One day he had a temper tantrum and almost killed his Mother.
The Mother finally realized she couldn't handle him anymore and she was forced to give him up with the assurance that she could come and visit him anytime.
So she did that, almost every day.
One day she came and he had scratched his own eyes out and became blind.
Then one day she came and saw that he did not recognize her anymore and behaved
more like a monkey than a human, hanging off the bars in the window.
It was a sad story and last I heard ,this man child was still alive at 50.

Now suppose he did kill the Mother that day.
What would the state have done, killed him?
He is an innocent
but he was like an animal and we euthanize animals every day.
What makes this man child, any different from say, the Ice Man who gets mad,
or  a terrorist, or a psychopath? They are all killers.
These are all people with broken minds.
These are all people growing in numbers,
 walking between us, in pain and silence.
Today when they strike, they go for the numbers.

The man child was put into a mental ward and the others,
 we, as a society,either give them life or the death penalty.
It's important to think about these things because this
is what makes us a good or a bad human race and this is what will
result in our survival or extinction as a human race.

Do we judge and kill or do we not and just put these people away
where they won't hurt anyone anymore?

People who believe in God, will not kill them.
They would say these are broken people, deserving of mercy.

OK now why do we have broken people?
Why are they born? Who turns them into killers?

When push comes to shove, it all goes back to the way we live.
How we behave, what we teach, what we learn, what we see ,what we eat, drink,
all have side effects and we react to all these things,
 no different than what a worm would do when pricked.

Like yesterday, I watched the show "race sex and religion".
It was a scary show to watch.
The panel was specifically selected to indoctrinate the audience and
 the audience laughed
unaware of what was being done to them.
 No one realized that new gods were being born, to rule over them.
Before we spoke of death and taxes and today it is sex and taxes.
Everything we do, hear, see and talk about today, has to do with sex.

Do we not see obsessions as a disease?
Alcoholics are obsessed with alcohol. They are sick people.
Addicts with drugs.
Is not the pushing of people into believing improper behavior is ok,
 not a disease as well?
 Is not creating and then profiting from a disease you created, not ok?
All our actions have consequences.
Sex was never designed to be abused in the way we do today.

We used to have old people in traditional families,
 sit at home and when young people had a problem,
they would come home and have an old wise person guide
 them in the right direction.
Today, traditional families are destroyed and shows such as these, replace them to
indoctrinate people into doing things they profit from,
 while the person who follows them,
self destructs.

Without making this into a long story, I think this is something to think about.
We are all bunnies in a cradle where God is concerned.
He can come tomorrow and change us all without a single word.
He can turn us into a people he wants us to be but he doesn't.

He doesn't do it because he knows man wants to learn and to understand
and not be ordered to obey.
Learning how to think, is what it is all about, to God.
I think we tickled his fancy and he wants to see the end result
as much as any one else.
So, it should not be surprising that not many will make it to his kingdom
especially if we see society moving backward, instead of forward, as it tends to do
from time to time and needs correcting.

It's easier to control a person with a disease, than to control one who is aware and
self disciplined and educated properly and capable of critical thinking.
When a man says NO to improper behavior, you have to deal with him.
If he is a man who cannot be corrupted,
he is a man to be reckoned with, respected.,
 because he is one step closer to achieving
what every person wants to achieve in life,
knowing and understanding love and living in utter peace,
in a much better world for every one.
Today we are taught the word freedom.
We are not taught that with freedom comes responsibility and
accountability. We don't see these words anywhere.

Somehow, I don't find too many things going on today, very funny.

It is pretty scary, when you see people laughing,at nothing.
It's even worse when you see people of God, sitting there,
 not having a clue about who he is and what he stands for.
They come to discuss GOD, as a joke, without the armor of the
10 Commandments.
You can't corrupt God because he's been there and done that.
So he knows the way.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sing Along With the Gang and Live.

Well, as the gardens get greener, we will see more happy faces
and a few green frogs here and there.

I am starting more and more sentences these days with "well".
Well is a word that can relate to many things.
We drink from a well.
We feel well.
We say well, well, well, when some thing amuses us.
Well, can be a foundation
I use it to continue a thought
Well..... I think......
 My friend Lorna is tickling my mind lol

Her question is what is a teleological argument?

Well.... I said , I guessed it was the always existent argument of whether or not there
is a divine God, a creator.

Scientists explore the subject every day and every day they find more and more mysteries.
Every day they say, out of the millions of selections,
how do we have for example, one that creates an eye and this eye, is in a body and
the genetic code for this eye repeats itself over and over.

Then we die but the brain is so diverse, that we don't use half of it.
So what does it mean when we say a person is brain dead?
Does it mean there is no electricity flowing through it?
Is it the part that makes us who we are?
Is it all of the tissues which embody the brain?
If it is only part of the brain which makes us who we are,
 walking talking functioning creatures,
then there is another half we never explored which can be taught all over again.
Should it be kept alive?
When we say a person is comatose, do we know where this person is in his brain ?
Or maybe we don't know how to reach him?
Do we disconnect and kill him since half of our brain doesn;t know how to keep us alive?
 Stop feeding him?
How long does a person still live after he is clinically dead?

The same goes with God.
He knows how to reach us but we don't know how to reach him and
 so we have people running around talking pro and con but
no one really can prove or disprove his existence.
He is alive as long as we think and speak of him.
He will live if we don't speak of him or know him.
He might be a scientist looking at our planet, like a cell under a microscope
and we might be equivalent to germs to him. lol
In my book if you can't disprove it, then you can't tell people God is a hoax.

You also cannot speak for God saying he will give you virgins
 if you kill someone or yourself, as a reward.
Asking for virgins for sex, is a sin.
It falls under lust not love.

We speak of conscious thought and being dead, thought wouldn't exist anymore because
 we give thought, a sort of
physical attribute even though we can't see, feel, taste, or touch it.
So man now is trying to find the soul.
Another thing we can't see , feel, taste, or  touch.
The breath that gives us life.
The breath that stops when we die.
This we see and feel in other people.

In the past we feared God cause we didn't understand things like lightning
We didn't understand why some people were hit by it  more than others.
We didn't understand witches, so we burned them.
We thought in terms of guilt and punishment instead of understanding
and learning even though Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge
because they wanted to learn and understand.
This is why we are here today.

Today, through Christianity, we believe we do not understand and
 if we do not understand, then how can we say someone is guilty?
How can we judge?

We had two young men who went and blew people up the other day.
One is dead and the other saved but he is to be judged and people want him dead.
 Under Islamic law he probably would already be dead but we want a trial.
We have suicide bombers who willingly put their chest out to die for God.
In countries like Germany and China and the USSR they called athiests,
soldiers/revolutionaries, patriots
ready to die for the cause.

We have freedom fighters of different faiths,
who do the same thing every day for our beliefs.

To me God is something soo big, so far away, that even if I had eternal life,
I would never reach him unless
he wants me to be with him, so I don't waste time trying to prove he exists.
I know he does.
Instead I look at the micro level of humanity which affects me,
the cross and Jesus crucified on it.
It came into existence, at a time when people were enslaved by
 Pharaohs, Emperors and
 A man stood up. And not just a man but a man born to speak for man kind
and he said we need to love each other, forgive each other, stop killing each other.....

It was a revolutionary thought.
He forgave every one, prostitutes, drug people, lepers......
He said you needn't fear God because he is not there to punish you but to love you.
He wants you to understand  because this is what you want to do.
God stands by man as a Father, as we would by our own children.
This is why Islam is wrong until today.
It punishes without understanding because Muhhammad said they should.
People are tortured, stoned, beheaded, burned ,judged and hate follows them wherever they go.
Do unto others as you would have done unto you.
Doesn't apply in Islam unless you are of the same faith.
The Jews crucified Jesus but we speak of Judeo Christianity.
Just think, if we are Judeo Christians and Islam wants the Jews dead,
 where do we stand with Islam?
We face annihilation as well.
They live in a black and white world of yes and no with no gray in between.
So do many who live in dictatorships and communist countries
where you have law and not allowed to think.
We live in gray because we know we do not have all the answers, so we need time
to find answers.
For time to exist, there must be life not suicide and death.

So the cross symbolizes not just that Jesus died on it.
It symbolizes a whole lot of other things.
It symbolizes cruelty, torture, fear, death, judgement,hate....
the killing of a man
who was guilty of nothing.
It also symbolizes faith hope love forgiveness....
It asks, what kind of people do we want to be?
What kind of society do we want to live in?
Neros'? Hitlers'? Stalins'? Muhhamads'or Gods'?
Do we need dictators? Laws?

Do we not know right from wrong?
Inside, I think we all do.

Those who wear the cross......it is to remind them not to be like people were in the past.
We are taught not to do bad things, to hurt people, even our enemies.
We are taught
not to enslave people or force them to do things they don't want to do.
Have mercy on man because we are not born equal,
 in understanding and learning.

Of course Christians killed as well throughout history,
 to keep the idea of freedom and democracy alive.
but I look upon it as self defense.
If Christians didn't fight, they would all be crucified and beheaded.
and they were. We would not have a free world vs a non free world situation.
We learned.....as we are learning today, to save the planet through clean energy.
Some will never want to save the planet.
They want our children to grow up Godless and replaced God by taxes.
 The new God , Taxes, has arisen
and the new slaves, are those who feed him.
 The God Taxes, is the new fear people will be forced to believe in
and he will punish those who don't feed him. lol

The opposition continues to kill Christians with their own concept of freedom,
their own  wants and desires, through their new ideology of what it means or should mean.
Big business does this.
But who does it work for?
Socialism, communism,... take any ism. None is perfect.

Our armor is the 10 Commandments.
These are very liberal laws forcing you to think.
but the others, want it killed.
So we have to ask why do they want it killed?
Why do they want our children in schools we pay taxes for?

God is replaced by the empty promises of the new Caesars, Neros', Stalins and Hitlers
in waiting, through votes .
The 10 Commandments now represent repression  to them, against freedom.
It stops them from rising.
The truth is, the 10 Commandments is freedom.
and justice.

To live against them, you condemn yourself  back to where the problem began.
Those against the 10 Commandments do not understand the meaning behind them.
or maybe they do and that's the problem.

To look at the cross hurts their eyes and soul
because it is truth staring them in the face.
Innocent lambs were killed tortured and  enslaved .
The suffering , bleeding, lamb who asked his Father to forgive them
because they knew not what they did.

That's pretty powerful, heavy stuff.
That's heavier than the teleological argument about something we don't know.

This Cross ideology, we do understand and know because it hits home.

This is also why we can't and never will accept Islam.
They teach everyone in the world the Quran in Arabic and no one understands anything.
They are not allowed to translate the book, discuss it, criticize it, burn it.lol
It's indoctrinating and teaches fanaticism to people who understand nothing but killing.
The book, is more important than the people who live in poverty and even without electricity in a world where most have it.
 In fact, where they live,by deserts,  every household should have more than enough, with solar power.

God gives you children as gifts to know love and teach compassion to ,cherish,
 not to send to war and raise, to hate.
If life is evil and we are born to die, then it is God who gives life
and therefore only God who should take it away.
No one else.
So this is my understanding of teleology lol
Man exists and God is in all men, so then God exists.
He exists as the Father and as the Son and as the Holy Ghost
in all of us.
We can believe in him or not believe in him and it's all irrelevant because
he comes to all of us at one point in time or another.
Sooner or later, we will all have to face him and answer only to him.
Some may have to continue the journey to learn more and others already learned
and go to a higher plane.

I don't think we are at God's level yet to be able to enter his kingdom.
He needs people who don't fight or kill or do harm.
He needs people who know and understand pure love.

Man has come a long way but he still has not even scratched the surface.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

peace joy hope faith

Well ......what did I learn today?

Well , I learned what a toque is.
It's a hat with no rim used in the 13th - 16th C in Europe.
Today it relates to chef hats or toque blanche
Toques are supposed to have 100 pleats because that's how many ways an egg can be cooked. lol

I learned that in ancient times diplomas were made out of sheep skin

I learned Alma Mater means  "nourishing mother".
It refered to mother godesses and in Christianity to the Virgin Mary.
Today it is the last school one attended
In German Geis means ghost or spirit or poltergeist

Sprite is similar to Coca Cola or Fresca
Sprite is a grapefruit drink

ABMS is an abreviation
  for antiballistic missile rocket which is made to destroy ballistic rockets lol

Singer Carmen McRae was a jazz singer from Harlem NY

  Bocci is an Italian game of bowling.
In Provence, France they play Petanque

Alan Page was a former NFL footballer who played for the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears. While still playing professional football, Page went to the University of Minnesota Law School and earned his Juris Doctor degree in 1978. Outside of the football season, Page then worked at a law firm. In 1992, he was elected to the Minnesota Supreme Court, becoming the first African American to serve on the court.

Shakespeare's Ross, e.g. : THANE
Thanes were Scottish aristocrats. The most famous thanes have to be the Shakespearean characters Macbeth (the Thane of Glamis, later Thane of Cawdor) and MacDuff (the Thane of Fife). Other thanes in "Macbeth" are Ross, Lennox and Angus, as well as Menteith and Caithness.

A swami is a religious teacher in the Hindu tradition and studies sutras.

“Telos” is the Greek word for “purpose, goal”. In the world of philosophy, a telos is an end or a purpose, and is a concept that is central to the philosophical method known as teleology.

  "No human thing is of serious importance" : PLATO
Plato was a Greek philosopher and mathematician. He was a student of the equally famous and respected Socrates, and Plato in turn was the teacher and mentor of the celebrated Aristotle.

Next time I hear a gull cry  I'll know a Gull's cry means  I WAS HAD
A gull is someone easily cheated, someone gullible.
Ya-----Guilty as charged. lol

The key of D major was regarded as “the key of glory” during the Baroque period. As a result, many trumpet concertos and sonatas were written in D major, as was the “Hallelujah” chorus from Handel’s “Messiah”.
So now I know which key to play in to sound glorious lol

When the countries of Zanzibar and Tanganyika merged in 1964, the resulting state was named the United Republic of Tanzania, with "Tanzania" being a portmanteau of "Zanzibar" and "Tanganyika".
Jane Goodall is a British anthropologist, famous for studying wild chimpanzees in Africa for 45 years. Working at Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, Goodall made many discoveries. She was the first to see chimps constructing and using tools, an activity thought to be limited to the human species. She also found out that chimpanzees are vegetarians.

"Aga" (also "agha") is a title that was used by both civil and military officials in the Ottoman Empire.
Means Lord in Turkish

The apse of a church or cathedral is a semicircular recess in an outer wall, usually with a half-dome as a roof and often where there resides an altar. Originally apses were used as burial places for the clergy and also for storage of important relics.

The first telegraph message in the US was sent by Samuel Morse from the US Capitol in 1844. The message was received by a B&O railroad depot in Baltimore, Maryland. The message content was the words “WHAT HATH GOD WROUGHT”, which is a quotation from the Book of Numbers in the Bible.

Seneca the Younger was a playwright as well as a tutor and advisor to the Emperor Nero of Ancient Rome. Although maybe innocent, Seneca was forced to commit suicide by Nero as it was alleged that Seneca participated in a plot to kill the emperor. To kill himself, Seneca cut into a number of veins in order to bleed to death.

  Claudius was a Roman Emperors. Claudius had a lot going against him as he walked with a limp and was slightly deaf. He was put in office by the Praetorian Guard (the emperor’s bodyguards) after Caligula was assassinated. Claudius had very little experience and yet proved to be very forward-thinking and capable.

It was an interesting day. lol
Doing NY crosswords are not easy but you learn a lot.


Monday, April 22, 2013


Shaun Ellis is finding out a lot about wolves.
He is able to stop wolves from attacking farmers cows and other animals
using wolf howls.
This is very interesting to use wolf behavior to keep other wolves away
believing there is a pack in the territory they come to hunt in?

Or will they come to fight this pack and never find it?

Farmers may find this film useful.
Wonder if it would apply to coyotes?


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dents de lion

This little vase I got from a wedding in 1977.
I like it a lot  cause it's a cutie pie.
I like everything that's cutie pies. lol
Google plus .
It seems it's not good for security.
So I think I will pass on joining it.

My lawn has soft silky dandelions.
In French it means Lions tooth. (dents de lion)
I am sure the name comes from the leaf as opposed to from the flower itself
The leaf looks like blades of a giant saw, typically used to cut tress such as the one below.
I sat smelling them and they smelled delightful and left a lingering aroma inside my nostrils.
Maybe I will try to see if I can make perfume out of them.
  A gift of this flower to a loved one, will provide happiness and is a promise of total faithfulness.

 In as much as I love yellow, I don't like them taking over green grass.
I also don't like chemicals that will kill them.
So ......what to do??

I looked up some recipes and you can make tasty fritters from the yellow flower heads.

The leaves are soo good for you in salads.
They are rich in vitamins.
They also help with urinary tract infections.

No wonder I have so many bunnies and  the Italians grow them in their vegetable gardens.

The white milk in the stem, is good to get rid of moles on your skin.

I have a mole I'd like to try it on and see if it works. lol

For everything there is a purpose under heaven. :)

When I was a kid my Dad gave me a tool and said go to it kid and I spent summers digging out
the roots of these plants from our yard. Guess my Dad also didn't like chemicals,
or maybe he was just trying to find jobs for me to do to keep me out of trouble.
In any event I aerated the ground doing this job.
I became quite adept at pulling these roots out  lol
I also loved to make my parents happy.
My Dad was a lot easier to please than my Mom was.
I wonder how many parents today can get their kids to do something like this.?
Not many.
It's good for you to do stuff like this.

Looking at all the little yellow heads I think how good it would be
to have a few  kids around here lol

or a goat.

This tree with all the knots from cut branches was gorgeous.

The only thing I can't figure out is why they always plant them right beside
power lines. Then they have to spend tons of money chopping them.
This poor tree was left with only a few low branches and the rest were left
on the other side of the tree so they don't break and fall on the power lines.
We drove down streets and paid attention to the new trees the city planted along roads and sure enough
they did exactly the same thing.
 Now so much work will have to be done each year to maintain them.
Makes one wonder where efficiency went?
Or maybe this is part of the job creation program lol


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston. Oh My!

The unbelievable and tragic Boston story came to an end last night.
One brother was killed and the other caught.

Boston did the right thing to close down the city even though it cost them 333 million dollars.
For once it was nice to see the American  people on the side of the police, FBI and army.

Boy what a chase!
All the innocent people who got hurt and died doing a marathon run,  keeps one very sad. The damage done to them is for life and no one understands why 2 young men turned on a country who was nothing but nice to them.
The oldest 26 year old Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the youngest  19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev , were said to be very nice boys. The oldest was married with a child. So now what happens to his wife and child?
No one questioned her.

It was said that the oldest was recruited by Alquaida.
Or maybe he was threatened by Alquaida? Moreso his family threatened.
People do anything and everything to protect their families.
The Koran is a book of  intolerance and every one knows it by now.
Muhammad teaches never to assimilate and here the Americans are being taught what Islam is.

Americans believe if they are nice then others will be nice but it doesn't work that way with  Koran believers.
Alkaida said: You haven't seen nothing yet, There will be more.

How many more of the same events have to happen before people realize that you cannot
have dialogue with terrorists  taught by and through this book.?
Even President Obama, who went to a Muslim school, is not immune to them.
He may think he is Christian but no so with the Muslims. Once a Muslim , always a Muslim.
It's not like they haven't been told by the Arab people themselves,
 that they are a different sort.

The Koran, in North America, should be struck off the list as a book of religion and put into the list of
political indoctrination .
If people want to live with infidels, then they should live with infidels.

If they live by  the Koran, they do not live with infidels.
They live against them and no one should be
surprised when things like this happen.
It's going to happen again because Alkaida, promised it would.

It's just the way it is and it has nothing to do with the freedom loving people of North America.
It has to do with fanatics who are easy to turn into violent criminals. They have no choice.
Anyone can be turned into a killer. I watched the young people cheer last night,
 never realizing that this young man, could one day be them. No one is immune.
Never cheer. This is all very sad.

If  Dzhokhar survives , it will be interesting to hear his story.
Question is, why should he talk if the end result will end up in the death penalty?
Really makes no difference if he does or doesn't.

Having things like this happen so close to home, is heavy on the heart.
We sit and watch and suffer along with all the people who are hurt,
 by 2 young men who now will be called hard core criminals.
So many families destroyed and all for nothing.
How do you re educate brain washing?
 Then the ethics involved in doing so.

Hard to believe the Police made a mistake, like the Father of the boys implied, since the evidence is all there.
Well, seems they have a lawyer in the family.
 They can't say they will not get justice for their son.

How hard is it to understand, that if someone tells you to kill for God, not to listen to him
 because he doesn't speak for God.
What do you do when a gun is pointed at you and you are in turn told to kill?
 Do you do it or do you say no and take the bullet?
 Terrible thing to imagine.
This is where evil lives.

Gods' message is love, charity and forgiveness.
God wants man to learn not to kill, for any reason.
God wants man kind to be free because he gave Adam and Eve their freedom to make their own decisions and to learn to make the right ones.

God is eternal and he can fight his own battles.
He doesn't need man to kill for him.

Well, it's been an exciting week. I am glad it is finally over.
I wonder now who will pay for the boat they shot at?
Can you imagine how the people who live there, must feel now?
They will have a story to tell all their lives.
I hope they uncover more about these two boys and the reasons behind such behavior.

Justin Trudeau said it happened because  people are unhappy and should be allowed to fit in,.
So easy to say but it will never happen when the problem lies at the other end .
So does he think we should fit in with them to resolve it? lol

His Mother never did. She did her own thing and still does.
If her son ever becomes Prime Minister, she will go back to her old castle
 and reflect, smoking her pot, like she did when she was a sweet young thing,
married to her flamboyant Pierre. lol

Yup. she'll say. I told you Pierre, I will outlive you and take back my boys.

Life sure is interesting.
Yesterday I went to IGA and found NY muffin tops being sold for 4.99
I had to raise my eyebrows as this idea came from the Seinfeld show.
I then had to laugh. It took all I had not to buy them to take home and show my son. lol

Then , again from the Seinfeld show, it's a long time I wanted to make maligatawny soup.
 So before I lost my incentive, I sat down and made it and boy was it goood!!

 I made the vegetable version with lentils.
Next time I will make it with lamb and beef.

I think Seinfeld is one of the funniest shows ever.
No matter how many times you watch it, it still makes you laugh.
The show is clean with no swear words.
The cast is sooo wonderful and fits so well together and from a show that is about nothing, sometimes you learn something like this soup and the muffin tops.

Here is the recipe:
1 1/2 cup lentils, i tbs olive oil , i med onion, 2 cloves garlic, 1 inch ginger
2 sticks choped celery, one chopped carrot, 2 tsp curry, 1 tsp cumin, 1/2 ts garam masala, 1/2 tsp turmeric, 1/2 tsp chillies,, 1 1/2 cups vegetable stock
1 small lemon.

I added  3 tbs sour creme

Boil lentils 5 min and simmer 15-30 min till very soft.
heat oil in pan add onions and garlic fry then add ginger, curry,cumin, garam masala turmeric fry and stir, then add celery and carrots and hot stock and simmer 10 min

puree whats in the pan and add that to the lentils and simmer 10 min.

I added more water to the lentils. Once done I added the lemon juice.
The smell of all the spices was soo good  and the taste was unbelievable.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Maggies' Boy - A Little Canuck

In Canada we have Justin Trudeau bumbling through his first day as leader of the :Liberal Party.
It is clear he will have to get a lot of training and unfortunately he will be getting them from the old dogs
who destroyed his Fathers' party.
He is a nice man, 41 now,  but not a politician or intellect like his Father.
Quebecers love him and say he is a French Quebecer but you see how people are.
They say what suits them.
Justin is not a Quebecer. He married a Quebecer.
He was born and raised in Ottawa. He is an Ontarian lol
His Mother is from BC, a daughter of the Sinclair family and his brother died here.
No one as of yet found his body, under BC glacier waters.

Brian Mulroneys' son is smarter. He got married, went to the US and is living a fine life
entertaining people around the world.
He would make for a better spokesperson for Canada and Prime Minister because he seems to be street smart as opposed to Justin, who was caged in by his Father
as Pierre tried to do with his whole family.

It is funny that in the Canadian Heritage museum, they down play
the Scots who were the real founders of this country.In our classrooms stood the Union Jack.
I liked it and was kinda sad to see it gone and replaced by a less colorful flag.
Our maple leaf could have been nicer looking but I fly it proudly anyway.

John A McDonald was our first Prime Minister . McGill University was our first university,
and yet to look at things
they push the French as if it was all them.

I blame General Charles de Gaul for our woes here in Canada
He destroyed Montreal and Quebec for all Canadians and left us with a mess we still
are struggling with today and confused people.
Instead of proud Canadians we became hyphenated Canadians
 building countries within a country.

Pierre Laporte was kidnapped and killed a few blocs from our house by the FLQ
English people were stopped in the street and told we could speak any language except English.
People could sit in their homes and expect revolutionaries coming in through their living room windows.
Talk about bullying through fear. No assault weapons were used but they had the same effect . 700,000 English speaking people left Quebec.
Pierre Elliot Trudeau times were interesting times.

Macleans Article can be read here.

The English ran to Trudeau and asked him and the infamous liberal party Justin says was there for
ALL CANADIANS ,to stop this mess.
I remember cause I was there glued to the radio and Pat Burns. lol
Now the chain smoking Levesque rose to power and we had a small group
of militants running around causing trouble everywhere.
French people were entrenched deep in Catholicism back then.
You would not pass a grade if you didn't pass catechism and this is all we saw kids studying.

It was nothing we couldn't handle, but Trudeau pretended and did nothing.
Trudeau ruffled his feathers and told the English not to worry about it, to stay
calm and trust him and  he would handle it.
JUST WATCH ME he said.
Nothing would change.
He lied.Everything changed.
You can't trust politicians because you don't know their hidden agenda.
The Book called The White Niggers of America was written back then and we had to read it, where the French equated themselves to American slaves which was a blatent lie.
If they felt this way it was because of the problems they had., not because this was the way it had to be.
If they studied math and science and English like every one else did( we studied French), they would have had the jobs too.
The Catholic schools only took Catholic children.
Every one else had to go to English schools cause they took every one, which also was a sign that they were not afraid of anything. They were building a nation for everyone.
Pierres' Mother was Grace Elliott, of French Scottish Descent.
His Dad was a business man.
In those days the french had huge families with 12 kids, they couldn't support.
Men would come home drunk, instead of with a paycheck to buy food.
So the English, who had a very good education and smaller families got better jobs.
When the French wives complained, the husbands beat them.
The English were also raised to be bilingual as opposed to the French kids who
were instructed not to learn English.
Women did not have it very good, as men could beat them, husbands could rape their wives and the Catholic church did not allow abortions.

Pierre grew up an intellect, political activist and a communist.
Communism was another big issue and every one hated it.
So all  sorts of things were going on around at that time.
The War in Vietnam,
Flower Power with the Hippies.
The Womans' Liberation movement was strong and laws were passed 
to stop abuse of women by men.
I remember reading Germaine Greers' bra burning book.
 It was revolutionary for those times. lol

Well, here was Pierre, enamored with this beautiful young delicate freedom loving flower child from BC.
It was a story book being written.
But there was another woman and maybe she would have been a better choice.

He brought Maggie to Ottawa, locked her free spirit up in his castle in Ottawa.
He immediately pushed three boys out of her. She felt(was) psychologically abused by a man who was never there.
She smoked pot, he beat her, she ran away to the US to embarrass the man she loved
so he would love her. Instead, he told her he would take her boys away because no one would argue with the Prime Minister, she struck back saying you will die before I do and you won't have them forever.
Pierre lived in his mind. He had no need of women except for the obvious thing and Maggie lived with her heart.

I have no doubt in my mind that Maggie loved the pirouette, flower in the lapel, Pierre, but he was not the right man for her.
He needed her to promote himself.
So when Justin speaks about the things his Father said, he is not lying.
Quebec was a great province. Montreal was the pearl of the Nile back then.
It was the best place to live until a small group French vultures destroyed it.
We had a little Napoleon, Mayor Drapeau, who loved his city and threatened
to separate it from Quebec if they separated from Canada.
Pierre, could not hold a small group of people.

Secretly, he seemed to be controlled by the church probably involved in his political decisions,
 who wanted to grab Quebec for themselves.
Things could have been different because no one hated the French people or wanted to stand in their way.
It was a new world. Freedom for everyone.
Fact is, they lost the war and the Church and France couldn't get over it.
So they decided to poison Quebec and Quebecers with a false sense of the OTHER, 
instead of being who every one really was. 
At that time we also had teachers from France teaching us the proper French and they told us they
were not impressed with the French spoken in Quebec.
Well , it was a dialect,  Acadian French
Here is a sample

This is more proof that the Scotts were the guys in charge of this new world and not the French.

Today people are tired of being hyphenated. 
We carry one passport and we have to become one people,
We have no reason to fight over stupid issues like Pauline Marois is trying to to again today.
This separatist party has to die once and for all.
No one needs to separate nor keep poison alive.
As for Justin, time will tell. He has a lot on his plate to deal with and being surrounded by old dogs will not make is easier on him.
At 41, he will never become his Fathers' boy and unlike Brian Mulroneys son, who has a Father, Justin has no one. He probably would need the old Sinclairs to make sure he stays on track.
But he doesn't even want to help the liberals in BC which he should be doing. as evidence that he is strong and cares.Instead we have Alberta come in to our Liberal Premiers' aid , Christie Clark, to speak of the importance to continue working together to build business and jobs in our two provinces which the NDP in BC, wants to destroy to continue creating a needy population .
In dire times we need the right people to do the right things.

Here is Rusell Peters who really knows Canadians lol


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Aromatic Design

We visited Abbotsford yesterday.
It is a very diverse place surrounded by farmlands, horses, fish farms. If you want a good trailer
or fly a plane, or construction material... lots of good stuff can be found
As we stopped to take a picture of the jet below, the wind blew such a nice
aroma from this tree. It was over whelming.
Now why one tree and not another?

This plane was on display for pictures.
Can't say Canadians don't make for good pilots.
There is a flying school here and lots of helicopters.
Makes you want to take a course except when you think
it's a long way down from up there.
You can't afford to make a mistake or have engine failure.
As you can see our skies are always one color lol

I couldn't help myself and took a picture of these tiny planes.
I thought they were sooooo cute.
I couldn't imagine myself flying one though
I'd be too scared.

Then I turned around cause this little guy was making such a racket.
He had funny wings. The lower ones were in front and the ones on the roof were in back.
He was having his engine tuned or fixed.
I thought he was even a bit smaller then the tiny ones above it.
I couldn't imagine it fighting wind, rain or storms, being thrown about  under celestial skies.
A plane like this could survive with a parachute lol
So I felt there was hope of survival even with Engine failure.

While exploring, lots was going on in the world.
Obama lost his fight for gun control
He and another senator got poison letters and in Texas a chemical plant
exploded, taking with it blocks of homes surrounding it.
Total devastation.
Today, no one knows how many died in those homes or even in the plant.

People in America are all on full alert as all these things happening at the same time
is not normal.
Iran and Pakistan also suffered an Earthquake
and North Korea is still threatening and Obama said he doesn't think
she has a nuclear weapon. hmmmm
A little bit of news on line to keep track of the times.
The white tree looked like a plane with its' wings spread out and smelled so nice.
Being white and pure I took it as a good sign.
It was in front of a museum at the Abbotsford airport and trade center,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Funeral of the Iron Lady

She was called the Iron Lady by the Russians.
She kept England Great.


I woke up at 2 am to watch the funeral of Margaret Thatcher on Sun News.
It was a beautiful elegant Methodist funeral, very fitting for a Conservative lady of her stature.
 The Queen and her husband attended.

Black horses brought Lady Thatcher in and a hearse left St. Pauls Cathedral with her casket .
She is expected to be cremated in  private, with her family present.
Many people stood alongside the road to watch the procession in quiet respect and silence.

I saw  Mulroney and Harper in the church. It was very nice of them to attend .
Obama sent no one to represent the US. Gorbachev and Nancy Regan were too ill to attend.

Thatcher  planned her own funeral . There were no eulogies said by her family.
 It was kept simple and formal.
She came to power when England was in dire straights, strike after strike, people dying in the streets.

Today England is prosperous and free and can look forward because of her policies and strength to say NO.
Many people don't like her but she said sometimes you have to say and do things you yourself don't like. That's part of the job.
It is quite clear though that she loved her country and in the end England gave her, her just rewards.

So many things happening and always at the same time.
It always comes in threes so I dread to wonder what the third thing will be.

We get to see so many important things on television. The Passing of Lady Diana, Wedding of her son William to Catherine, The death of the Pope, Resignation of the next Pope. Queens' Jubilee. Election of Obama, death of Osama, hanging of Saddam..... and all as it happens, right before our eyes.
We see wars as they happen.
 Never in history, could we actually be right there, without leaving our homes.


Well,  fare well  great lady.
May your journey continue to be a good one,
in health and with Gods' blessing.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Tragedy

What a cowardly , senseless act.!
Hurting innocent, unsuspecting people.
Hurting good people who try to do good things,
for people.

What is in the mind of individuals who do things like this?

There are just no words.

No matter what their excuse is....it's no excuse.
This goes beyond bullying, politics and God would never
accept this act on his behalf.
He expects goodness out of all his people.

It is written that in the end, good wins.
So who ever did this?  ..
You are on the wrong side.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bullies and Suicide.

I feel for all parents whose children pass away before their time.
We have cases where children are killed by bullies and cases where the kids kill themselves.

I would hate to be in the shoes of any of these parents because I know it would kill me to lose my kids.
I live for them.

Schools and psychologists and all these other people with good intentions, are not helping matters.
If something is a lie, then why does it bother a person what is said about them?

The more you show it bothers you, the more they will attack you.
If you did something that was a mistake, it still doesn't make you a bad person.
No kid is perfect especially the kids involved in promoting pain on internet.
It should be clear to every one what they are doing and that because they do it, the person they are doing it to is innocent.

So many kids lie to look popular to get dates.They did it in our time and they do it today.
Nothing changes.
Nothing makes them angrier than to have you walk by and wink at them with a smile cause then they don't know if it's true or if it isn't.

In those days we had the black phones.
Once one of my ex neighbors daughter, who had a very bad reputation,
called to try to get me into the prostitution scene. She was much older than I was.
When they get old, they need to recruit fresh blood  .(That hasn't changed today either.)

First she would call to entice me to go meet her and this other woman as friends.
When that didn't work and I excused myself politely cause I had more important things to do,
she began with threats and belligerence to scare me.
She did scare me because she sounded like a lunatic. I had no idea why she would begin calling me. We were never friends. She was much older and really a very bad person to be around.
I was no fool but you see I was older and strong in my principles. I knew right from wrong by then.
When you see and hear stuff like this you walk away in the opposite direction .
 You never go to meet these people.

Knowing she wasn't going to stop calling, because if you hung up on her she'd call back and continue to harrass,
I put the phone down under a pillow, and let her continue to herself.
She yelled and yelled and then finally after about 15 min she realized no one was listening.

She took criminology at school or so she said, so she knew the phone could be tapped and in any event the number could be traced and I could have many people listening to her from another phone.
In the end, she was more afraid of me, than I of her and she stopped calling.

But then you never know if these people will ever follow through with their threats.
 I never associated with her except that our parents knew each other and
she went to a wedding I once attended.

I took Karate at school because I thought if I had to exercise, I should also learn something.
In my class they empowered you by saying when you are done, your hands will be weapons.
You should never use this art form unless you are put into a corner and unable to walk away.
Further more, they tested the students and if you had a temper they would kick you out of class because they knew this was trouble waiting to happen.
I wonder how many marshal arts teachers do this today?
It's a moral and ethical obligation to decide to do the right thing especially when you will lose money.

To the girls, we were told that if you had to make a move, to make sure it worked for you to incapacitate the
aggressor because if not, you will not get another chance. Men are more powerful than women.
 A punch/kick from them, will break your neck.

Learning to be fit had its' rewards because I walked straighter, taller, but most important of all
I was never afraid. My senses were so in tune with my environment, I could smell trouble a mile away and was always able to walk away. Saved me more times than I care to mention.
It's really not safe out there for women, even today.

My teacher taught me a valuable lesson and I carry it with me always.

After you reach a certain age shit happens.
Your muscles turn to shit and you feel helpless and no karate moves will help you.
Your bones will break before a young persons' will.

So you carry needles,chop sticks, a walking cane, a purse with sharp studs you can swing. 
Sharp rings will help you especially if you hit the nose or eyes and you never walk alone.
This last one is the best way to avoid trouble coming to you.
From Charles Bronson , the vigilante, I learned about money being put into a sock
 swings pretty nicely. lol

Again, you never use anything unless you are put into a corner and have no means of escape.
You look out for any other object around you that you can use to stop an attack. Today a cell phone is a very good friend because you can push a button and people at the other end can hear what you say and what's happening and call for help.
All of this is called self defense.

For school bullies, I always taught my boys the first punch rule.
Words never hurt you.
To be a man, you have to set your principles and people will know who you are through your behavior and  actions.
If you are a good honest person, you may not know it, but many people will, from the silent sidelines and the stupid people who harrass and comment, they show themselves for who they are too.Unworthy, untrustworthy, trouble makers, immature. etc....
They are busy bodies, insecure  people without character and easy to crack and  if you just give them time, they will hang themselves.People who feel good about themselves will never stoop so low as to hurt other people.
 It really does work and no one has to commit suicide.
 Just be patient. Patience is a virtue.

Have a friend take a video of how they harass you in school halls. Evidence is soo easy to obtain these days to show the right people what is being done to you.
Learn how to fight back.
If a person lays a hand on you, then this is the first punch which frees you into the use of self defense.
Punch in the nose. Punch hard.

I told my kids if you do the first punch , you are on your own but if they do, then I will be standing right there beside you because up until the first punch, there were choices to be made by the aggressor, to look for help to resolve the problem in a civilized manner.

After the first punch, there is no other option left to discern guilt or innocence because the aggressor is guilty no matter what the problem was. No one can argue differently.

Take for example North Korea today. As long as she talks, nations listen and sit quiet but the moment she thrusts out a weapon, the first punch, she better be ready for bad things to happen.

Both my boys  won respect and brownie points for this method of dealing with problems No one ever touched them..

Parents have to empower their kids with knowledge of how to fight back.
Step back, analyze your situation and opponent, prepare a strategy and wait.

Parents should not give 12 year olds phones with cameras they can use in bathrooms where they undress and take pictures of themselves to send to friends or computers with cameras.Phones should not be toys to play with.

But most of all, teach your kids the 10 Commandments. so they feel secure about themselves and know right from wrong and are not swayed by professionals who know how to talk to kids.

If schools did this and put everyone on the same page with God, things would be much nicer at school.
If parents did this at home it would reinforce what the school does and things could be resolved much easier.
These are brilliant and simple laws and apply to many life issues and resolve many psychological problems.
They never leave you in the dark to struggle alone.

They empower you to have faith and trust in the people who matter because those people love you and would die for you.
No one needs to live in pain this way and feel alone.
Stay strong and never crack the egg.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Timeless Guardians

I copied this Angel from a Christmas Card I had.
I thought she was wonderful and I had a black board to paint her on
 which I thought was perfect.
I couldn't finish her because I don't know how to make straight lines
thin enough for her little harp.
So I left her for another day when I could focus on the  problem better.

Had I painted her in black, she would look equally dramatic
and especially mystical.

And sharpened she would look even nicer so I have to sharpen the fine lines.
It's all about fine lines now.
I think adding stars into the black sky would help as well
for she is a heavenly creature with the ability to fly.

I found her tucked away in one of my boxes and I guess this summer
I will try to get back into finishing the things I started, so I can hang her up


Maggie Thatcher will be remembered as the Guardian of England in my books.

She understood never to give up Britains' rights to self govern
neither politically nor financially.

Europe panics and then decides to unite  to have a Euro dollar .

Well, unless they plan to have a President of Europe or a Prime Minister of Europe
it's not such a good idea.
Even we here in Canada, separate our currency from the US.

You can't have unity if you are separate because everyone thinks along different lines. Once you
lose control, you lose control and it is difficult to get back.
If the Euro dollar fails and becomes currency to light your burning stoves with, then
it would apply to England as well.
As it stands, England has her pound and she knows what it is worth.
 Europe fights, because Europe fights.
They took on mans' laws instead of Gods' which
are basic and clear and unites everyone to think along the same lines.

 Everything goes back to the beginning because
 the beginning is what made it all happen.

Think of what socialism is.
It is sharing.
So one man works and another doesn't and sits hungry and starving.
So we think this starving man will come and kill our families, so we need to give him
 a chance to get back on his feet.

But instead of this, the hungry man is taught that he got something for nothing
and he can get more.
So loop holes are found to get more and more and more
and now this not about fairness and  justice anymore.
It becomes theft, extortion from those who work
by those able to work but don't.

There should be jobs for everyone in this world.
Sewing knitting cooking construction painting... whatever you can do,
 you should do to help yourself.
As it stands you ask a man sitting drinking beer, why aren't you working and he answers
why should I when  welfare pays me more for staying home?
You ask them why do you do drugs and alcohol, don't you know your kids will be born sick?
We don't care. We vote and the government says it will pay for anything we need.

So welfare is rich to give money away for doing nothing but the working man, from whom
the money is taken from
gets poorer and poorer until one day he needs also to go on welfare
and this is what socialist governments want to see to usurp power and control.
If they cared about people, they would speak in terms of jobs like the conservatives do
not about
They fall into a hole and then need help and pull every one else down.

People get rich overnight over inventions like toothbrushes.
Then others see and become jealous and they want the profits from this mans' idea,
instead of creating their own better toothbrush or better teeth.

I gave an example of the barter system. It worked.
I gave the example of recycling. It worked.
Someone's garbage is another mans' treasure.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Business Life and Death

There was once a homeless man. He worked on the streets collecting bottles he recycled, doing odd jobs for people, making a buck here a buck there. He didn't drink or smoke or do drugs. Winters were mild where he lived so he was able to make do, making shelters where he could, under bridges, in pipes, old empty buildings , in the woods by rivers and lakes. He lived for years this way until one day the police stopped him and found he had a million dollars on his person.

They said you must have stolen this because it should be in a bank and took it away, leaving him
helpless again to live with nothing.
The story went into the papers but I never heard one person stand up and speak for the rights of this homeless man, who has rights to keep his money where he wants it. In fact, now that it became public, it would be down right dangerous for him.
Theft is theft regardless if the police take it or another robber.
The money was made through working hard and saved because the person lived inconveniently,  suffering quietly, on city streets.
Some could say the man was crazy, others could say he was smart.
Who knows what was in his mind? The thing is, he was free to live how he wished to live and if he wanted his pocket to be his bank, no one should be allowed to say otherwise.
As a homeless man, he was able to make a million dollars, living a free life, where most people following the get rich quick schemes, living in comfort in heated homes, driving cars and going on vacations, are not able to do because they are enslaved  by a system, laws and rules designed to extort money out of you.

Another more recent story, was about a man with a paper clip. He made his story public.
He said I am beginning with a paper clip and through the barter system, I want to work my way up to owning a house. So he climbed that ladder and sure enough, he ended up with a house, free and clear which he could now sell.
Two different stories about two people who did not follow the status quo, thinking outside the box.
So there are other ways to make money without following laws and rules. If you are patient and work hard, it could be done.
So if it could be done, why aren't  people doing it?
As a kid I remember Steinbergs. It was like Safeway... run by a family.
It began small with the family having extra goods left over and rather than throw them away, they  put them into their customers' grocery bags.
Things like apples, bread, buns. The company grew cause people liked this. Word spread and more people came.

I got my huge Oxford Dictionary from them buying a letter a week, an Encyclopedia and then they gave out Pinky Stamps you collected in a booklet for things. It worked. They did a good honest business making their customers happy and the customers were good to work with because they also were good honest hard working , God fearing people.

No one in those days had wicked thoughts about screwing another business A man's honor meant a lot. Today businesses have to think twice about the kind of customers they sell to or go bank rupt.
One day, after 75 years, they closed down and we lost Steinbergs. They went bankrupt.
According to WIKI :
"Trouble started brewing for the chain after the death of Sam Steinberg in 1978; his laissez-faire dealings with the union and lack of a succession plan for the company began its decline. Things worsened rapidly when a power struggle developed between his daughter Mitzi, her husband Mel Dobrin, daughter Marilyn Steinberg Cobrin and daughter Evelyn Steinberg."
The story of Steinbergs is an interesting one if you look it up in Wiki.
Times were different back then. People were honest, problems resolved ethically until one day
everything changed. Greed got in. Improper behavior.
Today people are taught morals ethics and values are garbage. Money talks and bullshit walks. Do what you have to do, to get ahead. I listen to the Lang and Oleary Exchange and I have to say it's shocking sometimes.
Trouble is, there is always another bigger wolf sitting behind every other regular wolf ready to pounce in and lap up the profits of hard work, hurting many in the process.
This wolf sits, analyzes and investigates how to devour and destroy good business and according to our laws, that's ok to do.
 I find if a person sits specifically to devise ways and means to destroy your job and lifes' work, that's criminal.

 It's done simply through constant harassment wearing you down until you can't concentrate on your job and then they come and clean it up with the final kill . Judges see this happening every day. They know it and do nothing about it. The criminal wins every time because the criminal knows how to work the system. That's their job. So working within a system, being good, means you will never win.
This is the message that is sent to every person wanting to have a little something for his family. Word gets out, every one begins on a feeding frenzy and every one loses except the top wolf who knows how to extort from everyone especially now that everyone is grovelling while he holds a winning hand.

People learn quickly that it's not enough to do good business anymore.
Banks give you a dollar but know how to take 5 away from you. Finance companies give you a dollar and take 20. Mortgages suffer because people lose their homes because after interest is collected , lenders don't want it sold to you anymore and jobs suffer because companies can't cope with the expenses of running them especially if they try to do the right thing.'
Not good stuff doing it the way people are being taught today.
The homeless man made it but was robbed by the very people who should have protected him.
The barter system works because it's honest and people know what they are exchanging for but it involves no paper /money trail.
Steinbergs was good being ethical and moral with people until bad stuff got inside and began the rot which eventually destroyed it.
Should life always be so difficult?

Working under Gods' laws, you put in a days work and you get your just rewards.
You work a little harder, you make a little more You have the ability to take a few days off to rest and spend with family.
Under man's laws, you put in a good days work but you can't go home to have a good nights' sleep because while you are sleeping, someone is in your business checking out ways and means to outsmart you so they get something for nothing.
Running an innocent business puts you on someones' hit list to destroy because something you have has resale value. Instead of allowing you to be happy running your business and growing, they steal it from under you and resell it.

It all leaves us wondering, if cracking the egg is in the end, a good thing?
Why is it today that we have law but no justice?
Why does the law hurt the good man, while rewarding the unethical thief?
All the answers lie in the 10 Commandments.
It is the egg which nourishes, protects and defends  us all, within the walls of its' shell.
Those who want to see it broken, are the ones we have to watch out for.