Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sheer Delight

It was sheer delight to receive these flowers
from my grand daughter, over the miles.
Thanks to internet we can share our lives and experiences.
She is a very busy gal, what, with school and outside activities.

It is our pleasure to share in all her successes
and joys as we watch her grow and develop into a fine young lady.

May the wind be always at her back and
May God Bless!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

wonderful surprise

It was wonderful to receive this from my son and family.
It is displayed and appreciated as it should be.
I took a picture for posterity.
Thank you with all my heart for this touching gesture
across the miles.!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Red Keeps Blooming

Red flowers keep on coming. They stay soo long
Fall brings in so many new birds.
Huge wood peckers, black headed blue birds.
 The trees are full of chirps.
They come to get fed and continue their journey south.

As days get shorter, we get interchangeable weather.
One minute it's hot, one minute it is cold and cloudy .
The rain lasts longer.

Well seems google is clamping down on freedom of speech
and closing down the share menu.
So if you want to share you will no longer be able to.
This is to control outside media from the lies
normal media spreads.
 By September 29, 2016, the Search Box gadget on this blog 
will only present search results from this blog. 
Search results from pages linked in your posts, from the 
Web or from the Blog List and Link List gadgets 
 will not be presented anymore. Dismiss this notification
We recently announced that the Google Feed API would be
retired. As a result, the Slideshow gadget will no longer function, 
and we will remove it from your blog by September 29, 2016.

Trudeau wants people to again pay carbon tax
The pollution we get up here comes from the US.
It is blown up by the wind . Harper understood this.
It's a scam to force people to pay.

Mean while people in Calgary are giving up their pets cause
Trudeau only caters to foreign interests and could care less
about his own people.
He brought in an IMF woman who seems to have corruption charges
laid against her.
We don't need Europe here.

We need CANADA FIRST here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Vine Fragrance

This vine has the most fragrant flowers as well as being beautiful.

Another you tube  bush obama historical  video.


Sweet Perennial.

This sweet perennial come back every year.
I finally got a good shot of it.

Obama and the end of America


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day Lily

I managed to capture it in its' glory.
What a beautiful flower to wake up to!

The days have been nice lately. We are able to enjoy some sunshine.
Although one day we went to Home Depot and it began to down pour.
I thought oh boy,  there go my plants, but when I got home,
it was nice and dry, so I counted my blessings.

I cut some cuttings from the grape plant and thought why throw them out?
So I stuck them into the ground to see what happens.

We watch the news and think our leaders have gone insane.
Only one talking sense is Trump and he is being attacked by liberals
who are smooth talking liars and thieves.
It upsets me a lot when Trudeau says Canadians have to decide how we
will bring our products to market and this is what we will do.
He has done nothing but honeymoon since he got in power.
He takes the onus off of the government and puts it on a small group of people,
 putting people against people.
Is he saying all Canadians want him to continue honey mooning
 while the country is being sold out? It makes him a very dangerous man.

I wish the public would get smart for a change.
But they see new naive people growing up and think now is the time
to strike.
Trudeau does not speak for all Canadians. We do not want Europe here.
We don't want globalism in control and our little potato head doesn't understand
what China is telling him.

Today I saw cars with infowarscom stickers

Better to listen to outside news because our news sold us out for advertising. lol

Oh well.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Begonia Bouquet

They plant them in rows but I love making different color
bouquets out of them. This way they make for wonderful table
center pieces.
In winter roots can be dried and replanted in spring.
I prefer potted bouquets to rows in the ground.
They look so much nicer.

Coleus Radiance

The colors are so vibrant.It loves the sun.
Indoors or out , you can get an excellent show
from this plant.
Every leaf roots in a glass of water

Saw a huge woodpecker in the back yard It had a red crest
 on the top of its head.

This bird grows to 18 inches

Friday, September 9, 2016

Hot Red Love.

This is a sample of the gorgeous blooms I get from the miniature red rose.
Usually I am not very good with miniature roses but this year, they love me.
Well they must know how much I love them too. lol
Between them and the hummingbirds, which came to visit so often,
my days were made.
It is much easier to look after plants in pots.
Easier to weed, transplant, water.
I will never plant black berries in a back yard because they just take over.
It is soo hard to stop them from growing but in a pot, where they can be controlled,
I just think wow! What great plants and berries.

I took cuttings off of our lilac tree and it let out babies so now I have more lilacs
and  one vine of fragrant flowers begets you so many
cuttings to fill your whole yard with smells only to be got from
a perfume bottle.
Once you get enough flowers, you can boil them with vegetable oil and water
till the water evaporates and leaves you fragrant oil to which you
 add a few drops of alcohol and you have a scent to last you a long long time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Superstore Throw Aways.

These flowers I got from the Superstore for free.
 They were half dead so I guess this is why they tried to
 dispose of them quickly.
Well some miracle grow and lots of water and voila!!!

Soooooo many blooms the whole summer through

Every day I was just amazed how they flourished.
They are still very much in bloom I am not sure why they
 are called annual. I bet if I bring them in they will continue to grow.

I wish they would cause with all the plants indoors, my house
would look like a botanical gardens. lol

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Yellow Rose

These miniature roses grew tall and just gave me so much pleasure.

As the bloom aged it became creamier and then white but new buds were
bright yellow.
The bush was full of flowers.

The shallots I grew in the pot were much tastier than what you buy in the store.
It encourages me to try bringing in the butternut squash and have them
grow indoors. I tried to dry the seeds and they sprouted instead. lol
They have a great will to thrive.

Some years nothing grows no matter what you do.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hibiscus Dreams

This is almost a dream flower as it only lasts one day.
The colors are vibrant and the blooms were huge this year.
 Every morning they treated me to something new

< The seeds I collected from butternut squash sprouted in the plate,
 so I put them into a container and they look so strong but it is a little
 too late in the year and now my heart is broken that they will die.
Every day I keep thinking what to do to give them a chance to grow.,

Summer Glow

 This Beautiful flower lasts a long time

I love looking at the vibrant colors. Summer is almost over and
time is now needed preparing the plants for the cold wet weather ahead.
I trimmed the grape leaves and covered the base with newspaper.
Some I already took indoors as they are desert plants.
The roses are blooming beautifully and I have plans to bring them indoors
as they are miniature indoor roses. Hope they make it through
the winter.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Seal Beats Killer Whales

I am so glad this little seal on You tube, was smart and made it to live another day.
Poor little guy.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Peter and the Wolf

Nice story to share with my grand daughter

Another real nice story on you tube is about a child and a fox,

I really loved this story.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Interesting History of WW2

Complete History of WW2. I found this video powerful
This is interesting especially when addressing issues like genocide.
Soo many people died.
WW2 did not start in Germany. hmm.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Full Speech is Better than what Media does to Trample Trump

Donald Trump full speech in toledo Ohio.
Pays to look up.
Trumps speeches are not aired like Hillarys' esp not by CNN.

Anything bad on Clinton they cut out the bad parts, distorting the truth.
The Press only puts out bits and pcs to trample Trump
so here is the full speech and it's good.
Puts Hillary Biden and Obama to shame.

The liberals do not understand they are being used as chumps by the liberal parties
including Canada.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

the idiot christian

How do I know God exists - Dinesh d'Souza

What is the fight about? Religion?

No .

The fight is not about religion but about land.

What about atheists? What about corrupt politics and politicians  who
destroy our freedoms in the name of political correctness?

Google is going to make a few changes ignoring the fact
that they will be destroying and trying to change history.
 ie tearing down Saddam Husseins' statue, does not change
Tearing down Lenins' statue does not change anything.

Changing street names from Dorchester to Rene Levesque
 does not change anything.
If you can't make something new, changing the old does not change history.
Google by denying freedom of speech in their so called LIBERAL
organization, will not change the fact that masses will not be stopped.

They will just go in a different direction and maybe one day get angry enough
to stop killing innocent people and go after the big wigs who do bad things
to countries. Why have elections if the people elected do not do the job they
 were elected for and ran under false pretenses.
Conspiracy theories will become historical truths as history has already shown
in the past.

There are only so many lies before it all comes back to you and hits you in the face.

This is what makes the Christian religion and especially the 10 Commandments an original
truth that cannot be denied and therefore never erased.

No matter what you, what you believe in, or where you go, it will always
come back to haunt you.

It is much stronger than Muhammad could ever be because it is the cold raw truth.
Cold raw truth is hated because people do not want to live up to it. and
make excuses to deny it calling it political correctness.

lol Ya . Right.
If it's wrong, Political correctness will not make it right.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Soccer skills

This guy was the best. He is short and always put on a great show.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Red Caping It

This is a childs red cape . It was quite simple to make I love capes because they give that little extra warmth one needs over coats and sweaters where layering is a lifestyle.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Very Interesting Tribulation

 Very interesting that the devil has never been ib hell.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Yahoo! True Mountain Dew!

The secret is finally out as the old hill billies disclose their lives
growing up and making moon shine hidden in forests away from
the law and other members of society.

They made their living doing this and for sure it was not an easy job to do.
They disclosed some secrets for making the best moonshine no other
video can offer.

They also show how our changing environment will practically make it
 impossible to get  the great stuff our grand parents and great grand parents
made and grew. Those were glory days, true and blue.

Today everything is artificial and just plain bad.

They made this movie for the young people, as they know they are a dying race.

As time moves on, going back is harder and harder to do.
These old fellows don't drink anymore.
But as the saying goes....
We'll drink when we're hungry and eat when we are thirsty,
If whisky don't kill us ,
we'll live till we die.

Have a good one.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Discovery of America

This is an interesting documentary about China and trade.
They built 400 foot ships . Something inconceivable in those times.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Earnest Writer

This man truly had an interesting life.
I always loved Hemingways' stories.
Here his children and grand child discuss his life.
We today could never say we could live the experiences
hunting, fishing, travelling.... in the same way
Those were the good ol days.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Canadia, the Superior Nation

Wednesday March 2, 2016

This is a very nice Water walker you tube video

Peace to love and enjoy and find your soul.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Living Newton

I find this interesting.
Our teachers always said we did not have to relive issues.
We had to learn 2+2 = 4 not the history of how we got to thinking this way.
 Today I disagree. This video makes you want to learn more.
As you get into more complicated math and science, It becomes more important to understand
how and why things evolved.I think students would get hooked with the history.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Comedy to Diet By

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Follow The Light

I love light houses. It would not be a bad idea to build a church
 with a lighthouse on the roof
beckoning people to come on in.

May the light always shine on you and show you the way to the love
we all require to live and grow as people and as nations.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ringo Circle.

Finacial Management is a great responsibility.
At school one student was asked what the difference was between a
plan and a budget.
His reply:  A plan is what we want to do
and a budget is why we can't.

Countries who learn this are kept free. Countries who don't
 know this are bought and sold and the people have no
choice in the matter.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Landons' Shanandoah

Time is a river.. and books are boats
many volumes start down that stream,
 only to be wrecked and lost beyond recall
 in its sands.
Only a few, a very few, endure the testings
of time and live to bless the ages following.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Running North to Alaska

To live in the world
without becoming aware
of the meaning of the world,
 is like wondering about in a great library
 without touching the books

The Great Teachings of All Ages

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What is Love

Because you're mine,. I walk the line.
This is love for sure.

I have gotten into doing cross word puzzles.
They are always beside the horoscope in our paper lol
 I still like to read the horoscope.

I tried my hand at sudoku and I have to say I am awful at it
Everything works until the end. lol

I never played solitary either.

I remember a boy sat me down to play chess.
I was about 5.
I had no idea how to play and as a result I never liked it.
But checkers.... now you are

My Dad would want to play games with me and my Mom.
He hated to lose and when I lost, he would sit gloating.
He'd keep saying things like, oh look shee's upset. Oh look what a sore loser..

The fact of the matter was, that I never cared to win or to lose.
I played to make him happy. lol

But I would lose my good will nature when he would begin the incessant
teasing about how I felt about losing.
It almost made me not want to play games with him but if I didn't, he
would probably have teased about that too.

I would console myself by thinking that maybe this was how he felt when he lost.
He was a lot more competitive than I  ever was.

I was always happy when people were happy, win or lose.
He just didn't understand that.

A brain I will never be lol
But I will always be a student because of my thirst for knowledge.

Before it was about shopping for things and today, it is about shopping for
 food bargains. Most people are complaining about the food

I keep saying ... keep it local.... but the government is right and
 the people are wrong.
Even the stores are saying that it's scary.
They buy at higher prices and if the people dont buy ie asparagass
at $ 7.00 a bunch, it rots and they lose money.

Smart is the guy who buys local.
Smart are the towns that do green house grow ops. or hydrophonic gardens.
People always need food.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Windy Mariah

Bowie passed away today. More and more actors and singers
are leaving us at a very early age.

The weather this morning was brisk and icy but then it warmed up into rain.
On the whole it was pretty dull the whole day.
The morning sky was pale blue at the bottom of the horizon, turning into mauve with
clouds edging in pink from the sun above. It was unbelievably beautiful .
I don't think I've ever seen a sky so striking.
It didn't last.

We managed to get to the farmers market.
I got two huge cucumbers (over one foot long) for 1.50 each
Most of the veggies were cheaper so I got the broccoli,lettuce  tomatoes, ginger , spinach
 and eggplant . Zuccinis for some reason were still expensive.
The olive oil was cheaper too but hubby said we'll come back.
We need mazola lol It was not cheap. lol

It's a lot more fun to shop at farmers markets.
You never know what you will find there.
The tomatoes were expensive at the Superstore and worse.... rotten.
One wonders how they could charge so much for rotten vegetables.

I got out one of my paintings to finish.
As I was looking at it from afar, things started to click in place as to how to finish it
but now it's up close, and the visual perspective from yesterday declined.
 It's always good to step back when painting something.

Today I remembered my childhood. My Mom put me to bed at six ever night and I spent the rest of the evening pestering her for food and water and pee time. lol
Disney land came on TV at 6 so when I saw that, I would beg her to stay up and watch it.
She would relent saying ok Just Disneyland and then to bed you go.
Maybe this is why I hate sleeping. I always wish it was day and day and day.
 What a treat it was to watch Disneyland and Mr Disney was such a special man to me.

Today  our throw away society doesn't appreciate 3/4's of what's out there.
Something breaks, get a new one.

When you learn not to treasure your belongings, you obtain bad habits which then
affects friendships, families, pets, marriages, education.....not to mention a dump full of things which
could have been recycled and reused.

People don't want used today but used carries with it an air of mystery to discover.
Who owned it? How was it used? What spiritual imprint was left on the object.
What era did it come from?

Take amber for instance. Amber was very much valued by my Grand mother.
Today we see amber and much of it is fake. Even the real ones may not be the ones
from resin trees  that are supposed to be over 1000 years old.
They even put insects into it to get more value
Real amber does not melt. It burns. But they drill holes and put in insects or scorpions etc...
and then fill in the holes with some plastic filler.
So now, even if you want to buy it, it somehow loses it's mystery knowing how people try to cheat you.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Worth the Wait

Living a so called solitary life, whereby one really stands out as an individual,
being all about oneself, can be a lonely existence and experience.
Eventually one tires of it and looks to connect with another soul.
Lucky are those who can find a soul mate, willing to stand by you through
thick and thin.
Very special indeed.


Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Boy Alf

Some people sold their Alf at the Flea Market but I still have mine. lol
It was my sons and I am keeping it for him.
It is a way to not forget the past when we enjoyed him on tv.
He comes out at Christmas along with all the other toys and train set
keeping up with tradition.
I hope one day when I am gone my kids will bring out these toys and
put them around the tree to enjoy the nostalgia of Christmas past.

It is very chilly this morning as I took the dogs out.
My son was already vacuuming his


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer
This is inspirational.

Today was a beautiful spring day.
People have taken down all the lights while mine are still on.
They were put up late so I am trying to make the best of them.
Some houses are still lit up and the tree is in the front window .

The 6th is our Christmas., Hay under the table to represent the manger
Wheat to represent the abundance of Christ coming
Linen Table cloth  to represent Jesus' clothing
12 course meal to represent the 12 apostles.
: barley, honey, stewed prunes, pierogi, sauerkraut, potatoes, lima beans, garlic, Lenten bread, mushroom soup and salt. 

All to remind people life is both bitter and sweet/ Life is everyday a work in progress.
A candle represents the star in Bethlehem.
An extra setting is always set ( do it all the time) for Jesus in spirit or as a traveller.

Honey is crossed over our forehead : May we love one another as a bee loves honey
A cup of wine is passed around
 Uniting faith and love bread is broken and dipped in honey to eat.

Garlic is cracked between the teeth is eaten to ward us from evil
Food is eaten without knives or pepper as these represent argument and cutting relationships.
The candle is blown out gently.
 If the smoke rises straight up it means a blessing for the year. 

I love tradition. Makes celebrating special.

The crock pot soup in my kitchen is delicious and soothes the  spirit
otherwise disturbed by world events.

The Kennel Club accepted two new dog breeds . One is a hairless
terrier. I like it. It looks like a naked Miniature Dalmation Pincher. lol
The other is like an Grayhound. A very docile sporty looking dog.

If I was in a dog buying mood  I would definitely look at these new breeds.
The terrier looks very smart and can be taught well. I wish I was younger
to play with them but alas the small dogs I have now,
 are wonderful dogs for me.

I tried sweeping leaves outside but it was a fruitless attempt everything
being wet and dirty.
My acorns opened up like the day which slowly ebbed into nightfall.
Days , like life and the spirit , are regenerated

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

IsThinking Good for You

Very true.
Worth watching 1 2 and 3 as well.
We should all awaken and live with our third eye.

I love pine cones.
Whenever I take the dogs out, I always find one or two
that have fallen from the tree.
So I pick them up and dry them out inside the house.
Some have seeds which I plant and others do not being
already eaten by the so many birds and squirrels we have here.

 We don't know the symbol of the pine cone and it is found
in basically all religions symbolizing regeneration.
A pine cone is a sign that Jesus will always regenerate
and this means he is always with us.


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Patty Play Pal.

Patty Play Pal
 Wow. I never knew her name.

But here she is.
Every one knows about her.

I know I loved walking her.
At that time they cost 12 dollar as opposed to today
where they are about 382.00 , being vintage.
Mine has short red hair.

Hope you had a nice frosty day.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Silent Frosty Night

What a nice frosty day!
We went shopping and the store was full.
 No eggs and many shelves were empty.
The food is not cheap either.
One cucumber 1.98
 4 peppers almost 4 dollars

I read up on why people should go vegan. lol
People can't afford to go vegan lol
A small container of cherry tomatoes 5.98
oranges and apples 6.98 ea

On the other hand all the grain the cows eat, can feed
most of the poor countries.

I got chicken livers for my pups as well as tuna salmon
chicken dog food
They make so many varieties today but I still believe
 its best to feed dogs what people eat.

Now a nice cup of hot tea soup and rest.

Friday, January 1, 2016

You Gotta Love Him :)

Europe was quiet this year but Vancouver put on a huge fireworks display.
The first in 10 years.
We are always the last to celebrate after the world finishes so we try to go to New York
and Hong Kong but this year we had our own celebration and the people were very happy.
There was a small one earlier for the kids too.
 My Tanya was petrified of the fireworks She sat the whole night shaking.

Natalie Cole died This is the first person this new year.
I loved her Dad. What nice songs he sang.

Last night Jack Frost created a winter wonderland to look at.
Everything was glistening under a brisk clear sky.
We stayed up but saw no lights in the sky (aurora borealis).
I wonder who did?

The year of the monkey should prove to be interesting.

So the holidays are finally over. They go by so fast.
When I was a kid there seemed to be so much more going on in our house.
In our family every one is hardly ever home. There are no excuses to stay
 home to shovel snow or school cancellations.
 No excuses to look for Santa or prepare milk and cookies.
No one singing Christmas Carols on the street .
No excitement families usually have when they have small children.
None of the hustle and bustle and frills.
Times have changed and so have the people.
This morning there is  the Polar Swim so people have to get up early to
 freeze some butts lol
The sun is shining on the frosty trees and birds have begun to sing.
We don't see so many but they are out there.

Might be the moon cause dogs have attacked people  both on the street and in homes.
It is not normal for dogs to flip out like that.