Thursday, July 30, 2015


Nothing distresses me more than having to read stories like this one.
I just can't understand people.
 Paying so much money to hunt and kill for trophy,
animals who just live their lives quietly in what already is scarce
 land for them to live on.

Cecil from Zimbabwe, was such a beautiful lion.
So many people try to raise money to keep them alive and here
this fella from the US thinks if he pays some money
 he can do away with all this effort  .

 I really hope this guy loses his dental clients,
 gets put in jail for life or fed to the lions.
He certainly deserves a punch in the nose.

Preying on animals who do not fear you, walk around tourists all day,
is just blood thirsty killing. What joy can there be in telling a story
that you killed an animal who had no chance against you or your
evil thoughts just for the fun.
Those hunting days are over.
There should never be any licenses given to hunt in Africa for trophy purposes.
Every thing good is always destroyed by man.
I watched Russel Peters and Chelsea Handler on stage.
I have to say those two should get together.
Would be nice to see who would do a better job of shutting the
 other person up. lol

Used to be a time when jokes were clean and funny.
Today it's like comedians are 2 years old.
They are obsessed with their penises and vaginas and poop.
The audience seems no better cause they sit and laugh.
On the one hand Chelsea bragged that someone told her her vagina was tight
at 39. and then she went into how much poop flowed into her huge vagina.

Which is it Chelsea? lol

Then she said she doesn't care what people think and then finishes off by
saying someone knew who she was when she had her poop problem and it
bothered her.
Who are these people?
It got me to thinking about Robin Williams. The guy was brilliant, rich, famous
and yet nothing brought him joy and peace.
Leading unstable lives, eventually catches up to you.

Chelsea teaches people to be immoral. She says ya you need this.
She tries to desensitize women. All she does is hurt herself and a lot of young women
who will believe in what she says. Can you imagine living in a world full of Chelseas?
It would be murder on all fronts.
Russel Peters told young people not to tatoo themselves.
He at least uses his
comedy to also teach people to rein themselves in.
 He said as you age it will look ugly.

This universal humping thing is killing true love.
It is killing something that should be sacred and valued between two people.
We are all the losers for it if we buy into this.
As you watch the world cave into itself like a black hole, you wonder
what will happen to all this beautiful nature?
The trees and flowers, running brooks, sunshine peeking out like a halo through
vegetation. Animals who glorify the planet.

 As man promotes self rape
and self destruction of the one temple existing within himself, then
what of the rest?
What of all the Cecils out there who no one can protect and defend against these vile
things called man?
Man must be the most unhappiest creature on the face of this planet, because he is never
satisfied with what he has or who he is. He always wants more and accepts nothing to stand in his way to get it, not land, not law, not even God.
What do we do with runaway liberalism? What do we do when no one wants the word NO?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Building Bridges

Building bridges has always been a problem in life
be it between people or connecting empty spaces.
Never the less ingenious methods have enlightened generations of
 people throughout time.

Here in Peru, where time seems to stand still, people still find the
old ways, the best ways.
When the old wears away, it can then go back into nature without
much harm.
The only thing I would do is make it a little wider so horses and mules
 could cross as well and maybe a small cart.
 But then it would wear it out quicker .

At home I continue to futz around with my porch garden.
So delightful to wake up to green leaves some of which I began
from a single leaf and now have grown into bushes.
I have some small plants growing. I am not sure if they are apple
or something else. I planted some cherry seeds and will see
 what pops out there. I replant shallot roots and they are sprouting again,.
Potato skins grow fast and just need containers of soil.
Since the rabbits dug and mixed seeds up , I have no way of knowing what is
 growing where . Only time will tell.

I am always looking for inspiring things to do yet lately can't bring myself
to be inspired to do anything. So I sit enjoying my small garden
biding time

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Wild and the Tame

This is not a wild flower. It seems to be a zuccini flower.
Will be fun to see what, if anything, comes of it in a pot.

We finally got a full day of rain.
Hope this quenches the forests which are being eaten by
250 fires here in BC.

The leaves seem to be falling slowly and they cover the grass
reminding one of fall and yet it is only July.
It can only be assumed that it is because of the dry weather and the hot sun.\

Peoples yards are full of sunflowers .They seem to be getting more and
 more popular as  yard plants and bring a lot of  joy to people
 who look at  their  cheerful heads.

We are not Cali but also have  water restrictions. A few years back
Vancouver Island residents conserved water so well, the
hydro company lost money and the public had to pay for the loss.
Seems people never win.

Well 1500 light years away there is another planet similar to earth.
Guess if push comes to shove we can send a spaceship like the one in Star Trek,
and bring civilization to another planet with a new geography.
This planet is larger than our own. Cool.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Sleepy Garden

The children are sleeping on the watermelons in the garden. Sweet smells from the flowers entice them into deep slumber where they lose themselves in green fields swaying softly in a gentle breeze.
The bees buzz alighting slightly on each colorful petal absorbed in the days work.
While children slumber, the day continues with the routine chores that never stop,
day in and day out.
While children slumber in the sleepy garden, I stop a moment, to relish the innocence
and the trust and the wisdom of God in heaven, to create just such a peaceful place to rest
and dream and love.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Garden of Life

If God is truth.... then how does man justify creating and
 changing the rules he bestowed upon man to live under?

If God is the gardener...
then how does man take credit and change creative work
 he does not understand?

If God is the shepherd......
He , unlike man, not only shows the way for man to go but also
takes on the responsibility and accountability of this undertaking.
Who amongst man, can pride himself of doing the same?

It is said with God we will bear fruit and yet our laws justify
empty wombs and death, along paths into darkness.

Forests animals children air water food..... is all at risk in mans' hands.

We sit and pass laws.
We are forced to believe in evil.
We are told to love deceit and shallow ego.
We are told to love ignorance and sin.

Illegitimate courts , government and religion teach to hate the word of God and
The truth of him who created and knows who we are.
They speak of love in unrighteous terms of human rights, leading to a life
in the hell of our choosing.

So few believers know and understand truth today.
They weep and grieve for what they see and hear each passing day.
They are left with hope to rely on, that truth will show itself and all shall be well
as the son re enters all our lives once again in his glory and through him
we can again find our salvation.

Who will follow him?
Who will continue to deny his truth?
Who will tell him then that he must follow our ways, our laws, our justice
which are weak, as man is weak, in the face of undeniable truth.

The Garden of life lives in the light and light is more powerful than darkness.
Yet we are attracted by the dark which covers our sins and makes them
easier to live with. Instead of excelling to the light we falter and say it is ok to live
in darkness. It is ok not to excel.
If it is ok not to excel then why cry when evil overtakes us, haunts us, bedevils us.
Why cry when our loved ones get sick, when our air and water disappear?
Why cry when we have no houses to live in and nothing to believe in?
Why cry in the garden of our creation?
 A Lady's Life

Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 4th.. Post.

As 187 fires burn across BC, including Burnaby,  here in Surrey, haze covered many
 areas ,. It was like the fires were quite nearby.
 Scary actually, especially if you live where there are a lot of trees.
 Our cars were covered in ash and people were warned to stay inside
 to avoid breathing problems.Even so, it was hard to breath when you
 smell the smoke crawling up your nostrils. It felt like at any moment,
the fires would reach us here in the lower mainland.

We took this shot of the sun between the trees because it was unusually
bright. They say it gets that way where there is haze and fire.
It didn't stay there very long and within minutes moved and hid
behind the trees.

We have a wasps nest again and as I watered it to get them to leave, one of the wasps
came and stung my back. They understood where the water was coming from.
Smart wasps.
We have spiders and when they see the wasps they run ;like the dickens to find a place
to hide. It's like watching a Disney movie. The animals behave like people.

I will be picking two cucumbers from my potted plant of 5 and some tomatoes are beginning
to redden. Something ate a little potato from the potato pot and it began to root so I will plant it into another pot and see what happens there. It's nice to have the plant even if there are no potatoes.

So this is life. You live grow listen look and the feast gets larger with every dawn.
Little children are taking over from your children who are now grown and have wee ones of their own.
The world continues to stay heated in politics
Donald Trump tells it like it is. lol
Pot is winning when in Colorado it was proved that this is a big mistake to let things happen.
Run away liberalism is not a good thing.

Have a good one.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Little Bella

This is my little Bella. She is still like a pup
Prances around like a Princess.
 It is soo hard not to love her.\She won all of our hearts.
 I finally did a good job clipping my two girls with a comb and scissors.
Now if I comb through them once a week with the scissors I will never have to worry about
taking them to the groomer They will always have short hair that will not
matt. Matts are terrible on these dogs and very hard to control.

We are having very hot weather so the dogs are enjoying it outside.
They all got the runs. We think its from the Chinese chewies
 we got them. Dogs get sick on them. Best to buy local dog treats.

My cucumber plant has 5 little cucumbers and the tomato plants have tomatoes.
We are enjoying BBQ's and my husband made rice with lentils which we like.
I told him we should always make rice with lentils.
It's nice and quiet on holidays cause people run away from the city.
But the best holidays during this time is to stay at home and take holidays
some other time.

It is nice to wake up to birds. Chickadees are chirping every where.
The neighbors have kids to tango with now that school is out.
My fans are all going but this will not last long. I find summer comes early
now and then cools off in August.

We had a very nice Canada Day. It was spoiled by Gay Pride and Canabis Day.
These two groups are selfish and pushing their luck.
They should leave other holidays to what they are without interfering.
They want respect but show none.

Well that's about it for now.
Shut down the TV sets and enjoy the sunshine while we can