Friday, May 8, 2009

Why Jobs/Security Is Important?This Could Be You

This is Hastings Street today, in Vancouver.
This is why our Election this year is important.

We need a strong economy so these people can be helped and new people don't end up here.The Green Party supports Legalization of pot as it seems so does the NDP.
It doesn't stop there.


Maude Lynn said...


A Lady's Life said...

yes the clips are very disturbing. We went and we saw this first hand. People go to China Town across the street and buy their salty bottles of cooking alcohol because they are cheap and drink this(its undrinkable) and then they roll around the streets peed up and dirty and then across the street on Hastings you see others shooting up or acting out some high, others sleeping and you talk to them, they all came from good homes, one was a hockey player who didn't make it another had well travelled educated parents who took her every where with them. I mean, its just awful and heart breaking and the thing is, it can happen to anyone. Take a person down that lane and shoot him up once....... and he's done.
So I am sooo against drugs and especially legalizing it, after having seen this.No one needs to go down that lane. That lane shouldn't exist.In Surrey I went to change my oil and saw one woman lying on the street like a garbage bag.
I told the oil guy is that a person on the street and he said ya she does this all the time. I said if a car turns the corner, it'll drive over her thinking its a garbage bag. So he called the police and by the time they came, someone else got her up and then a car turned.It gets so you can go to McDonalds because these people are sick and touch everything, they close the bathrooms there because they are used to shoot up in.You can't use public phones and it is dangerous to walk because people are desperate.
Legalizing drugs will make this a bigger problem.There will be no facilities to help anyone. They can't find many right now, to help the problem we already have.
So therefore the outcry to
stop drugs.