Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Keep Going

Clint Eastwood had a quote I’d like to share.

He said:

“Strong men are respectful of women and

Strong women are respectful of men.

It’s the in between guys, that mess it all up.”

I really like this quote especially coming from a man

Who played so many roles of both weak and strong men.

I guess he must have learned something. Loll

You can, by this quote , measure, a particular point of a person’s life

By the behavior, and the vocabulary a person uses.

This is something young people should keep in mind when dating.

A person should also, not be so afraid of failure, so as to unconsciously will it,

through abusive and self destructive behavior.

Failure, doesn’t mean not passing a test, because it can be written again.

It doesn’t mean, not getting the girl, because there is a right one for you out there.

It doesn’t mean, not getting the job you want, because there are lots of doors out there,

which will open if you only have the guts to knock .

Failure, is only the result of having stopped trying to succeed.

Every day is a new day. It may end in triumph or it may end in dead ends.

The only way you will ever find out,

is to try again.

Every time you do, you develop strength of character, which then defines

the person you become.

So from A Lady’s Life……

Have a great day!

Cracks In My Tent

I saw a star shining through the cracks of my tent

I saw it glimmer and I smiled

The smell of dew covered mint in the coolness of the light

Colored my world with the freshness of night

The blackness seemed brightened by lights all around

And the mint smelled of flowers, like those found in the sun

And life, being lived and sought for, to survive

I thought, no one sleeps with the changing of light

The day changes to night and the night to day

There is no time, to sleep or to day dream

One just keeps on going and smelling the world

As it rolls around thunder and weathers the storm

And then when the stars come and show us the way

We still know the east from the west and the north from the south

And peace reigns by night as it reigns under the sun

We can see it’s rays from the cracks of my tent

We see peace glimmer through to our eyes.

So we can sleep with a peaceful smile,

While living our lives through cracks in the light,

Smelling the mint in the freshness of night

A Lady's Life

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ring around the Rosie

This is a bridge according to Snopes
Its found in Yoshi Springs, Nantan Japan
It's called the friendship bridge.

It was designed by Norihiko Dan and is 80 m in diameter.

This Friendship Bridge was designed for pedestrians, to enjoy the dam and landscape around it.

You may find it in Google under Hiyoshi Dam.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Success is viewed in many ways

Broken Road.

Life is full of roads to take. The importance lies in knowing which one is the right one for you.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Living Sin

To live without sin, is to live without food ,water, or air.

Without basic needs, we may well die.

Leading a life of sin, may lead us, to more, than just physical death,

Death, would be only too easy an escape, from a battle,

that requires winning.

Sin, leads to the crucifying of the soul, which then hangs there uselessly, bleeding,

At the mercy of them, that hung it. The living dead, is the result of its' work.

One wonders, why we are so affected by sin, to hurt them who sin,

as well as ourselves, as sinners?

We live.

We have air, water and food,

And we also have sin, that walks, alongside us.

So why do we frown upon sin?

We do so, because we also live at the feet of Mercy.

Mercy, is not a physical need, we require to survive.

It is controlled, neither by heaven nor hell.

Mercy, is governed by knowledge and wisdom,

beyond man’s comprehension.

Everything, we require to live and survive,

Lies at the feet,

Of Mercy,

Which seems to forgive sin and everything else,

over and over and over again.
Mercy carries no sin and we were blessed, to have a teacher, to show this to us.

Mercy survives and mercy does not bleed.

Mankind should be so merciful and…….


Find a new meaning.

A Lady’s Life.


Need to stop an accelerating car?????

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And .......All Is Good.

And as we sat on the old park bench, we took sweet liberty, to enjoy the oak trees,

Which were much older and in good health, showing off their acorns.

They greeted the same sun, at every dawn, while saying good night to old man moon,

With the same bow of honor, as one would expect given to a King or Queen

The little birds were tucked away in their bushy branches.

A sleepy chirp was heard, as they nestled away into dream land .

The old wiry gray dog, found its’ way to the foot of an old trunk

Whose roots made a nice hollow for a comfortable bed.

All was well in the old hidden green glen,

and yet the path to it

Was well known by the feet who lived there.

As I hold your hand, a hand I know so well,

I always know, that we were meant to be together.

No matter where, the wind would blow,

It would blow us, back home.

Your once black, now white curl, fell across your wizened brow,

Covering lightly, the well loved, hazel eyes,

I kissed so tenderly, when we were young and still kiss today.

They haven’t changed, for I still see myself in them,

As clearly as the day we fell in love.

There never was a kinder dearer friend than what I found in you.

Together, we watched the world live and grow and die and live again

And shared in its’ despair and grief and promise and

Oh! So much joy!

We thought our hearts would burst.

And today, as we sit, on our own park bench, reflecting,

We can say, we know the world well, and the world knows us......

And all...... is good.

A Lady’s Life.


This happy fellow, sitting beside a real live turtle, is named Gaylord.
He lives at the Gaylord Hotel, in Kissimmee, Florida, with many of his
brothers and sisters.
He couldn't have chosen a better place as the restaurants leftovers must be terrific!!
and I guess once in a while he must catch himself a man or two for desert. lol
These guys do not live in a cage but in a beautiful pond with turtles.
What luck, to be able to live in such a gorgeous place!
Worth a visit for sure. :)

I've never made a fortune, and it's probably too late now.
But I don't worry about that much, I'm happy anyhow
And as I go along life's way,
I'm reaping better than I sowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

Haven't got a lot of riches,
and sometimes the going's tough
But I've got loving ones all around me,
and that makes me rich enough.
I thank GOD for his Blessings,
and the Mercies HE's bestowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed..

I remember times when things went wrong,
My faith wore somewhat thin..
But all at once the dark clouds broke,
and the sun peeped through again.

So LORD, help me not to gripe,
about the tough rows I have hoed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

If GOD gives me strength and courage,
When the way grows steep and rough.
I'll not ask for other blessings,
I'm already Blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy,
to help others bear their loads..
Then I'll keep drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

When I think of how many people in this world have it worse
than I do, I realize just how BLESSED WE really are.

When I read this poem I can just hear Paul Reid's voice from CJAD Radio in Montreal.
He had this soft low crooning voice and he'd read stories and poems and he'd finish his show saying "This is Paul Reid....... and the night is ours."
I loved that man and wish I could find some parts of his show to put on line.
He is well worth remembering.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


BC is a part of the True North Strong and Free
Where ever you look , you see wilderness.
Wild flowers, Wild grasses, wild plains and lakes.
One can still feel the excitement, freedom and fear that our forefathers felt,
Seeing something totally breath takingly pristine and untouched ,
Cool breezes from snowy mountain peaks
touched their cheeks, while a scorching sun hit their backs.
Nothing changed there.
With the cheeky coons, beaver and squirrels visiting,
as well as the odd , wide pawed bear and snarling cougar,
one can almost understand why man has a call
for the wild.
It is here, facing the elements, that one finds his
true self worth and understands what true love means.
True love, once found, can never be walked away from.
There are no lies here, for you either learn to survive or die.
Every tree, stone and mist has a story to tell.
and no one can tell it better.

We call this place, the True North Strong and Free.
One needs to be strong to survive and free to be able to move from one place to another
as the buffalo and caribou do.

There is no place like it anywhere and there never will be.
A Lady's Life

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tread Softly Glory

Tread Softly Glory so my Eyes can see
Love and Peace
Haloed in Life and Dignity

Tread softly Glory on paths softened
By Faith and Salvation
Tread softly Glory so we remember
Our battle for truth justice and freedom

Tread softly so we can smile and
Touch the tails of your skirt
For posterity.
Tread Softly Glory
In humbleness and awe, in
Honor of God's kindness, guidance
and forgiveness

Sing Loudly Glory so we can hear you
Through all of Heaven's hail storms
And follow in your eternal blessed footsteps
Wherever they may lead us.

A Lady's Life

A Golden Lady

I thought, should I pick her and take her home?
Or should I leave her where she was born?
Should I let people smell her or tell them to leave?
Is she there to remind us of beauty and love?

I thought, should I pick her from ground so low?
Should I count the petals eenie meenie meinie moe?
Should I tear them off asking if he loves me or not?
Tell me Golden head, what are your thoughts?

The flower looked up into the sun
Her flowery scent was blown by the wind
The flowers all crouched and looked up to her
I couldn't pick, a golden lady, in prayer.

A Lady's Life

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Christina Lake

I got pictures from Christina Lake and told everyone, this is such a beautiful place.

Today we found out, a woman there, was feeding dog food to bears, by her place deep in the woods, to keep people away from her marijuana grow op.

The police went to check on the bear problem and found it loll

So she is arrested and now they are worried about bears becoming aggressive because they are not going to be fed by her

They may have to shoot them. They say maybe at the trial she will say she had the grow op to get money to feed the bears.The bears are docile and happy and the police were laughing.

Bears are misunderstood. They just say: "Feed me." loll

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunny Sunflowers

Well it is sunflower season once again.
We can find such pretty heads gazing at you surrounded by other flowers
equally as beautiful.
Our family used to love sunflowers and we'd sit eating seeds trying to see
who would grow the longest sunflower beard.
Some may think this is gross but for kids, who do gross things anyway,
this was a lot of fun to do.
No one thought to take pictures however.

Cashew Nut Case. 2010

We took a trip to the interior of BC and apart from the breath taking beauty of this province, we found joy in the little critters which make life worth living.

Chomps here, chased his friend away so he could enjoy the cashews on his own.
I guess even in the animal world we have those who share and those who don't lol
He looked pretty healthy with a beautiful well groomed coat and he was not afraid of people
who surrounded him to take pictures.
I am soooo jealous. I would die to be able to grow fingernails like this little guy has.
Mine always break. lol

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weight of Freedom.

Tolerance to intolerance,

led to intolerance to tolerance which now leads into, intolerance to intolerance.

Tolerance to tolerance will never happen.

It is in another world we call Utopia.It is in another realm of other non existent terms like freedom and liberty and justice and love.All poetic words that mean nothing because they do not exist, except in our dreams and ideals.

As the tolerant make way against intolerance, they open doors to more and more tolerance, till the tolerance goes so far as to make those who opened the doors to tolerance, suffocate or get beheaded by their own hand and words.

There is a thing about words like "freedom" and " tolerance".They need to stay dignified and level.They need to rest on a level plain In free countries they use what is called the”middle of the road approach” and it is kept there, in balance, by educated level headed wise people.It stays balanced and peace reigns.

Today The scale of justice and freedom .is not balanced.

Today it is out of control and heading towards an abyss because the uneducated, unbalanced, unfree, who are intolerant to intolerance are encouraged to tip the scales and send everyone into an abyss along with them.

To pull out an uneducated man from tyranny and giving him full rights,is like giving a baby the right to crawl out onto a busy street because it was born free. The baby is so strong, it takes you with it, to be run over.Not only will that baby either die or get hit and become a living vegetable but it willresult in a calamity of people jumping on everything,from money, rights,justice tolerance intolerance, right and wrong, good or bad....Etc…. all sorts of irrelevant things, when the answer lies in none of those things.

The answer lies in babysitting and looking to the needs of the baby.The baby needs guidance, protection, not rights and freedoms it doesn't understand the meaning of.

Christian values do this. They are there to teach protect and defend.To raise people so they can carry the weight of words that have meaning to us.Christianity gives birth to other progressive things which keep man ahead and alive.Christianity is not there to dictate and abuse and torture but to develop man so he "understands".

To put ones back against Christian teachings is to put ones back to the child that crawls out the front door into traffic.

The “have not” countries live like the baby, except their religions and politics, do not allow them to grow up. Some even attach bombs to the baby and decide for the baby what it needs to do.

You cannot save them. They can’t be saved from themselves because the brain has only so many years to absorb a foundation. After that its not easy and requires special people to help them.

You need 20 – 25 years to re teach for every 7.taught.So if you do not get them the first 7 years of life, you lost them.

It is the same with the baby in the womb.If it is not fed right the first few months of conception, chances of the brain being affected are great and so we have children bornWith alcohol syndrome drug addictions retardation and other things which make them grow up unable to learn and as a result end up in self destructive, criminal behavior and become a noose on society’s back.

It is easier to be a tyrant a warrior, than to be a Christian.

It is easier to tip scales than to keep it balanced.

In our world we leave the duty to keep balance with the people but if the people can’t do it, a tyrant will. A tyrant denies people the right to knowledge and progress.He lies about himself and sells himself and his country out for votes.For a tyrant there is nothing better than having a gullible society which cannot read or think.

Christianity which promotes progress and the self, is therefore hated, abused and stamped on.I think this is something to think about. Sometimes religion is not the opiate of the people but simply just a self help guide

To help man help himself.

Today the people who lead us are not honorable men . They dance in front of "balance" trying to create a niche to fit in and they don’t care which side its on. and those who try to be honorable, supporting the status quo, are getting eaten alive.

The people are losing. Christianity is losing. Good living is losing.

So what is it exactly that we are unhappy about? Having balanced families and children? Having food water and shelter?Having freedom to read write and create? Having a voice to speak?

Having our bodies and brain saved from self destruction?
We cannot help the fallen because the fallen need special help. The fallen will not get the help they need because it requires a Christian to give it.Otherwise it becomes too expensive.

Christian values give birth to other progressive things which keep man educated, employed, ahead and alive.To put ones back against Christian teachings is to put ones back to the childthat crawls out the front door into traffic. No one will care if the child lives or dies for what butour conscience stops man from becoming a killer and a predator?

It is easier to become a tyrant, a warrior, than to be a Christian. Once a tyrant tastes blood, the second kill becomes easier. This is why Christianity teaches to turn the other cheek but not to be a fool as to give up your life. Otherwise, there would be no point to having children.

It is easier to tip scales than to keep it balanced and wise people, who love their country, need to live true to words, the American Dream was built on.

In God We Trust.

A House Full of Stuff.

You cannot put order in another mans house until you put order in your own.

I see my house as unkempt.
It is not a show house.
It is a house where I live and do my things in.
It’s a lived in house.
It has stuff in it, smells and it is full of people who are of different opinions.
It is a house full of sounds.
This is the house I live in.

I go to another mans house.
Its is clean, with a show room appearance.
No one can walk in there with shoes.
The floor is cold.
It is full of laws, discipline , order.
It has no smell, no stuff, no books,no people who dare offer an opinion.
The house is quiet.
This is the other mans house.

If I had a choice between these two houses, I rather live in my noisy pig stye,
than in his clean house of peace.
Because in my house I find joy, creation and freedom,while in his
Sadness and no will to live.
I live in a house with no order.
People visit me there and leave happy.
Why should I want to put order in my house
to live in his house of tyranical peace?

I cannot keep order in your house, if I cannot put order in mine
but if I had a choice between our two houses, I'd rather live in my house than thine.

A Lady's Life.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heritage Recycled

This is a beautiful embroidered towel for special occasions.
I would really like to make one like it.

It would even make a very nice table cloth

I just finished an afghan to add to my collection of stuff.
Heritage is something that should be treasured because with it you carry something of the past.

Old Barns with their old wood, is also something of a treasure find.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Land slides in Italy

This is a land slide not a mud slide and Italy as well as Switzerland is on Satellite watch
which apparently helps to see where they may occur.
This video was caught and just to think something could happen is truly scary.
I don't believe anyone got hurt because 200 homes were excavated before this happened

So Lovely and Never lasting

Not everything in life is as it seems as these silk flowers show and this Chalk Man is having fun proving this.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Guitarists Song.

We sing to music to express our passions
We pull strings in our hearts
And from somewhere deep within,
A melody ventures
To bring forth tears of joy or woe.

We sing to bring the world together
We sing to march to a different tune
We play to pass time in composure
Remembering something we left behind

We sing to lift up our spirits
We sing to have a good cry
We sing because of boredom
We sing to have a good time

So play guitarist,
Play your tune
Play for fortune or
Play for doom
Play to live or
Play to die
Tell your story
And I'll tell mine.

A Lady's Life

Friday, August 6, 2010

Withstanding Change of Time

The world is change

And we change the world

Nothing ever stays the same

Controversies and debates

Over justice rights and wrongs.

Today it’s blue and tomorrow green

Ideas, like colors, are to blame

They affect our souls our DNA

Until one day, we have to say

Hey! Don’t color my world gray!

Don’t paint my walls black red or brown

And you get, CHILL Man, with a frown.

You don't like it cause you’re gay."

And this, my friend, is the new trend,

To use expressions that mean two things.

Confused, so no one understands.

An internal smile caressed my lips

To hear them argue, as I did.

That this is something that will stay

The black and brown and red paint spray

Well, my world is full of painted flowers

Beiges, pinks and baby blues

My life has been a pretty airy journey

And these colors made my dreams come true

My world is full of love’s desire.

My water clean and pure

Rainbows fill some pretty clear blue skies

And the soil is rich from dew

My world is full of laughter

From a sweet child’s milky breath

As it looks at pretty colors

From crystals, high above its' bed.

The world is change

And we change the world

Ideas, like colors, are to blame

Some things need to stay the same

For life to breed and claim domain.

Those who choose to live in darkness

Will one day wake to a brighter world

They just need to change the colors

In the rooms that they reside.

A Lady's Life

This poem is about how life is like colors. Our moods, personalities and ideas can change . They can be black and stormy, Passionate pink, brown,gray and dull, or bleed red blood, A little more deadly. Many people suffer in winter because of this and we are told to put on bright lighting in the house to cheer up the spirit.

Thursday, August 5, 2010



I fear death but death does not fear me

I shed blood and blood was shed of me

I fear God and bow my head in shame, for

I feel no sympathy, in his silent gaze

The heavy burden in my heart

Fights for peace and freedom,

In this, my heart’s devout

I can’t free my soul knowing it’s on fire, so

I hold it hostage saying God’s quagmire

If all men stood up in their domain

And shot a bullet into each others’ flame

Till no one’s left to speak of these horrendous acts

God and Justice will be left to blame.

For man is hell and hell is found in man

Man finds no peace in his demands

There is no freedom when there are needs

To eat, find shelter and pay bills.

To stand guard over one and all

Means sleepless nights to fight the rogue

There is no peace in spoken words

And there’ll be no words in God’s house of repose.

And since we fear to set our spirit free

In hell we’ll live

Where there is no such thing, as Liberty.

We'll still dream of a Higher Kingdoms’ open doors

To accept us as we are, in human form.

To forgive us all our stupid ways

And our means to get there, in soldier arrays.

A Lady's Life

Scavenged Treasure

I waved to the waves as they crept closer to the cliff’s edge

Exposing their churning white teeth .

Their clashing drenched my face and hair from the foggy spray

Which covered the area like a shawl from heaven

I assumed the look of a soggy wet dog, dripping, in the face of the wind

Black clouds gripped the sky crawling along it’s blue hue

They pelted over each other as if in a race towards where….

The end of time?

I wondered…..

In the howling wind I heard the voice of my ancestors

Beckoning me to step forward and yet…..

Warning me

The old man Sea knew his job

I was mesmerized by his embrace

Covered in his soft, wet kisses and

Floating in his power,and warmth

As he reached out for his final embrace, I awoke

From his overwhelming, salty breath

And begged him to let me go

For I thirsted for a breath of life

I was not his Queen or his wife.

He had many already

I saw his face and it took command

Lovingly enshrining me on a pedestal of his devotion.

He was cunning and sharp

What do you want……..he whispered in my ear

What do you want????

And as I screamed NOT YOU!!!!

He hurled me out onto the shore

In a ragged torn heap as he does all his rejects.

To be collected by scavengers

Seeking treasure.

A Lady's Life.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

American Buffalo

We went to Parc Safari African, in Quebec, to see the animals roam
free in the park.
As you drive through the park, you can have all your windows open and kids sit in the van trunks waiting for zebras, ostriches, cows etc.. come to the car to be fed.

One huge white cow came for some feed you buy at the entrance in boxes to give them.
My son held out his hand with the food but the cow saw the box and headed for my son's lap to grab it.
My son screamed and we had a good laugh as we saw the cow was no fool. It knew what it wanted. This particular cow was white and easily over 18 hands high.

We kept driving and came across this beautiful buffalo. He came over to my side of the car and stuck his head through the window. We rubbed his nose and saw how gorgeous he was. I had some nice music playing and he liked it. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.
He was the nicest of all the animals there and he was not after food either.

Being free, he was not too clean and stunk and flies flew around him. I tried pushing his head out of the car, but I would have better luck with a brick wall.
If it were not for the cars behind me. I would have stayed there without moving and let him rest as we all enjoyed his company

While he was dreaming, we had time to discuss the plight of the buffalo in North America.
Being an animal lover, I couldn't see how they could kill such noble beasts for fun. We have stories about how a passing train would have men shooting them out of the window for fun. This was not good for the Indian who depended on Buffalo sustinance in winter.

They are huge, powerful and yet can be so gentle.
The fur and skins was used in many ways but I understand that when this fur gets wet, it stinks.
I would love to raise these animals. There was a farm in Napierville that had many different zoo animals like buffalo and zebra and llamas as well as a few ostriches. But then we passed one day and they were gone. Maybe they were taken to Parc Safari African. This is a beautiful place and has areas to swim and picnic so you could spend a day easily without any animals if you wanted to but who can resist and elephant ride or going to the Wild Wild West show with stunt horses.

There is a great Legend about the White Buffalo that is worth reading and every white buffalo birth is recorded for they do not live long. Their DNA is checked to see if it is of the pure white albino variety.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Post to the American Indian

I received this statue as a Christmas present.The American Indian had a way of life many could still learn from. I love the way they knew nature and became one with the world.

The Sun Dance is a ceremony practiced differently by several North American Indian Nations, but many of the ceremonies have features in common, including dancing, singing and drumming, the experience of visions, fasting, and, in some cases, self-torture.
The Native American tribes who practiced sun dance were:

The Arapaho, Arikara, Asbinboine, Cheyenne, Crow, Gros, Ventre, Hidutsa, Sioux, Plains Cree, Plains Ojibway, Sarasi, Omaha, Ponca, Ute, Shoshone, Kiowa, and Blackfoot tribes. Their rituals varied from tribe to tribe.

The buffalo skull is used during the Sun Dance and offerings are presented to the skull.
The Cheyenne stuffed the eye and nose sockets with grass, representing bountiful vegetation for the buffalo, which in turn meant healthy buffalo for the people.

Other tribes believed the grass represents bringing the buffalo back to life for grass is what gives the animal life.
The Dakota believe that the bones of bison they have killed will rise again with new flesh. The soul was seen to reside in the bones of people and animals, to reduce a living being to a skeleton is equivalent to re- entering the womb of this primordial life - a mystical rebirth.

During the dance the buffalo was important to them in visions. He may knock down a dancer, or the dancer may challenge the buffalo by charging at it.
Staying passed out too long meant one was too afraid to face the buffalo lack of courage and unworthy of the buffalo giving him what was asked .
Sometimes one can reach a certain and notice he is seeing through the buffalo's eyes, that he has become one with the buffalo.

The Sun Dance sometimes resolved a conflict between people that view the buffalo as wise and powerful, even closer to the creator than humans, and having to kill and eat them to survive. Making the buffalo sacred, symbolically giving new life to it, and treating it with respect and reverence acts a s a sort of reconciliation.

The Plains Indians saw that the buffalo not only provided them with physical well-being, but kept their souls alive, too.

They also believed that the buffaloes gave themselves to them for food, so the natural course to them would be to offer a part of themselves in return out of gratitude. Thus the sacrifice of the dancers through fasting, thirst, and self-inflicted pain reflects the desire to return something of themselves to nature.

Self-inflicted torture has also come to symbolize rebirth. The torture represents death, then the person is symbolically resurrected. The sun dancer is reborn, mentally and spiritually as well as physically,along with the renewal of the buffalo and the entire universe.

American Indians also kept healthy by the teas they drank like for instance, to keep cool they drank a tea made out of wild cherry bark,rosehips,orange peel hisbiscus flowers spearmint leaves and lemon grass

To sleep they made tea out of peppermint chamomile,catnip, valerian root,passion flower, strawberry leaves and scullcap

For Medicine tea made out of Spearmint, gota kola, wood betony,rosemary,eucalyptus,and ginseng leaves.

And for romance, a special brew of White Oak bark,muira puama ginger root,Damiana, rosemary,angelica root,marjoram,celery seed, missouri snake root and ginseng root.
I guess they had a special blend and knew how much to put of what in it.

Now we can go out and plant gardens with these gifts from nature and have fun brewing our own teas.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Festival of Lights Thank You Vancouver!!!

Last Night we went to see the finale of the Festival of Lights which Spain won.

Congratulations Vancouver on a Job well Done...This festival gets better every year, year after year, and it bonds the local community together with a sense of pride and belonging.... One Nation, One People with all its diverse backgrounds.
The Festival of Lights, in English Bay was SPECTACULAR, well attended, crowded, organized, orderly but most importantly festive...!

The skies were lit-up with palm trees, flowers, shooting stars, not to mention other things I cannot describe and the finale just lit up the whole sky, it looked and felt like we were being transported into the Golden Skies by some alien offshore manipulators bent on showing us a good time. I have never seen fireworks shot so close to people. You felt like you could almost touch, smell and taste them ... it was a beautiful experience you could only sense, experience and live the moment by being there.

There must have been over 20 thousand people gathered on the beach. Davie Street was closed so the public could enjoy a nice walk to the harbor.

I must say I had a great time and was impressed at how well the crowd behaved and the fireworks was unbelievably beautiful. The bay was full of ships and small craft and the sky was full of airplanes.

This saxaphone player entertained us with beautiful music

There were many street entertainers. This group had dancers especially one little boy who couldn't get enough of the drum beats. The Native American Indian was encouraging him on and also got up to dance

I took a Picture of this one gorgeous house which they told us was a restaurant but they closed it down
I thought it was sooo beautiful and could just picture all the stories it had to tell. The fence in front was beautiful as was the trimming on top just under the roof.

I got Gattina some pics of cats I am sure she will enjoy.:)

The skies were lit with palm trees, flowers, shooting stars, not to mention other things I cannot describe and the finale just lit up the whole sky. I have never seen fireworks shot so close to people. You felt you could almost touch them..

We stopped to eat at the
All India Restaurant on Davie Street where they had the best Lamb Vindaloo and Flambee Galab Jamun which is deep fried pastry balls in vodka.

They closed the street to traffic after we parked and got a fantastic rate of $4.50 from 6P.M. To 6 A.M. Another place tried to charge us 30 dollars for three hours so it pays to shop around.

We couldn't believe how many people were walking down the street and the beach was packed. We found the famous Boat House Restaurant on the beach which I know we will come back to.

At the end of the evening I asked my husband to stop and get my son a McDonalds since it's open 24 hours a day and I knew he would come home hungry. He ordered a Big Mac meal with two apple pies for him and for himself
he ordered a burger with no meal.

My Son and I always check because nothing is worse than to come home and find they didn't give us all we paid for. So I checked and she did not put meat in the burger She thought my husband said burger without meat.
For $4.15 a burger? I don't think so.
So they changed it and put meat in it.
Then I continued checking and they didn't give the apple pies either so we had to go back again. lol
We had a story to tell our son about how dedicated we were in getting him a meal that night.
I couldn't believe how busy McDonalds was at 1:30 in the morning. Probably it was full of people like us coming home from the Vancouver Festival.
The kids came to see us at the restaurant but then they enjoyed their own company on the beach and took the bus and sky train home.
It was more fun with all the people.

Thank you Vancouver for such a lovely evening and the nice memories!!!!