Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Red Keeps Blooming

Red flowers keep on coming. They stay soo long
Fall brings in so many new birds.
Huge wood peckers, black headed blue birds.
 The trees are full of chirps.
They come to get fed and continue their journey south.

As days get shorter, we get interchangeable weather.
One minute it's hot, one minute it is cold and cloudy .
The rain lasts longer.

Well seems google is clamping down on freedom of speech
and closing down the share menu.
So if you want to share you will no longer be able to.
This is to control outside media from the lies
normal media spreads.
 By September 29, 2016, the Search Box gadget on this blog 
will only present search results from this blog. 
Search results from pages linked in your posts, from the 
Web or from the Blog List and Link List gadgets 
 will not be presented anymore. Dismiss this notification
We recently announced that the Google Feed API would be
retired. As a result, the Slideshow gadget will no longer function, 
and we will remove it from your blog by September 29, 2016.

Trudeau wants people to again pay carbon tax
The pollution we get up here comes from the US.
It is blown up by the wind . Harper understood this.
It's a scam to force people to pay.

Mean while people in Calgary are giving up their pets cause
Trudeau only caters to foreign interests and could care less
about his own people.
He brought in an IMF woman who seems to have corruption charges
laid against her.
We don't need Europe here.

We need CANADA FIRST here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Vine Fragrance

This vine has the most fragrant flowers as well as being beautiful.

Another you tube  bush obama historical  video.


Sweet Perennial.

This sweet perennial come back every year.
I finally got a good shot of it.

Obama and the end of America


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day Lily

I managed to capture it in its' glory.
What a beautiful flower to wake up to!

The days have been nice lately. We are able to enjoy some sunshine.
Although one day we went to Home Depot and it began to down pour.
I thought oh boy,  there go my plants, but when I got home,
it was nice and dry, so I counted my blessings.

I cut some cuttings from the grape plant and thought why throw them out?
So I stuck them into the ground to see what happens.

We watch the news and think our leaders have gone insane.
Only one talking sense is Trump and he is being attacked by liberals
who are smooth talking liars and thieves.
It upsets me a lot when Trudeau says Canadians have to decide how we
will bring our products to market and this is what we will do.
He has done nothing but honeymoon since he got in power.
He takes the onus off of the government and puts it on a small group of people,
 putting people against people.
Is he saying all Canadians want him to continue honey mooning
 while the country is being sold out? It makes him a very dangerous man.

I wish the public would get smart for a change.
But they see new naive people growing up and think now is the time
to strike.
Trudeau does not speak for all Canadians. We do not want Europe here.
We don't want globalism in control and our little potato head doesn't understand
what China is telling him.

Today I saw cars with infowarscom stickers

Better to listen to outside news because our news sold us out for advertising. lol

Oh well.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Begonia Bouquet

They plant them in rows but I love making different color
bouquets out of them. This way they make for wonderful table
center pieces.
In winter roots can be dried and replanted in spring.
I prefer potted bouquets to rows in the ground.
They look so much nicer.

Coleus Radiance

The colors are so vibrant.It loves the sun.
Indoors or out , you can get an excellent show
from this plant.
Every leaf roots in a glass of water

Saw a huge woodpecker in the back yard It had a red crest
 on the top of its head.

This bird grows to 18 inches

Friday, September 9, 2016

Hot Red Love.

This is a sample of the gorgeous blooms I get from the miniature red rose.
Usually I am not very good with miniature roses but this year, they love me.
Well they must know how much I love them too. lol
Between them and the hummingbirds, which came to visit so often,
my days were made.
It is much easier to look after plants in pots.
Easier to weed, transplant, water.
I will never plant black berries in a back yard because they just take over.
It is soo hard to stop them from growing but in a pot, where they can be controlled,
I just think wow! What great plants and berries.

I took cuttings off of our lilac tree and it let out babies so now I have more lilacs
and  one vine of fragrant flowers begets you so many
cuttings to fill your whole yard with smells only to be got from
a perfume bottle.
Once you get enough flowers, you can boil them with vegetable oil and water
till the water evaporates and leaves you fragrant oil to which you
 add a few drops of alcohol and you have a scent to last you a long long time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Superstore Throw Aways.

These flowers I got from the Superstore for free.
 They were half dead so I guess this is why they tried to
 dispose of them quickly.
Well some miracle grow and lots of water and voila!!!

Soooooo many blooms the whole summer through

Every day I was just amazed how they flourished.
They are still very much in bloom I am not sure why they
 are called annual. I bet if I bring them in they will continue to grow.

I wish they would cause with all the plants indoors, my house
would look like a botanical gardens. lol

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Yellow Rose

These miniature roses grew tall and just gave me so much pleasure.

As the bloom aged it became creamier and then white but new buds were
bright yellow.
The bush was full of flowers.

The shallots I grew in the pot were much tastier than what you buy in the store.
It encourages me to try bringing in the butternut squash and have them
grow indoors. I tried to dry the seeds and they sprouted instead. lol
They have a great will to thrive.

Some years nothing grows no matter what you do.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hibiscus Dreams

This is almost a dream flower as it only lasts one day.
The colors are vibrant and the blooms were huge this year.
 Every morning they treated me to something new

< The seeds I collected from butternut squash sprouted in the plate,
 so I put them into a container and they look so strong but it is a little
 too late in the year and now my heart is broken that they will die.
Every day I keep thinking what to do to give them a chance to grow.,

Summer Glow

 This Beautiful flower lasts a long time

I love looking at the vibrant colors. Summer is almost over and
time is now needed preparing the plants for the cold wet weather ahead.
I trimmed the grape leaves and covered the base with newspaper.
Some I already took indoors as they are desert plants.
The roses are blooming beautifully and I have plans to bring them indoors
as they are miniature indoor roses. Hope they make it through
the winter.