Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gone to Earth

Jennifer Jones plays a wonderful part here as a simple, animal loving, and kinda crazy girl named Hazel.

I don't remember seeing many of these old movies and they are well worth watching.

Well today was Earth Day for me as I transplanted some plants into different pots.

Carnations , daisies, and other perrenials I have in my yard go to seed so I am waiting to gather them to keep in the fridge and then replant. I had a rose with beautiful flowers I am trying to get the cut stem to root. Sometimes to my surprise it does.
I planted lemon seeds I love lemon trees and now I am looking at the black berry bushes for the
berries and for the leaves to dry to have my own tea.
They are wild so I know there are no chemicals on them.
I think using manure in soil is a much better thing to do than to pay for all these things they tell you will make your plants thrive.
I use them and the plants dont like it.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The World in His Arms

The world in your hands is a great movie with Gregory Peck and Anthony Quin

Gosh were they young back then.

But if you have the salty sea smell in your nostrils, this is a lovely movie to watch.

Back then they thought about conservation. Some more than others.

And Love is always  in the air no matter which country you live in.
When you are in love, the world really is in your hands.

I enjoyed it.

Made liver with onions and left over meat balls in sauce
Now the chicken is steaming with baby potatoes waiting for broccoli.
That will be it today for cooking.

I am looking at the face I carved out of bone. Need another smaller tool to finish it then it can be posted.

Have a good one

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Taras Bulba

They are showing a lot of Cossack Movies lately
Guess it must be because of the Ukrainian situation.
Taras Bulba is a very well known story and Yul Brenner is wonderful in it as is
Tony Curtis
The Ukraine problem goes way back.
Here it is shown to be fought over by the Cossacks, Turks and Poles.
During WW2 it was the same.

Is it any wonder why Putin insists to get it back.
Throughout history Ukraine has never been free for long.
Fertile land , strategic position etc.. make it an area every one wants.
Today the US has its eye on it and so Putin is hated but say this was Cuba...
well all hell would break loose. Cuba is closer to the US than anyone else
and the US does not like Russia to have friends there.
They feel protective of it as Russia does to Ukraine.

Made very tasty meat balls today with sauce and my vine leaves.

Tried a kale potato soup at Olive Gardens and then made it at home since I had the baby potatoes.
I think my stuff is better  . It is hard to serve hundreds of people and expect
all the food to be made perfect. I have to say it was good but the eggplant parmegiani
and spaghetti was too much for me after trying olives grilled in 4 cheeses and soup.
Took a while to digest. Many people took doggy bags home.

I managed to carve one bone today with my dremel but I need a bit that is even smaller than the ones I have. Hope I can find one.

Have a good one.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bella Martadella.

My Beautiful Bella is 6 months old now and looking
 more and more enchanting as she is growing into her
 eyes and body.
She is a wonderful personality and I think she is more
 Havanese than anything else.
They say this breed loves to shred toilet paper
Yes, so true.
They love to train their owners.
Yes .That's so true as well.
They say they are loving social dogs and get anxious when left alone.
Yes. Bingo.
This is a dog definitely for stay at home people or maybe a travelling
Loyal , friendly, and very loving,
they would make excellent dogs for hospitals
as they are soft , long haired kissers.

The other day we took her out and she enjoyed her head
being stuck out the window but she keeps stepping on the
automatic window opener button and it shuts on her neck.
Gosh! So scary. Poor puppy.

Tanya gave up and is friends with her now but Tanya is a very
loyal old dog and no one can come near me except another dog and family. lol
So poor thing has to be separated from visitors.
Kinda sucks.
Sometimes she behaves and she is certainly given the chance to but it is
tricky and when she gives into guard patrol, she has to go to her room.
So far Bella has not learned to be unfriendly to strangers.
Makes it so much easier and nicer.
I hope you like her portrait.

Have a great day.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Slip and Slide Life

Ballet Slippers was a very nice movie of struggle to live and to
achieve ones dreams.
Goes to show united we stand, divided we fall.
 A lot more fun to be united.

Another beautiful Saturday to enjoy  and so many places to enjoy it in.

I used my dremel yesterday to cut through a thick bone.
I am excited about carving it now using the dremel.
I am bleaching the pieces in vinegar and salt solution.

Hope what ever I make turns out lol
When you get new toys, it takes a while to learn how to use them.
It will be a new experience.

Have a great one

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sing Carrot Sing!

This is just so amazing!
I will never look at carrots the same way again lol
The world is full of ingenuity

Imagine an orchestra of vegetable instruments..

Have a great Day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Visiting Sunshine

Friday, July 18, 2014

Who Pulls The Strings?

Stradivini is another excellent movie with Anthony Quin who plays a violin maker.
It comes in two parts.
I also watched The Red Violin which is also wonderful and worth watching on you tube.
Back then every piece was carved by hand and today these violins are sold for over a million dollars
because of the history behind them and who played them.

Makes me wish I played the violin.
but then I'd be crying most of the time because the strings do tug at the heart.
This is why it is such a special instrument.

Today was dog clipping day. My Bella screamed blue murder. Ayayyay!
Don't like this! Don't like that ! lol
but she came out looking beautiful.
After a few more times she will know the groomer and accept what has to be done.
(I hope).
Then we were glued to the news and the M17 crash.
What a terrible thing to happen. One family has people lost now on two Malay planes.
Andrei Anghel was a 24 year old Canadian, learning to become a doctor, flying to Bali.

After listening to a panel discussing the issue, there was only one fellow, A Professor of Russian studies, who spoke the truth.
The world is full of opinions understanding nothing as usual. Including Mr Obama.

This man said you can have an opinion but you can't change the facts and the facts tell a different story.
They are attacking Mr Putin to create another problem in the world.
Every one is pointing fingers because someone needs to pay for the crime.
How do you pay for a mistake?  All seems so senseless.

Someone is profiting from all this trouble not caring about all the loss of blood and heart ache.
 The people are still lying on the field in pieces and no one knows when they will be picked up,
while looters walk around picking up things they find on the ground.
Just unimaginable.
A while back, before 9/11, there was one woman who disclosed that soon there will be a cleansing of the world of people, because there are just too many mouths to feed.

Then all this trouble began. One thing after another.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Sun Shines and Innocents Die.

The Sun Shines Bright by John Ford.1953

 What a great movie Sure shines a BRIGHT light on
 relationships between people and race.

Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner but he believed in human rights. His major achievements; "his preamble has been considered an enduring statement of human rights.[52] "All men are created equal" has been called one of his best-known sentences and was promoted by Abraham Lincoln." We give ol Abe credit for another mans' words. The main worry at that time was what was a slave to do once he was freed and needed to look for a job? Many slave owners treated their workers very well. They worked in exchange for food, shelter, clothing, etc.... and that was not cheap in those times to do. Its nice to hear something good about this era as opposed to hate and violence.
 Transition to freedom was bound to happen sooner or later.
Today listening to the petty political arguments going around the world, I think men are not born equal.
Women are not considered human and there fore do not require education or rights.
Children are there to send out for meat in war including ours.

It is a sad state of affairs for religion and for politics.
Neither group is doing the job they were designed to do.

Religion is to keep peace through love but even brothers have no love for their own brothers today.

Politics is supposed to be there to organize a society so it has food shelter schools water jobs
celebration and instead they sit and bicker because the ones running for politics are not honorable men and women interested to do good. Like law , it is all about law and not justice. It is not about doing the right thing.. They lie cheat steal... how can we trust their judgement decisions when making
rules and laws? for example how can they justify Human Rights to relate to abusive prostitution?
Today we do not need Unions with the existence of Human Rights do we? But we do.
If companies did to their employees what pimps do to theirs, they would be closed down.

Plastics in water apparently change male fish into females so one wonders how it relates to people and the sudden rise in the gay population. Should we not therefore be concerned about
creating healing water as found in the hot springs and water around volcanoes?
We have so many things to worry about and yet we are all distracted by the world around us
who sits and fights to live, by killing you, for doing the right thing.

Why is it they don't do the right thing at home? It would keep them busy and away from killing
and this would make us all happy.

We speak of killing of innocent people. How can the HAMAS infested area call itself innocent when they send people to die in suicide bombings.
Innocence in Palestine has long been lost since before Yasser Arafat times. The man kissed hands and then bombed. Collected Nobel Peace Prizes and then bombed.
 Everything the free world does, is meaningless to them unless it is their way.
We are not their brothers and never will be.
All these kids will grow hating and damaged by their religion.
Yes the sun shines and innocents die but we are not innocent as long as we support and send our children to war.

Look at how Mexico decided to invade the US and turn it into a Spanish country?
It makes sure the kids cross the border and turns the US into a political mess because they can't do a thing about it.
Ghandi did this. Cuba did this and now Islam is doing this.
Our laws have to be changed and enforced or crime will grow and then INNOCENT people will die here.
In order for multiculturalism to succeed, people have to live and work and study together and not in separate communities. People have to be kept innocent of differences and what unites us, has to be enforced.

Have a great one

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beauty of Grace

Watching the Princess Grace of Monaco movie,
 I could understand why Prince Rainier loved her so.
She did so much for Monaco and was admired by all
who came into contact with her.
She is similar to Queen Elizabeth and Princes Diana who also took their
 duties seriously more so than the other royals.

These are beautiful women, setting great role models for many
to follow.
I am sure the lives they led/lead are not easy but it is nice to know
that somewhere in this world, duty inspires politeness, gentleness of spirit ,
teaches leaders to be kind and caring of the people in their country who love
and support them.
By such royals, people are inspired to be better people in nations that would otherwise
lose the meaning of such things as dignity, self respect, honesty, grace,....

Like Nicole Kidman said: It is a fairy tale that can come true for every one.

I think Nicole Kidman did a wonderful job portraying Princess Grace.
Great movie.


Sunday, July 13, 2014


It was not the most exciting game but Germany finally pulled through before penalty kicks, in overtime. Argentina had plenty of chances to score 3 goals but screwed up. Messi was a very bad loser but hey! It wasn't theirs today. Schweinsteiger made such a mess on the field confusing every one and injuring himself so many times. He wanted it so bad he could taste it and this is what it takes to win. I never saw so many head bangin in one game like in this one. I was surprised they had players left to play. One thing I did notice was the shin guards. They all wore long thick ones. The close ups when they tangled legs and feet looked so dangerous. Boy. I hope they get a chance to enjoy the beach before going home. Big party tonight for these guys lol xoxoxoxoxox

Friday, July 11, 2014

Carpet Laughter.

I don't usually like Joan Rivers cause sometimes she goes too far and gets gross but this
episode made me laugh.

The weather is super duper these days so I took out the carpets and hung them to wash on the porch.
I used Ivory dish washing liquid and a good jet stream from the hose and now they are drip drying in the sun. Power washing carpets is the new thing dontcha know.
The sun should kill anything left in them should there be something.

My Mom used to take out her Indian rug out in winter to clean in the snow.
We would both be there throwing snow on it and swooshing the broom on both sides of it.
It came back in fresh and clean. We never had dirt or dust or chemicals in it.

My Mom was meticulous that way. Everything had to be disinfected all the time.
No one allowed on the rug.
Her floors were polished to a mirror shine and she would sit talking about her floors all the time cause no one was allowed to walk on them either .
 My Dad one day got mad at her and told her he would remove the floors if she continued to bicker about them. When we sold our house the people who bought it stripped all her wood floors and tiled them My Mom was heart broken. lol
Had she known, we would have used them.

No wonder I am the exact opposite of her. I say dirt is good for you.
Farmers sit in it all their lives and a good farmer knows his soil by the texture and taste of it
and you know what they use to fertilize soil dontcha ? lol
 When we would drive by a field freshly fertilized by cow manure, we would take a deep whiff and say hmmm Good Fresh Air!!
while my Mom who hated dirt and farms, would be turning green.
My Dad and I enjoyed playing with her this way.

As she got older she got over it cause we loved farms and towards the end, I'd take her to the horse club where my kids would ride and she and I would enjoy feeding the horses carrots.
What a lovely life to live amongst such gentle beasts who really perk up when they see you coming with a bag of greens. Doesn't take long before 10-15 horses surround you waiting their turn to crunch.

I love throw carpets for this cleaning reason. The wall to wall can never really be clean cause they lay them over dirt to begin with so when they get wet, guess what you are wetting under neath on the wood?
Have a great Day!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ball of Christmas Faith

I found this bauble I made a while back because people were saying
Christmas should be about Jesus. So this one, is all about icons representing Mother and child. and a story of peace love being promoted through the Saints. It is nice to decorate the tree with a true Christmas message. I like every year to be a different tree. One year it was all teddy bears. One year all ribbons and stars. One year all Santas. One year all candles. One year all things pertaining to the birth... Donkeys lambs mangers wise men and of course Mary with Jesus and Joseph. One year angels, one year snowflakes.

 Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.
All about a young girls dreams and fantasies learning about life.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hard Times

This is something I did and it turned out I think.

 Tess of D'uberville is a very nice classical movie.
I enjoyed it. I have the book and sure would love reading it again.
 Complications of Love in Society.

Have a nice day.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the great deception

This is interesting cause it says all the visions people see of the Virgin Mary and the crying Icons are a deception Before the end of times the Bible speaks of false gods prophets angels and that the only way to God is through his son. Today holograms are so real, that one cannot tell they are not real people. And Mary would not give a speech about herself and her importance, if she was speaking for her son. England told her people not to go to places like Syria where they will be in danger and can't be trusted not to become terrorists on their way back home People dont care about the country they live in and go anyway. They are so misguided so as to say when Jesus returns, he will make every one Muslim. Such beliefs can only conclude that when they come back, they might be trained assassins and Britain is right in believing something like this could happen. Jesus is so far away from the Islamic reality . He, for one thing , was a pacifist, a lamb led to slaughter. He would be more like Ghandi than Muhammad. He put himself into harms way but never his people. He said he would die so his word could live. He was a true leader. The fight was spiritual having to do with faith in the good. When you believe in good, you cannot do bad things,to hurt people. You walk through life in innocence. How many people can say they do that today? Do we need to look at our Charter of Rights and Freedoms again and change it so it becomes more effective in doing the job it was really intended to do, to promote good? Truth is the biggest sword anyone can carry. Truth is feared and hated. People fight to keep the lies but truth stands on its' own. Religion, as it pertains to Christ, is about truth. We have to remember why Christianity came into existence. It was because of the sadistic cruelty that existed whereby man lived in fear every day. When it comes to free countries, we stay in the middle of the road so balance exists and in this way, we keep peace. Once the balance is lost, trouble begins. xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, July 7, 2014

lourdes miracle

This is intersting Today there are mny icons weeping around the world. xoxox

Friday, July 4, 2014

To Love Is To Sin

 Two boys were arguing when the teacher entered the room. The teacher says, "Why are you arguing?" One boy answers, "We found a ten dollor bill and decided to give it to whoever tells the biggest lie." "You should be ashamed of yourselves," said the teacher, "When I was your age I didn't even know what a lie was!" The boys gave the ten dollars to the teacher.
Oh the good ol days when we had to go to confession.

It was a nightmare for me.
What was I to confess?
Of course I always went to the 10 Command ments
and this was basically what I referred to, to confess from.

Not listening to my parents.
Getting angry.
ummm.................nose picking......ummm...putting elbows on the

But today I know I am going to hell for sure.

I still get angry or frustrated would be a better word and well..
I am still not listening to my parents
but then my kids dont listen to me either lol
(which is frustrating lol)

I eat too much . Drink too little.(in my opinion)

Sometimes the odd bad word pops out.
I like to bop my husband in the head at times
but then I think he's too little, too cute and funny to bop lol

Abhore housework.

Dislike  cooking.

Sex?  Well .........God better NOT be looking there . lol
Do priests really need to hear ALL the minute details?
This is where one can have fun making things up for them.
and for the alter boys listening behind the walls.

People tire me easily now.

Loss of patience listening to people with empty heads, talking about their rights.
 Don't they understand there is no such thing,
any more than there is freedom?
Most words are an illusion of existence or reality. We are all insane.
Oh and this word "Intolerance"
People are getting sick on this word.
You can't have a yes or no opinion anymore cause its intolerance.
A law = intolerance to something.
To say NO to pass a law is also intolerance.
The way its used today, you can't say no at all so everything has to be yes.
Then people get hurt and all heck breaks loose and you have to ask why?
If you are for tolerance..... then tolerate rape, killing, pedophilia, prostitution , drugs.
.... they get off anyway
because passing laws to stop them =  intolerance.

Irks me that people dont see all the love  and caring I hold inside of me
for the world and family and friends.

Sloth? Well not really. I like messy houses cause they are lived in
When I see a clean house it tells me people either live somewhere else
or this is just not a healthy home.
You need stuff to be the person that you are. Books memorabilia clothes papers...
 coffee stains, dirt....pets...
The toilet should have used towels and the tub should look like someone took a shower in it
and the waste basket should have at least used toilet paper rolls..

Argumentative?  Well I would call it debates and discussions which people don't like doing or dont know how to do. We did a lot of that growing up in school..
In fact, it was a teaching tool to teach you  to think both pro and con.

Hard to get a good discussion going cause people fly off the handle or sit in a daze cause it goes way past over their heads. Now these are the voters they want to day 18 and over and now they want them at 16.
What country do you live in son?
Vancouver. Oh ya? How do you get there from Alberta?
 Well, first you have to fly to California.....

Hey I heard they had some good bargains in California
Ya. I went to get a play station and they let you bargain.
Wow ! So how much did you get it for?
Well, they wanted 279.00 and I told them I would not pay more than 299.00 and they said SOLD!!
Her teenage son was having trouble mastering the fine points of balancing his new checking account. "The bank returned the check you wrote to the sporting goods store," she said. "Oh good," he said, "Now I can use it to buy some stereo equipment!"

Liberals! They are raising Liberals in schools today.

I get... don't talk to her. You just get her going. lol
My sons friends have a gas laughing while my sons hide in shame. lol

When I was a kid I was shy.

So I learned to speak up. Now I get:
You are talking too loud.

I answer irked... THAT"S CAUSE YOU CAN'T HEAR ME!!!!

I use accents a lot, cause if you don't, people dont understand you.
Russel Peters made a mint exposing just that, using his East Indian Dad
and the arabic/chinese languages when they speak S' English.

Crossing the border the US side always says I have an accent.
Where are you from?
My Answer: From Canada Eh?.

Then I say: You have an accent too. Where are you from?
Should you be working at the border?
R U letting in people you shouldn't,with the wrong accents?
I really want an American at the border.
A tourist in LA is walking through Chinatown when he sees a sign saying, ‘Hans Olafsen’s Laundry’. Curious, he walks into the shop and sees an old Chinese gentleman sitting in the corner. ‘How did this place get a name like Hans Olafsen’s Laundry?’ asks the tourist. The old man says, ‘It’s named after me. I’m Hans Olafsen.’ ‘That’s an unusual name for a Chinese man,’ observes the tourist. ‘Yes,’ says the old man, ‘But when I came to America I was standing in the immigration line behind a man called Hans Olafsen. And when they asked me my name, I said, Sam Ting.’
Our teachers put a lot of stress on DICTION
So using diction, turns into an accent,cause people today slur their words
talking too fast.
We had to talk slow, so people could hear and understand you.
You slow down and read with emphasis on question marks and exclamation marks.etc..
Today you look and sound like a moron doing that but I have to say,
we lose a lot by NOT doing it.

So this is another reason why Rap is irksome to the ear.
You just want to slap the guy around silly.
The rain in Spain..............
 Do u really wanna hurt me? Do u really wanna make me cry.....
I don't hear a word you're sayin, so why bother tryin to make me understan?
Q.- What is Method Man's favourite novel?
A: Tical a Mockingbird.
Q: What did Dr. Dre say when judging a vegetable show?
A: "Word to these hyped-ass leeks and dope beets".
Basically, I love life.
I love nature, especially the air that I breathe and water and the critters I share it all with.
I think in my past life, if there is such a thing,  I must have been hanged  because I don't like anything around my neck.
In water, I wish I had gills so I could swim forever.

I love sunshine , dancing and singing and flowers and people and peace............
I love to hear laughter. celebration, children, books, knowledge, space
I love artwork symphonies crafts. engineering. fashion. fireworks.............

If you want to get through to alzheimers and parkinsons patients this is how you do it, through
question marks, exclamation points, colors....These are people , sitting, very much alive, trapped inside their heads not knowing how to get out. Stimulate their nerve endings and they find ways.

Ask me: What don't you love?......
 and really I have to say, there is nothing I don't love.

Some things I may not like but only because of love.; As a result of love.

I guess I am very guilty of being SELFISH to wanting and holding on to all my senses
so I could live and feel , touch and desire because these are the things which keep my spirit alive.

My spirit can live forever on good , if be it, sinful memories.

I am a person full of sin and on judgement day, that's all I will ever be able to tell my Father.
 I can't blame the devil saying HE made me do it like Flip Wilson does. (what happened to him?)

You .......GOD...........created me to love and to love to sin.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Take My Love

Leslie Caron is exceptional in this movie
The Glass Slipper
I always liked her movies anyway.
Here she plays Ella from the Cinderella story.

Leslie reminds me of this French teacher we had from France.
She also had short curly hair and a special aura of grace and beauty around her.
She was tiny and muscular , very fit and when she walked into a room,
well all eyes were upon her.
Suddenly we all wanted to learn French lol
She was the kind of lady we only see in movies.

It was a sad day when we came to school and were told that she died
coming back from skiing in the Laurentians.
I wish I could remember her name .
We had her for such a short time but we all cried like she was a
member of the family.
It was a sad loss. She died far away from home and
she had everything to live for.
It took a while to get over the shock of it.

My Dad never allowed me to go to the Laurentians.
My parents were very strict till I was 18 and then just let me go.
Its funny cause I never got into trouble as much as they could have.
My Dad loved cars and in those days driving 120 MILES per HOUR
was nothing. Try doing that today.
Back then we saw our parents as Gods. They could do no wrong.
 Today looking back, mine
were just two normal people
making mistakes like every one else.

Have a good one.

Fancy Lace Baby

I finished this little outfit on Canada Day It is for a newborn to 3 month but
it  took a while to make because of all the lacy stitching.

 As  I was making it, I thought it's a good thing its not for a big kid cause it
 would take a month to do lol But it was well worth it.
It is soft and lovely.
The lady SarahSweethearts gave the pattern and said she makes this dress
for charity and hopes others can do the same.
 I can just imagine the joy to get a dress like this.
I keep thinking little boys get left out here cause they just get guy things. lol

The hat was simple enough. I garnished it with flowers and buttons
and although it distressed me to add another color to the white dress
I thought if I just embellished it with a few flowers and the same buttons, the hat
could go with the outfit.

Catching flies was fun today to feed the venus fly trap. I even found a few
little spiders but they never made it cause my husband hit them too hard
with the fly swatter.At night I should be able to get a few mosquitoes.
Funny how a plant gets two people to work for its' keep lol

Clara Hughes bicycled 11 thousand miles across Canada for Mental Health .
She said one in five are affected by some form of mental illness  .
This was shocking to hear.
One in five people?? WHY?
This should concern all Canadians and even Americans since we share one continent.
What do we have to do to change this?

Today was grass cutting day. It is so nice when the lawn is so short you can
play golf on it.
You don't even care about the weeds because you can't see them.
I am glad people don't use insecticides and pesticides on their lawn anymore.
But it sure grows like a weed and by next week it will need another cutting.

We dont remove the cut grass cause it is the best thing for it. It just goes
back into Mother Nature, self fertilizing.

It's nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the back yard and sunshine once in a while.

Have a good one.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Eh?



Well the US lost to Belgium. The US had the best goalie ever but
even he finally could not stand alone. It was good to see one of my
sons US soccer players out there, in an actual Fifa game. We even
saw his grand father watching the game. Too bad my sons US team
 was not playing. They had it together and would have pulled through.
 Things change.
Have a good one