Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Soul of Winter.

Enya taken from

We will soon have snow .
Our beautiful BC province will become deadly and breathtakingly
We ride through endless mountains and country roads  over taken by
a  winter wonderland, especially beautiful at night when the whole world
seems to glisten under a full clear moon.
On such nights we walk, listening to the crunching of snow underneath our boots,
  breathing the crisp cold air and looking down steep cliffs, that go WAY down,
on the side of the road.

Life is about feasting, in more ways than one.
As people of soul, we enjoy seeing nature quietly sleeping,  as
the peaceful softness of snow replaces whispering leaves
on bough branches,and pine needles on soft forest floors.
 Father Frost turns snow
 into a hard blanket keeping everything icy and warm.

and yet the brooks still run down mountain slopes full of clear
 fresh water and in the distance the howl of a lone wolf ties everything together.
Life ......... death .......... eternity

 Yesterday I watched a movie called Lucy.
It played with the idea that man only uses a small percentage of his brain and
showed what would happen if we could expand our mind through drugs.

Well LSD didn't  do it for us but in this movie another drug did.
However it also made life shorter because it used so much energy in attaining
knowledge that it burnt itself out , thus became everything.
Sorta like God, which makes us wonder if it is better to be like him, in everything,
or inferior to be able to enjoy little bits here and there and live longer doing it,
knowing less.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Boogie Woogie Show

When I was a kid I loved Liberace. I thought my God is his family
lucky to have so talented a man who could teach his kids and bring joy
 into the house.I would have loved him to be my Dad to teach me first
hand how to play like this.
At that time we kids were innocent to gender issues.
Place des Arts in Montreal was reserved for Excellence and talent
and he was one of the artists allowed to perform there.
Groups like the Beetles could bring in a crowd but they
were not considered cultural performers like opera singers 
violinists, piano players and ballerinas, who excelled in what they did.
All this changed.

These Rock groups performed at the Forum hockey stadium along with
other shows like the Circus,
Ice Capades , Magic shows  etc...

Today we can read all about this genious pianist and now I think,
what a waste.
He went around telling fans that it was thanks to them he could gorge himself in
diamonds. It would have been ok if life was just about material things but
 it is so much more.
He had so much more to offer to so many more people and not much is disclosed
if he ever did outside of his performances and movies.

I still love to watch him play .

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Little Music Poetry and Contest

An old Canadian poem.
I can almost hear the Quebecois lingo here.

De Nice Leetle Canadienne

1You can pass on de worl' w'erever you lak,
2Tak' de steamboat for go Angleterre,
3Tak' car on de State, an' den you come back,
4An' go all de place, I don't care--
5Ma frien' dat 's a fack, I know you will say,
6W'en you come on dis contree again,
7Dere 's no girl can touch, w'at we see ev'ry day,
8De nice leetle Canadienne.
9Don't matter how poor dat girl she may be,
10Her dress is so neat ab' so clean,
12An' she wear it, wall! jus' lak de Queen.
13Den come for fin' out she is mak' it herse'f,
14For she ain't got moche monee for spen',
15But all de sam' tam, she was never get lef',
16Dat nice leetle Canadienne.
17W'en "un vrai Canayen" is mak' it mariée,
18You t'ink he go leev on beeg flat
19An' bodder hese'f all de tam, night an' day,
20Wit' housemaid, an' cook, an' all dat?
22Cos' only nine dollar or ten,
24Wit' hees nice leetle Canadienne.
25I marry ma famme w'en I 'm jus' twenty year,
26An' now we got fine familee,
27Dat skip roun' de place lak leetle small deer,
28No smarter crowd you never see--
29An' I t'ink as I watch dem all chasin' about,
30Four boy an' six girl, she mak' ten,
31Dat 's help mebbe kip it, de stock from run out,
32Of de nice leetle Canadienne.
33O she 's quick an' she 's smart, an' got plaintee heart,
34If you know correc' way go about,
35An' if you don't know, she soon tole you so
36Den tak' de firs' chance an' get out;
37But if she love you, I spik it for true,
38She will mak' it more beautiful den,
39An' sun on de sky can't shine lak de eye
40Of dat nice leetle Canadienne.



Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Put a Spell on You for Halloween

Halloween is a fun time when kids can have a great time running around
collecting treats .
Some of them also have to perform tricks.

We always had fun making haunted houses, scaring kids and even some parents
enough, to make our house a very popular one. In those days we had to make
sure we had tons of treats.
But kids grow up and times change.
Some kids became victims of vicious people who hated spirits and evil angels
gouls goblins witches and gave out bad candy spiked with razor blades and what not.
So Halloween fun was spoiled .

It's the same with blogs.
I try to talk about God and the 10 Commandments because I believe it is good for every one.
There is only one deity that the world believes in and the rest are prophets.

Now prophets can be good or bad because of how they interpret the meaning of who and what God is and what he wants, but they are not God so they cannot speak for him.

In reality there are only two true religions and they are Judeism because the Jews are still waiting
and Christianity because we believe God sent the 10 Commandments and  his son , who is part of the trinity Father Son and Holy Spirit.
Man can only be touched by those three and if they are touched by anything else,
.....well, they end up living in a twilight  zone.

You meet up with some of these people who call out demons calling them angels and spirit guides .
I met one  once and she was very enthusiastic about what she did but I know playing with the occult is a very bad thing. The devil does exist.

My Mom as a girl, played with the Ouiji Board and was invited to come visit the horned goat.
She got scared and stopped playing. Another of her friends sat by a mirror on New Years Eve
calling out for a spirit to show her the face of her true love, the man she would marry.
At first glimpse you have to turn the mirror over quickly. Failing to do so could be fatal.
Her friend did not turn it over quick enough and was found beaten badly.
Another of her Moms' friends used a light porcelain bowl to deal with the occult. She got frightened one night and forgot to turn over the bowl to let the spirit out and it burst.

And I was sitting in Singapore writing my Mother a letter about a funeral that was taking place behind the wall of the building I was in.
The Chinese hire wailers and they clang and bang things to keep evil spirits away from the dead body.

As I was writing her telling her this I mentioned the word devil and the ceiling lamp burst with such ferocity, as I had never seen before. Seems the devil was on my side of the wall trying to get in but couldn't and made sure I knew he was there.
It was then,  I began talking of spirits with the local people and found that they truly believe in them
as something to stay away from.

The devil plays with obsessions and possessions if you let him. He brings more spiritual pain and suffering to those who call out these spirits and angels and spirit guides.
It never ends well.
I advise anyone who does so to stop and if they cannot stop, please go seek professional help because some of you need help desperately. Do so before you self destruct.
Angels and spirit guides do not have the answers you seek.
Their job is to confuse and promote hate.

In my blog I try to have people reflect and understand that God is not obsessive nor possessive and does not care what you dress in or how you pray. Books were written to save people who lived without refrigeration and the technology we have today.
They are not meant to be taken literally today because they were written by man.
They are history, a glimpse into the past.

The 10 Commandments was written by God.

It and It alone, has the power to unite us all in peace.
It and it alone is truth.
We cannot argue against it any more than we can argue the existence of God.
It is beyond us all.
To argue against God is to show your ignorance and to follow something less wholesome.
We see this today so clearly just through reading the newspapers.
 Lost people, committing horrible acts against others and who could have been saved.

I would also like to say that I am not a professional. My blog is for me and for anyone who may find the things I say interesting and helpful. I express my thoughts as others express theirs and I am free to do this in the country I live in, but I am not a doctor.

If my blog depresses you. it is up to you to go seek professional help because obsessive compulsive behavior is a sign that something is wrong in your life.
Something you are doing, is hurting you deeply.
There are many good people in this world who do care.
I in particular care about children because they are innocent and abused by greedy pressure groups.

So enjoy your Halloween and keep it healthy.
Love your neighbor and your enemy and most of all
love God, for he is truth and the light.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Following the Spirit.

The wind blows the curtain through my fingers.
Soft and silky,like her gray hair, it caresses and
Presses for a firmer grasp,
So as not to let it slip away.

The smell of the hearth , permeates the air with pine and sage.
 I hold her firm against my breast and kiss the now old brow ,
Acknowledging an end to an era of mirth , strength,
Sadness, fear and agony of spirit.

She lived well, strong and sweet and left the essence of her life
Etched in the eyes and souls of all who knew her.
Hail to thee great spirit of life and liberty!
Hail to thee oh soul of wisdom, humbleness, grace and creativity!

Upon a white feather pillow, I lay down her head 
And let her spirit fly through the open window, taking with her
The silky curtains, pressing for a firmer grasp, to permit the
Mapping of her journey into eternal life.

A Lady's Life.

Moms Fight to Love.


Love is never fulfillment
Life is never a thing of continuous bliss
There is no paradise
Fight and laugh and feel bitter
and feel bliss;and fight again
Fight, fight, that is life

DH Lawrence.

Was a very wicked night last night.
Windy and rainy.
As the rain pelleted the roof, the dogs went wild .
Tanya was shaking and Bella was running around after Tanya,

I took the time to brush the two dogs using spray conditioner .
Have to see today if it was a good thing I did or now
 have to wash them to stop matts.
Every day you learn new things to do and this was one of them.

Beau is also very restless Keeps barking, at what I don't know.
Something is really bothering him.
He doesn't want to come in either.
Every one is in guard mode.
Maybe the neighbors rooster has something to do with it
cause it doesn't stop crowing all day.
Tough little guy.
It must be a new rooster cause the old one didn't know how
to crow as well as this one does.

We had one man shooting the war memorial in Ottawa and
another man who ran over two soldiers in Quebec.
So much insanity in this world.

The Pope opened a discussion on allowing gay marriages.
It clearly says in the Bible that man should not lie with man.
So if this comes to pass, then religion will become obsolete.
The reason Christian religion exists is because of the
10 Commandments but if they change those then there is no
more religion and nothing for people to believe in.
This then opens doors to many ruthless things like
 anarchy which then leads to massacresand dictatorships.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ompapa Through a Dull Day

dull wet yucky day

Made cabbage soup
rack of lamb with rice and bok choy.

Son came home and ate the rack of lamb all by himself lol

So I can't say if it was good or not. lol
Must have been.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lets Have Some Polka Nuts

Such a wet dull day . Need some good ol fashioned
hop skip and jump. This should fill my cup wonderfully.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Moisturiser That Works.

Squirrels are so smart and it is not east to get them away from bird food.
Well here is one family who had a simple and ingenious idea.
Vaseline and it works.

The only thing I would do is hang it on a nylon fish string.
I hope the birds finish the food before he finally manages to get to it.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

News and Music

Q  Why did the horse have to gargle?

Ans :Cause he was a little hoarse.

I little guitar music goes a long way and this fellow plays it so well.
I put it on and can listen the whole day.

Yesterday I listened to Mozart. What a wonder this computer is
with so many putting stuff on for the world to enjoy.
I got two things today horses and music.
Nothing like a soft big nose to nudge at you but instead
I have a few little black ones that make my day. every day.

I was reading the paper today about a guy whose left side was cut off.
He is all right now.

Then one of my blogger friends suggested a book on anti gravity.
It's a book you just can't put it down.

On Vision TV  they were talking about atheism.
They said it was a non - prophet organization.

The ambulance came to our neighbors' house and took a little boy to the hospital.
He swallowed some coins.
I called his grand mother to ask how he was and she said: " no change yet".
Guess we have to wait and see. lol

I love to tell jokes when I am knitting to pass the time.
My friends call me a real knitwit.

I knit animal hats and I swear I can hear them talking. The other day one said to the other:
I'll stay here and you go on a head.
Even hats get lazy lol

Music is a little miracle we have on this planet.
Beautiful music is a blessing and helps the day go by a lot nicer.

Have a good one


Going Cuckoo

Life in todays' world  seems like it is all going cuckoo.
Every time a log is laid before the horse and cart one just says
"What else is new" more as a statement than a question.

Technology is supposed to make things easier but instead it makes it
more complicated and harder to prove ones' innocence.
This is mainly because so much has changed.
Companies are not as strictly run as before when mistakes mattered.
The old bosses were stricter and the employees were much more loyal.
Jobs mattered. Job security mattered. God mattered. Today... nothing matters.

Before, when you needed oil, you called the oil truck which delivered
 the oil and you paid the man either with cash or a check. Simple.
You could trust people a lot more to bring the check or cash to the employer, than you can today.

Cases were simple. You did not need to argue about payments made.
If you did not pay you did not get oil.
Today you can argue till you turn blue that payment was made three times
 at a great cost to you and they don't have it the other end no matter how
 much proof you show them and more.... they don't care.
Why don't they care? Well cause they are secure in that the judge will take their side.
It is very easy to put the relevant info on another computer where nothing is traceable.
Cases become so many that the victim often loses.
The bigger the company, the harder it is to obtain justice.

This is the computer age. It is the age of no responsibility because computers do not lie,
but people still do and identity theft can be so easy to do and very profitable.
The laws have not caught up with the computer age.
 There is no perfect system and unless they make it straight forward and easy to do,
things become very complicated.
It is much easier to stay analog or with the old systems but instead , they are swept under the coals.
People are forced into change. Kudoos for those who still can.

The hunter today complains about not being
 able to hunt for food. It was simple back then . Buy a license and you are set.
Today buying licenses is not easy and then they tell you where what and when.

The same with fishing and even if you do catch or kill something, it doesn't mean it is edible cause animals depend on the environment and the environment is poisoned.
So you pay about 100 dollars per person for a license,for a "certain" area to fish in,  for catch and let go .
So you end up with two choices.
 1) eat what you caught or killed or starve letting it go.
2) eat the poison they sell for much higher prices in stores.

There is a number 3 solution but the city laws don't allow you to grow your own meat, so cities and towns can quickly become dangerous jungles where even rats are not safe because of mass starvation
that can happen overnight.

Survival quickly becomes more of a profession than a skill.
This is why sky scrapers are not solutions unless you have gardens for people to plant stuff in or grow meat around.
Urban sprawl is also difficult if there is no adequate transport or enough local stores.

So people have to in the end, either face higher taxes with no solutions or live with less, lower taxes
and get more freedom to be a human being and enjoy life as God would wish it.
Justice then has to be local justice and laws, local laws and God closer and in every home, so everything is simple and makes a whole lot more sense.
It is a lot safer and nicer to know your neighbor and do business with him than to do it with people you don't know , wolves in sheeps' clothing


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wife Smells Great!!

Recipe for Easy Crock Pot Air Freshener
1 1/2 cups warm water
4 cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces
1 tsp. imitation vanilla
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 tsp. ginger
1/2 tsp. almond extract
1/2 tsp. allspice
1 1/2 tsp. vegetable oil

have a great day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Viva! Life and Red Wine


This goes back a while.
Now why don't we have music like this anymore?

Health is our greatest possession
Contentment is our greatest treasure and
Confidence is our best friend.

As we age, we reflect on the past and see that life passed us by very quickly.
but nature does not hurry and yet accomplishes everything.

We had duck for thanksgiving. with vine leaves, eggplant spread, string squash, sweet potato ,
squid olives deviled eggs and tiramisu cake for desert.
A bit different One turkey was spared lol.
Bad luck for the duck.

Would it not be a bad world if people didn't have to eat.



Monday, October 13, 2014

Giving Thanks

To a Golden Day full of thanks and blessings.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy Thanks giving.

This video is really nice.

Happy Thanks Giving Every one!!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Erase It All and Be Nothin.

ben folds

 What was our home,
Paper not stone
A lean to the most
Oh when you pour
You’re half away
Gravity want
Like it always does
Did I wait time
Would it be easier?
To just delete, our pages
And the plans we’ve made

Erase me, so you don’t have to face me
Put me in ground and move the daisies
Ah, the memory, see how it goes, when you
Erase me, erase me,

So what will you do?
With no me for you
I know what we said
What if I left, a thing or two
We know that you don’t seem
To think about what you need to
You reached you’ll find that you’ve

Erased me, what the fuck is this?
You’re crazy
Turn around and do each time
Replace me
Ah, the memory, everybody knows how it goes
You just erase me
Do me like a pro and taze me
Fireworks poof, it’s gone, amazing
New’ve gone solo
Growing mustaches all a photo
Erase me, erase me

Aaahhhhaaaa, ahhhhaaaaaa,
Aaahhhhaaaa, ahhhhaaaaaa,

Erase me, this is not shouting baby
Erase me, go on call the cops now baby
Ah, the memory, everybody knows
What the brand new home
Erase me, so you don’t have to face me
Erase me, I’m sure you can never escape me
And if you feel nothing
Guess where and what  I’ll be.

I found this to be a good song.
We are our experiences.
You can walk away from people and things but nothing changes
as to who you really are.
That will always be there.
And if that disappears,
then so do you.

Makes you shudder when looking at todays' violent world.
We think we can change countries and people but
it can't be done.
People are who they are and what they believe in.
To change them would mean to erase them,
turn them into nothing.
Living with a conscience means you are stuck with all your memories good and/or bad.
So how do you do this, change people or erase who they are ,
 ethically and morally?

In the past they turned them into monks to lead a humble,
subservient life,devoted to God, devoid of rights to language and opinion.
It was that or get psychologically broken or worse, killed.

Today we see one tragedy after another.
For ethical and moral reasons people choose to kill
as psychologically breaking a person is illegal.

Today we ask why do policemen shoot to kill?

Their job is the same as a soldiers'. They deal with people
who can't be psychologically broken,
so they are turned into nothing to save tax payers money.

And if they make a mistake, this is the price we pay for being the
unchangeable people that we are, with civil rights.

What a horrible cold reality.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Good Fight

I love songs where you can hear the words.

Good ol Leonard always talking good shit. lol
I think I knew his Mother.

Isn't this what life is becoming ,
Waking up to darkness every day?
"Is this contagious?
 Just drink it up. "

People just don't seem to have a chance even with our democracy and government.
There is just no protection from greed and violence especially
when we frown on doing the right things in life.It makes it so easy
to walk all over us.

Freedom does carry responsibility which many ignore.
Just today on the news a man went to check his community garden and
 it was trampled on by drug people, who then beat him up.

So when I see people supporting legalizing drug use, I just want to
yell in the same manner they speak.

SHUT THE F UP!!!! Cause it seems this is the only language they understand.
No need to go to school these days.
Just learn to bad words and you are set for life. lol
( I am beginning to sound like my Dad who used to argue with the TV set lol)

And these selfish people, have taken over the media and lobby groups.
Should people not see something is wrong here?

Instead of giving in it is people, as usual, who need to fight the good fight so there is
hope in the world . It needs more than just prayer.
 It needs true grit.
There is more to life than sex and drugs.
Corporations are  poisoning all the land , water
and air, for our benefit, leaving  people with nothing.

We send soldiers to die for nothing over seas and are blind to the terrorism in our own
kitchen fridge. It's a time bomb waiting to happen.
Everything we put in our mouths is declaring an act of war on the good soldiers
in our bodies .
The good people who have break throughs to help them, disappear or are found dead.

Our organizations hired to protect us, are not doing their job.They punish the little guy
selling lemonade on street corners and school fund raisers,
while the big polluters with lawyers,
 get around all the laws.
(Even Kool Aid is poison today. )
Don't these lawyers understand what they are doing?

Ya, I guess I caught the darkness in more ways than one.
We are asked to trust and believe in the worst criminals in the world.

They don't even bother to lie.
They know you have no choice but to drink it up.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What is GMO FREE ?

Here we go.
 A guy who is talking sense.
How ever when I go to the local market they have signs saying Mexico, California New Mexico etc... lol
You just never know.

Boycott? the below items and email the companies to tell them we will not buy their products.
That's maybe 3/4 of a store and empty shelves.

 and watch the below video  . Farmers in Mexico fear their traditional seed will be destroyed.

No point to pay into health care. It's too expensive and they will leave you to die once too many people show up at hospital doors, like they do with ebola today.

Money does not solve problems. It creates more if people do not behave properly.

Young people need to pay attention. Ask our government how they allow for such things? We expect them to do the right thing otherwise why have FDA?
 Why sit at borders stopping goods from going through?
It's all the same poison whether it comes in commercial trucks or in our cars.

Ask Mr OBAMA what he is doing? He let terrorists go so trouble starts and did a half assed job with health care , where by many will not get the care they deserve to get, the drugs they need, and still have to pay through the nose every month.
Most salaries cannot afford health care costs.
While companies like  Monsanto are  killing land and seed so no one will benefit from health care.
Sure feed more people to kill more people.

Why do people get sick anyway? It should not happen.
Even potatoes folks are not safe to eat anymore and they are hard to cut , tasteless . Most foods
are covered in spices to  disguise the true flavorless vegetable.

I remember taking stuff from the garden they smelled soo good and tasted soo wonderful.
Kids don't know and this is why companies like Monsanto can get away with what they do.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Digging Your Own Grave
I don't like you
I see your face
And I remember what you said to me

I see the truth
Past all your lies
I've seen your bullshit with my own two eyes

Hooray for nothing
Nothing to be proud of
You're digging your own grave x 2

Verse 2:
Face to Face
Such a disgrace
I've seen you here so many times

Eye for an eye
You can't deny
I've seen past your disguise

Hooray for nothing
Nothing to be proud of
Your digging your own grave x 2

Leave my mind in the Sky
Cause i'm gone
Leave my mind in the Sky
Cause i'm gone.
Nice Rock group but only 79 views.
Seems every where you look, the media is supporting marijuana even when told
by professionals that it is not good for you.

It's the same with abortion which may be fine for older women who won't
have any more babies but not fine for young girls who may want
 to have babies in the future.

When push comes to shove, people will do what they want cause after all they are free people, but what irks me is that
after people dig their own graves, they complain .

Kids especially are great with this.
You tell them don't get into debt .
They get into debt and then come home to extort money from their bad parents. lol

You tell them not to spend the money they make for school, but they do and then have to get into debt and guess who they blame.
Their bad parents.

You tell them not to fool around because products they sell for sex are not healthy for you and they do anyway.
When they get into trouble or some disease.
Guess who is blamed. The bad parents.

You tell kids don't drink. They do and then guess who has to pull them out of hospitals and drug and alcohol addictions?
The bad parents.

You tell kids don't hang in bars or walk in deserted places.
When they are found in ditches,. who is blamed?

Everything today is blamed on someone else except the person who makes the bad decisions.
Everything gets loaded on the taxpayer because the solution is simple right? Money.
But is it so simple? Is the solution in money?

What about multinationals like Monsanto, from Belgium , a multinational that is poisoning every one with
Round up and genetically modified seed.?

And does the media care? Who is the media working for?
The people? Lobby groups?
What happened to good neutral news reports?

Media helps to dig the graves to sell news and the public loves it
as they falter around in disease.
Where is Obama to stop all this?
Did Obama care help the people or put more stress into peoples lives.

Nothing is better than supporting the small farmer and keeping traditional seeds from being destroyed. We used to have free choice to do this.

The truth may be ugly but it is still the truth.
Unless you do the right thing, two wrongs don't make a right.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Maori Rugby Pride. Take that England ! lol

From the get go , with their HAKA, this Maori team from New Zealand,
seems to have intimidated the England team who just stood watching,
wondering what the heck they were in for.

They did their warrior warm ups right on the field and you can feel the
tension in the England team and the excitement in the crowd.
Wow! Wish I didn't miss this game.

This must have been fun to watch.

The Kiwis also do the HAKA for their fallen soldiers.
What a tribute to come back home to, even if you can't see it.
Or maybe the soul can . I guess we will never know.

For some more testosterone  enjoy this Rugby compilation.
Win or lose the audience loves it.



The Life of a Gypsy

The gypsy sings and dances and lives like there is no tomorrow.
This is why the songs and dances are so emotional  and affect
all who watch and listen.
The migrant life of the gypsy as we know them through stories,
led them to have no expectations.
They expected the worst and then were happy when they got the best.
So the saying:
"Walk as though you are kissing the world with your feet."
Thich nhat hanh
is very true in life.
Humbleness is better than arrogance.

Today, with freedom of expression and demonstration,
we see much unrest.

"The purpose of words is to convey ideas
When ideas are understood, words are forgotten.
Where can you find a man who has forgotten?
He is the one to talk to.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

No Happy Love

Georges Brassens

After all is said and done love turns into pessimism and despair..
I guess we all have days like this some more so than others.

After or during a war some find shelter in the arms of love and love is even shared by
giving one a crust of bread or an understanding look or the touch of fingers as you share a cigarette.
Everything has meaning as it could be the last thing that you do in this world.

I guess we can understand Pablo Picasso and people like him ( Robin Williams) who realize there is nothing more to live for and for them to survive they need a heck of a lot more.

Some stats to evaluate re drugs.

These lyrics are from a poem by Aragon

  • ''O months of blossoming, months of transfigurations,
    May without cloud and June stabbed to the heart,
    I shall not ever forget the lilacs or the roses
    Nor those the spring has kept folded away apart.''
    Louis Aragon (1897-1982), French poet. Les Lilas et les Roses (trans. by Louis MacNeice), Le Crève-Coeur (1940).
  • ''The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, i.e. the class which is the ruling material force of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual force.
    No more painters, no more scribblers, no more musicians, no more sculptors, no more religions, no more royalists, no more radicals, no more imperialists, no more anarchists, no more socialists, no more communists, no more proletariat, no more democrats, no more republicans, no more bourgeois, no more aristocrats, no more arms, no more police, no more nations, an end at last to all this stupidity, nothing left, nothing at all, nothing, nothing.''
    Louis Aragon (1897-1982), French poet, and Friedrich Engels (1820-1895), German social philosopher, revolutionary. paper, read Feb. 5, 1920, at the second Dada event, Salon des Indépendents, Paris, repr. In Maurice Nadeau, The History of Surrealism, ch. 3 (1964). "Manifesto of the Dada Movement," Littérature (Paris, May 1920).
  • ''There exists a black kingdom which the eyes of man avoid because its landscape fails signally to flatter them. This darkness, which he imagines he can dispense with in describing the light, is error with its unknown characteristics.... Error is certainty's constant companion. Error is the corollary of evidence. And anything said about truth may equally well be said about error: the delusion will be no greater.''
    Louis Aragon (1897-1982), French poet. "Preface to a Modern Mythology," Paris Peasant (1926).
  • 6).

  • ''Light is meaningful only in relation to darkness, and truth presupposes error. It is these mingled opposites which people our life, which make it pungent, intoxicating. We only exist in terms of this conflict, in the zone where black and white clash.''
    Louis Aragon (1897-1982), French poet. "Preface to a Modern Mythology," Paris Peasant (1926).
  • ''There are strange flowers of reason to match each error of the senses.''
    Louis Aragon (1897-1982), French poet. "Preface to a Modern Mythology," Paris Peasant (1926).

  • ''O reason, reason, abstract phantom of the waking state, I had already expelled you from my dreams, now I have reached a point where those dreams are about to become fused with apparent realities: now there is only room here for myself.''
    Louis Aragon (1897-1982), French poet. "Preface to a Modern Mythology," Paris Peasant (1926).
  • ''Love is made by two people, in different kinds of solitude. It can be in a crowd, but in an oblivious crowd.''
    Louis Aragon (1897-1982), French poet. taped discussion in La Révolution Surréaliste, no. 11 (Paris, March 15, 1928), repr. In Recherches sur la Sexualité (January 1928-August 1932). "Second Session," ed. José Pierre (1990).
  • ''The whole fauna of human fantasies, their marine vegetation, drifts and luxuriates in the dimly lit zones of human activity, as though plaiting thick tresses of darkness. Here, too, appear the lighthouses of the mind, with their outward resemblance to less pure symbols. The gateway to mystery swings open at the touch of human weakness and we have entered the realms of darkness. One false step, one slurred syllable together reveal a man's thoughts.''
    Louis Aragon (1897-1982), French poet. "The Passage de l'Opéra," Paris Peasant (1926).


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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bohemian Nights

I am telling you about a time
That people under twenty years old would not know.
Montmartre at the time was hanging its lilacs
Up under our windows, and even if our modest furnished (room)
That we used as a nest did not look great,
This is where we met,
Me starving and you posing nude.
La boheme, la boheme, it meant we are happy.
La boheme, la boheme, we only ate every other day.
In the coffee shops nearby
We were a few
Waiting for glory, and although poor
With our empty bellies
We would not stop believing, and when some bistro
For a nice warm meal
Would take a painting, we recited verses,
Gathered around the stove while forgetting the winter.
La boheme, la boheme, it meant you are pretty.
La boheme, la boheme, and we were all talented.
Often I would,
In front of my easel,
Spend sleepless nights
Altering the drawing,
Of the line of a breast,
Of the curve of a hip, and only in the morning,
We would finally sit,
In front of a coffee with milk,
Exhausted but delighted.
We must have loved each other and loved life.
La boheme, la boheme, it meant we are twenty years old.
La boheme, la boheme, we lived from the air of the time [basically feeding ourselves from the floating trend, the present time].
When on a random day
I go for a walk
To my old address
I no longer recognize
Neither the walls, nor the streets
That witnessed my youth.
At the top of a stairway,
I look for the studio
Of which nothing remains.
In its new setting,
Montmartre seems sad and the lilacs are dead.
La boheme, la boheme. We were young, we were foolish.
La boheme, la boheme. It doesn't mean anything anymore.
Youth is so splendid.
To have your whole life ahead of you
To be free and able to laugh and share in the soul of
 another human being

It is a sad state of affairs when one is robbed of youth.

Time is short and as you age , you look back at your life, you find it strange that
life goes on without you.
Your foot steps are long swept away by construction, politics
and wind.
 Everything you loved is no longer there.
Others come and trod upon all that you loved and considered special
into oblivion.

The old school is still there .
No longer new or respected or loved. The bricks are worn and full of
An indoor rink replaced  another old school.
The neighbors ' garden your bunny would escape to, was no longer there
and replaced by a stone building as were others.
The maple leaves no longer cover the street you walked on every fall.
creating a soft colorful pathway you loved so much.
What seemed to be a wide street, was now full of cars on both sides
 with just a small path for a car to go through.

You sigh and think My God!
I lived in the best of times!

There is nothing here to come back to.
It never existed and soon neither will you.
and ... did it all matter?

Over the years I used this blog to find ideas I thought would be nice to pass on. I wrote poems and included a few of my paintings. I find music I like listening to, jokes I'd like to come back to, crafts I think would be fun to try.
I discussed a bit of politics and religion because I felt a need to express myself and maybe help some people who may read them. I included history from which I learn. Science is something I enjoy reading about and included here in a Lady's Life.

I am just one voice in many and personal blogs are nice for entertainment purposes..
They are also nice to come back to, to read what you were thinking way back when.

Nothing in this blog is used for profit.
It's just to pass the time.

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