Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kitchen Gardening

Small space gardening is increasing in popularity.

Plants clean the air.

Nothing nicer than talking to your seedling and watching it grow.

These plants will have no toxins in them/ no pesticides or insecticides.

They will be grown and controlled by you and the results are quite fruitful.

It will give your system a break from store bought foods.

The most exciting idea is when you grow them upside down. J

Let the rain water your plants

Nice house decor

These strawberries look delicious

This upside down garden has different vegetables, although I feel the pots are a bit too small for the roots.

But then what do I know lol






long beans

pea pods

and strawberries.

Good Luck and have fun gardening J


bluedreamer27 said...

wow those are lovely green plants so relaxing
its nice to be here in your blog

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks bluedreamer27 for the visit:)

Anonymous said...

What excellent pictures and such a great garden all over...thank you for sharing :)