Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SMAC Mimetics

Ottawa researchers find


I sent the link and they removed it so I sent another one to look up to read.
Anyway if they take it off again just look up SMAC MIMETIC.

Ottawa researchers say they’ve found a combination of experimental therapies that kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.
The researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) combined a therapy that targets cancer-causing genes, called SMAC Mimetics, with a live virus or non-viral immune stimulators to create a new tumour-killing therapy.
“I firmly believe that it’s not a matter of ‘if’ this will help cancer patients — but ‘when’ this therapy becomes a standard of care,” researcher Robert Korneluk said in a press release. “The results of our combination exceeded expectations — and furthermore, no harm was done to the surrounding healthy tissue when we eradicated tumours.”
In some cases, tumours required 10,000-times less virus to kill a cancer cell when a SMAC mimetic was added, the study found.
Korneluk said the next step will be using the therapy in clinical trials as soon as possible.
The research was published Monday in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Thinking

I am trying out new pattern designs and so far this is what I got.
I am using 275 stitches in a round.
I think it would make someone a nice skirt once it is done and very warm.lol
But it won't be a skirt. After the reindeer, will come a maple leaf design and then it should be long enough to try doing a yoke and a neck line. Then some plain white sleeves.

It is taking its' sweet time so I will not be worried about it. Just taking my time.
In the mean time I made a nice stew adding chopped up steak and a few Italian sausages in Bearnaise sauce. I added shredded cabbage carrots onion garlic and broccoli and then the TV said Cabbage and broccoli is imported from India. India ....where they say has food shortage .
Does it make sense?
And then where is our broccoli and cabbage?

Then we complain about the price of food and environment pollution.
I personally want to eat food from my own country and would appreciate stores buying from our own farmers.Shopping local farmers markets is a pain in the ass but I think it is worth the trip and the main stores like Safeway Save On Super store and Walmart will lose out. Safeway and Save on have a union. It should say something about this to ensure business is not lost from customers having to shop elsewhere for local food.
Now that I am paying attention to where food comes from it begins to upset me to see so much economic dysfunction by people who were trained in the financial field and should know how to cut costs. We elect a government who should know how to do this.
The newspapers are not much better They simply attribute this to company costs but it would be cheaper if they took out packaging which goes into the dump  and if the food was grown locally and processed locally so it doesn't have to be shipped.

I remember New Brunswick once dumping their potatoes into the ocean rather than giving them to those in need like to the homeless and other charities or maybe cows goats and pigs, which could have done better with it.
 They said we couldn't sell them so we dumped them. Such waste.
Then when they have a drought or a flood or something else and lose money the government has to bail them out but they help no one.

People don't see the need to speak out but this is why we have reporters to ask these questions.
This is why they are in the news business to dig this sort of stuff up but instead all we hear on the news is about drugs and shootings over a table eating poison food from somewhere else taking for granted our government and FDA is protecting us. Are they?
People dont want hormones and vaccines in their meat and eggs and vegetables so the best places to ensure this does not happen is to grow it locally so it is within easy access to the local people and food management can be controlled locally where it is supposed to be by the people who buy and eat it.

It makes a lot more sense and worked before all these big businesses walked in and took over.

I guess I should not say these things as someone from a big business will get mad and no one wants to upset them but should they not be thinking about this as well if they really care about what they do? It is their own families who ingest this food or do the owners grow it locally on their own properties lol.

Never a dull moment in this world.
I am trying to stay away from the TV these days as it is nothing but death and war but the news slips in between and then all the work you do trying to stay away from endless political arguments, floods the room again via TV.

I had a cousin who accused me of being spoiled rotten She said I dont work and dont know how hard it is out in the world to survive.She is living the single free life.
I told her she doesnt know how hard it is to stay home either, give birth, sit worrying about kids and husbands because this is not a 9-5 job.
She comes home and her meal is prepared she eats and goes to bed or watches tv or plays with her flowers and cats.

At home you have the kids the pets, the old people, the house and volunteer work which takes up 18 hours a day with no pay.
Then you have jobs which have no security so you dont know where the next paycheck is coming from or when the check will clear. Bills don't care about your problems and families still have to be fed and clothed.
Saving for a rainy day just doesnt work for most people today because every day is rainy lol

Things sure have changed. People make so may laws that it is impossible to live anymore, so many
decide they will bow out and make life simpler and just collect government benefits and from charities. They end up with a better life style than most folk who dont want to do this and keep up the so called "good fight".
But these people are losing every day. I don't know how our kids will be able to do it once everything is stolen from them by uncouth politicans and business people. Just to stay alive is becoming
difficult and this is where the big pharmaceutical companies come in and gobble up.
No one is looking for actual cures to what ails us.Just what they call maintenance.
They rather chop the leg than grow a cartilage.
 If they can grow an ear, they can grow an ear drum.
They can grow a liver or pancreas to keep you alive to 70 at least. They can grow blood cells and strong blood cells can kill cancer, over whelm it, so it shrivels and dies.Blood cells are soldiers just like cancer cells.
We all have cancer.

It takes someone with morals ethics and values to even care but the world hates these words and then wonder why their ships are sinking?

We used to have this farming family who owned lots of land around here.Well the Father died and the family  took over and sold out to contractors. All the land for cows sheep and food has houses on them.
It has become what could be described as a future slum.
One has to think why such a powerful family, who could have done so much good, sold out.
So in the end it is not about doing good.

It becomes scary when doing good takes second place to money, when money is not worth the paper it is printed on. When you sell something to get nothing, this is not good business because everything else we do from that point on is worth nothing because you sold out to get nothing and so have nothing to work with.

It can become very complicated and gives you a massive head ache thinking about it.
Easier to knit paint carpenter engineer etc... than to sit thinking about thinkers who are not thinking about doing good.
In the end it is the little things that you do that counts.

See how the drug people are winning? They grow on crown land, pay no taxes,and feed chemicals to the trusting, to create addicts and more business and therefore more demands for government to legalize drugs. Then it is easy to over power government because they become the good guys supplying a demand and thus enslaving a society.

And so many do not see this so we have a runaway train happening right now.
The good timers, are so hell bent about doing it their way and not according to the survival plan given to us for free
in the 10 Commandments , that develop hated words such as morals ethics and values.
These words are not fun.People have to grow up and under drug influence, this never happens.

I guess there always has to be a genesis and then there has to be a crucial end to again build from innocence and purity and good ness until hopefully, one day, we get it right.

Have a good one

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nice Weather Girls and Purse

This is a Nice Purse commercial but it makes you think a little.




Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Warm Kitchens

During all this time I finished a vest It is quite large . I still havent found a pattern where they make things fit NORMAL people. They are either for tiny size 9 people or babies or over sized.
It is quite disappointing to do a size large or even XL and then find out all this work is for a size large( size 10 )person. To me this is not a large. Men especially need much bigger bulkier sizes.
The men wearing them in the picture they give you, are not size 10. lol

Today was another cooking day.
Went back to crock potting making delicious soups and stews.
Just replenished another pot with steaklets corn tomatoes potatoes carrots and some other stuff.

It is delicious with a spoon of yogurt. I could eat a whole pot by myself so I resist by cooking and leaving the kitchen and letting people help themselves. lol

Then I did the Lahmajoon or Armenian Pizza.
Its mince meat with finely chopped green peppers garlic onion parsley tomatoes plus 1 can of tom. paste, cumin coriander salt black pepper cayenne, basil , olive oil and lemon juice.
It is supposed to look like liver worst once everything is chopped up but since I do it by hand it never is lol
I guess you can put it through a blender or chopper on fine chop.

You spread this on pita bread which you tear in halves. I get about  60 pieces of pizza this way.
I put them between layers of parchment paper and into zip lock bags to freeze. I get about 3 big bags to freeze. They go very quickly as they are very addictive once you begin eating them.

They are quick to make in the oven or the microwave and you can even add a bit of parmesan or some other cheese to it. Today people put lots of other stuff on them like eggplants zuccini eggs...
before cooking them which are then rolled up to eat.

When I think about it, this is a very healthy, non fattening meal to eat and for the price, you can't feed
60 people in one day, cheaper and like I said , this is addictive food.
You can't just have one piece.
It lingers in your nostrils and mouth for a long time lol

So if you are allowed to have International food fests as a school fund raiser or in a church or at a cook out, you are sure to make some change on this pizza.
 It goes about as fast as tacos do.

Well since the boys are in the mood I have another batch of mince meat defrosting waiting to be fried with onions garlic and shredded carrots to stuff  into either yeast dough made for French bread or simple dough made out of baking powder. or even the dough sheets they sell already made to roll and  stuff in and then deep fry  in vegetable oil as egg rolls. They freeze well but usually dont last long as they are found almost immediately by the house fridge raiders.

My favorite stuffings are like the one above or with mince meat onion garlic and rice or with
shredded cabbage steamed with shredded carrots onions and garlic.
I have half a cabbage left over so I can use it to stuff some egg rolls.

The thing about this sort of cooking is that you can make a lot so you don't have to sit waiting for people to ask for snacks They just go and help themselves at their leisure.

While you are cooking, the kitchen smells fill the air with aroma my men notice right away as they walk in through the front door and head straight for the pots. lol

After the chill of the air outside, inside it is warm and inviting and not only for the guys but for my achy bones as well.

Have a great day

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jugglin February


Picassa has made it so difficult to use that I need to take all my pics out of it and
save to desk top or some other place.

In the mean time I have been busy and now feel like doing what my garden child
is doing. I guess its time to pop a few Centrum to get the old body back and pumping.
It's either that or give in and take a nap lol

It is amazing what a few vitamins can do for you. Get your iron level up there again. lol

I left my knitting for a while Have two pieces to finish but don't seem to have the inclination.

I got myself a whistling kettle. Something I've been eying for a few years, some plastic
containers for food storage and a pair of fleecy pants since I am in love with these pants.
Life is for comfort as they say.

Our mountains don't seem to have snow this year . Only one has opened for skiing and it's January already. They try to put the artificial snow but it is not really enough to be satisfying to the true
boarders and skiers.

In Abbottsford we see only a few high snow peaked mountains, with tons of snow and of course Mt Baker in Washington State. It would not be a good sign if that mountain went bare in the summer.
It never does.

The new washing machine we bought has no parts available. I wonder what kind of companies we have today that sell such expensive things but no parts when they break down and then they want you to buy insurance and this means an added expense, still with no parts to be had.
In the mean time the old clunkers keep on clunking away slow but sure and work the way they are supposed to.
I guess things will have to go back to the way they were cause people will just stop buying new technology full of head aches.

Yesterday we had sunny weather which brought the spirits up and today the sun came out again.
Maybe our winter here in BC is over.
I wanted to put something for people to see on the net but I've done nothing except cook meals and so have nothing to show.
I've been mostly on the road with hubby and the scenery is  all the same, news is all the same.

Sochi will be interesting to see with every one walking around with a personal body guard so to speak lol I don't think I'd want to go out there if I was an athlete.

Hope every one has begun a fabulous New Year.
What do you call a Lepraucaun covered in cement?

        A wee hard man.
O'Leary. - See they've found a cure for Arthitis
O'Gill - About time
O'Leary - Aye. They take your bones out.
Not only do you feel better but a lot more relaxed.
The government has our backs against the wall too long says O 'Tool
Aye says Murphy.
Time to turn around and fight!
2 easy lessons on how to teach an Irish Gig.
1) serve plenty of alcohol
2) shut the toilets

Paddy asks O'Tool
Now that we won the lottery, what do we do about the beggin letters?
O'Tool answers : Just keep sendin them.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Frosty January Cooking

Well was unable to post cause blogger had an error and it is still not fixed.
 I thought it had to do with the weather but a week is too long to have blogger fix the problem.
I think I am not the only one with problems.

In the meantime I was busy with recipes cooking up a storm for sit down
dinners which are quite enjoyable but it sure takes a lot of time for the cooking,
the pots and pans the counter cleanings etc.. till the table is finally set to eat.

We are just not used to so called "NORMAL" living cause it really takes a stay at home person to do this killer job. lol 
You also have to be in a good mood or the recipe is slopped together and doesn't come out right.
Either that or you have to be a professional chef who knows his stuff.

Me not being a cook at heart, made it even moreso a trial but I did it. lol

I finally got myself a new toy in a pasta machine at London Drugs. It's manual but it makes
5 different kind of pasta and I like the idea of putting lots of herbs into fresh pasta to cook right away.
It even comes with a stand for noodle drying.This was the only store that had it on the shelf. I know cause I wasted a lot of time and gas trying to find a store which advertised that it had it and didn't

So I made ricotta canneloni with spinach, covered in a really tasty sauce. It had oregano,black pepper, basil, garlic and cayenne in it.

If course my husband said he liked it but it wasn;t his kind of food cause it had no meat in it.
This always dampens my spirit to want to try different recipes with the kind of men I am surrounded by.
Some wives are lucky to have people around them who like to try different things but not my guys.
Once you are used to fish and chips as they say.

I remember  once this man came to a chefs house for dinner and this woman really cooked up a storm of delicious mouth watering dishes. The guy ate and said it's good but not as good as my wifes' cooking. Knowing his wife does not cook, the chefs' curiousity was aroused and she began picking the mnd of his guest to find out what was wrong with the food he was given to eat.
Finally it became clear that the reason was, that his wife always burnt the food and her husband was used to eating it that way.
So unless the food had a burnt taste, it was not good. lol

We sure had a storm that came in from the Pacific ocean last night. It did a lot of swirling like what we interpret as hurricanes, coming into the Gulf Coast on the weather network. It poured and it is still pouring and the wind blew hard and broke a big branch off a Douglas fir.other than that it warmed up.
We had some pretty chilly weather last week.
Usually we dress like the Aussis do in shorts and fleecies and flip flops but lately it needs warmer clothing, gloves hats and winter boots to keep your feet warm.

I hate it when my son plays soccer at night when it gets real frosty. He always comes home coughing.
Well glad to be able to put up a post finally
It still shows error so I don't know what the problem is.
Maybe blogger needs an upgrade??

Gemma Wiseman wrote that all we have to do is up load the pics to Picassa web albums but they only allow you one gigabite and then you have to pay or delete pictures from the blog. So this means you have to sit and play games again. People need to say no and not do it. Why offer a service if everything needs to be paid for. I lost so much stuff already with this computer program playing.
It takes years to collect info and then poof it's all gone.
Keep pics on their disks is an option or maybe have them printed as pictures which is really the best. You don't need all the photos just the good ones.

Did you know the old technology is coming back in style because people are finding out the new one is not good, doesn't last?

New Baby Rearing...modern times.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beautiful New Year!

This is soo beautiful . Hope you enjoy it.


 The weather in BC is frosty but so much better than all the snow people are trying to dig themselves out of in the interior. By night fall it went up to 5 degrees celsius.

The stores are not so full so it is nicer to shop.

Today I got myself a mortar and pistle,something I've been looking at for years and a wok.
I am in the mood to wok my meat and vegetables Its easy and fast and you eat your vegetable semi raw.
Its also great for sea food. Do a little comme si comme ca and voila!

When we got back home we opened up a bottle of Chardonnay from France and enjoyed it with camembert on vegetable thins.
It went down so well and you dont need to drink more than a few small glasses. Good for the heart as they say.
 My husband is watching BBC and I am tired of listening to nothing but violence.
So I went to watch Steven Segal on TV. At least the good guys win there. lol
Freedom, individualism and not stories about 10 year olds being trained to kill and given 10 wives to procreate an army and more meat to kill rather than to educate to become civil good people.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The moon is getting closer to becoming a half moon I watch it every day as the skies are clear.

It is winter and we still have a few fruit flies flying around and boy do they bite!
We have no idea where they are coming from.
I have a vest I knitted before Christmas and now have just the last few things to finish on it before sewing it up.
I can't wait to see the end result This one will be large. I hate it when I do something and then find out the large is really a medium. If I want the large I have to make it larger than xl.
Other wise it is for children.
Well have a nice evening and sleep well.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Sound of Music

This is so interesting
Someones imagination just went wild and one doesn't even need
 real fingers to play this instrument.

The day is dull and rainy.
My husband treated me to Chinese food so we had a wonderful afternoon
and came home to a dark gloomy house to be greeted by mans best friends
 as if we'd been away for a year. lol

Now the lights are on and after pee time outside,   every one is happy.

Nice ending to a week.

Hope you are still enjoying the holidays.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy First Day of the New Year!

Well Here we are, in the long time awaited New Year!

How I wish I could be with these horses enjoying the snow.
This is a good day to live on a farm.

Apparently New York said they will stop buggy rides and if they do
this would be very sad.
Its always nice to see a civilized society where animals are
 protected and included in mans' every day life.
We enjoy our neighbors's rooster crowing during the day.

We celebrated with the rest of the world. Got a few phone calls from
 people who did the same thing as we did, stayed home to relax and
take a breather.
My son went out to party with his girl friend.

I made samosas which we enjoyed and I guess so called left overs will be
enjoyed today.

People blew fire crackers outside and after  fair amount of barking, the dogs
all ran into our bedroom for moral  support.
One jumped on the bed and began to shake and the other made himself
comfortable beside the bed.

I hope you all had a wonderful safe evening and remember to
make life an every day celebration.

Have a good one.