Monday, May 18, 2009

A Naked Summer.

Well Almost naked. :)

They have these new, tan through bathing suits on the market which apparently help you not get tan lines.
People asked if you can see through them when wet and the answer was no.
What a great idea!!!!



Vicky said...

I would have been the first in line for something like this years back. But now, with skin cancer so prevalent in my family, I need all the protection I can get! So tan lines it is, very faint and tiny ones!

But its hard, oh how I love the sun!!

Anonymous said...

These are really nice swimsuits. You wanna see something naked?:

It's wild

A Lady's Life said...

lol I guess me and the baron are both naked hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Almost naked...what does it mean to be almost naked..wink wink wink...You gonna pose for us in that semi naked Bikini or what...oops gotta go, the wife's around the corner and doesn't look happy...her mustache,the real one...she's Italian , is flaring up...guess it's down boy down tonight...catch ya sometime oon babe...

George said...

Isn't technology wonderful?

A Lady's Life said...

lol When I found this material I was really impressed lol
Can you believe it?
I think this is great news for people who like to tan but don't want to wear bikinis or go topless.
(Naughty naughty anonymous lol)
I went once with a bikini into the ocean and when the wave left so did my bikini and I was standing in my birthday suit.
That was the end of my bikini days lol Never again lol

Dr.John said...

But does the suit protect you from the rays that cause skin cancer?

A Lady's Life said...

Dr. John I wouldn't think so. You would need sun screen.
I think I read somewhere that even clothes do not protect you from sun rays. I try to stay out of the sun and still get tanned.