Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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Growing up in the Province of Quebec was a very special time for me.
I had my own family life.
I had the Protestant School Board which enriched me as a person in so many ways and
I also had the Catholic French Canadian influence which intrigued me.

Our school was very good introducing us to many things like the Anglican Church. Our choir went to sing at a little church next door and other churches down town.
I had the honor of singing solo because I had a nice voice. This was the time I found Liberace and fell in love with him because of his music. I think our music teacher was gay but no one knew about such things then.
He was a very nice man to say the least.

We had a student exchange program whereby 7 kids from our school went to a French School and 7 French kids came to ours.
We had a vacation because all we did was sing songs and go to a French Catholic Church. We learned Catechism had few minutes of math that sort of thing. It was a breeze.
The French kids had our schedule which was math history English etc.. They cried for two weeks and wanted to stop because it was too

I had Polish neighbors and played with a little girl who always wanted to be a princess
She would wear her princess get up and play out her fantasy. I always fantasized being an Amazon woman who was befriended by a lion and lived on an Island. Anyone who got stranded on my island I would help but they never saw who was helping

I had another Polish girl whose family rented and lived in an attic across the street.
I would go up to visit her as she had problems coming down stairs in a wheel chair.
She was so pretty, with long thick curly hair and afflicted with polio.

On the corner of my street a pretty little boy with golden locks, ran around with flippers for arms.
I told my Mom and later I found out I also could have been born this way but My Mom decided not to take the
Anti nausea pills early in her pregnancy.
Taking them resulted in thalidomide babies.

Further down the street was a small bungalow.
You could look down the embankment and see so many cribs and each crib had babies with
heads so huge, they had problems lifting them.
It seems the heads filled up with water and they later died.

We had a colored family a few houses away.
I was friends with the daughter but the older son was stand offish. Once he had a sling shot and shot a stone which whizzed by my eye for no reason. I turned around and chased him and pushed him into a huge puddle. He lost his glasses, got all wet and then had the nerve to go and complain to my Mother. She saw everything and told him nicely that it was not nice to hurt girls lol
His Dad had brain cancer and stayed home quietly waiting to die. The Mom was a nurse.
She was such a pleasant lady, beautiful inside and out. I just loved her.
There are some people who walk and have halos hovering over their heads and this was one such woman.
She had so many problems at home but walked with courage every day to do her job and her duty.
As it is written, some walk in their righteousness and some in their transgressions.

We had Italian neighbors, French neighbors, Ukrainian neighbors and English neighbors. Every one got along.

The Italians were funny. The big kids fought and the Fathers chased them down the street with straps.They were all good kids. My neighbor had 4 boys and a girl. The girl they imported a husband for from Italy and married her off at 15. By 20 she was hunched pregnant old and ready to die.She had 5 children and was told not to have anymore but her husband didn't care. He drove nice cars, dressed well.They had a nice home.
There was going to be a major fight between her family and him.
Thankfully she had her baby and they saved her life but the doctor tied her tubes so she would not have any more. They didn't care about her religion.

Her middle aged brother threw a rock on my head when I was 4 and then wanted to marry me when I was finishing high school. He was a handsome dude but I said no. One hole in my head from him was enough lol

One family had many children and lived on welfare.
All the neighbors brought them their childrens' clothes once they grew out of them, so they did not suffer and food.
One day their house burnt down.

The rumor was the husband took a big insurance policy and then burnt his house down.
The insurance gave them so much money and they built a huge house .
Now this was making something out of nothing, loll

Needless to say the neighbors were not too impressed cause every one had problems but would never stoop so low as to do this sort of thing..
They also felt used and abused.
The mother came to our house and told us no one gave them anything anymore because they were jealous.
But we knew why. It was because peoples generosity was betrayed by her husbands evil ways.
He never lifted a finger anywhere except in

Our other next door neighbor was a union between an English woman and a French man.
They were a lovely couple They cried when we moved.I think almost the whole street did.
They owned a boxer. I was a lover of dogs and they entrusted me with their dog so I was given a treat to walk it every day. She had puppies and the man came to my Dad and said "I will sell you a pup cheap because your daughter loves dogs." but my Dad did not believe in spending on animals so he refused. I was very upset. lol

Then their son took the Boxer and brought them a Doberman . I took it out once and the dog looked at me as if to say you don't tell me where to go. I tell you. So I said ok and slowly brought it back home and never took it out again. Next thing you know the Boxer was back and we were all soo happy and back to our old routine,.

In our house we had an old woman living with three sons. She was a real chaste religious French Catholic woman, always dressed in black. She was afraid of everything but a wonderful person.Quiet as a mouse, smart, just, and had very well behaved young sons.

At school we had bullies. No one bullied me to my face because I was a big girl .
I became a defender of the bullied and all they had to do was come to me and every one would back off.
I guess it was the look on my face that did it. Or Maybe my Dad’s teachings to fight back or expect to get
more of the same when I got home because my parents couldn’t afford to replace my ripped stockings every day lol
We learned to stand up for ourselves early in life and not sit feeling sorry for ourselves.

We had one boy who came to school and no one wanted to sit next to him because he stunk. He not only did not take showers but farted all day long.
He always sat alone, red faced and embarrassed.
The teacher would always sit him beside me and although I also thought he was so offensive to me as well, I never let on.
I tried to be friendly to make him feel better but he really did stink.

Then we had a Scottish family. I loved going to their house cause every Christmas. my friends' Dad brought so many Christmas trees.
They filled her yard and we’d go at night to choose one for our house.
What a wonderful night this was and she was grateful for the extra cash it brought her family for Christmas.
Bringing the tree home in the snow was just as wonderful.
We had to drag it or carry it full of snow just like in the Christmas cards. The weather never disappointed us cause pretty snowflakes would fall and the tree smelled so wonderful in the house.
My Dad had to prepare the stand to fit it. It was a whole ordeal to set it up and not just a walk to the store for a regular stand.

Then there was one family we never saw outside but they had a small Chihuahua. Every morning it came out wagging its tail
So you let it come near enough to you and then it would run up and bite you. loll
Some smart little dog. Loll and then of course there was Nipper. He was an old schnauzer mix belonging to an old couple and his name said it all.
No one went near him lol but he made sure to come out onto the street and tell you a thing or two. Loll
He was the 15 year old boss of the street.

Growing up in such a milieu taught me many things about people, religion, and life.
And because of it, I feel today, that there is nothing better than living in a heterogeneous society.
Not only were we all different but we were all the same.
We suffered, we cried, we had good times and bad times, we shared and together we prospered.

I played and prayed and sang and was taught by a song called

“Amitie” in my early years.

And this made all the difference to me and to all the people who lived in my neighborhood.

God loves and cherishes all his people and he brings them together for a purpose.
I know I was blessed in more ways than one growing up in Montreal North.
I am now telling my story and it is a good story to tell. :)

The Jesus Garden.

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Today I let my dogs out for their daily routine and as I was waiting for them to finish, the

little one went towards Springs first bumble bee.

It was carefully looking to see if there was something worth while for it to address.

I was pleased that neither dog nor bee was bothered with the other. loll

The cherry trees blossomed, the dandelions are opening,

as are the hyacinths and daffodils.

The apple trees are not quite there yet but any day now.

On top of the hill, morning glory vines made a beautiful sight to wake up to and then hid

their flowers as if they were shy or afraid of the day.

So many secrets are kept up on this hill and they show themselves once in a while

just so you know they are there and leave you with a vision of quiet beauty you never thought was there.

My yard is unkempt because I live on a hill where it is wet and mucky but under

leaves there is plenty of life for the birds, especially the robins.

I never rake in the fall nor fill bags of clippings for the garbage truck.

Everything dries and crumples back into my grass, flowers and bushes and it makes life cheaper and easier for me.

Blending into the forest as opposed to fighting it.

Black berry vines spread like wild fire into my yard and it is so difficult to keep them at bay

But I do enjoy the pesticide insecticide free fruit they bear and look at it as Gods

gift to my place of residence.

As I watch the news, reporters are always digging for the truth.

Sometimes they find it and sometimes they don’t.

In many cases they don’t because it does not want to be found.

When the time is ripe it unfolds itself of its own volition,

just like the morning glory flowers when there is enough dew and their delicate

petals are not dried out by a hot sun.


Jelly Bean Poem (Jelly Bean Prayer)

contributed by Sherri, Rachel and Diana

written by Charlene Dickerson

The isn't exactly a recipe, but I wasn't sure where else to put it at the moment. It's so cute and a lot of people sent it in to me!

Red is for the blood He gave.

Green is for the grass He made.

Yellow is for the sun so bright.

Orange is for the edge of night.

Black is for the sins we made.

White is for the grace He gave.

Purple is for His hour of sorrow.

Pink is for our new tomorrow.

An egg full of jelly beans, Colorful and Sweet

Is a prayer, a promise, A loved one's treat!!

Charlene Dickensen, 1997

We then put a jelly bean of each of the above colors in a plastic egg to take home and tell of Jesus' love!

Old Scripture Cake

Contributed by Helen. Thank-you!

The famous “OLD SCRIPTURE” cake. If you know your Bible well, this will pose no problems. If you don’t know it quite that well, the translation will be at the end of the recipe.



  • 3/4 cup Genesis 18:8
  • 1 1/2 cup Jeremiah 6:20
  • 5 Isaiah 10:14 (separated)
  • 3 cups sifted Leviticus 24:5
  • 3 teaspoons 2 Kings 2:20
  • 3 teaspoons Amos 4:5
  • 1 teaspoon Exodus 3:23
  • 1/4 teaspoon each 2 Chronicles 9:9
  • 1/2 cup Judges 4:19
  • 3/4 chopped Genesis 43:11
  • 3/4 cup finely cut Jeremiah 24:5
  • 3/4 cup 2 Samuel 16:1
  • Whole Genesis 43:11


  • Cream Genesis 18 with Jeremiah 6. Beat in yolks of Isaiah 10, one at a time. Sift together Leviticus 24; 2 Kings 2; Amos 4; Exodus 30; and 2 Chronicles 9.
  • Blend into creamed mixture alternately with Judges 4. Beat whites of Isaiah 10 till stiff; fold in. Fold in chopped Genesis 43; Jeremiah 24; and 2 Samuel 16. Turn into 10-inch tube pan that has been greased and dusted with Leviticus 24.
  • Bake at 325 degrees F until it is golden brown or Gabriel blows his trumpet, whichever happens first. Bake for an hour and ten minutes. Remove from oven. After fifteen minutes, remove it from the pan. Cool completely. Drizzle over it some Burnt Jeremiah Syrup.



  • 1 1/2 cups Jeremiah 6:20
  • 1/2 cup Genesis 24:45
  • 1/4 cup Genesis 18:8


  • Melt Jeremiah 6 in a heavy skillet over low heat. Keep cooking it till it is a deep gold, then add Genesis 24. Cook till smooth and remove from the heat. Add Genesis 18 and stir till it melts, then cool.
  • After drizzling this on the Scripture Cake, you can decorate it with whole Genesis.


Genesis 18:8 “And he took butter, and milk, and the calf which he had dressed, and set it before them.”

Jeremiah 6:20 “To what purpose cometh there to me frankincense from Sheba, and the sweet cane from a far country.” (Sugar)

Isaiah 10:4 “And my hand hath found as a nest the riches of the peoples; and as one gathered eggs that are forsaken, have I gathered the earth.”

Leviticus 24:5 “And thou shalt take fine flour, and bake twelve cakes thereof.”

2 Kings 2:20 “And he said, Bring me a new cruse, and put salt therein.”

Amos 4:5 “And offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving of that which is leavened, and proclaim free will offerings and publish them.” (Baking Powder)

Exodus 30:23 “Take thou also, unto thee the chief spices; of flowering myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half as much.”

2 Chronicles 9:9 “And she gave the King a hundred and twenty talents of gold, and spices in great abundance.”

Judges 4:19 “ And he said unto her, Give me, I pray thee, a little water to drink; for I am thirsty. And she opened a bottle of milk and gave him drink.”

Genesis 43:11 “Carry down the man a present, a little balm, and a little honey, spicery and myrrh, nuts and almonds.”

Jeremiah 24:5 “Thou saith Jehovah, God of Israel: Like these good figs, so will I regard the captives of Judah whom I have sent out of this place into the land of the Chaldeans, for good.”

2 Samuel 16:1 “And when David was a little past the top of the assent, behold, Ziba, the servant of Mephiboseth met him, with a couple of asses saddled, and upon them two hundred loaves of bread, and a hundred clusters of raisins.

Genesis 24:45 “And before I had done speaking in my heart, behold Rebekah came forth with her pitcher on her shoulder; and she went down to the fountain, and drew: and I said unto her, Let me drink, I pray thee.”


butter, sweet cane, eggs, fine flour, salt, leavened, sweet cinnamon, spices, milk, almonds, figs, raisins, water.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Blessings

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This week my blog is dedicated to Easter
It was always a special time for my family.
I can still see my Mom making her dough .
She’d collect her coffee cans weeks ahead to be ready.
She got all her ingredients together and had such painstaking
Love and pride in making her Easter bread.
They were her babies and she’d hover over them and
roll them so they stayed nice and round

She would make three / four runs at it, so we’d have about 25
by the time she was through, all different sizes.
They tasted so wonderful .

She never gave away her recipes,
But people would call her and ask
to exchange one of hers for one of theirs.
She could have said no but she never did.
It was her pleasure to make people happy.

My job was to make the pysanky eggs to give away.

My Dad would have the job of going to St Lawrence Street to get the special bacon
which could be eaten as is, and the schmaltz herring, the best in the whole world.
He would get the cheese to make the special cheese dish made for this occasion.
And the polish garlic sausage that was sold in rings and other kolbassa’s. like Moishes smoked meat.
They sold caviar in glass jars. It was always fresh.
Fresh salt was also included on the list.

You could never beat Montreal’s, St Lawrence Street, where food was concerned in those days.
The smells filled the street as you walked from store to store.
The old people knew their stuff and the secrets died along with them.
I have never tasted a bagel or a cheese knish, poppy seed danish or even rye bread, as good as the way
these people made them. Their stores never cried for customers.
They came in hoards and there was always enough.

The ovens baked continuously. People worked quickly.
It was a question of pride for them.
Being war survivors, food was important to enjoy.
And very few people were fat.

Preparing for Easter was a very big thing for our family
We always had a beautiful basket to take to church to be blessed.

Every family went out of their way for their baskets and it brought people
together because we could compare notes,
have nice things to talk about and share.

Today it is all changed. We throw away so many good traditions which are important
to raise good families.
We set examples for our children to follow and if nothing is important
to us, then nothing is important to them either.

So I dedicate this week to Easter.
I dedicate it to the Love this man Jesus, brought into my life.

I thank him for sending me to be born, live with and understand war survivors
who raised me to be a good person, and kept me ignorant of the ugliness
they had to go through, so I could have a child hood.
They could have been bitter but instead they learned what it meant to be alive
how to love, and how special every day is.

Though they may be gone, I carry them in my heart and soul and every day
I feel their presence all around me.
I see their eyes and their smiles.
I miss them
I miss their sunshine but I am happy knowing that where they are today
is a blessed place.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Joy of Easter.

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Easter is a beautiful ceremony in the

Russian /Ukrainian Orthodox Religion.

If people have a chance to go see one such ceremony it is worth their while

The church is all decked out. Christs’ coffin is there, surrounded by candles, white lilies and other flowers

The candles are lit and the whole place looks and smells so holy with incense.

The ceremony is an all night mass and people have to stand as there are no benches or chairs.

Maybe some churches have benches I don’t know. Old people sit up front.

Women on the left and men on the right

I guess you are allowed to bring your own chair.

The choir is unbelievably beautiful

People get their blessings

There is a procession around the block with candles.
Then the church gives every one a hard boiled colored egg.

When Christ has risen every one rejoices and lots of kissing takes place
and then everyone goes downstairs to bless the
Easter bread, cheese, kolbassa’s and eggs basket.

This is the best part because then you exchange your eggs with friends and strangers.

Every one is happy on this day.

You get home around 5 am just in time for breakfast and you feast on the food that was just blessed.

It gives you a very glowing feeling to know that today you

Took part with Mother Mary, in the death and resurrection of her beloved son,
the son of God.
You cried with her and you rejoiced with her.

There is not one Mother there, who doesn’t feel the trials and tribulations of a Mother’s broken heart.
There is not one Mother who doesn’t feel the glory of God as he gives back to her the son she thought she would never see hear or speak to again.

It is a miracle and those who have known pain, sickness and hopelessness, can once

again believe that with God’s help, good things do happen.

When you get home, the air smells fresher, the flowers seem brighter, and life seems to have turned a new page

You have a fresh outlook, new ideas and a new reason for living.

This is why we have such traditions.
They are to remind us who we are and what is expected of us.

They remind us that just when things can seem so hopeless,

there is suddenly a light that shines upon your head

lightening the load in your soul and things don’t seem so dark anymore.

You can soldier on and fix everything that’s broken.

People chant thrice

Christ has Risen! Christ Has Risen! Christ has Risen!

Rejoice man kind, for Christ has risen for you.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

We Are Forgiven

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One must never forget why Adam and Eve were thrown out of paradise.They disobeyed God and God was angry but he understood why they did what they did.
God loved man and he had faith in him but God also wanted man to have faith in him. God showed man good will by letting him go.

Man is worthy if he follows Jesus.
Man is worthy if he doesn't follow Jesus.
Jesus asked his Father to forgive us for we know not what we do.
Jesus forgave Juda for betraying him and Juda knew that he knew.
Imagine how this must have played in his head?
Jesus forgave Mary Magdaline.
Jesus forgave the crucified criminals.

Jesus's last words were: Father, why have you forsaken me?
But he was resurrected so again, God came through for him and for mankind.
Jesus was not forsaken as neither will man be.

This is the story that Christianity is based on......Hope .....Faith.

It has always been a question of trust and faith which Adam and Eve did not have.

The Christian religion is ingenious. There is none like it in the world.

Of course there will always be false prophets and we are warned about them and told to use our heads.
Isn't this true freedom, to be given a right to decide for ourselves and time to make the right decision through coming to an understanding?

In the end, God will show us TRUTH and we will be educated.
This is why God doesn't fear the devil because the devil is not about TRUTH but its' manipulation.
The thing about TRUTH is that, in the end, you must either understand it or self destruct because you can't.
This is the way our minds were constructed by God.
He knows who we are.

That is the plan but first God is giving us time to do what we need to do to obtain understanding because it is important to us, not to him.

God recognized man's need to understand first before he could himself be trusted by man.Being smart he must have known that there is only so much arguing one can do with oneself lol
If God was ever to have a friend and not be ONE, it had to be based on truth.
We do not know the whole story behind that.
We only know God did not want to be alone.

In the end, it is between man and God as it was between Jesus and God.

Religion isn't about clothing, food, torture or judgement. These directions were given to us because we did not know about germs or dust or social etiquette etc... elements which were harmful to us not to know. Since then man has progressed.

Religion is about forgiveness and love.
How do you judge a humble shepherd leading innocent lambs?

When you have peace because you understand, it is better than begetting peace through the sword.
Man is like a dog or horse who would give its life for someone it loves but will never risk losing its life to help an owner, if the owner is harsh and beats it.

This is why I believe in Jesus.

He had a message of TRUTH I think was worth sending forward .
His Truth crosses generations because some things just never change.
It doesn't matter who you are or what station you hold in life, there is something
for every one, found in the teachings of a humble shepherd.


we are all forgiven.
We were forgiven the day God let Adam and Eve live.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Palm Sunday

A Lady's Life

Wants to wish everyone a Happy Palm Sunday.
We remember the sacrifice made by God's only son,


He was willing to die, so man could live.

A Lamb among Kings.

We pray mankind is worthy of his Love,

His Death


His Resurrection

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Scary - but Not Beyond Imagination

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We took a drive to Mickey Dees, after getting the munchies .
It was after midnight and this place and Denny’s was still open.

It was disturbing to see a woman, with the little that she had, stuffed in a car,
sleeping in the parking lot. It seems she is doing this regularly.

It was also scary because if this person was living in such dire straights so
close to your home, how long would it be before more
and more people end up living this way?
We already have so many in Vancouver.
Could this be a growing trend which will one day include you and your children?

She must not have drug problems because she had a drivers license.
So it must be attributed to nothing short of bad luck.
It’s hard to find a place to go when the traditional family is destroyed and
government teaches people to depend on it instead.
Government can’t do much for you.
To ask government or credit companies or banks for help,
is to sell your soul.
Our system is not a “for sale” system but an “interest” system.

Looking at our banking system , it seems to be clearer and clearer that the business,
is not in the business of
providing people shelter in real estate, but in amassing interest from material
things people need, like shelter. That’s why they lease cars instead of selling them.
They are not interested in cash sales.

Interest systems, create a huge difference in the cost of living because people
need to make bigger salaries to cope,
which means prices need to get higher.

In spite of all the criticism about Mickee Dees and Walmart not paying people well,
I saw last night, that they did provide a service other places wouldn’t.
They provided this woman a relatively safe place to park and spend the night.

Hopefully she has a job during the day or maybe she collects social services
But one thing for sure, we didn’t have such things in the 40’s when we had a full scale
Depression. No one lived on the streets in those days.
Every one had families to take them in.

There are just some things that should not be played with and they include the
traditional family and shelter.
Families need to have a secure place to raise their families and banks
Are crossing the line here when they begin to play with peoples homes.
That’s sacrilege.

Banks have to know, that when they give a mortgage, it is for a 25 year period.
To change this would mean soaring house prices which in the end
become unaffordable for most people who then need to live in suitcases.

A new way will have to be found to live then.
Maybe people will buy bigger cars and live at Walmart or Micky Dees
or maybe they will have a tent or shack
they can open up on their car roof or maybe they can pull a utility trailer they can convert
into a home at night and park close to their place of work or parking lot.

Is this the future we are looking at?
It is appalling to think so.
Instead of attacking businesses like Walmart and McDonalds, maybe people should
Reflect on where price increases are heading?
Maybe price increases may soon lead to a system collapse where by to buy even
Food on interest could cost you a life of slavery.

Scary thought but not beyond imagination.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


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I wake up as always and think to myself WHAT A GREAT DAY!.

I like to leave my window open a fraction at night to get the

fresh air but since I’ve been married I had a problem with this

because my pet sleeping next to me, doesn’t like it and keeps shutting it loll

But apart from all these changes and inconsistencies you adapt and life goes on.

I can’t complain much. I am living my life as every one does but sometimes wonder

if there is something wrong with not having dreams?

Every one I know has/had dreams of becoming something or doing something

And I have always been content with who and what I was.

If I had something, that was great.

If I didn’t that’s ok too but if I had something and I lost it

This was not good at all.

Maybe this makes me somewhat of a hoarder but I feel some things come to you

And no one has a right to them just because they can.

This has always applied to me as well as to other people.

If someone didn’t give me something of their own free will

I would never take it.

This feeling leaves me at a distinct disadvantage when family members become

So called Indian givers.

Well I gave it to you…..

Ya you did so now what… you gave me a penny and now you want a dime? lol


Oh I needed it and you don’t. Hunh?


So what’s it to you? Hunh?


You’re too old for this. Say what?


No one bends down to pick up a penny anymore but I do and I collect them trying to teach

My family that a penny saved is a penny earned.

Well I do the saving and the wrapping up of the pennies when they make a dollar

But then they see it, want it and the roll disappears.

Somehow the roll becomes more appealing than the penny on the

But it doesn’t end up in the pocket of the person who hoarded it loll

Its like the story about the hen who asked her chicks to help with the chores of making the bread

but the only help she got was when they came to eat the bread. lol

So one does the hoarding and another does the enjoying because your things are not as important to them as much as their value.

So I hoard, I paint, I knit, I sew, in the hopes that one day they will smarten up and recognize antiques,

get the rewards from the things I valued, made and cherished for them.

Or maybe they will value my feelings and memories and efforts and keep them for future generations, which I always hoped would be the case.

There is a Van Gogh somewhere in the things we all do, that our families do not appreciate and then lose out on.

One time I saw these interesting big dolls that walked if you led them by the hand. I have boys, so really do not need dolls but I buy them anyway lol

I thought this would be great to give as gifts because I got one when I was a kid and still have it along with the memories.

It is like the movie Caine who died uttering his last word ….. Rose bud.

And no one knew it was his old sled, which meant so much to him, that he died thinking about it.

Maybe riding it in the snow was his dream come true and now finally he would.

So I got 6 dolls and it cost plenty to send them to the kids but some of them did not like this gift.

I had two left

One I decided to keep and the other I thought well there is Bingo night at school and they are looking for prizes, so I will donate it.

And I did.

But it so happened that there was another function going on at school whereby I had to pick up my son .

Bingo finished and people were leaving.

I happened to see this little girl with my big walking doll. The doll was half her size but it was her expression looking at it, that brought tears to my eyes.

For her it was a treasure, something she could not stop looking at and admiring. She was beaming Her Mom was beaming. It was a great night for them.

I didn’t know this little girl but I was so happy that the doll ended up to live with her. I felt like Ol St Nick that night and it was the best feeling.

This doll came to her, as some things I have, came to me.

It will be her treasure and she will feel about it just as I feel about my things.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she still had it to give to her children to play with one day.

I felt so great coming home that night and still today when I think about it, it makes me very happy.

I learned, the act of gift giving, comes in many ways . I also learned that there is no point to give, if people

do not appreciate what you have gone out of your way to do.

I broke even.

Three dolls found happy homes and three didn’t

But maybe they were given to other people who really loved them and in the end, this is really the main thing.

The greatest treasures are not things but what you find in your heart when they are given and received.

Well these were my thoughts for today.

Enjoy yours!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Rebirth and Butterflies

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Spring rebirth and butterflies

Welcome a new dawn

And buds peak out from underbrush

They didn’t need to hoe

The robins hop around

The soft sprouts and the twigs

They find what God has plentiful

Squiggling around.

Its enough to keep them strong

so they could build their nests

And lay their pretty blue eggs

And nurse them cause they’re blessed

Some of us are witness

To changes taking place

And some just live cemented

In a disinfected place.

Spring rebirth and butterflies

Welcome a new dawn

Laughing at the dew drops

Reflecting a new sun

All is well and normal

At the edge of town

Life and death and rebirth

Butterflies and sun.

This poem depicts that we do unnecessary things to keep us healthy and well.

Mother nature has all the ingredients required for life and living to take place.

It is healing soft moist and blessed by the one Father who knows how to do the job

We live fearing Mother Nature believing if we study her we could do a better job but every year she shows us

That this is farther from the truth

When Mother Nature hoes, she hoes. When she washes she washes and when she lives, she puts on the greatest show on Earth!

What is the definition of a robin?

A bird who steals.

When is the best time to buy a budgie?

When they're going cheap.

What's a polygon?

A dead Parrot.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Finding Truth

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Truth stands still
Waiting to be found.
It stands steadfast
It has no need to frown

But People hurry
They pass Truth all day long
The days are full of worry
No one wants to fail.

Papers fill the court rooms , governments and stands
and when they fail to find the truth words turn to swords and hail
The churches mosques and temples cry
They sputter, We're the truth
But Truth just stands and listens
It has nothing to prove.

A Mother stands at a blood soaked cross
A drop falls on her skin
She looks up and finds the eyes of Truth
Forgiving soft and warm

Truth's pain and sorrow is so hard to bear.
It tears her soul to shreds

And as tears flow, her body dries
Till there is nothing left

Brain drained she sits in solitude
Proclaiming not a word

So raw and hard, and cold
Truth turns her eyes to stone.

Around her, life continues
People rush about

They still seek Truth in papers
And fools take bullets out

Will they ever find it?
It is hard to say
A Mother's Truth was crucified
Just a stone's throw away.

This is another poem which depicts how hard it is to get at truth especially when there are so many webs spun around it that it could be staring you in the face and you will never see it and as soon as you speak it, it exists no more as it was.

Truth is usually found in simplicity. It is hidden because sometimes people cannot handle it or will not accept it ,so not to contaminate truth, it is hidden until it is ready to unfold.

If truth is hidden from grown up men and women because they are not ready to receive it,
who are we to disclose our version of truth, to the young, who we know are not ready to receive it either? Why does God show us greater respect by hiding what we cannot handle, than we do our own children?

A Mother whose heart and soul is broken, vows never to speak again, for she understands there is nothing left that is worth saying to men and mankind.

It makes the worlds' job that much harder, to obtain from her the truth she knows and understands but will not disclose. Truth, could be the difference between man's continuing existence or demise.
Will man ever find it?

It is hard to say.

Morning Glory

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The Glory

The glory of the beauty of the morning, -
The cuckoo crying over the untouched dew;
The blackbird that has found it, and the dove
That tempts me on to something sweeter than love;
White clouds ranged even and fair as new-mown hay;
The heat, the stir, the sublime vacancy
Of sky and meadow and forest and my own heart: -
The glory invites me, yet it leaves me scorning
All I can ever do, all I can be,
Beside the lovely of motion, shape, and hue,
The happiness I fancy fit to dwell
In beauty's presence. Shall I now this day
Begin to seek as far as heaven, as hell,
Wisdom or strength to match this beauty, start
And tread the pale dust pitted with small dark drops,
In hope to find whatever it is I seek,
Hearkening to short-lived happy-seeming things
That we know naught of, in the hazel copse?
Or must I be content with discontent
As larks and swallows are perhaps with wings?
And shall I ask at the day's end once more
What beauty is, and what I can have meant
By happiness? And shall I let all go,
Glad, weary, or both? Or shall I perhaps know
That I was happy oft and oft before,
Awhile forgetting how I am fast pent,
How dreary-swift, with naught to travel to,
Is Time? I cannot bite the day to the core.

Edward Thomas

I thought this was a very nice poem and I would say to the poet relax and enjoy the moment.
Why spoil a good thing? Sometimes it doesn’t pay to examine everything to the core and just go with the flow.

When glory presents itself to you, you must be grateful for it doesn’t present itself to every one.
I believe man cannot handle the truest of truths neither can he handle matters at their core because of their explosive nature.

Man must accept the gifts he is given, in the short intervals they are given to him.
He must accept the pain and suffering in the same context, that is, in the same short intervals, they are being presented to him
For we do not live in a perfect balanced world.

We walk through life as babes learning to walk Sometimes we manage and some times we need a helping hand to keep balance and
sometimes we fall on our bums just to get up again
But we always find a reason to try again until we succeed.
The day we do, is a glorious day.

Have a good one

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bit of Irish Moose Blarney

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If you liked the moose song on the Moose blog then the Moosekateer Club is for you 
You must not bring pet moosequitoes as they might make the campfire meetings a bit itchy
(Especially if you are hung like a Moose.)

But never fear. We’ve gone through worse things than moosequitoes and upset moose.
What's worse than an upset Moose you may ask????? Well, try a love sick moose.
Our Scout Master Brady and his wife Biddy, sure left our relatives with a lot of memories from their camping trip with them.

Like, the last time when we all went to Big Moose Mountain.
Biddy made sure to get every one together and gave them each their duties to perform.
We hiked through the swamp to the foot of the mountain and then stopped because every one was hungry.
Biddy asked Brady to prepare the meal.
Brady tried and tried and then exasperated came to Biddy and told her he couldn’t with the matches she gave him.
Adamant, Biddy became agitated with Brady because she said she tried them all and they worked perfectly fine before they left.
It was a blonde moment.

Luckily Brother Conor had edible underwear he bought in Britain so with a wee bit of Irish luck and wee bit of sun,
the shorts spontaneously combusted and every one had some cherries jubilee to eat.
Modern inventions have their good points. Especially with dessert.

But they were still hungry so they sent two younger Lads, Angus and Dermott, to see if they could get some moose meat.
The lads didn’t have to go very far, maybe ten minutes from camp, when they spotted one and shot it.
They began to haul the moose by the tail, back to our camp, when they met another hunter.
He asked them why they were pulling the moose by the tail. The lads said they didn’t know. They were from Ireland.
So the hunter told them it would be easier to pull the moose by the antlers.
So they did
A few hours later they were bushed and wondered why they were so far away from camp?
Biddy and Brady had to send a moose party to find them.
They never did find the hunter who led them astray.

Meanwhile back at camp, it was getting dark and the hikers were getting edgy.

Dermott’s motherinlaw, Maude, complained. She said “ Dermott was a perfect arsehole who didn’t have one hemorrhoid because his arse was as lazy as he was.”

To which Dermott's Mother, Bedelia, replied “If I had a face like yours I would teach my perfect arse to smile.”

Maude answered: “Funny. I hope you live as old as your jokes but it's hardly likely because your nose is so big it probably can’t smell, let alone see the future.”

Bedelia retorted “Oh Ya? Was it your face printed on those airline barf bags?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Maude replied “You’re the short one. When some one throws up, you must be the first to know.

“Ah common gals” Angus's Uncle Moe interjected. “Stop fighting over nothing. You’re so old, you both fart dust.”

Maude and Bedelia stared at him.

Maude said : “ And what did you do? Piss off your plastic surgeon?”

Bedelia added “Don’t talk to me like that. Ten cents more and I could have been your Mother.
Good thing I’m not, cause you must have been so ugly when you were born, your Momma probably got a ticket for littering.”

“MY MOMMA? My MOMMA?” Sputtered Moe. “ You two must be divorced, cause you both seem to have lost 95% of your brains!”

“Oh ya? “ Maude yelled back “ When they circumcised you, they must have thrown your brains away!”

“Well your face must be hurting” Moe yelled back “ Because it’s killing me.!”

“Ha Ha Ha “ quipped Bedelia.” That’s because before you talk, you should brush your teeth.
I can’t tell if they are teeth or cheese.”

Up to this point Brady and Biddy were just quietly working building up the evening camp fire.

Moe was gonna yell back but the moose party broke through the edge of camp carrying the carcass of fresh meat, hanging from
a long post they found.

Brady was very happy to see them and to quiet the arguing group he said:
“Gosh guys, dogs and cats get along better than you do."

Dermott, well acquainted with Bedelia's and Maudes sharp Irish tongues, heard the ending sentence and couldn’t help laughing :
” That’s if you don’t tie them together Brady. Then you’ll see a big difference.”

Dermott’s Mom just waved her hand in defiance .
“We’re fighting because of your perfect arse.” she said.

“What? Dermott asked confused.

“Ya. That’s how it started.” said Moe handing Dermott a canteen of Irish Whisky.

“ I am glad this camping trip is just starting" he smiled.

"You need some hemorrhoids Moose.”



Only in Nordern Minnesota! ........ This guy raised an abandoned
moose calf with his Horses, and believe it or not, he has trained
it for lumber removal and Other hauling tasks. Given the 2,000
pounds of robust muscle, and the Splayed, grippy hooves, he claims
it is the best work animal he has. He Says the secret to keeping
the moose around is a sweet salt lick, Although, during the rut he
disappears for a couple of weeks, but always
Comes home.... Impressive !!

Moose Moose I never had anything quite like a moose

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eyes of the Children

In the eyes of the children
Love peace and joy

In the eyes of the children
We love and adore

In the eyes of the children
Whose innocence we betray

In the eyes of the children
By grave yards we pray

Oh land shore and air,
Take heed lest we lose

In the eyes of the children
It is their souls we bleed.

Let no man raise arms
No humanity decay

On the streets where the children
So innocently play.

Let peace joy and love cross over our hearts
We must play with the children
We must never depart

In these young eyes, lies the truth of it all
In the eyes of the children
By a hearth soft and warm

Let not our hearts, be swayed by the sword.
Put down the weapons
So our hearts can be heard.

Be not dismayed at the wisdom displayed
In the eyes of the children
So young and so brave.

These eyes challenge the wicked,
They challenge the rich
They challenge the powers
Who become meak

In the eyes of the children
In the eyes of new life

There are no greater causes
More worthy than a child

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~ An Amish Boy Goes to the Mall ~

A fifteen year old Amish boy and his father were in a mall.
They were amazed by almost everything they saw, but
especially by two shiny, silver walls that could move apart
and then slide back together again.

The boy asked, 'What is this Father?'
The father (never having seen an elevator)
responded, 'Son, I have never seen anything
like this in my life, I don't know what it is.'

While the boy and his father were watching with amazement,
a fat old lady in a wheel chair moved up to the moving walls
and pressed a button.. The walls opened, and the lady rolled
between them into a small room. The walls closed, and the
boy and his father watched the small numbers above the walls
light up sequentially.. They continued to watch until it reached
the last number, and then the numbers began to light
in the reverse order.

Finally the walls opened up again and a gorgeous
24-year-old blond stepped out.

The father, not taking his eyes off the
young woman, said quietly to his son.

'Go get your Mother.'

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cat Fish Dog

Rappers love money and power and this catfish represents a lot of power.
It is a fish which will not think twice to grab an animal, a child or even a sparrow from the banks of a river. It has a tremendous thirst for life and living.
Its a survivor surpassing even death. An amazing fish.
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I rapped my way to cat fish mall

There lay a cat fish 8 feet long

He looked at me and I at him

I said you’re fucked You have some gaul.

You ate a fish and I ate 10

And I ain't half as tall as him

the cat fish jerked his head at me and

pierced his whisker into a tree

I gafawed at this lame display

But saw at once this was no game

The quill went into bark and tree and

this could very easily have been me.

The muscles rippled in his head and

I knew he was not dead.

His body quivered his eyes were cold

But for sure he was not dead.

He did the rap against the tree.

The Michael Jackson moonwalk next

And As he kept his eye on me.

I yelled hey friend, be cool, be cool,

It wasn't me who threw the spool and

caught your horny head on hook

With toothy smile the wide mouthed gape,

He lunged again to take his bait.

Not learning once or twice or thrice

That eating me was not so nice.

The butcher then chopped off its head but

Like a bull dog, he wasn't dead.

He wanted food and I was it

He wouldn’t learn

He was not dead.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Encounters at the end of the WORLD

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I watched the program, "Encounters at the Edge of the World" where a small penguin decided to separate, from the group heading inland to lay and hatch eggs, and walk out into the vastness of the Antarctic where there was nothing but death waiting for him.

The beautiful, serene,mystic, Antarctic.
Scientists studying this piece of solitude, found that people are facing the same end as the dinosaurs did.

They said creatures that live under the water, are menacing and dangerous and this may have forced creatures to come out of the ocean onto land, to escape death.

They found such things as nutrinoes, which go through everything and are needed to create the basic elements.

Nutrinoes are so small, they can go through everything, including ourselves, which makes us a part of everything around us.

The scientists know how to calculate them but not see them.
They called them, like something out of the spirit world.

The only way to see them would be in a blue lightening light of maybe 1/100millionth of a second.

Alan Watts was quoted as saying something like:
Through our eyes the universe is perceiving itself Through our ears the universe is listening to its causing harmonies We are witness through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory” -----------------------------------------

I have long believed that all that we are, was begot from the universe, through which we listen, when it comes to us. This is why Bethoven could hear music even when he was deaf. This is where we got our Picasso's and for all we know our Bible is enriched with messages sent from heaven to our prophets. And why not if we are all one?
God had said one thing we are closer to coming to understand. He said I AM and because he is,
we are.

Watts said it in reverse and this makes a lot of sense because we make noise and send messages back out there for some one/thing to hear.

Watts, if I am not mistaken,was a philosopher and studied a lot of Buddhism.

Can you imagine the messages, waves of explosions, fire and hurricanes,we send out into the universe?
If everything is attached to these waves in nutrinoes, then for sure man will live forever and rebirth is and will occur on other planets welcoming life be it in dust, minerals or ice water......
We do not need to be conscious of our existence to know or understand that we are.
We suffer, because we are conscious and it is this consciousness that creates differences like between good and evil, which otherwise would not exist. Life is about change and change does not consist of good or evil. Like everything else, it just is.

What happens, knowing all things go full circle, when all the noise we make in waves, comes back and attacks earth? Would Earth be able to withstand the echoes from the past or would they cause it to explode like a soprano's voice shatters glass?
Would this be good, evil or just change that needed to take place for no reason other than it just did.

It may be advantageous to our world, if we lived quieter lives or maybe it really doesn't matter at all.

Maybe by playing more symphonies, the universe will listen and become conscious of its' Glory.......and ours.

Have a good one!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Mama Conch

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This Dinosaur Conch was a picture I found from our travels to Malaysia a long time ago.
I have not seen many people eating them so maybe this is why they grow to such monstrosities.

The conch throughout history, was eaten in salads or cooked as fritters.
They could be found in chowders, gumbos, soups, curry, soaked in soy vinegar lemon and hot peppers.

They were served as cocktails made with onion, tomato, cilantro, lemon juice,
or marinated in orange juice.

They were used as wind instruments in religions and in the book Lord of the Flies.

People made cameos out of them and they were also used as building material and in landfills.
The sharp jagged edges made them great to put in fences to keep people from climbing them.
Some used them as tools to cut things and for self defense.

This Queen of shells was so popular for so many reasons, it has become, like everything else coming in contact with man, very rare and precious .

As for the big Mama Conch in the picture........ wishful's a fake.