Wednesday, May 6, 2009


People today are grasping at straws. They yearn for something good to happen.

They are tired of lies, of taxes, of imbalance, of being led by the nose by banks, companies,
false leaders and prophets.

They are tired of being pushed into the myth that Chaos is good because it creates more jobs.
There is just too many people hurt by chaos and so how is this change..... for the better?

Technology is good but it forces you into a faster lifestyle which doesn't give you time to think or reflect on where you are going or what the consequences of your decisions will be or even to pace yourself.
The days go by faster, the nights are not long enough.

Tired, strung out, you look for peace. There is no more fight left in you, no struggling because people are worn out by constant, unending turbulence, from and by those, who will not take NO for an answer.
Common sense has flown out the window.

You can still teach puppies NO but you can't teach your children or the world NO.

They have taken that right away from you, as we have taken it away from God.

The moment they go to school, you lose your children.
They go in with bright eyes, full of confidence and hope and promise and come out dazed,
confused, arrogant, disenchanted.
Their dreams are ripped out from under them, by the very people and system who are there to teach them.

Kids come out fighting, telling you , that you don't understand the world.
You don't know how it is? It's all changed they say.

You think........ truth .....out of the mouth of babes.
Truth .......that once came out of your mouth as well. lol

Now who told them these lies?
And what gives people the right to do that,
rob children, of their rights to be children?

People have lived throughout time, and as the old end their lives and die and the new begin, NOTHING in life has changed.

It's just different people ,doing the same things, with different technology.

We still have jelousies, greed, stubbornness, lies, corruption, fraud.

We still have romance, love, hope, inspiration, desire, passion.

We still have mental illness, insanity, disagreements, cruelty, pain, disease, prisons, torture, self torture.

We still have life and death, war. Our blood is and still runs red.

Laws and politics have done nothing to change things.

We try to change things, to make it easier for people but it backfires on us and stays difficult because saying NO and accepting the word NO ... has always been our problem from the days of Adam and Eve.
All our efforts to change things and do otherwise, have amounted to nothing and are failing us.

We do not see how many good things we have lost, by making the word NO something we refuse to accept.

Now, instead of having a trained puppy, who understands .......NO,
peeing on the floor is wrong,
we have every one objecting to NO and saying
we will pee on the floor if we want to.
No one can stop us.
What are you going to do ?
Because you have no right to.

Nothing has changed.
We fight to stop people from beating others and replaced it with people becoming their own worst enemy and beating up on themselves and then still keeping it your problem, yours to carry on your back, as Jesus carried the cross for our sins... but.. you still can't say and accept the word NO.

You can't say NO. Man is born equal. He just refuses to accept that word and angers God and Jesus said's cause we don't understand.

Hope and faith is lost because only God can give you these things and he's being bullied out of existence, blamed for the world's problems.

No one sees, it's not God who is to be blamed, it's our interpretation of him.
It's our interpretation of all the words in our vocabulary.

How can we ALL be children of God, and then say he is taking sides, making one go against the other?
God said NO to both Adam and Eve which means ,Adam and Eve were equal in his eyes.
Is Adam and Eve equal in our eyes?

Man's Laws have hidden the meaning of Common sense but hope and faith and common sense isn't lost. We are.
These words are still there, if you look for them and want them bad enough .....but along with them, comes the word NO.

Nothing changes in life.

We want what we have lost, we search for it and will continue to search but God has made it clear, that You still can't say NO God.
Jesus bought us time to learn what the meaning of the word is, so we can accept it.

He is love and peace and
He is in every one of us.

Hope and Faith, Love and Peace is found in understanding the meaning of the word NO and having trust and the
good will to believe in it.

We teach a puppy the word NO and the puppy has love and good will, trust and it wants to be your friend, enough to want to please you and pee outside.

But people????? God tries to teach them NO, but people are like wild
undomesticated animals.

Every day we pass laws saying wild animals cannot be trained AND HAVE NO PLACE IN CITIES . They can't be brought into the house because they will always pee on the floor.

They will turn on you because they will not take NO for an answer.
Why.... because they don't understand what it means.
How does this make wild animals different from mankind?

How can we ask God to invite us into his house, when we refuse to invite them who will not take NO for an answer, into our own?

We all know the 10 Commandments which teach us the word NO.

So we have to ask ourselves a question.

Who is better and smarter and more deserving of God and heaven and peace and love and of answers to all our questions, hopes and dreams?

Man........ or dog?

Who should God open his doors to?

We alienate him today because we know his doors will be closed.

Because WE CAN"T SAY NO.


Nessa said...

While I understand the frustrations you speak of, I remember what it was like when i was younger and things really are not worse than they've ever been.

People have been complaining about all of these things I think since man could speak.

I always think of this quote:

Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers.
Socrates (469 BC - 399 BC)

Akelamalu said...

I understand where you're coming from. I work in a school and the kids look at you as if you're mad if you tell them no. Thankfully my grandchildren understand the word NO.

Dr.John said...

Or is our problem everyone is saying no.
No to God.
No to kindness.
No to obedience.
No to caring for others.
No to giving.
No to being what we were meant to be.
Do your homework. NO.
Help your mother. NO.
Stop doing drugs. NO.
Accept what Jesus did for you. NO

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. I do understand where you are coming from and we can only hope that more parents teach their children the proper meaning of No and it's value and get it back to what it should be :) Aloha

A Lady's Life said...

Nessa so true. I go back to Socrates also lol
I remember my words and thoughts growing up and those of my friends. I was a good kid and it wasn't easy to be good.but I took the time to stop and reflect and at least try to fnd out where my parents were coming from and why and this got me into history philosophy politics and God and many of my answers to life.Understanding made me a better person than being left an instructed one.

Akemalu Yes teaching is very frustrating today because kids learn the words, rights and laws before they know anything behind these words. So they end up using these words against themselves. Home schooland God need to work together to raise children as it did before. Life is about baby steps. There are no shortcuts.

Dr. John you are a gem :)So true
We say no to all the stuff that keeps our hearts and minds and souls clean safe and healthy. We say no to riches money can't buy.

Thom So many parents out there do everything right and lose their kids as soon as they enter school and meet up with kids whose parents do nothing and teach them to do things because everything is ok. What can they do to you? they say, If you don't behave?
They don't have God to look up to for guidance and everything else fails them. Peer pressure keeps them busy learning just how to survive to adult hood.
I am blessed with great kids but even so, I worry every day. I see my friends bleed when their kids get hurt for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.:)
I can't see how ignoring God and pretending we have all the answers
is going to bring us the joy and peace and love that we are all searching for.Each institution is working alone, instead of together.

Nessa said...

Most parents want to take the easy way out and it ends up being far harder in the long run.

A Lady's Life said...

Yes Nessa.Harder on everyone.
Today I saw more ads on MSN asking if Legalizing Drugs would resolve our economic problems through taxation.
To think they could even ask this question is appalling.

Anonymous said...

Oh la la