Monday, October 26, 2015

Life's Masks

These are Korean masks used in theatrical plays or practices in shamanism .
Masks were made of alderwood.

Each mask represents something.

Yang ban Tal = nobleman
 Sonbi Tal = scholar mask

Kagsi Tal  = Bride Mask
Jung Tal  = monk

Bune Tal = young widow
Chorangi Tal = hasty servant

Imal Tal  = foolish servant
Halmi Tal = granny mask


There is much talk about genocide these days and not every one is in agreement with the term.
So many words used by societies and organizations today are so distorted.
In past 150 yrs Armenia, Holocaust Cambodia Darfur Rwanda Bosnia Native Americans all 
claimed genocide.
12th C, Sultan of Delhi ,Kutb-d Din Aibak practiced what was called  Democide.

In  1221 the Mongol army slaughtered 1,300,000 people.

Democide is a term revived and redefined by the political scientist R. J. Rummel (1932-2014) as "the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder". Rummel created the term as an extended concept to include forms of government murder that are not covered by the term genocide, and it has become accepted among other scholars.[1][2][3] According to Rummel, democide surpassed war as the leading cause of non-natural death in the 20th century.[4][5]

I used to remember tribes in South America, who actually could claim genocide, but there is no one left to talk about them.They are hard to find on line or maybe I just don't know where to look.
Every one today, who talks about genocide, can only claim attempts at genocide  if anything. Even the Germans, can't claim to have succeeded and we have Israel to prove it.
The Germans did not only kill Jews. They killed every one and Slavs were next on their list to exterminate. How do you also explain people killing their own people like in the Russian Revolution, French Revolution,or Iraq and Syria, Hiroshima and Nagasaki etc...
Do you claim the killing of Non Muslims genocide? The aim is to kill Non Muslims not races of people, which is like 76.98% of the world?

If one goes into multicultural countries like Canada and the US, we cannot claim genocide since there are so many
cultures and races found here . There has never been total ethnic cleansing by the people claiming this was done to them.
When there is total ethnic cleansing, there is no one left to talk about it.
 This then would be genocide.

A better term would be  found in the word Democide. 

If you go back in time far enough, no one is immune to the word Democide.
There is war and in war, people die.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

City of Angels

My Angel City is growing .
I should find them some flowers and ribbons. --
Religion is again under attack.
 The Pope asks for changes to be made and the conservatives again voted for very little. When God has to change his values to those of the devil.... well this means the church is dying. If the church values die there will be no reason to believe in God. He will have no mandate to direct, instruct people or play as a role model to promote truth and justice if he has nothing to teach. If there is no truth in the words of God, then a watered down religion is no religion at all. Life has ebbs and flows and what today may be popular, a more mature society, might see fads to be exactly what they are, fads, and not truth as it really and truly is. Granted society is full of so many different people on different planes of growth but the aim is to grow and not stagnate society to believe that this way is right and the other is wrong especially when the right way, Gods' way, is the true way. Today the fads are showing their teeth and becoming more fascist with their ideas than the church is. and this can be seen with Germaine Greer below.

Germaine Greer, a champion of human rights for women, is being asked many questions these days. She is being called a fascist by the gay lesbian organization on her comments on trans women, who she does not believe in. Truth hurts and the gay/lesbian organization is showing its' teeth and its' fascism as opposed to Germaine Greer. No one it seems, can disagree with them. They are afraid of the truth. I remember way back when, when feminists equated married women to prostitutes because they do the same thing as prostitutes do. They are supported by husbands and have sex. I was offended saying there is a lot of difference. You needs sex sanctified by God so it stays beautiful and meaningful. Sex is not just sex.
People like me never tried to stop her from airing her right to speak as the gay/lesbian people are trying to do today. Her voice matters. Sex is not a reason to change oneself.
To have sex is important in life for obvious reasons, but when sex becomes an obsession and a need far greater than life and living, then it becomes a sickness.

 Another example we can use is " breasts" and breast feeding. Breasts are a normal part of a female anatomy and men in other societies see them as such and they don't bother them. In our society breasts have become a symbol of sex and lust.
There is so much money being made today on breasts that it's become a sickness. Of course one cannot say it is because people get offended but I don't see animals getting excited over breasts when they have to do what they have to do. lol it goes by smell and whether or not a female is ready for it at certain times of the year.
The animal female is not sexually abused every day. A male does not need sex every day as it is being explained to humans every day. So the topic of sex is distorted and lied about and this can't be discussed today, as sex could not be discussed openly a few years back.

 So most of the changes which take place today are fads. But truth is what lies in the beginnings of the church which was also abused by people steering it to reasons for war. The church is supposed to keep doors open for people who grow up and come to understand of their own volition, that they speak the truth. It is to guide people, into becoming better people. Politics does not make better people because it is about power, manipulation and lies. A good government seeks votes through truth and justice a bad government gets votes for power through manipulation and lies and appealing to vices hurting people.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Playing La Playa

Playing La Playa takes me back a long way. I still love it.
Some things are just not fads that come and go.
They stay with generations of people signifying that truth is truth,
love is love and political correctness is not something we should
lay down our lives for.
One must always question and not sit in political myopic views.
Always look at the long range of decision making.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beautiful Dying Swan

This ballerina is so flexible.
Ballerinas are getting better and better every year.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Purifying Melting Heat

Today they said on the news that they have a drug
 that will come out in 2 years, that will only attack cancer cells.

To this I say .....Yipee!!

So every one who has or had cancer and worries about
 it returning, I'd say this is good news.

In the future, I shudder to think how many people will
 be affected by cancer. Might be in the millions.

Personally I know throughout my life, I drank so much
hot coffee from plastic and styro foam cups.
I am probably as toxic as the poor Beluga Whales in the St Lawrence River.
They are my very favorite whales, resembling dolphins,
and my heart bleeds for them.
Apparently they were estimated to have enough toxins to kill 10 men and
were miraculously handling it.

People just do not realize how much harm plastic does to one and every
one is fed plastic in one form or another.

I think the best thing for plastic, is to melt it down back into oil.
The Japanese have the machine one could keep at home to do it.
Imagine beaches cleaned by these purifying plastic melting machines.
They would never hurt anyone,ever again and supply people with good oil to reuse.

Well that is my thought for the day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Importance of Prevention

She sits and watches your every move,
 knowing you better than you know yourself.
She walks with you, sleeps with you and sits
politely waiting for her tid bits.

She cleans you and pities you and loves you.
She defends you with a pure lion heart when
you are attacked by people who come into the yard at night and
try to steal things like lawn mowers and yard decorations.

Though small, this little dog can be a best friend in more ways
than one, in a world laughing at justice and abusing it to
win elections, court cases, and international debates.

This little dog, sitting in a home, knows right from wrong
better than people do.
This little dog knows justice better than people do.
This little dog knows a lie when it hears one and
truth in the eye of the beholder.
This little dog is all soul and conscience staring at you.

The world of animals is quietly being destroyed.
The animal gene pool is quietly being destroyed
and man with his "Rights" does not hear the call of the wild
in its' pure form and exposes himself to dangers he cannot see
 or understand with his myopic view of life.
Man is losing his rights by destroying the senses which sift
through right and wrong.
Man is losing rights by losing mental capacities to listen
and loving truth.

What is today if not the future we lay out for ourselves?
If you don't care enough  today, to say no,
tomorrow, will not care about you
Prevention requires the word NO.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Poldark Movie Review

I really enjoyed this Poldark series and what makes it exciting
is that Vision TV is putting it on as well.
However, the movie actors are different from the TV version.
If the tv actors are as good as the actors in the movie version,
it should be equally enjoyable to watch.
 I would always see the faces
of the movie actors since I just saw it and got attached to them.
They were brilliant!

Have a good one

Pinky Beige

This is my last Angel for the year. Made 5 and that's enough.
This one took a lot of cotton thread. It is very lacy.
I used the doily I made previously for the wings.
There is no glue used so if one day I get tired of the Angel,
I can take it apart and still have 2 doilies plus a head and body with hair
for another project.
It is also easy to wash. Just let it sit in some gentle soap to get the dust out
rinse and air dry.
The weather continues to be wet and damp.
My hibiscus continues to flower but the poor sunflowers have all their heads down
from all this rain. I am not sure the coleus likes it indoors but the apple trees
seem to be doing well. I will try to keep them indoors this year and see what happens.
The lemon trees are growing very well.
When you compare pics from spring, they like quadrupled in size.
Know what I'm sayin? lol

So many people voted already in the advance polls. Doesn;t look good for Mr Harper
but then he's been in power a long time and its always good to change but
handing power people not experienced in running a country is not good news.
This might leave a hard future for the youth of today.

Already there is discussion of giving every one a guaranteed income because companies
are all going robotic. There will be no jobs left for people to do.
If you consider how much taxes are collected every year, if every one was given 1 mill
there would be no poverty in Canada and still some money left for government.

I suggested it a while back and seems someone heard. lol

Monday, October 12, 2015

Movie Review - The Horde.

Our Library is a treasure trove of good movies.
I always say use your library so it doesn't close down.
I found Koodo books. Sort of like Kindle .
I enjoyed reading them cause the words were big and did not strain
your eyes. Each Koodo had about 4-5 books on it.

One movie I watched is The Horde. It takes place in 1357
when half of the Eastern world was controlled by the Golden Horde.
I love movies with good sceneries and this was a foreign film which
is always a breath of fresh air.

When the Khan gets sick, they required a Christian Saint to be brought
for a cure.
When God failed the Saint, the Saint was put through hell by the Horde
but when the Khan was cured a day later, they began to believe it was
due to the Saint. What followed was truly Gods' will and the movie shows
we are all not in control.
 There is no one beyond the almightys' power.


Good Movie.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Movie Review - The Return

The Return is another foreign movie. Think I've seen it before on TV.
My son tells me that it seems there is not one movie I did not see. lol
I tell him that is why I am so smart lol

This movie is a psychological thriller.
It is about two boys who come home one day to find that their estranged Dad
returned. The Mom is nervous and tells them they have to go fishing with their Dad
 for a week.
The Dad takes them on a journey. He is not much of a talker and gives a lot of orders
and demands respect. The boys see this as threatening behavior
and begin to fear him.
A test of wills begins early.
Seems the Dad has problems seeing life through a childs' mind but he
also wants to teach them things.
He wants to be a Dad, something that just
doesn't happen overnight.
Anyway, unfortunately it doesn't work out for the Dad.
The kids did learn valuable lessons and there are secrets which are left
undisclosed in the movie which stayed with the Dad.
Intriguing movie by Andrei Tarkovsky and Roman Polansky.
I liked it.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Angel Royal

This is a close up of the pretty angel I made for my sons' girl friend
 She likes the color purple..
 They are beautiful to display for Christmas.

Today they showed a young lady who wrote a book about her experiences
in North Korea. Life was hard and she and her Mom escaped for a bowl of rice.
They got caught by a group who sold women as sex slaves and were abused by these men.
They escaped and found a group who told them they would be free with them.

It took me back to Thailand where a man asked me if I was a jealous woman (I gathered
because he wanted to sell my husband a woman for sex) I found this question rather odd
and told him yes, I am jealous. And he answered, oh that's not good.
I then told him to ask my husband if he was jealous but this question did not relate to men.

It did not relate to men because this was a mans' world where women were objects to be bought and sold. Selling of sex was a way of life to survive.

In Kuwait, one felt vulnerable as well. One did not feel human but like a piece of meat to be used as the men saw fit.
Women mean nothing there.
Without a husband,anything could happen to you.

 This is why safe guarding our freedoms here in North America
is very important and when new immigrants come in , supporting this mans' world, it is insulting
to every North American woman who fought hard to obtain freedom.

Of course these new immigrants don't understand why there is such a fuss made coming from a mans' world. They are used to this abuse because it is normal and natural for them.

I guess you can compare this to birds. If you raise a crow in a cage, it doesnt mind being in a cage
but if you take a crow from the wild and stick it into a cage, it will die.

Such is the difference between freedom and slavery .
Freedom and prison.
Freedom and the niqab.

Women from the old world, are imprisoned in their beliefs. They don't mind living in a cage.
Lucky for them that in this country, they have the cage door open to flee any time they want to.
Some never will.
Some will fight not to only stay in the cage but to put you into one as well.
There in lies the problem.

Have a good one.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Colored Angel

I had this thread and thought hmm it won't be good for an
angel but as it turns out this angel turned out the best
 Every one loves it

Unfortunately I only have one. lol
Guess I have to make more like it.

Listened to Harpers' platform today and seems it is the
best one. Others offer things to be taken away with high costs later.
thus will do more hurt than care.
 Voters will not be smart to vote for them.

Ahh Life!!

Movie Review - Dostoyevsky

I love books written by Dostoyevsky.
As a kid I would lie on my porch divan with a bushel of McCintosh apples,
 the best apples in the whole world .
We would go to the orchard in the fall, to collect them off of trees,
helping the farmers.

The best apples, went down well with Crime and Punishment, The Gambler,
The Idiot , Poor Folk, Demons, Brothers Karamazov (my favorite),
Notes from the Underground.
As a kid you don't know what treasures you hold and read until one day,
 as a grown up, things begin
to fall into  place.
This is why I always say kids need their space and their own world to live in.
Mine was around books which I devoured with passion.

I never really got to know Dostoyevsky as a man though .
This foreign movie, in 8 episodes,
depicted him so well and one could see what he went through to write such books.

This movie showed him as a convict, gambler, lover, and a famous writer.
He was exiled to Siberia , suffered from epilepsy as did his son who died of it.

He lost his first wife to consumption. They showed him to be a compassionate man
who suffered deeply and needed support from his brother and aunt and then finally his
last wife.
An artist painted his picture and as people came to the gallery to look at his portrait, some to
sneer and make remarks about his books and life , others saw a great suffering in his eyes.
A man of soul.

I am glad I saw this movie by Vladimir Khotinenko and I think others would enjoy it too,
enough to actually find it worth while to read the books he wrote.
The scenery was good as well

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

3 Angels

I am now making a cotton Angel It will be a lot more work
 since the cotton is thin.
I have 2 started One in pink and one beige

I never thought I would enjoy doing doilies this much
But when you can get Angels out of them then visiting a flea market
is another option since they have many doilies.
Of course they are machine made but so what.
The ones on the 2 ends are for my cousin and his wifes' Mom.
They will fly to England..

This election Justin Trudeau wants to be Prime Minister and lead
 his deficit country smoking pot. lol

What have we come to?
Our old Prime Ministers' would roll over in their graves if they saw what
was happening to this

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Movie Review - Rain Shadow

I enjoyed this movie The Rain Shadow , with Rachel Ward.
She is a brilliant actress.
Victoria Thaine also played her role extremely well.

The story is about these two vets in Adelaide who have personal problems
as well as  a drought and sheep disease and clients who are also neighbors.
 They have to decide the moral and ethical things to do because it is not
only about them but the people who live in this small town of Paringa.

In spite of differences the goodness in people is reflected and
once people are understood, there is no such thing as a bad man.

This is a sensitive movie about caring and love and lifes' daily battles.
I can recommend this movie as a good one to watch.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Angels' Applause

This is a new Angel .

She looks pretty standing over the fireplace and brightens up an
otherwise dull Tuesday morning.

" The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and
 we see nothing but sand;
 the angels come to visit us, and 
we only know them when they are gone."
 ~George Elliot

Monday, October 5, 2015

Cheerful Glances

Oh how they cheer one, glancing at you with their colorful display
of golden yellow.
I have 5 heads in one pot but I am not sure if they will have time to mature
My friends have taken their tomato plants and flowers inside but I think mine
can stay outdoors till the end of October.
They only just began to produce.

The hibiscus is flowering big time as well and I just can't believe it.

I made three angels and  began a fourth one. Keeps me busy for a while.
I crochet making a head and neck and then a torso which I stuff. Then I make the
hair and then I do the skirt which is attached to the bottom and then another
doily forms the wings.
 She then stands beautiful , blessing your home with her goodness.
I suppose she can be used as a tree top but she does not have a light.
 All she would need is spray starch.

The weather has held on, being warm and wet. Umbrellas are covering outdoor chairs
and I suppose they will soon have to be covered in plastic for the winter months.

We are waiting to vote. Will be interesting to see who wins.

Life is moving along at a steady pace. One keeps looking over ones' shoulder to
see if the big one will hit BC any time soon.
They found out that apart from the fact the polar ice cap is melting from above,
heat is coming up from below, which has nothing to do with anything man does.

One of my son's friends has a missing Dad who went hiking up to Cypress and
after missing 12 days the search was called off. They say he must be dead since
 the weather up there is much colder.
Many hikers get lost up there but most are found. One needs a GPS or something
so it can send a signal.

October is a birthday month for many in my family
I wish every one a Happy Birthday.
Let love encompass your heart so you see life through the eyes of the beholder.
in its' raw enchantment.
Have a good one.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Movie Review - Leviathan.

This is another foreign film I enjoyed albeit a sad one.
It is a Golden Globe Winner.

It is a story about injustice, something we all understand and know about
today, life being what it is.
A corrupt Mayor tries to destroy a mans' home business and land.
The man fights back by getting a trusted attorney from Moscow.
who proves not to be strong enough to fight this Mayor and his gang.

What is heart breaking is that this Mayor goes to church and sits like the devil he is, teaching
 his son that God sees all, while the priest lectures on morals ethics values, and Christ.

"God dwells not in power but in truth 
Not in strength but in love
Not in cunning but  the Lords' wisdom
Not in anger and hatred but with bravery
Truth is Gods' legacy
Truth reflects the world as it really and truly is
Without distortion
He who knows Gods' truth can find truth
and Gods' truth is Christ himself.
He who lives feels and does like Christ
Can tell good from evil
How can one preach freedom, while destroying the foundations of morality?
Freedom, is finding Gods' truth
Know Gods' truth and it shall set you free
Only a man who lives by Gods' truth, who defends it, 
only that man is free.
True values are replaced by false ones and who sits in the church,
 but these same people
who profess Gods' truth under pretentious conditions."

Power in the church and the town, is governed not by God but by corrupt  killers who sit deaf
to Gods' words, pretending virtues they do not possess for personal gain.

It is a movie similar to mafia movies we see.
The scenery makes it heart breaking to see a family destroyed the way it is
by greed, alcohol, self pity, and gluton.

The movie leaves one thinking that there must be a way to fight city hall as they say
but the job is not for amateurs.
You can't just say NO to the liberals or dictators of this world who say everything
 is ok as long as it is their way.

Sad movie. Sad life.

On the news Montreal said it has to throw raw sewage into the St Lawrence River
for 2 weeks because they have no where else to put it, doing the repairs they need to do.
Forget that Beluga whales in that area have been tested to be living with so many toxins
 that they should  already be dead.
Where is the justice and why is there no other place to put this sewage and why were they not
prepared to do this job the right way?
The buck continues to be passed by those elected to run this country but who don't know how.
This is similar to the marijuana shops who sell drugs to people without a professional license
proving they are qualified to do so.
Hurting the innocent is always the end result.

No one asks why we have so many toxins in our raw sewage?
 People run in elections, to ask votes of other people who are ignorant or just don't care.

If it kills the animals in this world, man is next and yet human rights is used to kill innocent
people . The public does not understand that human rights, do not exist.
 Privilege exists and privilege can be taken away by the same people vying for human rights.

Leviathan is a book by Thomas Hobbes and can be read on Project Gutenberg
Zvyagintsev and Negin won the award for best screen play.

Something to think about.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Life in Sunflowers

I keep looking out at my sunflowers and finally in September they opened.
 Only God knows if they will actually have seeds or be frosted over.
The tomatoes are still green and every day I wonder if they should be picked.

My neighbor cut his sunflowers down but they had big heads. Mine are small.
Such long thin stocks, standing on their own, defying wind storms and
rain, bringing sun shine into every soul that looks at them.

The yard was full of birds this year, especially hummingbirds which came within
a few feet of you and hovered.
It was like Gods' angels coming from  fairy land
taking you away into this mystical world we see so little of.

One sits and thinks that we tell children stories about these worlds we do not
 ourselves believe in but they exist.
There were more places where they could be found
but man destroys their habitat with concrete cities every day
and we lose much by it.

One wonders how man can live and feel once his dreams and soul is taken away from him.?
One wonders how children can be raised without dreams hope and imagination?
One wonders how people can live without touching feathers on a chicken or fur on a bunny
or smell fields of cow manure without blocking noses.
We called it a breath of fresh air and took deep whiffs of farmers fields as we drove by them lol

In the fall we'd go into forests of rich black soil to collect mushrooms from rotten logs.
Our sense of smell was alive as we searched for more and more smells from nature.

Today we can't find soil like this anymore.
Even the so called black soil we buy in the garden outlets does not compare  to what nature
herself creates. This soil was rich with worms and bugs. It was living soil.
The forests were living forests full of shit and flowers and wild succulent berries full of juicy flavor.

Skeletons of deer heads could be found by rocks and clear water puddles were safe to drink from.
Life was danger and it was great to be vibrant and alive living a life that was not stagnant ruled and poisoned.

You had to make do with what you had. You had to be creative because there was no Martha Stewart selling overpriced garbage at Michaels to make your cake look nice.
This was your job and because it was, it was what made you an individual and different and respected and loved and envied. People, neighbors, the owner of the corner store, were valued .

Achievements were valued more.You wore dresses and coats and shoes and felt like a million bucks,
because they were made by your Mom or Grandma or by elves and the shoe maker.
Self sacrifice was something one did to make others happy.
 No one had to teach us to pay it forward.
Old people were respected.
We helped them and were in turn rewarded by a sweet kindness and stories our parents had no time to share with us.
Between canning and shredding and salting, basement shelves were stocked with goods no store could sell. Your mouth watered when Mom pulled out a can of tomato juice or pickled mushrooms or eggplant spread or apple sauce.
Life was good. Fulfilled. No one had trouble sleeping nights.

When I think about what children today lose out on, it makes me sad.
Man needs a living life,  to keep him whole and his soul in tact and the mall is just not the answer.
You miss walking on city streets shopping and bargaining with small business people.
You miss the smells of bread shops and meat shops, salamis , smoked meat drifting through the night air on streets being covered by big flakes of white snow.
You miss store windows which spent hours every year creating a vision for young minds to behold of towns  churches  trains and animals. Little elves working away to make people happy sent a huge message. No one questioned the existence of Santa cause if you did not believe there would be no presents lol And who is Santa but someone who makes us better people and enriches us by the idea of sharing .
 Jesus in his manger was a story beloved by one and all.
A gift of a babe, to teach man kind that we are all babes that need taking care of.
No man is immune to lifes' injustices and we have to be there for one another.

A living life .
 Living soil.
A living sunflower.

How much of it is lost every year, by people who do not believe and teach others not to believe.

A Bellas' Life

Bella continues to be the love of our lives.

She is full of love and loves to rough house with my son.
 She has everything planned out.
Walkies with Dad, Food with Mom and arguments with Tanya.
She is good for Tanya in that she forces her to accept the world
does not revolve around her.
Tanya argues back like hell it doesn't lol

Bella finally decided the toys have to move over and maybe
should be her next play things.
She is a big talker and demands attention.

Even without kids, toys are nice to look at strewn around the house.
Makes you remember about how life was with kids running around.
Now the dogs are the kids. lol
But even for my son, its nice to see his old things Even though
he doesn't say anything,it makes him feel like home.

The summer was full with changing of the rotten back stairs and getting rid
of and trimming trees damaged by the wind storm we had.
One tree has a top of 6 feet bent 90 degrees but its not broken and the
workers were not able to get it down. It would require a hydro crew
with a bucket on a hydraulic lift to get that baby down or wait till it falls
by itself maybe hurting someone. The problem is that it is hanging on the
neighbors' side and he is not happy.
The city really should come and do it since it doesn't allow trees to be cut.
If it wasn't for the wind storm, we would not be allowed to do
even the job we did, do to clean up the mess.

With the elections coming up , attention is being paid to crime.
Abbotsford is trying to shut down the marijuana shops.

I don't understand people. We buy drugs from pharmacies from
licensed professionals and here shops are allowed to sell drugs.
Like.......... who are these people and by what right do they profess
to know what is good for society ?

We have one woman running in White Rock who says marijuana is safe
for kids. She says in fact , women who took it while pregnant have smarter kids.
Are we making excuses again to breed irresponsibility?

I remember one kid smoking in a dry park being told he was under age.
He was being told to not smoke there because he could set the park on fire.
His response was f off. If my Mother doesn't care, what business is it of yours?
People say don't tell me what to do but when the shit hits the fan,
 these same parents blame society.
It is never their fault.

Well ended up after telling schools and the city, that someone was going to die in that park,
15 years later, a girl was killed in there. Then they cleaned up the park
and began to pay attention  to what was going on in there.
15 years too late.

Have we learned nothing from the history of China when people were all sitting
 in opium dens un phased by the world around them?
It all begins innocent enough. Just open the door.......

Today it is with trees We tell them the trees are a problem.
They take the side of the trees rather than the side of the people who will end up with
higher insurance costs once one falls through their roof and kills someone.
Insanity. Even cities pass the buck.
Laws are supposed to work for the people, not against them.
We elect people to safe guard our cities our children our nation and yet the ones
 who do this get the most criticism.
Come election time, the liberals as usual say yes to everything for a vote.
Do we want to fall like the US?
Do we want our good laws and freedoms to fall to ancient barbaric laws?
Women have the most to lose.

I guess we will see which direction we take in a few more days.

Life In Heaven

Tom Zytaruk is on my mind again.
He blasted Our Prime Minister for trying to save his life.
The Canadian Government does not want our citizens going into terrorist areas. Tom made it a personal fight mentioning he is married to a foreign wife. He does not mention from which country she is, but it must be from one of the countries at war and judging from his name, it might be Ukraine, where Canada seems to have an opinion on, because of the large population of Ukrainians in Alberta and other provinces.

Keeping people in check is a huge responsibility.
Keeping people from harm is a difficult task.
You will never please every one.

The tax payer, on the other hand might be pleased not to have human rights
problems when one of our own is taken hostage for ransom especially when it ends up
they get tortured and die anyway.

War is ugly.
 It has no right or wrong.
Discussian of right and wrong is pointless after the fact.

Tom has to grow up
Whose side is he on anyway? Certainly not his wifes'.
Would he want to put her life at risk?
Maybe he does.
Maybe he wants to be a patriot,. a Joan of Arc martyr, leading men into battle.
Anything can be expected from people 
 living in dreams instead of reality.

Canadians have always played a role of peacemaker.
 It is a good role to play in the international arena.
 It is never a good thing to take sides .

Two wrongs, never make a right.
We should always look for reasons not to fight,
 show insight to disarm rather than arm.
But as they say, don't be a chump either.
Be prepared for anything.
Stay home and dig in.
In this, our Prime Minister is wise.