Friday, April 22, 2016

Yahoo! True Mountain Dew!

The secret is finally out as the old hill billies disclose their lives
growing up and making moon shine hidden in forests away from
the law and other members of society.

They made their living doing this and for sure it was not an easy job to do.
They disclosed some secrets for making the best moonshine no other
video can offer.

They also show how our changing environment will practically make it
 impossible to get  the great stuff our grand parents and great grand parents
made and grew. Those were glory days, true and blue.

Today everything is artificial and just plain bad.

They made this movie for the young people, as they know they are a dying race.

As time moves on, going back is harder and harder to do.
These old fellows don't drink anymore.
But as the saying goes....
We'll drink when we're hungry and eat when we are thirsty,
If whisky don't kill us ,
we'll live till we die.

Have a good one.