Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Horse! A Horse! A Kingdom for a Horse!

Here come the clowns.

 Beau and I had the best clown entertainment every
 summer and fall week end. Tourists came in from
cities to small towns such as what we had here up north.

Community Fairs made money staging horse and cowboy shows,
old gift shop saloons, crafts sold by the local people such as myself.
Then of course there was tons of food to be had,
fishing from small swimming pools for the kids,
 Ball games, country dances and old parlor music.
Petting stalls were put in for the small folk and an
amusement center with cotton candy and pop corn.
The teens had the outdoor movies to watch from their cars then of course
we always had bands come in for the big long week ends.

People had a hootin good time while filling the hotels
 with lots of loot to survive the winter.
 I would make posters to invite them in for the horse performance
 and Beau would do his best to annoy me while
 every one else giggled and laughed to no end.


We always had a ball Beau and I.
Then he would show his prowess at dangling me upside down,
 imitating me walking like a soldier and then sitting and pretending
he was an angel when I'd look.He'd turn my umbrella inside out when
 I pretended to hide under it from the rain so I'd get wet.
 In the end he would bow down and sit and thank the audience by
waving his hoof, with a toothy smile, to tell them to come again.
He pretended to fart when we would bow, bum to bum and then
 show a toothy smile.The public loved it.

They adored him and would always ask to pat him.
 After the show I'd take him to the public and Beau
would have more than his fare share of lovin and ego boosting.
They'd ask how I trained this horse to do the things he does.
I'd answer:

Train? When in doubt, I always let my horse do the thinkin .

These made for great, clean fun  memories and left the public
mesmerized wondering what this horse will think of next.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Tidy Flowers

"Flowers appear on the earth;
 the season of singing has come,
 the cooing of doves is heard in our land."
 Song of Solomon 2:12

hyacinth anemone  and bumblebee

Proverbs 16:7

When a man's ways please the Lord, he makes even
 his enemies to be at peace with him.

The hot house was budding. Flowers were sprouting and
the odd bee was seen already at work on them.
It was a good idea to surround the place with used hay
to keep the warmth inside and yet provide the sunlight
in the day time.
It didn't smell the best but did the job.
In winter one could see the smoke coming out of the hay pile
 when the sun came out
Now in spring, the hay could be mixed with soil and put back as fertilizer
in the garden outside.
Nothing is better for roses than used hay to keep the roots warm too.

Empty 12 inch pots were waiting for composted earth and
I had plenty of it to fill them with.I'd use grocery store boxes when I could.
I lived too far away to collect them but making bags from old clothing to fill
with soil was good since you didn't have to worry about them like plastic.
People were good and donated a lot knowing I was out here by myself, thanks to
Pastor Gibbons..

I checked on my grape vines. They were budding.
Pinto beans and mixed dry beans from the grocery store were waiting
to try their luck in the pots.Corn. All could be started in March and planted
 into the outside garden in June so birds did not eat the seeds.

Seed potatoes were good to grow in material tires sewn together and
 filled with soil.
They were easy to empty as well. One could grow them practically all winter
 in the hot house.
Tomato bags had to hold 50 lbs at least but if you hung them upside down,
 the tomatoes would grow down. Large rice bags could do the job very nicely.
You had the advantage of the forest trees to
 help you hang things from out of reach of the little critters like rabbits and mice.
25 plants had me stocked with tomato jars for most of the winter.
Black berry bushes made me lots of jam for my sweet tooth. They grew out here like

Living out here, one tries a lot of new things to scrimp to
 save time and money.
Dreaming, designing ideas, took half the morning to play with.

I concocted a manual air tire pump to suck air out of a hose dipped into the river.
It was fun to use and you felt like you were syphoning gas out of a car tank.
It gave me what water I needed without having to run around with buckets.

A little technology never hurt but it took some getting used to no lights at night.
 Electricity was hard to come by and the radio was my sole life support so the batteries
always had to be charged using what water current and sun I had.

With Gods' will and a bit of old Irish luck, you can live the best of lives in peace and
 harmony with the land. It also left you with time to do the other things you wanted to do
like read, paint, do craft work, do my shows with Beau, cows .....

I'd sell my stuff in the summer/fall and it kept me going for another year.
Bob kept me updated as to what
was going on where. He was a very good and loyal friend to have.
I counted my blessings every day.

Story time

< Woke up to another day, still in the barn.
Never  made it to the house.
I realize that this was some kind of tired last night
 that over took me but I was in no hurry to leave anyway
knowing there was a cougar prowling around.
I slept well. Could have knocked me over the head
and I would not have known.

 Outside the chickadees were having a field day chirping
Yawning, I stretched my hand out to feel a big soft nose.
Beau was standing over me checking me out.

It's nice waking up like this with you boy at my side.
Hello Beau Beau. How you feelin?

I smiled and stood up brushing myself off.
My legs felt like shit.

I opened the doors to the coral and let out my children.
Then came the hayin and the barn cleaning and the waterin, the hoof cleanin.
chickens were let out to strut in the hen house and fed, eggs collected.
As I finally headed towards the cabin that I made my home, I noticed
the chimney smoking.
It took me by surprise.
Who could be in there?

The door squeeked as I gently pushed it open.

Ah.... excuse me..... do I know you? I asked?
Two men sat at the table helping themselves to breakfast
of bacon and eggs. They looked very much at ease.

Oh Hi!
We came late last night and the door was open, the cabin empty...
 Are you Eleanor Walker?

Yes. Yes I am. Who are you?

I am James French and this here is my friend Luke Jenkins.
We're from Yellow Falls.


Well....... come and sit down and help yourself to some of your coffee.
he smirked.
Can I make you some eggs and bacon? Luke  offered.

Ah No... but I'll have some coffee. I tried to sound genteel.

James poured me a cup and I sat down waiting for an explanation
for this intrusion of privacy.

Like I said , we came last night and the cabin was empty.
We were tired. Hope you don't mind that we made ourselves at home.
We are headed up to Bear Mountain. We have family up there.

How did you come? I don't see horses or cars.

Oh, we came by ski doo.

Oh so you are the jerks making so much noise up in avalanche country.
Do you know you could have been killed this time of year when
snow is melting?

James looked at Luke sheepishly.
Well .... we were celebrating and kinda got carried away.
 Luke here is getting married
and we were having a bachelor party.
Thing is there were two ski doos but we seem to have lost the other one.
Two of our friends driving it are missing and we ran out of gas a stretch back
looking for them.

I huffed thinking to myself that I was not surprised but then
I found the story a bit far fetched.

We were just sitting here debating how we were going to go look for them.
Would you have a few horses we could borrow?

Oh... well I have a horse but he is a one man horse.

What does that mean?

Well... He is a sort of a show horse I make my living on.
I trained him a certain way and I am very careful with his legs and hoofs.
I dont ride him myself in these conditions.

I just walked him a stretch myself trying to get my cows back home.
They kinda strayed from their usual feeding ground.

Then I thought a bit and added... but if you need a kind of pack horse, I have a few cows
I can lend you.

C o w s ???

Yes . They are sturdy beef cows and they are used to me packing grub on them.
They can pull real well if you need a makeshift stretcher and I suppose they won't
buck either if you straddled them.  They are quite sedate where cows are concerned.
Have to say I lucked out with them.
I have a few pairs of snow shoes too but this time of year I don't think you will need them.

My mind was racing.
A little voice was telling me to get rid of these guys real quick before
 they show their true colors.
If I could convince them they were getting a good deal here......they might bite.

Luke and James looked at each other again .
Well I guess something is better than nothing.

Ya. I mean, you can load up on grub, warm jackets, shoes, blankets, bandages,ropes tent.

I have a kit set up for exactly such  an occasion. You never know when you will need one.
How about we go take a look?

I took the boys out to the barn and showed them what I had prepared to load on a cow.
I brought one of the new cows in and we loaded her up.

"Sorry kid. I know you must be tired but duty calls." I whispered in her ear.

By the way. This one I call Chou Chou. It's French for cabbage.
 I smiled.
She is real sweet. I gave her a big kiss on the schnoz.
This is a Bazardaise cow. I don't know if you know this breed but they are quite nice.

A sigh of relief was felt to the bottom of my feet when they finally trod out of sight.

I locked the door and headed for the secret room.
Yup, I have one for such occasions since we never lock doors when we leave.

I got out the emergency radio and hailed for outside help.
This is Mother Hen calling Rooster. Mother Hen calling Rooster. Come in Rooster.

 Is that you Eleanor? What's up?

I have a situation Bob. Got a few fellows here who are looking for a lost skiddoo.
I sent them with one of my cows to search but I think you need to send out a
 search party and find out what's going on.
I didn't want to be too nosy being alone out here.

Which way were they headed? They said they had kin on Bear Mountain.
 They just left so you might find them around Angus' Pass.

Will do.

Ok be careful. I mean it Bob.
Theres' a cougar out there and he looks pretty mean.

All right Mother Hen.

Over and out.

I was finally able to relax having sent out a search crew to help these guys without exposing Beau and Molly or myself to more danger.
It could have been a  very delicate situation but I took heart in that
the chickadees were still chirping and good sign as
 the forest knows danger.
"He will cover you with his feathers,
    and under his wings you will find refuge;
    his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart." psalms 91:4


Thursday, March 26, 2015


I tie Molly to Beaus' saddle in hopes she would lead
the other 5 cows home.
As we begin our journey, I once again am conscious
 of the spectacular beauty of the valley which now,
 with the morning rays of the sun,
 was bedazzled by diamonds in the ice crusted snow.
It was breath taking to behold.
Yawny was standing observing as well in the distance,
atop a small hill,sporting a full mane of  gold.

I named my wolf Yawny, as he had this nervous urge
 to keep yawning when ever you spoke to him.
He was undecided as to what he wanted to do and it
took a lot out of him.
Every time my eyes searched the horizon, there he was.

Crow stayed nearby too. It's as though he wanted
 to know our destination
so he could visit, as we visited him.
I named him Kalanu.

The trek was slow. The cows behaved and the
sun gradually became hotter.
I had to stop and get off Beau, to un layer.
By noon, we found a small grassy area bereft of snow.
I thought it would be an admirable spot to rest and
give Beau and the cows something
 to munch on.
Sweat poured down my brow and taking off  my
wide brimmed hat, I try wiping myself off when
 I hear it.
A chill goes up and down my spine as I grab for my rifle.
There is nothing innocent about a hungry cougar
prowling around a group of cows or even people.

I head off towards the sound when cat calls began
 to mix with growling and what seemed like
the beginning of a major battle.
There was Yawny, fur standing upright,
 alongside a tree with an un repenting ,
well muscled , adult cougar in it.

I aimed and shot. The shot missed the cougar but
gave him incentive to high tail
 it out of there with  Yawny at his heals.
I high tailed it back to Beau and Molly .

Ok guys. Sorry. We gotta go.

"No passing boat brought the truant back, though
 more than one pair of eyes looked out for the bright
hair under the round hat; and sunset came, bringing
no Rose but the lovely color in the western sky."
Louisa May Alcott

I began a tug of war with a reluctant Molly who was
just beginning to enjoy her day. I was determined not to be
 truant in my labor to get the cows home.
If I failed, spending another night outside, might
prove to be fatal.
 Thank fully the other cows faithfully herded
 alongside Molly.

How I found them to begin with, was beyond explanation.
My Molly girl has to be grounded when she
gets home I thought.

I began talking to myself and was glad no one was
 there to hear it and tell people
that I was close to losing it.

The only thing to fear is fear itself,  I explained to Beau.

Common Molly!!!

We need to adapt and find new ways to accomplish
our objective.
We can ignore the imagined risk and over come the
real risk if we have to.

I debated the pros and cons as to why the cougar
 would decide to return and stalk us
as Yawny and Kalanu do. Unlike my friends though,
 this cougar meant business.

We got to a clear cut path winding through another treed area.
Plenty of places for a Cougar to hide here, I thought.

We're not far now Molly.
There is some nice fresh hay waiting for you guys if you could
only hurry it up a bit.

I pulled out my rifle again just in case Beau bolted on me.

The light of day was close to disappearing but there it was....

I opened the gate of the coral and led my troupe through
 into the warmth and
 coziness of the barn. It was only then that I felt
a strange pressure lift off
my heart and rest on the heavy weariness of my bones and joints,
 from pulling two powerful and heavy animals.
 I collapsed into a bundle of fresh hay throwing
 my hat and lay there panting with closed eyes.

Slowly, after about 5 minutes, I got up.
There was still much to do but the animals all found their hay and
were content to be home.
I lit a gas lamp and sat admiring them, especially my Molly and Beau.

There is always something special when you raise
young whipper snappers from colt and calf.
They become a part of you, as you become a part of them.
To lose them, is like losing a part of yourself.

Then I thought about Yawny and what he did for us that day.
The world is full of guardian angels and they are always there
when you need them the most.
Hebrews 13-2 - Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:
for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Great Expectations

Dawn broke to a low full moon overlooking a foggy horizon.
 Slow, dying embers and smoke filtered through the air.
 Brother wolf had already departed, leaving me alone
 to tend to the morning chores.
I shuffle through the bag I used for a pillow, for rustic supplies.
A bag of oats I decide to share with Beau, my faithful, loyal
 steed and companion.

Herb stuffed pork sausages and bacon soon sizzle on a refurbished
 flame,topped with chopped onion and garlic.
 A pot of badly needed coffee, warms my cold hands as I pour from it
 into another metal cup absorbing the heat, equally as fast.

 I feel the warmth trickle down my throat, saturating the insides of my torso.
The outside, feeling like taught dry hide covering a skeletal form of life,
begins to melt and feel more supple.

 Life.... be it spiritual or physical, is felt all around me.
Solitude prevails.
 I am totally alone in the wilderness and yet I feel
united, blessed, protected.
 I am not alone. I am one with the forefathers of the forest.
They speak to me through the bristling brush and
the sway of old cedar.
A black crow watches from one of the lower branches,
 before deciding to gingerly step toe on the ground, cocking its' head and
 piercing eye, to have a better look.

 I smile.

 And?.........I ask him?
Do I meet with your approval?

 He struts to and fro as cocky as a bird I have ever seen, protecting his domain.
I realize, that at this rate, I would run out of bread to share with visitors.
 I rummage about in my bag again for flour specially crafted with raisins, for quick
meals and form some flat dough to pan in the fire.

 I watch him stand over the piece I threw him.
 He held it on the ground with one claw and slowly picked on it with his beak
 as if he had all the time in the world.

 It doesn't take long to make these flats breads and before I know it, I have 6 pieces
 to pack away.
The meat is filling and would keep me for the day.
If all goes well, I am going to make it home by night fall.
 Life, however, teaches one,
to always prepare for the worst and never to have expectations.
 Expectations are like pottery.
The harder you hold onto them, the quicker they crack.
Best to take it slow, one step at a time.

Beau was happy to have his body brushed of snow and a dry blanket thrown over him
under the western saddle.
I needed to keep him light, so we saddle a cow to act as a supply packhorse.
The sweet soul that she is, doesn't mind.
 It's as if she understands survival, is deserving of traveling in a pack, where safety
 is measured in numbers.
Her name is Molly and I raised her from a calf.
Straying is one of her irksome traits and the reason behind our tour of Gods' beautiful
mountain temple.
Unfortunately she is also the leader, for other cows who decide to follow her.

The smell of wolf, must still linger in her nostrils as she had close encounters before.
One can't expect love, acceptance, commitment and respect,
 when one has no understanding of concepts.
Cows don't have great expectations.
 They are there to accept what ever befalls them.
Everything is a gift, a given... as life is a given.  

"The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them."  Isaiah 11:6

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Love, Learn, Move On

Some things are meant to be and some are not so you
Love Learn and then move on.
The important thing is to try to get it right  but it doesn't mean
it is right or will ever be right.

Sitting on the range, smelling the cows and nature, feeling the cold
brisk air all around you, hearing a brook rushing over icy rocks
on its' way to somewhere, you have a chance to think about
what is important in life.
What can you give up or forsake ? Life? Freedom? Career?
Peace of mind?
Sitting, listening to cows quietly breathing and watching sparks of a crackling fire,
  dancing into the black of night,one can easily get lost in the arms of nature.

  Nothing can ever be so perfect as this very moment
when heaven and earth meet except maybe to have your horse come and
nudge you from behind.
Your  cold red fingers reach up to its' soft warm muzzle and as you caress
this warm blood, you know deep in your soul that this is where you belong.
This is the essence of life worth living.
It's clean and it's perfect and it all makes sense.

It is not long before civilization distracts your thoughts with  annoying  ski doos
buzzing through avalanche country and cowboy screams of drunken college boys
out to have a good time. Good to be young but deadly is the behavior
that challenges the woodland in the dark.
 They scared the wolf into showing itself and walking closer to the fire, tail
 tucked between its' legs.
Wild yellow eyes glistened up at you as if to ask permission to share your fire.
Ok old boy. That's ok. Come to share in the meal have you?
Gravy soaked bread  was thrown out to him which he immediately devoured.
Assured, he lay down and curled up to enjoy the company.
Funny how the wild animals have more dignity and savoir faire than the so called
intelligent human.

I pulled up the warm blanket around my shoulders and settled into a tree trunk
whose roots cradled me like a babe in its' mothers' gentle arms
Snow drifts covered the forest full of soft powdery snow and my eyes drifted
into a quiet peaceful sleep, knowing all will be well tonight.
Tonight I love and learn. Tomorrow... we'll move on.
Galations 2-20
I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me:
 and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God,
 who loved me, and gave himself for me.


Old Classical Rubens

This was a painting I was working on for a long time, layering paint.
 I finally got it to where I wanted it and then we lost it
during a move. lol
Mercury and Argus by Rubens  from the Metamorphosis by Ovid.
O well. Wasn't meant to be.
 I still have a picture of it. I might redo it again.
It's not as nice cause enlarging it changes the way it looked
but still it gives it some originality.
The story goes........
Zeus falls in love with Io, Heras' priestess and the daughter of Inachos.
Hera finds out, so Zeus  turned Io into a white cow and himself into a bull.

Hera was wise to his ways and asked to be given the cow who she put
under guard of Argus, her shepherd.
Zeus commands his son Mercury to set Io free, by lulling Argus to sleep
with an enchanted flute.
Mercury does so and then cuts off Argus's head.
Io escapes to Egypt and becomes the Goddess Isis.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ballerina Swan

This picture has been hanging on my wall for
the better part of my youth.
I used to sit and rock on my little rocking
chair listening to an LP of Swan Lake , over and over,
dreaming, making up a story
of this beautiful ballerina, before I even knew the story line behind it.
The music sure does speak to you, without a single word.

 I would then stand up and dance, pretending I was a ballerina and if only I had
a pair of shoes like she did, I would tell them a story and make the world right.
 Would I have become a ballerina?
Probably not since you need delicate, light bone structure, so I went into Karate
to learn self defense and exercise instead.
I did not have a big brother to take care of me
so I had to depend on myself.

This picture however keeps the dream alive and maybe if I ever have another life,
 in another time, one day, I might have a dream in this life come true and sacrifice all
to become a dancer, expressing a story of love, life, anguish, laughter, tears, from
 the deepest part of my being, my heart.
This is why I always had such passion for the violin and opera singing but I would never
have been good either because tears would flow into rivers.
 All people would see was a blubbering foolish woman lol

How tragic and romantic and beautiful life is.
 How wonderful to breath cool air and feel life bursting and coursing through your veins.
What richness of color feast your eyes in nature and life goes on...
never ending... always ....only beginning.
We live for ever both in life and in death.
We go forth in spirit, into the horizon and the future to live and to
fight for the glory of wisdom, perseverance, and justice.

We are all the same and yet so different.
We fight for love as seen through the eyes of those who truly
know what love is and we cry for those who will never know
for their heart is closed, in fear to give the only gift worth giving
and could never be for sale.
So much was learned by a child on a rocking chair without a single word,
from a picture on a wall and the music composed for it.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

 Abyssus abyssum invocat

 It is funny that when we come to discussing issues it is always about sex.
Sex always comes to the forefront.
On TV the other day , they put in 3 sex scenes which really wasted
 5 minutes on grunting and groaning and frankly damaged the movie
 content which could have done better without it.
Ended up when it came to those scenes , it was easy just to skip it and
 move on to what happened after that.

Has it finally happened? Has sex become boring to watch?
How about horror films? Are people becoming less sensitive to
 acts of violence?
Do people have more or less compassion for a person being raped and
 killed, watching how it happened or if the producer leaves it up to the
 imagination of the audience?

Many are of the opinion that people with criminal thoughts and
 fantasies are less liable to act them out in reality, if they are satisfied 
with seeing them  acted out on screen.
Question is, where and why would people have such fantasies to want
 to act out? Why would they want to torture a cat or turn the skin inside
 out keeping it alive? Why does it make them feel good to do this act?
Isn't mans' social nature to nurture and protect?
After all these years of teaching people especially parents, not to spank
 their kids, why do children still grow up to become violent and evil
 human beings?
We stopped spanking but opened doors to drugs,sex, violence in games and
 movies and telling people prostitution is ok, hoping it would stop 
psychological and physical abuse.
Our solution to problems arising out of all this, is to drug our kids.
(aquiris quodcumque vapi) you reap what you sew.

Sex has become more important than the issue of children and what
 they are forced to watch in life as they grow up.
It has become more important than finding traditional, God loving homes
 with a balance of a Mother and a Father, for  children who have none.
Human Rights has come to be used to defend the rights of abusers,
 rather than the rights of good ethical and moral people.
Laws have become so diluted so as to become proper excuses 
for doing what was always considered unlawful  and for the better 
of society as a whole.

A BBC movie called Nuts in May,

 was quite funny as it portrayed a very Conservative couple vis a vis an
unhappy but  tolerant man vis a vis an obnoxious couple who were 
willing to fight  to have their freedom to break laws and their rights
 not to be considerate of others.
A police man searched the Conservative couples' car
finding a weak tire, that could result in a fine, but harmless,
 as opposed to all the other bad things people got away with, 
which really could have been a lot more dangerous for many.
He let them go without fines, showing them tolerance.

Then Huff News reported a man being shot in the head at the
Washington border, for what apparently
 was seen as illegal border crossing. It cost him a shot in the head
 for using pepper spray on a patrol officer.
Could have been handled better but seems they want to save 
on court costs, as now the truth of what happened will never be known.
Another woman answered Craigs list for childrens clothing,
only to be attacked and have her baby cut out of her.
Social issues have never been easy to deal with.
Today they are trying to pass Cable laws so people could limit
what they want to watch on TV and maybe lower prices on cable.
This is good for parents who don't want children watching 
bad things on TV but still leaves the doors open to internet and iphones
and parents next door, who don't give a hoot .
People in Singapore reject Government censorship in what they watch
and read, but the result of what they are doing, makes for a docile society
and happy children.

However it could also , depending on what the demand will be,
cost the cable company more to run , since they will not be selling
 as many channels as before.
It may also bankrupt some channels which are good but less popular and
 boost some channels which people should not be watching because
 it gives them ideas they would otherwise not have ( ie sadistic killing).
Where do we set limits as to how much freedom is good and how much
 is bad, when people cannot set these limits for themselves?
Is it right to set limits to safe guard the rights of the innocent and the fragile
or does society have to become hard , less cordial,  forceful  and 
corrupt, in order to be seen as tolerant?
As we have seen through the eyes of history books, corruption is
always a lot more profitable.
People who are ingenious and criminal in the mind, make the most
money, have the most power and lead envied lives.

They get the best parts in movies,the best jobs in political institutions,
 in law firms, and even in religious sects.
The innocent and humble are always abused and used and even killed.
They make for easy prey.

Our movies also show this to be true, encourage bad behavior and 
mock those who try to do the right thing, as Nuts in May made clear 
when the Conservative male ran into the woods to cry.
 He then had to move his camp to one with no facilities, to sit by a river with pigs,
in a place rented out to them which was not a camp.
He was not being refunded the money he paid, for days he did not use
 at the legal first camp with so called rules.
Seems nice things invite bad people who come to destroy,
 leaving the people who try to make nice things, out in the cold sitting in dirt.
 These  same people will try to
 improve on things and probably have better food and water,
 which again will be invaded by destructive people,
 who want something for nothing.

Looking at our beautiful BC and where it is going today, it is clear that
improving infrastructure, only attracts more people to come to destroy it.
Veni.... Vedi.....Vici.

And where do we put the blame for all this?
Well , must be it goes all the way back to how we control ourselves and deal 
with behavioral responsibility,  accountability and sexual appetites.

In the end... sapientia est potentia  = Wisdom is power

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Father Ray Kelly Hallelujah

Wow this is so nice I had tears in my eyes.
What a memorable wedding for sure.
Father Ray Kelly seems to be having fun performing .
Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Okra Miracle.

 This is the recipe I always use for my okra.
1½ lbs okra
3 medium ripe tomatoes (peeled and diced)
1 small green pepper (sliced)
¼ yellow onion (chopped)
2 garlic cloves (chopped)
3 tbsp tomato sauce
Juice of ½ lemon
¼ tsp black pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
2 ½ tsp salt
2 cups water

Okra is washed and dried and the stem cut into a cone to stop oozing
Sometimes I just cut it into half inch pieces
 Then I pour olive oil, onions, garlic and saute a few minutes then. I add green peppers or red and chilli peppers and tomatoes Sometimes I put in celery.  I take 2 cups of water into which I add 1 can to tomato paste and stir.

This goes into the pot. Then lemon juice is added salt blk pepper oregano . Last I add the okra and cook on med heat for about 15 minutes and then simmer 30-40 min.

My husband loves it with rice.
Okra is fabulous for diabetics and treats inflammation of the respiratory tract, and for sore throats.
It is good for urinary problems, as a poultice for wounds, treats diarrhea,
Juice is good for skin itches and as a moisturizer.
The seeds are good for muscle spasms, fever head ache and arthritis.
It binds with cholesterol and bile acids  expelling them with stool.
Lowers blood sugar and also helps as a laxative.
It's also good to use on pimples.

Okra is what is known as a wonder vegetable.

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dakotas Ride

What a powerful documentary.

"When you've been through the course, you have something then worth saying.
Don't blame any one for anything because we are killing our own people."

Abe Lincoln carries greatness for more than just giving the Black people freedom.
He massacred 38 Indians as opposed to the 300 that were supposed to be
. This is important news for Obama to

At school our teacher asked us where we found ourselves in our own body.
Our center point so to speak. I was the first up to answer and I said my heart.
The other kids said their head.
The teacher said this is interesting cause White people say the head , American Indians
say the heart and the Chinese say their stomach.

This really affected me to be different from my classmates, cause I was always in my heart and in my lungs.
This is where I live. My center point
Today I understand why, when the documentary speaks of the spiritual depression, American
Indians are suffering from.
I was always a spiritual person.( not depressive)
I loved nature, animals, more than I loved people. If I had a choice, I would rather be out there somewhere in nature by myself, as opposed to other people who really need to be around people.
My nature was to nurture, guard, protect.I would never be lonely as I would find so many things to do. I think I would find it very disturbing to find white people entering my domain of peace and beauty and destroying my means to feed myself  respecting the land.
What law is more important, mans' or natures'?

 The spiritual in me always connected me to something bigger than myself.
  To life... existence...being....God.
I guess I have always been an Indian at heart and I wonder if all the people that came to this country
as pioneers, did not feel the same things or was it just greed?

We are all connected by blood and by soul.

Interesting story.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Things That Don't Change
Four Strong Winds by Neil Young is one of my favorite songs.
The tune just came into me the other day and I  was singing it
in my head the whole day.

4 winds, from the north south east west.... these never change.
People are much like the wind. They spend their lives searching...
for a heart of gold.... (another of his songs)
only to go full circle and find there is no place like home.
Love this guy.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mango Blossoms

 Mango Blossoms

The sky groans and rumbles up above.
 Beneath the mango tree, I wonder ,
What maze my life must pass,
 Through a jet black forest?

Then my eyes get lifted,
 To a canopy of gold and
There I see you standing,
At God's eternal door.

 His mansion is enormous
With many souls inside and
Blossoms of the mango,
 Embroider faces of the wall.

 I try to feel the fullness and
 Sweetness of your breath
But you smiled and turned away and
 Left me at my best .

And now I hold a blossom
That fell from your black hair.
 A blossom.... he won't miss it
God .......who gives us all.
A Lady's Life
2015 03 05

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life and Only Life

All Is Possible
 To come home is very possible,
To get a hug from those you love.
To feel a hand that's always been there
 In times when you were hurt or sad.

To get love is very possible.
 From friends who know you through and through .
With whom you joked and roamed the landscape.
 With whom you shared a life that's true.

 To fill a heart is very possible,
With things unique to ones' own soul.
A smile, a touch, a scent, a story,
 A love that will always be your own.

 To know the truth is very possible.
 Accepting it, is bitter sweet.
 Truth stands tall in weeds and meadows.
 There is nothing like it in the world at all.

 The possibility of strife,
 Is known as part of every life and
Every life walks pebbled shores
Smoothing faith for our dead |Lord.

 It's possible all life goes on,
 Born eternal to know the glory of the son.
 The spirit grows to include all and
Death is not a possibility at all.
 A Lady's Life 2015 03 05

finer things

Picture by Marco Muller
The Finer Things.

 In the stillness of the forest
 A warbler chirps a song of spring
He sings: "Wake Up! For dawn is rising!
Don't miss out, on the finer things!"

 You'll miss the sunrise over hill tops.
You'll miss the fish jump in the pond.
You'll miss all the woodland children,
 Peeking out of nests so worn.

You'll miss all the gentle breezes .
You'll miss the kiss of soft wet dew.
 But most of all, you'll miss me darling.
A Love so bright, when it shines on you.

 In the stillness of the forest,
 A warbler sings to greet the light.
 A morning brighter than the moonlight.
 A morning warmer, than the mist of night.
A Lady's Life 2015 03 04

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

jugglin michael davis

This is sooo funny even I had to burst out laughing.
Well done!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm So Pretty

Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of
 a lifetime attempt to acquire it.

By three methods we learn wisdom .
The first by reflection, which is the noblest,
 the second by imitation, which is easiest and
the third, by experience , which is the most bitter


Monday, March 2, 2015

Finding Happiness in Life

"Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued,
 is always just beyond your grasp but 
when you will sit down quietly, 
may alight upon you."
  Nathaniel Hawthorne