Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bungying Whistler

Bungy Jumping in Whistler seems to be a
very thrilling and safe experience according to the people who tried it.
The cord is reinforced and they use different ropes for different weights.
They don't tell you how deep the river is down below.
Trish Stratus tried it in Indonesia I think. She did it free style , then with a motorcycle.
She made it look like nothing scary but then being a wrestler, everything she does looks easy.

The drop in Whistler is about 500 m. Down below you can see swift water rushing by.
Of course my son had to try it, in spite of my objections to him doing it.
The first jump was scary but once you try it, he said  he would not be so afraid the second time
round and also it gets cheaper once you are on their client list.
It's as if they expect you to come back .
I feel a lot better   (not).

I think it's a crazy thing to do.
It's not a cheap thrill for the 30 seconds it takes you to drop. Then they drop a line down to you that you clip on and a machine pulls you back up.

Although the rope is safe, no one said anything if the rope by some chance was not attached to the bridge or if the attachment broke.  It's just not something I would personally risk doing or reccomend to others.

Apparently the highest drop is the jump in Africa and dangerous
cause it can displace your retinas.
Now you have to ask, why would people do this?
Is the adrenalin rush worth dying for?

Here is a video showing another story It is in French and then in English.

Nothing like having tied feet in the water and being a potential meal for crocodiles.
Talk about mix and mingle.
You are inside the belly of the beast in more ways than one.
I'd say this was a true life experience one shouldn't try too many times lol


Monday, July 29, 2013

New Westminster - The Royal City of BC

New Westminster, BC, is not a place to miss visiting when you come to BC. It has been a struggling city since day one, suffering fires and other misfortunes but it's a historic survivor, since you can't put a good man down.

 The above video shows salmon migrating up the Fraser River to spawn. Thousands of them can be seen from the Westminster Quay and this would also be a good time to rent a room at the new Inn at Westminster Quay Hotel over the Fraser River over looking the river.

This river has many surprises and one never knows what one will pull in on his rod.

 New Westminster used to be the capital of the Colony of British Columbia in 1858.

 Rumble in the Bronx, I Robot, Shooter, New Moon, were movies filmed there and
 it  also sports  famous people like Greg Moore - the racing car driver,
 Astronaut Robert Thirsk
 Magician Leon Mandrake,
 Crystal Dahl,
 baseball player Justin Moreau,
 Poet Daryl Hine
 Actor Nicholas Lea.
Devin Townsend.
 It has the old Raymond Burr Theater which has been turned into a comedy center.

 It has the oldest famous Fraser Cemetery which rivals the Victoria Ross Bay Cemetery for historical monuments. and as for heritage buildings, well there are so many to find there..

 New West was the largest city by the river, covering 5.9 sq mi. when
British Columbia joined as the 6th Province in the Dominion of Canada

By the Royal Proclamation of 1783 only England could buy land from the First Nations.

 The Gold Rush, prompted England to appoint Richard Moody as the first Lieut. Governor and the city became known as the Capital City of Queensborough in 1859 by Governor Douglas.

 Queen Victoria didn't like the name and changed it to New Westminster and to this day it is known as the Royal City.

In 1866 Vancouver Island united with the British Columbia Colonies and as most Brits went out there, so did the Capital City.
It was a funny story. William Cox who wanted the Capital in Victoria, sabotaged William Franklyns' speech,
arguing pro keeping it where it was..
For some reason Franklyns' papers had been reshuffled and his spectacles disappeared. lol

New West became populated with businessmen from Canada and from the Maritimes.
It had another big disappointment, with the railway being built up to the Burrard Inlet, which helped the  city of Vancouver instead of New West.

It was again sad  in 1879 when 104 acres of South West minster  reserve, 122 acres on the north and 27 acres of Poplin Island was given to the  New West Indian Band.
The band was hit by small pox and from 400 people, less than 100 survived and they were dispersed into other tribes.
Poplin Island was quarantined and by 1913 The Federal Government took back most of the land they gave to the New West Indian band.

In 1898 most of down town New West was burned down.
The city had a China town along Front Street but they relocated it to a place known as the Swamp by
Royal Ave and Columbia str, 8th and 12th street.
 It was also destroyed by fire.

 The new Hwy 1 free way killed the commercial area of Columbia street
by, by passing New West minster.
and yet... still it manages to survive, building on its' good assets. New high rises began to pop up.
logging, catching loose floating logs.

 The train managed to finally get there.
Queensborough has a Walmart, Lowes, Starlight Casino.
Douglas College has a Campus here with over 14,000 students.
The BC Penitentiary known as Skookum house, was found in what is todays Queens Park area.
The gatehouse steps to it and the old coal house are still there.
The Childrens' Mental Hospital was located by the Patullo Bridge.(pay toloh)
New West Armory building.
You can even take a boat tour ride.

Here are some pics as to why you have to come see this place.
In spite of all the bad things that happened to it,  New West has not lost its' charm and has only
better things to look forward to.
 You feel history here and genuine life and living as opposed to
the more modern city of Vancouver.
 You never know what you will find when.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mountain Rides.

The gondola ride up the mountain in Whistler, BC is a beautiful ride to take.
You get to see so much beauty you would not otherwise see.
The streets are packed with people, bike riders, thrill seekers, and music fills the air.

The snow is still up there. Good for an ol fashioned snow ball fight.
Might find a few bears up there too so staying high in the air,
 is a good thing. lol

Down here we just get to watch Mt Baker in Washington State
and the rolling mountains of the valley we are surrounded by.
 Nothing so close to feel
 the freshness of the air as you go higher up.
It is always full of snow and beautiful to behold.

Change is always good to behold.

People know how to enjoy life while they can.
 Can't get enough of warm sunshine because  it's not here for long.
Before too long the skies will again be overcast and we will have nothing but rain
and more rain.

We got another straw berry plant since the first two are giving so many berries.
Two pepper plant left overs we have to transplant into bigger pots and a
Purple Day lily which I seem to be very fond of and can keep indoors.
Who knows maybe it will flower again.
I will try to find chives to keep in a pot so when we need some for salad they are always there to snip.
We are a little late in the finding of things lol
But plants are just as much trouble as pets.
|You need to be there to care for them. Feed them. Talk to them.
The black berries will soon be there to collect outside.

I fill the bath tub with water and put plants in there
 if I know we have to leave for a week.
smaller plastic tubs are good too.
Easier that way knowing they won't be suffering.
Plants are grateful and suck it all up in a week.

Have a great Sunday folks.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Table Snowflakes

(click to enarge)

Like snowflakes, these doilies are growing in numbers
Now I have 10 adding two blue ones to the collection.
They are so easy to make as they don;t need a pattern to follow.
You can just make things up as you go along.

This Saturday is another beautiful day My Son is on vacation
. They will be zip lining mountains sides and they mentioned bungy jumping
which I distinctly told him not to do.
I don't have children like I have doilies.
Although different, they don't come in thousands and they cannot be
so easily replaced.
I sent him many jovial e mails (cause this is the only way to talk with them these days)
joking about how funny cracked heads are.
He laughed and he keeps laughing but something happens the joke will be on him.
They have friends doing things together so they feel empowered.
I reminded him that once something happens, it is the stupid parents ,
who have to sit with the broken body,
cleaning it, dressing it, loving it , paying for it.
The friends will disappear.
It takes years to raise a child. No easy sacrifice but the kids don't get it.
They say we didn't ask you to have us lol

Wait till they have their own. I will love to see what they say then. lol
They will shake over them, as we did over them.
It's called LOVE.
Of course my son told me he won't bungy jump but how will I know if I am not there, and if it all goes well
then of course I will never know but these are needless risks to take.
Zip lining is also dangerous but at least you are not going down head first.
Kids are like snow flakes. Not one alike.
One is a risk taker. He won't bat an eye to try sky diving.
The other is not so daring. He is living a nice quiet cushy life. lol

Well .... I guess it really is in God's hands. He teaches us all, every day.
He shows us the good the bad and the ugly.
We just want to see the good.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Neighbourhood Watch.

We had some excitement yesterday in our neighborhood.

Two police men came into our yard. One with a huge sniffer attack dog.
My animals went crazy seeing them in the yard, enough to make us all jump.
Good thing they couldn't get out or they would have been either shot or
killed by the police dog and police men.

Apparently a man was running around the neighborhood with a knife attacking people
He escaped custody.
Our whole block was in lock up.All the neighbors were outside.
We had no idea and were sitting with all our doors open, exposed.

My son went out to see too and said so many police with dogs were around.
He told the police, they have to ask before entering a fenced yard.
What if our dogs were loose?
They said they have a right to enter any time.
So this means they can shoot any ones' dog
guarding its' property, at any time as well if they feel threatened.

We had pit bulls being shot in their yards, and they used the excuse that it was a pit bull.
The owners said this was not a reason to kill a dog. Now this almost happened in my yard.
Pretty scary.

My little dog would attack She knows no fear but she is useless as a
She is losing her teeth.
 The big one would attack another dog but with all the commotion, who knows what he would have done.
This would mean two old dogs, could have been shot/killed, for nothing.

Our dogs are old now .We keep them, as does every one around here, for primary defense purposes.
They provide the noise and a chance for escape if a criminal enters your home but will probably end up dead
since we are told, these criminals, if they break in, will not be nice.Even with locked doors criminals break in not caring if you are home. They know why they are there and come prepared.

Druggies do drugs which change brain cells, which is irreversible.
Many of the people they catch are white, because white people have a harder time finding jobs because the new immigrants hire their own people, who speak their own language.
It's a case of racism in reverse.

We had a few cases where old people were attacked and hit over the head, in their own homes who later died.
The attacks are vicious and cruel and for nothing.
We have reached the age where we cannot defend ourselves any more.

I told my son it's pointless to talk. You are never here.
 The dogs are here and they are here to die if need be.

The only trouble is that if they die, it should be for a worth while cause and not because someone entered your yard with a gun and dog, that's a police man, there to protect you.

The police man is scared. The dogs are scared. You are scared. The criminal is scared.

Looking at it from another perspective, the dogs would have raised heck if the criminal came inside the yard
so the police would have known he was here. The dogs were quiet until the police came in.

If the criminal killed the dogs and entered with a weapon , the police would be at a disadvantage
if they had to announce themselves. They can't bargain with a criminal, even if he has hostages.
So basically, you are really on your own, to save your own life.

In this crazy society, if you kill the criminal, they put you in jail.
Criminals have more rights, than good people.

Thank fully it all ended with the criminal caught and no harm done.
I wonder who it was and if they will do a write up in the local paper?


Thursday, July 25, 2013


Yes Sir Yee Folks!

The future stocks to buy lie in SCHMEAT.

In vitro meat, produced hydroponically, cruelty free, immitation meat,
supported by groups such as PETA.
Winston Churchil predicted that in the future we will grow the body parts
we want to eat, instead of killing an animal.

Maastricht University produced schmeat, using animal muscle tissue.

Harvard Medical School produced in vitro steak from prenatal sheep cells.

NASA produced in vitro meat from turkey muscle cells.
The University of Amsterdam seeded collagen with muscle tissue and then forced the cells to
divide, resulting in lab grown meat.

So next time you sizzle a juicy steak on the grill, just think, it might not be from a big brown eyed cow
or an innocent lamb, or a hormonal chicken.

It might be a lab grown piece of meat and only God knows what they will put into that,
to make it grow.
This means less farming, less  farting cows gassing our planet, and more
green houses growing meat on sheets, in a controlled environment.

At the moment it is very expensive to buy such meat but hey, maybe the recipes will be given to people so they can grow it by themselves at home.

Schmeat.  Sheet meat.

I don't know.
What do creationists think about this?
Is this creationism or evolution?
hmmm. lol

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royal Bliss

Well there he is, the innocent royal darling, who has absolutely no idea who he
is or what his life is going to be like or who his great grand mother is.
A brand new life, who will open his eyes to strange new world.
Always such a blessed precious day and time.
Little Prince George Alexander Louis.
He looks like Prince William doesn't he but he will change so many times
over, before long.

May God Bless the little guy so we can enjoy watching him grow,
with loving hearts and minds .
I guess they have to get a family dog now and the Queen must have some
great corgis to share.

Mountains of Scattered Daisies.

Daisies on a mountains, scattered like sheep, without a shepherd.
Who will care for them? Sometimes they grow better scattered.

I woke up from a deep sleep, to a program called Idea City where they talk about various subjects.
I went to the bathroom. Had a drink of water. I forget to shut off the TV when I fall asleep.
It was 3 a m and I listened to this East Indian man sitting in a wheelchair
explaining Islama- fascism to the public. He caught my attention.
He explained honor killings where so many women are killed for nothing in Pakistan
and he explained how we beat communism without firing a single bullet and now
our enlightened civilizations are being destroyed the same way because we are afraid to talk just like
people were afraid to talk in Hitlers time and the Jews paid a dear price for it.
He said if we don't speak up now our children will blame us.
He said if we say something against Islam they say we are racist but when they kill women for nothing in honor killings its ok. So we lower our principles and our laws to honor their ways. and thus go under
our laws of human rights and civilized tolerant society whereby even gay people are allowed to marry.

All I could think of was he talked very nice but wasn't it East Indians who poured oil over their daughterinlaws in BC and men who killed their wives and burned them in BC, also for reasons of dowry or because the woman wanted to be free to work and live a normal self respecting life.?
Funny how they changed and if they did, this is a good thing.

I remember reading about the Knights of Templar who fought major battles in the name of God
and lost Jerusalem to the Selamat who promised them safe exit out of Jerusalem.
They made a movie about it.
What they didn't say was how many Templars got corrupted in Islam, used hashish, and self destructed and were also killed for being heretics by their own people.
 It was an interesting time in history,very bloody on all sides.

Well now, I lost my need for sleep.
Then they put up a robotic head and said they will one day be able to up load a brain into a robot who will then be able to think and talk and the idea of making leather and meat without killing a single animal,
through cultural reproduction.

Before I fell asleep I was tinkering with the computer listening to people discuss Catcher in the Rye.

Some said it was a book about defending children. Protecting them from loss of innocence.

“Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody's around - nobody big, I mean - except me. And I'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff - I mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That's all I do all day. I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it's crazy, but that's the only thing I'd really like to be.” 
― J.D. SalingerThe Catcher in the Rye

 Others said it promoted suicide. Still others said it was about a boy who was was abused and confused contemplated suicide but was mature in his thinking and was able to think things through to see that he didn't need to. His spirit inside, was intact.
Then the computer stopped the you tube discussion and I didn't hear the rest of what was discussed..
I keep going back to this book because I never remember what it's all about. lol
The Title always blocks the story line in my head. Aren't grown ups all catchers in the rye?
As a Mother , this is a 24 hour job  and this is why it's hard when the kids grow up because the better part of your life is spent doing this. You keep catching, even when you are too old to walk and kids run away thinking you are senile. lol

"Among other things, you'll find that you're not the first person who was ever confused and frightened and even sickened by human behavior. You're by no means alone on that score, you'll be excited and stimulated to know. Many, many men have been just as troubled morally and spiritually as you are right now. Happily, some of them kept records of their troubles. You'll learn from them—if you want to. Just as someday, if you have something to offer, someone will learn something from you. It's a beautiful reciprocal arrangement. And it isn't education. It's history. It's poetry.” 
― J.D. SalingerThe Catcher in the Rye

And how true these words are. If we sit down to read our own diaries or journals when we grow up,
 we can see just how silly and young we were worrying about stuff that didn't matter.
Then you think how God must be looking down at us and think, Gosh, they need a shepherd because they are like lost sheep.

My whole life I tried to protect children from loss of innocence because I saw it robbed from them the day they entered school, for their own protection.
Instead of keeping schools a safe place for kids, we pay taxes and hire unions to defend the rights of bad people coming in under the guise of good ness to destroy children and their innocence.
We do not defend the right of children to keep their innocence until they are older to understand what all this means.
Why do they need to know?
And why do teachers have to pop the bubbles of fairy tales and fairy god mothers, and leprechauns
and the tooth fairy? Should kids not find out for themselves when the time is ripe for them to?
Why does a teacher have to tell them there is no Santa Claus when indeed there is even if its your parents.
And isn't it the job of a parent to explain about how there are different kinds of families?
As a kid, I never paid attention to who my friends lived with. You don't base friend ships on the people who the kids live with.
We wonder why our kids are growing up soul less and then try to fix things saying the child is disturbed , sad and mad.
Why would the child be these things if not for being pushed into an adult world far too soon, to live in fear instead of in innocence and dreams and fairy tales until slowly he grows out of childish things.

What is the rush?
Innocence to be replaced with what? Violence, immoral behavior and bad language?
The world is indeed confused today.Even as an adult, I don't see the need for this so called, artistic expression, to show sexual acts on movies, they show on television. My life is private, so why should the people on TV also not have private lives in their story lines? Today they show movies where the act of sexual abuse on  a child is not shown but tomorrow, artistic expression, will say they need to. show it? Why?
This turns the movie into porn. It promotes sexual abuse by showing it and saying it's ok cause it's done.
This is how the gay people get their power to be, following the same line of thought and women lost their
preciousness by becoming aggressive he men and yet... it is lovely to watch Prince William lovingly hover and protect his wife Catherine, as every gentleman should and because if it, she feels safe and can smile, knowing she is loved.

Brown was seen on TV talking about stopping porn on the internet and lang and oleary exchange
had a discussion about it whereby the guy was saying he doesn't want people telling him what he should do.
The woman said so you are also against red lights and seat belts and for drinking and driving  and drugs etc.....because you don't want anyone to tell you what to do?

He was the one who also said money talks and bull shit walks So he doesn't care about families and loss of homes and jobs. Christian values we were brought up with once upon a time.
The United States is broke and buying out healthy Canadian firms and then reap profits by not paying the unwary Canadian people their wages and having no interest to build the business because its just an arm to support the American one and pay their wages.
Canadians are innocent and at risk of corrupt business practices.
And with what kind of money are they buying Canadian firms with since they are just printing it like they do in South America?

I don't know any more.
Where did all the money go?
Maybe we have more people than we have gold bouillon on this planet?
Maybe we should all just print money as well.
So where are the laws protecting us from all this new world corruption?

So here, in the early dawn, thoughts connect one dot to another, everything you see and hear about world insanity and you think, ..... those daisies on the hill side look pretty nice.
Pure in heart and innocent they grow and propagate, covering the hillside with elegance and beauty.
Wild animals sit and roll between their foliage and come to say Hi! having no fear of bullets or the sting of death.
Is it no wonder Jesus was a shepherd. It is a clean simple life tending your sheep until someone
writes a book and gives sheep a voice and language and then ...
it all begins again. lol


Monday, July 22, 2013

Wild Bliss

These beauties are growing like weeds between weeds in the yard.
You never know what pops out these days. You just throw seeds and then see what happens.
If I planted them in a nice well tended garden, the birds and squirrels come and dig them out but in the weeds, no one sees them and somehow they take root in the hard soil. All I do is shake some fertilizer at them. I never have tulips because no matter how many I plant, the bulbs all disappear.

These have a velvety soft texture to them and would look lovely in a vase but I don't dare cut them.
I used to do flower arranging using the foam you fill with water.
The flowers made wonderful gifts for teachers and the kids would love bringing in baskets
for the teachers tables and the teachers loved receiving them and I had fun making them. lol
So every one was happy.
Now I just look at them from afar admiring Gods' ingenuity at creating such lovely things for mankind
to look at.

In the mean time between enjoying the hot sun outside I finished another doily and this makes 6 new ones now.

CONGRATULATIONS to Prince William And Catherine on the birth of their baby boy.
8 pounds 6 oz. 4:24 pm  !!

So happy everything went well for both Mother and child.


Saturday, July 20, 2013


Boo is an Orphan Bear, living at a resort in Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.
His Mom was shot and killed and he and his brother survived.
His Brother Cari, died but Boo is doing well and is 11 years old now.

The Vancouver Sun put an article on Boo and I just could not resist
putting it on my blog. That bear paw is huge!!!

I think if you click on the picture you could get an enlargement of it
enough to read the article.

A moose got through the wire fencing and Boo made a meal of it.
They throw him road kill once in a while to feast on but he mainly dines on

He weighs over 600 pounds and got away a few times because he sniffed out
a female bear but he always comes back. I guess neutering doesn't stop the spirit. lol

I wish grizzlies didn't eat people.  I wouldn't mind having one as a pet.
Who can resist that nose and those big paws. :)

Anyone can visit him at the resort.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Blowing Bugle Kisses

This is a lovely poem by Tennyson goes well with the sexy sax.

The Splendour Falls

The splendour falls on castle walls
  And snowy summits old in story:
  The long light shakes across the lakes
  And the wild cataract leaps in glory.
Blow, bugle, blow, set the wild echoes flying,
Blow, bugle; answer, echoes dying, dying, dying.

O hark, O hear! how thin and clear,
  And thinner, clearer, farther going!
  O sweet and far from cliff and scar
  The horns of Elfland faintly blowing!
Blow, let us hear the purple glens replying,
Blow, bugle; answer, echoes dying, dying, dying.

O love they die in yon rich sky,
  They faint on hill or field, or river:
  Our echoes roll from soul to soul,
  And grow forever and forever.
Blow, bugle, blow, set the wild echoes flying,
And answer, echoes, answer, dying, dying, dying.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Kraft a Day

(click to enlarge)

These are fun to make and being small  (6" - 8" diameter)  you can
make quite a few with one roll of cotton thread
( which is not that cheap these days.)

You can buy them for a dollar in larger sizes at the dollar store but it's hardly
the same thing.
These are original, not mass produced by a machine.

They are also thicker and look pretty on a coffee table.
They remind me of snow flakes cause there is not one the same.

I always find nature to be soooo brilliant in how many ways it finds to arrange things.

In Quebec, I would look forward to looking at my windows in winter, to see what
painting Jack Frost drew on them.
They were usually leaves swirling all around, reminding me of how
everything changes from moment to moment.
And so we look at life, wondering why everything changes?

Well it has to change because nature changes, seasons change,
people change. Nothing ever stays as it is.
(except these doilies. lol)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


After reading this Wiki story about the Zimmerman/Trayvon
murder trial. I fail to see how this is a racially motivated
Zimmerman is of mixed blood, so he could not be a racist.

Trayvon Martin did not behave like a normal person.
Was he scared?
Did he have a reason to believe he was in danger?

Could be.

Zimmerman is not a police man, as he was accused of being the night he was let go by the mob, in the news reports.
But if the police told him to back off, he should have. Or maybe just followed Trayvon at a safe distance
which maybe he did but then was attacked??? Threatened??? Risked losing his gun to
Trayvon? So ..... an ensuing fight could lead to a gun discharging at close range and someone dying.

Accident and self defense.

This is how mob action and bad behavior ends up, with confusing stories and media frenzy to sell papers.

I know where our police men are concerned, they have dangerous jobs every day.
They don't know what is in the suspects' mind. So when they tell you to do something,
you should do it and be cooperative and then if you have a problem with how you were
 treated, it could be investigated and charges laid against the officers LATER.
You don't fight, cause this could end up with a bullet killing someone.
Policemen are people too, with families.

 I also know we had burglars trying to get into our neighbours houses and we would call the police and follow them to tell the police where they were. Unlike Trayvon, the suspects did not attack anyone. They did try to hide in bushes and the police did not take very long to arrive and were told where they were and arrested.
They were apparently just released from jail the day before.
Had they attacked my husband or myself, there would have been a struggle and it could have ended badly
for us. But we had a German Shepherd who was a great guard and it was this shepherd who
quietly growled to tell us something was not right. He was a great dog , very well behaved, loved kids,
and knew his neighborhood and his people, who belonged and who didn't.
Probably when they saw the dog, they thought ....OOPS!
The dog doesn't have to do anything but sit there. lol

You just never know these days but I know if someone asked me why I was where I was, and I was innocent, I'd tell him.
Unless he got too close and threatened me, I would treat him civilly.

So before people get mad, they have to step back and think to ask what is wrong with this picture?
Two people, both afraid of each other. Both innocent and both guilty.One a visitor. One a neighborhood watch.
One was left alive and one dead.

Again, our society says everything is ok and here is an example everything is NOT ok.
You do not threaten to kill someone. You do not attack any one.
You do not run if there is no reason to run in a gated community, with a neighbourhood watch, where it is relatively safe.

I dont see anything racially motivated here.
This is pure sensationalism at work here.

Teach your children to behave. Work closely with your schools.
Expect politeness from your children. Rights are not something you are born with.
Rights are something you earn as you grow and show yourself to be dependable, responsible,
and leading a clean life.
 Keep your families close, supervised and not on the street.

Tragedies like this should never happen.
Trayvon did not lead a clean life.
 He was young, immature, a fighter, disrespectful, drug user.

You know, if you live as hood, you will die as a hood. Today all the kids think
it is great to be seen as a hood, even if they aren't.
 It's tough to survive out there.

So everything is not ok as we are being told every day. There is a good and a bad
and morals ethics and values can save your life simply by teaching you how to behave.

If I was part of the people upset with this trial, I would not be running around the streets but asking
what can I do, as a person, to make sure our children are safe?
Do I divorce? Run around with other people? Do I do drugs and alcohol, smoke?
Do I beat my wife and kids? Do I use bad language at home? Do I bring home porn?
Do I wear pants below my ass? Do I play with my kids and watch them do homework?
It's easy to blame. It's very hard to admit that maybe this happened because of
how I was raising my child and living my own life.

When I see how hard parents fight for the lives of children born damaged with autism,
schizophrenia, bad hearts, and brain damage, it makes me wonder why they don't fight
with the same fierceness for normal children, with great futures ahead of them?
Are they not worth fighting for??
Or do you fight AFTER they are dead?


Monday, July 15, 2013

Camels and Little Women

Never believe what you publish.

Never publish what you believe

Night Flier
Stephen king.

Camels are funny animals.
They are so resilient and perfectly suited to desert living

Since cars replaced them, they are only used for racing.
Seems even riders do not ride them any more.

For racing purposes, they are equipped with a radio controlled
whip to encourage them to run faster.

I can just see the day when jockeys will be replaced by such gadgets
for horse racing.
May as well have a robotic horse as well so both rider and horse can be
kept safe.
They showed a documentary where by a solar company got women from
poor countries together in India and taught them how to make printed circuit boards for solar lamps.

These women some of whom are totally illiterate, were later sent back to their own countries to become managers and to teach other
women a trade and were given a title of engineer.

They were told that instead of being supported by the government, they could become
self sufficient, provide their families with a real home instead of tent living, and earn a salary.
Women were chosen because they stay in the same place. Houses and tents now had
solar power as opposed to depending on something which could be cut off at any time.

One womans' husband from a community of 300, in Jordan, did nothing all day and yet had a truck
and refused to have his wife learn a trade. He later gave in.
They said after the wife graduated, he was caught drug running and put in jail for 3 years.

Funny he wasn't hanged for this.

Recently they have been showing interesting documentaries worth watching.

I told my husband geez, we are born in the wrong country. Here it takes a long time to
obtain an engineering degree even knowing how to read and write. lol

But seriously, I feel good for these women to be able to upgrade themselves this way and also
for the company who is taking the time and expense to do this.
Nothing like being self sufficient. I mean, if camels don't need riders any more, women don't
need to stay little either.

Once these ladies got home, they encouraged other women to learn and although a bit shy,
many of them said it's better than sitting doing nothing.
So they decided to try. I am proud of these women who have finally decided to take
their lives into their own hands.
They cook with propane and tents seem to have TV's so they must have some electricity.

I love the idea of solar power and wind power anyway.
In cases of emergency, it's always good to have your own
and also to be able to say no to these utility companies who always find reasons to increase prices,
while decreasing services.
If you look at the gas prices they have like 10 cent differences depending on where you live.
Inland it goes for 1.33 - 1.39  a liter and here in the lower mainland, 1.43 - 1.49 a liter.
It changes every day.

In my Grand Mothers time it was simple and easy. Need oil ? Call the truck. It brings the oil, you pay him
and that's it. If the furnace breaks, the guy bringing the oil knows how to fix the oil burner.Today they bill you and you have no say in the matter and no one listens when you tell them there is something wrong with the bill. Even when they find out the reason, they don't return your money,
or give you credit. They know you have no choice but to keep buying.They even charge you service charges
and never come to your door.
I few years back we had these people come to the door saying they are agents for the oil company and if you signed a 5 yr contract with them your gas would be cheaper.
We kept saying no and they kept telling us we were the only people on the street who refused.
Well the gas went down for every one except the people who signed contracts and we were not the only ones on our street who didn't sign. They were very rude and pushy. The province of BC was in an uproar
but a contract is a contract even if they lied to have you sign it.
Amazing story.
Now this is called a company that's too big and really doesn't care and even if you sue them, it will cost you more than it will cost them.
We had a nice week end enjoying the sun and the BBQ.
My husband invited me to go out but trying to decide what we were in the mood for eating
was tough, until we got to the BBQ area and we both said:
 Ya that sounds great!!!
So back to the BBQ. lol


Friday, July 12, 2013

Penalty for Sin Is Death.

Yesterday Jehovah Witnesses came to our door and left literature.
Even the dogs didn't bark.

So I read it and it was quite good (cause I agreed with it lol)

The first thing it said was that man believes he will establish the Kingdom of God
on earth by either converting others to his faith or by working for world peace and brother hood.
Daniel 2:44
 God - not man, sets up the kingdom.
Matthew 4;17
Humans do not bring Gods' Kingdom and they cannot disrupt its' affairs, since it will rule over the earth
from heaven

Gods' Kingdom is a real government

In Mathew 10:8 Jesus said you receive free so you must give free.
In religion there should be no money exchanged.
Paul worked to support himself and preached in his spare time.

So any religion that solicits money is not speaking for God.
Any religion that promotes war is not speaking for God.

Re: war: Thou shalt not kill
The idea was that the love for your neighbor would be extraordinary
no matter who he was
and that you would rather die for each other than take a life from others.

When I see people yelling and screaming that others will burn in hell
if they don't follow their religion, I say, what you wish to others,
 will happen to you. God wants you to come of your own free will
and not because you are threatened.

If for example, like in a recent video I saw, a young British  woman
argued with protesterswho were against the British Government.
A face covered woman told her she was naked and will burn in hell.

The British girl was wearing normal clothing. But what if she were naked?
Sin is in the eye of the beholder.
If you see sin, then the sin is in you.

Man is born naked and beautiful. There is nothing wrong with the naked body.
If you cover up, especially in 100 degree heat, it is because of the people around you who lust and feel they can abuse your body whenever they want to. So you cover up so they don't desire you.
But lust is a sin.
 To not be sinful one must be able to look at a naked body and not be affected by it.
Men kill women saying it is they who sin showing their faces and bodies when in fact it is men
who are the sinful ones. In a loving religion, one is not punished for being oneself or forced into marriage,
or forced to have children.

Also they spoke about death.? Why do we die? The answer was, we die because we carry
Adam's sin in us.The penalty for Adams' sin is aging and death.
 We do not live in Gods' kingdom where there is no death or sickness or war.

They spoke on Justice and said you can never have Justice if laws are not accompanied by Gods'
I agree with that.What kind of laws represent man, if they don't stand for the 10 Commandments.
Our laws are not just. They follow plain words on a piece of paper without taking the full context of the situation. Contract laws are the worst. Used to be a mans' word or handshake was worth more than any piece of paper.
Judges know it and no one does anything about it.
People lie and contracts are written up to deceive because they are written up with
ulterior motives.
This makes them null and void because there is no disclosure of the real motives behind the paper.

The Penalty for Sin is Death. No one on this planet escapes death.
So how can we judge another man?


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guns Guns and More Guns.

I really hate guns for many reasons. I don't like shooting animals and watching them suffer dying.
Unless I had to, I would never use one.

We do have a pellet gun to scare away raccoons but they don't seem bothered by it at all.
Their coats protect them from the pellet so it's more of a toy than a gun.
Just enough to shoot your own eye out lol

So if police come to my house to take my pellet gun, apart from the "you can't do that " part.
I probably wouldn't care.
In the above video, if the doors are locked, would not the police be given skeleton keys to open them if they wanted entry?
Why break locks? They didn't actually show them doing that .

People are concerned when police take weapons from homes, like after a natural disaster.

Well if they can do it, so could vandals who would come at night and you wouldn't want to be charged and put in jail just because some one else stole your gun and used it to kill someone, leaving only your prints and DNA on the weapon.
This is what usually happens when innocent people get into trouble.

In Alberta there are many farms, people do not have close neighbours,
so one can see why guns would be needed. Also hunting is a sport many like.
 In Ontario you have ads on store walls saying buy your bear hunting licenses here,
 Duck/deer/ licenses- buy them here.
Guns and them here.
It's not something you see everywhere plastered on public walls.
Here you just see ads to get your fishing and crab licenses and boat lessons.
Even then you have to look for them.

You probably would have to go up north for the other stuff.

So, does it bother me police take guns from people in times of natural disasters? No.
It bothers me more that they break doors to get in but then what's the diff.
With so much damage, the insurance will pay to have it fixed.
The whole thing is a disaster.

I think it would be more bothersome to know someone, other than a policeman, broke my door and
 grabbed my gun which then could be used against me. Even when there are no natural disasters,
people could break into your home and help themselves and use your weapons against you.
That's basically why they come in, because they know they can.

The people who break into homes while you are home, are even scarier because they
know what they came for to do and they don't want you talking.
By the time you get to your secure gun, it's all over for you.

So it's nice to talk about civil rights but hey, if they give the guns back, then what's the beef?
You were not there and didn't need them anyway.

The man in the video said: We were not flooded here.
Ok, so then it's easier for a burglar to break into your home while all the police
are down below busy with floods and rescue.
The bad guy always looks for opportune moments to do bad things.
I'd have a sign on my door next time: Gone Fishin.  NO GUNS HERE .lol
In todays' world, the police don't need your guns to oppress or kill you.
The TV shows they show, are just for entertainment.

Look at what they do in Arab countries today. Look at the train derailments
and airplane crashes, and blowing up of chemical plants, 9/11.
Oppressing police would go for the numbers.
The bad guy goes for the big numbers and the bad guy could one day, even be you.
It just takes one bad night to flip out and go out on a rampage and if you happen to have a gun nearby,
the thought will always be take it with you.

So if the police works for you, then say thank you and be friends.
It's not all 100%
Why does everything always have to be a bad thing?

Trouble is, people don't see the government working for the electorate any more.
They bring in outsiders who then buy everything out and then run things.

Foreigners like nice clean things.
So they come and push you out.
Mean while you stay poor because you try to keep
business out and thus jobs, which destroys nice clean things, only to find you will never be
 allowed to stay and enjoy it.
You keep a healthy environment for the citizens of this country to enjoy,
not to then have your home used against you, by people who have more money made
in other less clean countries, with the jobs,
who come in and push you out.
 You can dirty your own country yourself, have jobs,
keep your own money and then be left alone by foreigners, to live in your own cheap home.
Doesn't seem right otherwise, does it?

So folks keep their guns and civil rights become important issues.
A mans' home is his castle and he should be allowed to stay there, instead of
forced to run around like a gypsy, because someone wants the property and made laws to ensure
it cannot be kept.
That's an example of legal fraud.

So guns.. love em hate em, doesn't matter. We will always have them.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Stealing is wrong but what about
stealing a glance, stealing moments,
stealing kisses,
stealing a base,
when you get something real cheap, we say it's a steal,
stealing ideas,
Kill stealing, refers to on line games where credits or
 points are given for killing an enemy
Stealing my sunshine is a song
A story rich in irony but poor in appreciation, is fit to steal.

Stealing doesn't have to be a bad thing but in some countries
it is taken literally and theft is theft.

Abbie Hoffman wrote a book in 1970's he had to publish himself cause no one else would.
It was the hippie era when every one was against establishment:

 Steal This Book.

He said the title alone would stop it from being published because it invited itself to be stolen.
It basically was a survival guide in how to get things for free:

free food,clothing, furniture, transport, land,housing, education,medical care, communications,
free play, free money and free dope.

Apparently kids know how to use these methods better than adults.
I have to say I am curious and would love to read this book lol
With internet you get to find things easier.
 In Quebec we had our French /English problem
so getting English books was not that easy.
 In fact if you go to the library today you will only find outdated
old English books. The rest are in French.
 Not very enlightening for English students who have rights to an English education.

What Abbies' book shows is that with a bit of genius thinking, people don't have to pay for anything.
Can you imagine society all using the methods of this kind of freedom?
I can see emails coming saying but we need to support rising  taxes, we need to support increases in housing prices, we need to support food price we don't. We allow ourselves to be sucked in with run away politics that doesn;t work for the people it was elected by.
Like in BC for instance. Who is BC for? Is it for the people or for the foreigners who buy us out and
greedy corporations who say, move on out fella. Money talks and bullshit walks.
People have to wake up.

If you print money, you don't have to steal it and why is it wrong if people don't check the money they receive? If one pays with monopoly money and it is received as real money, how is it ones' fault?
South America has many rich people today, who are respected as money artists. lol

It makes sense and this is why so many people are doing it and world economy, can't handle it.
Also why is it ok for government to print money without the assets to back it up and not people?
It kinda goes both ways. If one can be irresponsible then so can the other.

Gives a new meaning to Thou Shalt Not Steal and why the 10 Commandments don't seem to apply anymore.
Law has nothing to do with religion anymore so it does not need to be adhered to.
But does it?
Why bother with law if it is not for good people?
What does it mean to be a good person in todays world?
What does it mean to steal? Is stealing legally any better than plain stealing?

Glen Ford and Marlon Brando
 played in a movie called Tea House of August Moon.
Brando played a Japanese translator and Ford was sent to a small
fishing village with Brando, to build a school and to teach good values to the people.
Instead Ford was the one being manipulated into giving in to the peoples' traditions ,
means and ways and instead of a school house, swayed to use army money,
 to build a tea house.

It was a funny movie.
The only bad guy was Ford who tried his best to follow orders and to please the people.
It was hard to balance right and wrong, good and bad.
One side believed in marriage, the other in geisha.
The locals stole from the so called invaders. 
As was explained to Ford, every one comes to give
take instead, so we hide everything before the givers come. lol
Well it was a thinking day.
Beautiful outside.
I can be very spoiled with this weather right now.
Toronto had a flash flood and people were waist deep in water.
Did its' damage and went away.



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We Are All Super Novae

Dying stars are all around us and one star, if it explodes,  might be our planets' number, where
everything will be vaporized and it can happen any day or sometime in the future.
It's not a question of if but a question of when.

Everything this world and our bodies are made up of is a result of a supernova which is full of elements.

Supernovas give us life and they can also take it away by sucking out all the iron and elements out of our bodies through dramatic gravitational pull.
Pretty humbling. Makes us ask why we waste precious time waging wars and fighting.
Nothing belongs to us.
As the Bible says, dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

All we do to protect our planet, is all for nothing.
When the closest dying star explodes and we see it, it will be too late.
Our planet will be vaporized.

This video is quite an eye opener.
They found a planet close to the sun that is as big as Jupiter which might already be sucking
iron and other elements from the sun.
They say it is headed our way.
There are many super novae out there or dying stars and we may already be seeing effects from
them  on our blue planet .

I guess maybe this is why the Mayan calandar ended cause they couldn't predict
when the final end will be.  It isn't up to us.
Nothing ever is or ever was.
Only one thing is certain and that is when the time comes, we won't even know it.



Monday, July 8, 2013

Fields of Mountains

This is a small view of Chilliwack which means
 "as far upriver as you can go before having to switch to a pole"
Mountains of course, are found all around you, as well as the Fraser and Vedder Rivers.
Mountains are one thing we are not short of  around here and never get tired looking at.
Chilliwack is excited because it found turtle doves have made it their home.
There are not many turtle doves in BC.
They say Cultus Lake, which is nearby, sometimes has fish that arrive underground from the ocean.
This is amazing to have a tunnel that long they could swim in to come here.

Yes, the corn is already 4 feet high, and smog from the US,
 travels right up here, although the air quality they say is among the best of the world.
We found many berry farms too.
There are about 900 farms here.
Tourists can enjoy seeing honey farms, dairies, restaurants serving farm fresh produce,
water sports, fishing coho, steel heads, chum.
    Thanks to Mt Baker in the |US, the Chilliwack River has the longest river rafting in Hyak. There is 18 miles of it going through Tamahi, Sawmill and Swamp rapids, which takes about 4 1/2 hours. 

The Skwah First Nation or Skwah Band , a band government of the Sto:lo Indians,
is found here. 40,000 of them lived in this area 5-10,000 years ago.
They spoke Halkomelem a language we don't hear much of today.
After gold was found in the Frazer Valley, steam ships began coming and Chiilliwack became a landing for these boats in 1857 when farms began to grow in the area.

The town of Chilliwack came into existence in 1873 and steam boats traveled to New Westminster with both goods and passengers.
Sadly We don't see steam ships  today. Would have been a nice tourist attraction.
The Canadian Pacific Rail arrived in 1885 and replaced them.

The days are very long and hot here which makes it excellent for crop growing and the rain is not shy either.
We had a beautiful day visiting this town and looking at the mountains which are just spectacular.

We stopped at Price Pro which had such great smelling, ready made  food under glass, for picnicers.
The bread was cheap at 1.87 a loaf. It was very good bread, thinly sliced with a crusty crust but we didn't find the food prices very cheap. So we got a few things like Blue Cheese, bread, cold cuts, water, coke and stopped by  Cultus Lake  to enjoy a bite and the view before driving home.

We came home just in time to water our potted plants as the heat sure drains them of water fast.
It was nice to sit watching a beautiful day fall to sleep, over ice cream and apple pie.

Our nights are cool and pleasant to sleep.
 I have no complaints at all where that's concerned.
But hot days is where it's at.

Hope you had a good week end.

Curtis & Leroy saw an ad in their local newspaper and bought a 
      mule for $100.
     The farmer agreed to deliver the mule the next day.
     The following morning the farmer drove up, and said: "Sorry, 
      fellers, I have some bad news for you, the mule died last night."
    Curtis & Leroy replied; "Well then, just give us our money back."
    The farmer said; " Can't do that...I went and spent it already."
     They said;... "Okay then, just bring us the dead mule."

     The farmer wondered: "What in the world ya'll gonna do with a dead mule?"
     Curtis told him "We gonn'a raffle him off."
     The farmer argued "You can't raffle off a dead mule!"

     Leroy added: "We shore can! Heck, we don't hafta tell nobody he's dead!"
     A couple of weeks later, the farmer ran into Curtis & Leroy at 
       the Co-Op grocery store and asked: "Say...what'd you fellers ever 
       do with that dead mule?"

    Curtis, said: "We raffled him off like we said we wuz gonn'a do."
     Leroy added: "Shucks, we sold 500 tickets fer two dollars a 
       piece and made a profit of $898."

     The farmer said: "Yowza!, didn't anyone complain...?"
     Curtis said: "Well, the feller who won was really upset. So we 
       gave him his two dollars back."

     Curtis and Leroy now work for the government.
     They're overseeing Prime Minister Harper's investigation of 
        the Senate and the spending scandal.
Now we know. (.) _ (.) .

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Truf and Nothin but the Truf

White roses for a blue lady??
White roses symbolizing pure love?
Beautiful white flowers from a tender heart.
An offering so simple,open, and full of trust.

Ladies receive them, admire them and the
sweethearts from whom they come from.
They are always a surprise and lift the spirit
even in the darkest of nights.

There are many ways to uplift the spirit and I have to say
that  young people today are very lucky because they
are being educated to understand, that the world is theirs
to conquer. No more waiting for the Knight in shining armour
to rescue you from the dragon.
Today you take the sword and tackle him yourself
and find out that he was just a cartoon character all along.
A paper tiger.
 The young are free to venture forward to create and make their dreams
 come true and there is nothing out there to stop them.
Establishment is aching to see what they come up with on the fast track
every one finds themselves on.
New technology is at their finger tips and the planet is not something
 to be seen as a limit but as a beginning, a limitless road leading out into the
What an exciting era to live in!!

Not only is this world for young people but also for the old.
No one needs to sit in a senior citizens home waiting for life to end
when there is a world out there and so many things to do, and one now is free
to experience and explore new venues
so long as there is breath and eyes to see with.

We find the planet speaking to all of us in one way or another.
The sign of the times is seen through the clouds and rain drops and hazards
both terrifying and beautiful to witness .
Mother nature is rearing up on her hind quarters, with nostrils flaring, snorting
words of wisdom out to us, beckoning us, to ride the storm with her.

She is wild, strong and beautiful as ever and fills every spirit with a sense of longing
to smell the air of freedom.
She is a Warrior Princess , a demon in disguise, a fair lady and a goddess of pure love,
there to seduce and love all men, so they succumb and fall on their knees, before her
Men both love and fear the lady, because as suddenly as she punishes,
 she turns a warm cheek and soothes them, heals them,
nurtures them, as a Mother who suckles and plays with her child.

She tells it stories and opens its' eyes to her, to explore.
She shows the sunshine and the moon and the stars to admire and
 reach out to.

Yes, the future my child. .....
It's all out there waiting for you and for me she whispers.

Love, Life, Freedom, Friendship
All married and enter twined and enduring.
There is no divorcing of a life force such as this.
It is a never ending battle, a play of swords,
a blushing flair, a cartoon character in hiding,
a game of peek a boo, I see you and hide n seek.

Life my child, is all around you, feeding, nursing, laughing
crying and wiping away of tears.
Life, as perfect, as a perfect white rose,
Given from a tender heart,
All waiting, just for you.
Having said this Is it just me or What's Up with Brad Pitt and the
Justin Theroux look? Shouldn't it be the other way round?

Will these two never stop this game they are playing?
Will Brad not leave this woman alone and just get it over with
and get married? So immature.

But at this stage of the game the Brangelina team sold out everything,
 so nothing is wrong for them. It's all about what I want and cold hard cash
and show the world something they would like to see.
Shameful, when the rest of the world is being plundered.

Then the Biggie
 Target vs Walmart.
Who is better?
Personally I hear a lot better things from people where Target is concerned.
They may be a bit more expensive but the quality of the merchandise seems better.
Also the way people speak of how they treat their employees seems to be better.
For most things, the prices are quite competitive.

I know our Zellers had a lot of shop lifting problems. They were beside a
Sikh Temple and people would come in change and walk out leaving the old clothes and shoes
inside the store.
They could do nothing about it.
Seems they do the same thing with Target too.
You sell cheaper, people still steal or buy and then resell for higher prices somewhere else,
in their own stores

Today no one and nothing is safe.  As prices rise, we should be happy with stores like Target
and Walmart which keep them down and force other companies to compete.
Sears is by far my most favorite store. Always was  but I never shop there.

They have good quality but if I need a mattress, I'll buy at the |Brick or another outlet store.
I would do the same for the washer and drier and stove. Curtains I couldn't make at home,
 for the Price Jysk sells them for.These stores kill material and craft stores.

Even if you wanted to buy at Sears, you would have to wait  three weeks to get the product
delivered, cause they don't have stock. With the Brick you can go and pick it up at their warehouse
right away if you need to.When it comes to washing clothes, I can't wait three weeks.

So back to the Target Walmart question of which store is better,
I really don't know. Give  Target a chance to figure things out cause Walmart has been
 around for a while but even it has clamped down on certain things.
So we just have to look for the sales and work from there.
As for employee treatment, Target seems to win out here.
and dat's the truf and nothin but the truf.
A Lady's Life

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The World As We Know It.

So what will Kate have? A boy or a girl?
I wonder cause it's hard to tell.
Well, I love old wives tales and they rang true for me.

So I will say a boy.

All this suspense is exciting . The big day is fast approaching.

What ever it is , all you really wish, is for Mother and child to be
both healthy and happy.

So another Beautiful English Rose, loved by England and the world,
 to soon gift England with a new bundle of joy
to be admired and loved.

I can't wait to share in their joy and blessing.
We watched Charles and Anne then William and Harry
and now......????

It is much cooler this morning and was very nice to sleep.
I don't dare predict what the weather will be like to day.
It's all upside down like everything else in this world.

What is going on in Egypt right now is so interesting
Every one is worried about the Suez canal being blocked.

Obama is not having a good time right now as every one dislikes him
from South Africa, to the Middle East, to Europe and even South America.

 Putin is probably getting all the info he can from Snowden.
He's landed himself into pretty deep water that one.The KGB don't play games.
 If he ends up in a Gulag
in Siberia he'll be lucky but for how long?
Anyway, it's another Benedict Arnold story.
We heard the story of Benedict Arnold.

 I never knew he actually defected to Canada. The Americans did not treat him well
in spite of the fact that he spent a lot of his own money for the cause.
They passed him over for promotions he worked for and deserved giving them to
others for political reasons.
His is an amazing story.

In the end he regretted leaving America as I am sure so will Snowden.
(If he lives)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ivory Queen

She stands in the window on  Black Swans' wings
Behind her a wilderness of black shade and greens and
Sounds of  chickadees and fluttering wings.

She stands before it, an Ivory Queen,
 In silence she gazes alone and serene.
 Each delicate petal, the sun pierces through
Transforming her into uniqueness so true.

 The sensual dewdrops drink to her health
They run over thorns so sharp and sleek
You run the risk, they warn as they smile
But even thorns are not answers, to those inclined.

To admire, is to kill the object of your admiration.
All mankind loves, he destroys and plunders
 For he sees beauty to possess
Which wilts the soul of the spirit inside.

The shade and secrets of the black forest wild,
Filled with the grace of a chickadees' sighs,
Stand quietly back, to observe her distress,
In a black swan, she accepts, no regrets.

They see her cut and torn yet divine
Seeing life, for a very short time .
Tweeting, fluttering  in soft warm breezes
They come to her lovingly, caressing her feelings.

They send her stories and scents in the wind,
To absorb and enrich her desperate soul .
In life and death she will stay, desired, loved
Sought for sachets and pressed in memory books

Weeping,she seeks in the shade of the wild ,
 Refuge, protection like an innocent child

She pleads for the life and virtue aside
For new buds, salvation, from admiring eyes,
So their spirit lives and flowers and blooms
So they enjoy a life, that they so deserve.

They will not be bled or cut or shorn
 They will die in dignity, with petals intact.
 The Ivory Queen is remembered today
As a flower who lived outside the black swan.

A Ladys' Life.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To Be or Not To Be

I often wondered about Shakespeares' MacBeth story.
Many say it is cursed.
According to history books King MacBeth was killed in Glascow ,
England in 1057 by King Malcolm 111 Canmore.

Shakespeare used the Holinshed Chronicles, which was a popular history book back then.
It foretold of powerful, manipulative women which Lady MacBeth was.
It spoke of a man named Donwald, whose wife pressured him to kill  King Duff,
because he killed many of his family members for dealing with witches.

Shakespeare wrote the play about it and used real witches' incantations
which angered the witches, who then cursed the play.
If you act in the play, you can never mention the play by name
or face dire consequences.
We often talk about the good old days but don't realize how regulated
and disciplined it was back then.

Every class of worker had a certain maximum wage and hours he could work.
People had separate kind of clothing fabric, they were allowed to wear,
to separate Dukes from gentlemen and common people.
Dinner courses were regulated. Not every one could go into a restaurant
and order an 8 course meal. Not every one could play every game they wanted to.
You could not celebrate certain fast days with no meat or eggs.
If you had to fast, you had to.

Sicknesses like the Black Death in 1348, could come along like it did in
 Western Europe and parts of England and kill up to 1/3  to half the population
at any time.
Even the tale of London Bridge from 1176, has a song mentioning a certain lady lea.

London bridge is falling down
How shall we build it up again
Build it up with silver and gold
Dance over my lady lea.......

That's cause they walled up a young virgin girl into one of the pillars holding up the bridge
 alive, to prevent storms and floods from destroying the bridge. After some 600
years they had to rebuild it so big ships could go through.

The changes Islam is going through today in 2013,the Catholic Church went through
in the 16th and 17th centuries. In those days people listened to Church authority
because no one understood the Bible but once it was translated into English, the Catholic
Church thought people would follow the Bible instead of them,
so they burned the translated Bibles.

Recently I watched a documentary on Henry the 8th where they spoke of a handsome man
and royal court full of young happy people. They tried to match the man with the beautiful
rooms he built for his many wives.(He did end up with a son Edward, from one wife)
When Henry was denied the right to divorce,
he left the Pope and became the head of the Church of England.
Anyone who disagreed was hanged, drawn and quartered as a traitor.
This meant he was first hanged and then cut down while still alive, castrated,
 disemboweled and his hanging entrails burned, while the person was still alive and then
the head was cut off.
Protestants were just burned at the stake.

 Times have changed a lot since then but in some countries time has stood still and
people are indoctrinated and still unable to read their religious books in a language they can understand. There is still a lot of violence by a Prophet whose name cannot be mentioned and yet
every person you meet wears his name.
When it comes to womens' rights and being able to live the way you want to , marry who you want,
decide how many children you will have,
having your own opinions to issues and things and even rights to an education and
 partaking in sports, it's still a man's world. Men fear women.

In some countries losing a soccer game could mean a jail sentence when you get home or even death.

Free countries, who feel this is wrong, especially since these people come to their countries to live,
try to make them see the light but it is hard when they live, controlled by the Mother country.

If the Mother country controls the person who left, then there is no reason to leave the
 Mother country. The reason to leave a Medieval country is to learn and grow and change for the better,
not go back to the days of Shakespeares' MacBeth.

Unfortunately we can't take freedom for granted. It is always something to fight for because it is easier to lose it than to obtain it.
We have only to look at Egypt and Afghanistan, Iran and many places in Africa, how backward all
our lives can become. It might still happen as we depend more on internet and machines than our own brains when it comes to science and math.
Today people say North America is declining.
I say NO.
 It can decline if we keep listening to every one.
North America is the greatest continent on this planet because of the freedom it gives its' people.
Our only enemy, is dictatorship .
This is more important to teach our young in schools than sex.

Snowden should open up his eyes as so should every person who believes otherwise.
Charity begins at home. Love begins at home.
We need to care for our own people and obtain strength, not from Mandela,
but from the strong history books telling us of how we won this country, slowly, piece by piece, through blood sweat and tears.
We should be proud of our legacy and stand united as Canadians and Americans and forget petty bickering
separating us as a people and as a nation.
This includes American Indians who are enjoying the best of both worlds.
Otherwise, we have a lot to lose and our children will live as slaves to foreign interests.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he lives right next door.

Have a good one.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Granpa Tell Me.

It was one of these hot lazy days you enjoy at home
with flowers and your sweet heart by your side.

Oh We aint got a barrel of money
Maybe we're ragged and funny
But we'll travel along
Singin a song
Side by side.

We put on the old discs and listened to oldies all day
and what good songs they all were.

While the young are out watching the fireworks,
we can't be bothered with all the cars
and people, although I have to say people
 are quite nice when they come out
in numbers for such events.

And why not? We should enjoy Canada Day.
It's our day.
We should have more days like this to celebrate life and
 to make memories with kids and families.
Days go by much too fast and
life is short .
As they say, no matter how old a Mother is,
 she looks for signs of improvement
 in her middle aged children  and yes, kids grow old.
We like to see them stay small but they don't and
neither do we. lol
Sometimes I think we choose who we want to be, before we are born.
Life is a learning experience and since we know of 11 planes of existence,
there must be 11 lives to experience. So if you don't do it all this time round,
chances are you'll do it the next time.

I never drink beer but lately my husband is buying the
 non alcoholic Molson  and I am enjoying some cool ones.
They taste the same, except you don't get drunk.
It makes you feel naughty and yet you are quite

Nothing like a cold one on a hot day.

We will have a cool night so sleeping will not be a problem.
I love days like this.

I hope you all had a wonderful week end
Pleasant dreams.