Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saving a Marriage

This You tube video is very nice to watch in times of woe
when we see families suffering from so much of lifes' pressure, surrounded by violence
bad language, corruption, unemployment, homelessness etc...

We forget how nice things could or should be as the ugly tries to desensitize people
to accept the bad and mistake it for freedom, instead of seeing it for what it is..

The more the ugly, attacks the good, the more we can see that the ugly fears
 to lose its' power over the innocent, other wise why would it bare its' teeth?
The ugly knows that deep in their souls, all people want love and
someone to care for them and this is farthest from the uglies' mind.

Today Bella visited the vet for her 1st shots.
She was a trooper but now is tired and sleepy.

Tanya is slowly allowing her to do more things around her and she is also learning to keep her distance and respect elders. lol Old dogs are already set in their ways and the pups learn from
It's a long haul but I hope soon they will be very good friends.

Today I over slept and even if I took Bella out at 6 am she slept with me till 10 am and then said that's enough lady. She jumped on me and began with the growls barks and kisses to say get up you lazy
so and so and I couldn't help but laugh. I told her Poor Bella. You need a youngster to play with and not old fogies like my husband and I. On the other hand she lucked out cause we love her to no end and are at her beck and call.

The days are going by very quickly. I need to buy some soil to put by the tree out front because there seems to be erosion or something taking place there. It needs more soil especially for the flowers.

We have lots of rain these days and the temperature can't decide from moment to moment if it wants to be warm or cold.
Great weather to catch colds.

Have a good one

Friday, March 28, 2014

Daily Life of Faith and Hope

Another Perfect Stranger
This is a very good you tube movie I think every young person should watch.
It explains a lot of things confusing to so many people.

My puppy is growing and she is so loveable.
My husband who always has a stand offish approach to animals, can't get enough of her.
He keeps coming back to have another look. She has something about her that is quite
unexplainable. You just want to hug and kiss her all day.

Yesterday I went shopping and left he behind.
My husband said she was crying blue murder and even got Tanya concerned who went to her and kissed her. Later when Bella came towards her, she again went on the go away mode.

Lately the animals are beginning to get along better.
I still have concern over Tanya because she is so possessive,but Bella is already her length . Of course she is much lighter since she is still a baby.
I think Bella will be larger than Tanya especially since she has such a good appetite.

Hope you all have a good one.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Pups and Spring.

This was an interesting movie on you tube.
Quite informative.
Just think if we look back at History, Poland belongs to the Mongols lol

The day is beautiful today Spring is in the air.
Puppy is growing. She is such a loving little girl.
Days are flying by. Put out my outside potted plants since the danger of frost is over.
Tanya is slowly accepting Bella but still looks to steal everything from her.

Tanya puts her ball on the living room table then barks so someone gets it for her.
Then when she sees no one is going to fall for her attempts for attention she jumps up and gets it herself. lol
She plays these YOU GO FETCH it game all the time. Dogs know how to train people lol

Lately I have been smelling skunk. Last night I took the dog out and saw 4 guys smoking it up by the house at 10.PM When they saw me they walked up the street to a parked car and smoked up there.
The smell carried down. It wasnt exactly marijuana but  maybe some laced with other things.
Smelled awful and comes into the house
I really don't know why they do this sort of thing.
Every time I see this sort of thing I think of how high the prices of healthcare will be in a few more years trying to save these people who dont care enough about themselves, to know not to do this.
It's like saving a man with throat cancer, who goers out and continues to smoke through the hole in his throat.
What's the point of it all.
Well no point to lecture.
No one cares to listen lol


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Colorado Home of the Free and the Brave

Centennial is a you tube James Michener's movie that consists of 12 episodes, I really enjoyed watching them.
We are the guardians of our earth and our future .
I hope you take the time to see these episodes.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ingrid and China


Beautiful old movie with Ingrid Bergman in China.
The Inn of Sixth Happiness
They sure had beautiful stories back then.
To be able to face strife and love had to be kept private.
It  was so romantic  no matter how it ended.

I love the old Chinese towns and scenery.
China has the most mystical mountains.
Always makes you wonder what lives in them.
There are such peaceful areas in the world which one can
truly feast ones eyes on.
A body not only needs nourishment for the body but also for the soul.

Having a baby in the house sure reminds me of when I was a young Mother .
These were sleepless days and nights one had to spend caring for a young one.
No time to complain just to sit and play and smile and this is what I am doing again with this new
baby who won't let me out of her sight.
Sneaking away when she sleeps never works.
Of course Tanya has to have what the baby has.

I tried to hide all the balls because they are causing a revolution here over them.
But no matter where I hide them Tanya runs in and hones in on them right away.
I can't believe how she knows where they are. Then she stands there and barks
for ever to get them back.
The baby seems to have the same keen sense of smell.
These dogs would make terrific drug sniffing dogs or search and rescue.
Nothing gets by them.
So now I put the balls outside into the mail box.
I told the guys they can play ball outside.
But she went and found another one somewhere and seems very pleased with herself.
The little one is left with her round frog to play with and leather chewies. and her pull rope.
She loves to play tug of war.
Every morning she wakes you up with kisses to say ok pee time.
If you turn over and say later pup, its at your own risk.
This is how animals train people. lol


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ooh Eee Ooh Ah Ah


This is a great song I completely forgot about.
We used to have so much fun with it.
The tune never goes out of your head.
Puts a sprint into your walk too.

We are NOT New Brunswick today shoveling heaps of snow.
We have beautiful spring weather just asking for a garden to begin.

My son took Bella to the beach and weathered her out She slept like a baby all night.
Bear came to visit and he looks like a fluffy pom with a semi shitzu nose.
and he is still his boingy happy self. He sure has grown.

All the dogs fear his being so boistrous and even Bella backed down. lol

Beau likes Bella and comes to greet her but then shies away cause Tanya comes in and chases him away.
We have to begin teaching Tanya she is not the boss. lol

The dog food seems to have doubled in price but many brands the dogs do not like.
I got Nutrience because it had herring in it and the dogs have to be pretty hungry before they touch it.
They rather eat a real smelt than the pebbles.

My dogs like Pedigree and Beneful.
Yesterday I also gave in and got a plaque spray for my Tanya. She is already losing her teeth.
As dogs live longer , they get the same problems people do.

Seems the dry dog food is not much  help there as they said it would be.

So life goes on and we along with it
Have a great day.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life Is Not An Island.


This is a very nice song sung by Harry Belafonte
The movie, Island in the Sun, is an oldie but equally very nice to watch.
They sure knew how to take the greatest shots back then in beautiful surroundings.

A lot of things were nice back then as things had to be made to last.
It was not easy to obtain things so recycling was not something they had to talk about 
 as opposed to todays' throw away society.

I love westerns too because they also give you a feeling of freedom , peace , a taste of the wild
and mysticism. Mother earth holds so much power in the palms of her hands and we are just
things caught up in the middle of them.

Watching wagons pulled by these hard working loyal horses for miles on end to
a post where they get replaced with a new set, had me asking the question, how
long were, say the Wells Fargo Wagons, supposed to be run before such a replacement
is made.
Well wiki said stage coach horses were expected to run 12 - 15 miles or changed at every two hour
intervals , at most 3 hrs.
A stage coach traveled at an average speed of 5 mi/hr.

One could easily see how difficult it was for every one involved to travel long distances
unprotected, over bad roads and bad weather.

Hanging around a horse ranch today, I see how easy horses  beget leg/hoof problems.
People have to spend a lot of time making sure the hoofs are kept clean and dry .
In those days horses didn't have that luxury or maybe they did, every time they came to a new town
in the livery stable where they were fed, watered and checked for hoof damage, just like car maintenance today except with engines.

A little sure went a long way back then. Today we are promised a lot, to get so little.
In Quebec right now Premier Marois said something to the effect : Come visit us after we separate.

Bill 101 is a most ungracious bill.
French people could enter into your home as if it was their own and tell you to go visit Toronto.
Complaining of invasion of privacy to the police was no use because you could not know who was pro separation and who was not. When working, you could not serve customers in English or risk having all the work you did lied about surrounded by political wolves.Creating trouble could cause you more trouble so
continuous harassment forced the English to quietly leave in what was fast becoming a fascist state under the Parti Quebecois. Words such as Freedom and the Bill of Rights existed only on paper back then.
New immigrants came to Quebec and many leave probably because a small group continue to spew hate amongst the young people.
PM Trudeau lied to the English people saying he would clean it up but did nothing Now his son is running for the Federal Liberal Party and another PQ Government is in power in Quebec.
Justin Trudeau already let it slip he would separate Quebec so this could be interpreted as a silent quiet plot to destroy the country.
The lies continue by the Fed Liberal Party, except in a more financially distressed world.

Canada is a great country to live in from coast to coast.
Quebec was a pearl until the PQ came into existence and suffers to this day.
Separation would not change anything except to cause more poverty and heart ache and fachism to grow.
 Canada, since she will have lost the St Lawrence River would have no easy access to
provinces beyond Quebec on the East Coast.
Quebec will look to France for help and France would be only too willing, being broke herself
and in political trouble
In any event , poverty cannot help poverty and the French Franc would not suit the  financial system we have in place in the northern hemisphere.
On top of all this, any bad thing happening to New York would drift up wind into Quebec
and Quebecers would be crying and asking Canada for help and then the question would be
why would we help them when they are a people with no good will or heart.

It is high time Quebecers stopped listening to lies and made peace with a country that has been
tremendously good to them.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Doodles of Fun

I found this video to be fun
Imagine having no dishes to wash after the kids finish eating  candies
or  nuts or other dry things you may want to buy for a party
No garbage disposal is required either.

If you want to use it to drink liqueur, you may want to just triple dip a balloon
in between fridge cooling and you don't need to make them round, as you can use the long balloons
to give it a higher glass shape. The balloons come out mostly without fuss as the chocolate freezes hard.

So it doesn't melt in your warm hands, you can cut out rounds from a plastic bottle to put around it .
Takes a bit of work but the results are amazing and fun cause you can eat your chocolate
glass, coated in liqueur or you can just freeze it with your favorite ice cream.

On the home front
The clock had to be put an hour ahead so we tried out the battery test on the counter and yup it works.
The battery was full when we dropped it and stayed standing. A depleted battery would fall over.

Life is fun when you have time to doodle with it.

Have a great day!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

No Cowards Here.

Kenny Rogers sure makes good movies  and sings really good songs.

We havent heard much from him lately but that bratty smile sure looks nice on him.

I enjoyed this movie as well the the gambler .

On the home front puppy is coming along quite nicely She is our new treasure to love and
protect and boy does she know it.

When we got married my husband thought I was a nice quiet sweet girl till finally
I began to find my voice. Then he'd explain it by saying I was developing my personality lol
One day he said ok. you're personality has developed enough lol

Now I look at this pup and explain her playfulness as developing her personality.
My husband and I laugh over that statement. It means a lot to the both of us.

Today as Bell was pulling off my shoes, I told her the same thing. I think you have developed your personality enough. lol

I sure do love this little gal. Didn't take her long to touch us all.
Tanya, my first beloved, is also teaching her the art of the hunt and manipulation.
I never knew she was so cunning up until now.

No wonder even the big dogs don't mess with her.
They cut and run when she is around.

Coward of the county? Not by a long shot.

Well the buds are coming out this end on all the plants outside.
Spring is in the air.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Life of Orange.

While snow covers mountain fronts, tulips bloom
in valleys down below.
I got a few from hubby the other day
and they are opening up beautifully filling the room with color.
What a difference a few flowers can make in an otherwise dull room.

 Jennifer Bourne describes the meaning of orange as:
"joy and creativity. Orange promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion, and warmth. Orange will help a person recover from disappointments, a wounded heart, or a blow to one’s pride."
She has a lot more written up on the subject on her web page.

I guess we should all have orange in our lives.
The peels alone have such a gentle fragrance I could sit and smell them all day.
Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with orange.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Getting the Kids Excited.

Never too late to have fun. Below would even get the kids excited.
The expressions on these guy's faces says everything!
Two old boys having a great laugh... Just love this photo!

Two old guys talking:

  First Guy said :   "Was my 85th birthday yesterday and the wife gave me an SUV"

Other guy:  "Wow, that's amazing! Imagine, an SUV! 

                     What a great gift!"

First guy:                            

 "Yup.   Socks, Underwear and Viagra!"