Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What should we believe in
if there is nothing to believe?
I asked the wisest man I knew
My Grandpa Steve
He'd like to sit and ponder
The where for's and the why's
And with these simple words
He made me understand.

Believe in HAPPINESS, so it can find you
Believe in LOVE, so the sun shines
Believe in the FUTURE, for that's where you're headed
Believe in EDUCATION, so you can survive

and the last and most important thing of all he said was

Believe in YOURSELF, because the greatest strength,
is what you find inside.

Now I sit by this river and I watch it flow
And I keep asking myself, where does it go?
And as I sit here, I ponder the where for's and why's
I wish I could still ask the most wisest of guys.

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A Lady's Life said...

Anonymous: Thanks:) I try :)