Tuesday, April 20, 2010


If you don't speak............some one else will

If you don't teach............someone else will
If you don't lead.............someone else will
If you don't love.............someone else will
If you don't laugh............someone else will
If you don't marry............someone else will
If you don't decide...........someone else will
If you don't take credit .....someone else will
Such is Life......It waits for no one.:)


quilly said...

I look through your blog. I see other people's work and it is worthy of admiring, but I am here looking for you.

Gattina said...

What a very sweet picture and I like the song too !

A Lady's Life said...

Quilly I am celebrating life and people and you.:)I have a lot of good things to share.Life saddens me because I want and expect better as every one does.Competition makes it hard when every one wants what they want respected, at the expense of what should be for every ones health and benefit.I am a fighter for children and old people. Always have been because their rights are being trampled over big time.
Some pictures and poems are mine. I have lots of my own work I can put on, I do lots of stuff but they are not ready to post.most of my things are in boxes and getting to boxes right now is not easy for me. I had my own idea starting this blog to celebrate women, because we are truly special people, but then someone else was doing it. Then other bloggers were full of sorrow and pain, so I kinda deflected.I have my own life with my own children and husband. I would like them to be exposed in my blog to what nice things other people do and did that is meaningful to me.
I feel people feel closer once they understand one another and we all speak in different ways. Fire blossom is powerful in her way, I am in mine, you are in your way. Every woman is special and I enjoy all of them.
One day I will take whats mine from A Lady's Life and attach them to the stuff I have not put on and then it will be a true story of my life.
This blog is a collection of what is meaningful to me.How other people relate to me and how I relate to other people.Today I wanted to listen to rain and waterfalls so I added them to the blog. Today is who I am.Sunrise sunset reflects on my life with my children I feel right now how my Mom felt and I was never going to be my parents:)"Tomorrow" is saying if you don't do it, someone else will and then you might be sorry.Thats mine. "The blue hanky" is my poem as is the one about the "precious gypsy,who Dun it, Violated Rose,I am the man, Does it matter,Do you remember,life and maturity." Those are samples of my work and I have plenty dotted everywhere.I may change them to music later.I try not to put anything long on.One can tend to make things very long.:)
Hope this helps you know who I am.:)

Jingle said...

lovely post!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Gattina and Jingle.