Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Thinking Man

Kids ask why do I need to study History, math etc…

I will never use it.

To live in a free society, means someone down the line, obtained these rights for you to live free.

These were thinking people.

Philosophers, historians, clergy, scientists, who obtained positions because of effort and brilliance.

We cherish, read,compare and study their works throughout time because they are not fads

like rap, the jerk, and the mini

This is brilliance that will remain universal till the end of time.

We obtained words like freedom, democracy, human rights, and raise our children to believe, they are entitled to these things.

Yet every day, because we are not vigilant, we lose these rights bit by bit and sell our children into slavery.

Man is no longer king of his castle.

He is sold before he is born.

The democracy we so value, is corrupt.

People do not vote for the man, the issues and principles he represents.

He is afraid to tell you who he truly is and what his beliefs are.

If he is afraid to tell you he is against drugs, prostitution, abortion and all the other conservative

things that are good for people and if he is afraid to face his people honestly, he is not a leader.

If he tells you like Paul Martin did, tell me what you want I’ll give you all of the above,

This is also not a leader. A man selling his soul for a vote and stands for nothing means

he can’t be trusted to represent the country nor lead his constituents to a good life.

The elected man today runs to buy his votes from people, in return for a pension and an easy life,to

sit and drink tea and crumpets with others like him, signing pieces of meaningless

paperwork, shaking hands, kissing, collecting Nobel Peace Prizes (like Arafat did) while the tax paper pays and pays and pays and still sits in a sinking mud hole.

Our country was built on beliefs in good work ethics. Work hard, save and

then you will have something.

Today man works hard and government, banks, your neighbor next door, come in, study you and say

Ok we can get something here.

Once a kitty is built they say, ok, we can give ourselves something here.

We don’t need to sell them a car. We don’t need to sell them a house. We don’t need to sell shoes that will last 50 years or strong material for coats.We'll pretend we are selling them a car (greedy people like leases.)We'll pretend to sell them a home, but in actuality we will sell them interest and then move em on out and let the next guy live there a while.

We don’t need cures for diseases(cures don't pay as much as medicine especially medicine which results in more diseases) and now because of budget cuts, we don’t even need to deal with discrimination issues like age because hospitals are like Caesars. Patients are at their financial mercy. If Caesar puts his thumbs up you live. If Caesar puts his thumb down, you die.No one asks you anymore if you want to live or die.So you are no longer an individual with rights and freedoms except in theory. Non vigilance cancels out your rights as a people.Everything our brilliant forefathers and soldiers fought for, is gone.

And people….instead of working, to raise brilliance and thinking people, feel we have our freedom and we have people

we elect democratically so it should be fine. We believe in the system.

All Systems require vigilence.

Systems require brilliance. They require thinking people, who have brilliance. They require leaders, heroes, people who care.People who are not afraid to take a stand to promote the health and welfare of a society, to preserve the species.

If we keep giving and giving, government, banks, lawyers etc.. become so strong, they can draw write ups, any which way they want, and we have no proof of anything they say or present to us is true. There are so many places to hide truth and money.

No one today knows where our money is going nor to whom because no one is accountable for our money.Government and banks never lose. They are like Casinos, designed to win while the people supplying them, are given dreams to pay for, that never come true.

The reason our system is failing today, is because unlike the brilliant men who fought to free people,

We fight to enslave them.

We introduce meaningless words like Human Rights that are used by criminals for enhancing criminal behavior.

We introduce Democracy, which is used against us from the inside to destroy nations.

We reject the Christian beliefs and behavior on which free countries were established, cause some told us religion is the opiate of the people.

People don’t just get drugged on religion. They get drugged on all kind of propaganda.Today people are drugged on media and entertainment and meaningless words like freedom and individualism.

You show people you are an individual by tattooing your body and before you know it every one is tattooing.

When one person does it, it's individual, when 5000 people do it, it's not.

No one sees the difference. To be an individual today, means to be someone who can say NO! because this is not a word in our vocabulary anymore.

Simple laws, which keep the society clean, no one wants today.

No one sees that such things as tattooing loses you individualism, no one sees how lifestyle can affect your freedom

when your own body begins to enslave you as a result. They just see that I am free to say I want something and because of Human Rights and Democracy no one can deny me.

What we are back to, is Adam and Eve in paradise, who say to God, I have Human Rights, I don't need to listen to you and look where this has got us? Into a world of war and hell.

So man in the end, is not trained to think.

We are not thinkers and this is going to lose us our country, our freedom, and even our lives.

.We cannot place value into anything, not even our children, without simple ethics and morals that men of brilliance who studied,believed necessary for us to survive as a species.

So man has to be careful in what he believes in and ask himself for example,why this Bible was written warning us that we are sheep amidst the wolves?

We need to ask ourselves why do we study history, philosophy, law, math astronomy etc…

We are less brilliant than our fore Fathers were. We are not honorable men and we are hiring men to lead us, that are even less so.

So now when children ask you why do we need to study, the answer is, you need to study so you can think, to be able to survive.

Today it's not questions of freedom and individualism, which don't exist, but issues of survival.

We were much safer in God's garden, naked and free, than the path we chose for ourselves to govern.



Jen said...

I once dated a punk rocker who didn't have any tattoos, which surprised me. He said the punk rock lifestyle was about being different. Everyone has tattoos, so not having them makes him different.

We need to study history so we don't repeat it.

George said...

This is a very thought-provoking post. Thanks for thinking, writing and sharing it with us.

A Lady's Life said...

Jen thats right. You follow your heart and what you feel is right.
I only used tattoos as an example but you can apply the same philosophy to many other things.

George you are welcome :)I am mind expanding here lol

Maude Lynn said...

"Systems require vigilance." That's excellent.

Voegtli said...

I never liked school. I remember when I came home at 4pm and had homework to do. At 5pm, my father came home, sat down, drank a beer and read the newspaper. And I always thought, why can't I be like him? Why do I have to make math exercises? Never would I have thought that he had to go to school too. I never liked school. But having read your post, I am glad I went to school.

That was again some good food for thought from you.

Akelamalu said...

Very deep post and thought provoking. My favourite subject at school was history and it still fascinates me now.

roughterrain crane said...

It's very important to notice what we have never noticed in habits and customs.
Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in my place now.

A Lady's Life said...

lol It is important to remember that laws, in order to work, require people who believe in them.You can't enforce laws in a society /community, that doesn't believe in them