Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dust To Dust, Ashes To Ashes

Our planet Earth is estimated by our scientists to be 4.5 billion years old.

Many things and people have lived and died during this time and the soil is soaked in blood.

In our soil we find all the elements our human bodies require to sustain life.

These nutrients are absorbed by plants and animals and people who lived and who died and put back into the soil and since the Earth is a living planet,after 4.5 billion years, we will not find relics from the past.

Life goes full circle.

Our Bible says: Dust to dust. Ashes to ashes.

So we can say that no matter how we turn things around everything we see, eat, smell, drink etc..

has to do with the blood and bones of our ancestors by virtue of soil and land.

This therefore means, that what the American Indians and our Bible, have been saying, is true, that soil is sacred land.

It's land our human ancestors are buried in and there fore all land is holy land and no one is allowed to transgress holy land.

American Indians stand firm on this and our Canadian Government supports them.

Holy land cannot be bought or sold or touched in any way. Any one doing this, is cursed.

We wonder why Jesus was against money in his Father's house and his Father's house consists of everything by virtue of this argument.

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This being the case, no land can belong to the crown. No land can be bought and sold and no one can give mortgages to something no one can own.


Man was born to the land, naked. He used what the land produced to warm himself, clothe himself, feed himself. Then he got greedy and began to lay claims to land. First came bartering and then came the banking system and then the land giving/ selling etc...

Now the banking system takes your money to invest, to buy with and steal more with it, from you.

By putting your money in the bank, you empower it to destroy you legally, using your own money.(I am not suggesting people don't put money in the bank but there it is in a nut shell. Irony in the raw.)

As man became greedy, banks have become more so as well.

Bartering one object for another was one thing. These are things which are fruit from a tree given to man to survive.

Man needs some things but when it comes to land and soil the bartering ends.

We cannot barter the flesh off our ancestors.We cannot buy and sell it and we cannot trespass on sacred land where people are buried.

So in effect, no one has claim over the soil, our houses are sitting on.

Today, banks are creating a false financial picture, and pricing to increase real estate they say belongs to them, from money you give them to save for them.Then they tell you they will pay you interest on your money while at the same time charging service charges to cancel the interest.

This is like giving with one hand while taking away with the other.

When they give a mortgage, the mortgage is mainly to pay back interest on your loan to buy a house, the first five years. After that they make it hard for you to keep this mortgage to pay it down.Today they are making it even harder to obtain a mortgage by continuing to increase the price of land.So you see shacks, standing on land worth a million dollars.

A house is usually not worth much, since the value is more land based or so it is explained to me.

Rather holy of banks wouldn’t you say to sell you a house standing on property they are not allowed to own and then charging so much on it?

They congratulate you on buying a house when they give you a mortgage, knowing full well you can’t take the house with you from it but what they really are doing is leasing you the land the house is on by virtue of interest payments.Loll

People don't like renting their houses today because you let people in and they strip the house and leave. I guess they understand the land part belonging to no one.

They steal from you, the fruit of your labor and leave you with leased land which no one can own.

Once the stuff is gone and the renter pretends he is bankrupt, there is nothing anyone can do.Insurance won't pay.

If man is not allowed to own land, neither is the bank, the government, nor the Crown.

After paying our rent and interest,the cheap house is paid for and man can get a bulldozer, lift his house and carry it somewhere else and even place it on top of a tree trunk and again lease the land on which the tree trunk stands, which has less footage lol.

(This is all theoretical thinking. No one should do this lol)

So to make short of this story, if land belongs to no one, then our whole banking industry, is a farce.

Banking has been corrupted by money( fruit of mans labor), buying and selling things which they are not allowed to own.

This is very dangerous for banks investing in real estate as owners, to something that is sacred and unsellable while also being owned themselves by their customers.

Money is only allowed to buy the fruit of the land, provided by our ancestors, for our survival,

not the holy land itself, consisting of the blood dust and ashes of our forefathers.

The banking industry is thus doomed to fail, if it continues on this course, and will take with it the fruit of our labor.

Mother nature will eventually speak her mind as she is doing.

Insurance will not have the capacity to pay and life will go full circle.



Isn’t history, philosophy and religion interesting? lol

I can't wait till I retire, so I can go every day to my bank and insist they show me my money, so I can count it to make sure they still have it lol


SandyCarlson said...

Life is fleeting, and it is rich. To now that is to live well. Beautiful post.

A Lady's Life said...

I agree. Sandy.:)

George said...

These are interesting observations about our society and economics.

A Lady's Life said...

Yes George. When you sit and think about things and why wars are happening and why people are fighting you have to go back to before all this began and see where it went wrong.Who started things first, currency, how it was used how it progressed.Our banking system began as a crooked enterprise and not too many people know about this.
Its like with the Mafia in Vegas.
Now they've gone legit.

A Lady's Life said...

This argument makes the wars we are in, ridiculous. Isarael Palestin,all the middle east, India, is all covered historically in blood and death of their ancestors and this we have evidence of Mother Nature did not hide this from us yet. The ancient relics we find are new in the scope of time. 4.5 billion years can hide a lot of history. There could have been another civilization and we call it oil today. lol