Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Guiding Light

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What a day we had yesterday!

The wind was blowing hard and it was pretty dark outside
I have trees on the side of my house which felt like they were
going to crack and break through my roof.
Even my son was alarmed He said Mom if they crash through they will end up killing me.
So now he is afraid to sleep in his room.

I will have to contact the city and see what can be done if anything
They are so particular about trees around here even if they endanger people and homes.

I did a fair amount of cooking yesterday, egg coloring and blogging.
The day went by very quickly.

They also did a fair amount of Bible studies for Easter on television and it was interesting to see what
Archeologists had to say about their findings and how they compared to the Bible the Torah and the Queran.

They found many new Gospels One called Mary Magdaline and one Judas.

Apparently Juda was told to do what he did, by Jesus
Jesus prepared to be crucified and he told Juda the true story about his plans, which the other apostles did not know.

Jesus told Juda he would have a difficult life but he would be the most rewarded for it because he has no idea
what the Fathers Kingdom is like. It is beyond explanation. Jesus showed Juda some stars and there was one
more brilliant than the others following it
And Jesus told Juda he would be like that biggest star, a leader.

Committing suicide is a cowards way out and against religious beliefs.
Those who do this are not allowed to be buried on holy ground.
I don’t understand this but this is how the church does things.

So the Juda story is indeed intriguing.

Sometimes when I look at soil and history, all the wars, blood shed, death and life, I can’t help but feel, everything we touch
once belonged to a living person or thing and was transformed like they say, dust to dust, ashes to ashes.
Our oil, our soil, the trees that grow the water all came from some living thing that once was.
We could be sitting building homes, bridges, digging mines,smoking pot,drinking whisky or tequila etc….all consisting of what was once the bones of a civilization of people.

This makes the world a holy place and we transgress on hallowed ground every day.
We touch eat and drink things we have no right to, to begin with.

Today you could take a person and turn him into a diamond.
This is something unimaginable to be able to wear your Mother
Or grand mother in a ring or a pendant or earrings.

So Jesus was a man with an understanding beyond his times.

Well these are my thoughts for today.:)

Continue to enjoy your holiday 


SandyCarlson said...

You are having a beautiful weekend. I am glad. Happy Easter, friend.

allhorsestuff said...

Hello to you, and thanks for stopping by my horsey place!
I have never heard of the "New Book" but there are so many new things around...that is not surprising.
I do follow the Lord Jesus and am celebrating the resurrection tomorrow(even if it may be the wrong dates) My faith is really about faith and not the letter of the law.
I really liked the video link, thanks so much for posting this.
You have a nice Easter and I pray you well!

George said...

Thank you for another thoughtful post. I have heard of the Gospel of Judas, but have never read it. I hope you have a happy Easter.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Guys and same to you :)

Allhorsestuff: These 30 new gospels are not in any book yet I don;t think.
And of course Mary's and Judas gospel I think they did not want to put into
the Bible as it was written.It is not clear as to why.