Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Open the Door to My Love

Dalida, femme fatale .

An Egyptian star of Italian origin, who hypnotized her audience with elegance, grace and song.

In as much as the world loved her, she was not lucky in love and her life ended in tragedy.

She was a beautiful flower born to serve, as a Queen of hearts, leaving a quiet legacy of songs , love and her smiles.

She will live eternally in the memories of those who met her, knew and loved her, and those who have yet to discover her.
A treasured icon , in a foreign world, we have yet to understand.

Chaque Nuit
Quand l'oiseau de Paradis fait sa ronde
J'ouvre la porte à mon amour
Et tous les deux nous voyageons loin du monde
En attendant le retour
Des premiers rayons du soleil et de l'ombre
Dans la chambre nue
Où tous nos gestes sont un monde inconnu
Every night when the bird of paradise make its rounds
I open the door to my love and we travel far away from the world
and awaiting our return are the first rays of the sun and shade
where naked in our room our gestures and sentiments are unknown to the world.

Chaque nuit
Nous échangeons des colliers de promesses
Nous échangeons des anneaux d'or
Des rivières et des diamants de jeunesse
Et puis nous quittons le port
Comme des rois sur des bateaux de tendresse
Pour mille pays
Que tu fais naître de ma main chaque nuit
every night we exchange necklasses of promises
we exchange golden rings, rivers and diamonds of our youth
and then we leave the port
like kings, on boats of tenderness, for 1000 lands
you give birth from my hand each night

Et nos yeux
ne trouvent pas le sommeil
Comment s'endormir quand l'arbre est en feu
Devant le soleil
Que je t'aime chaque nuit
Que tu m'aimes chaque nuit
Que la route est belle chaque nuit
and our eyes do not find sleep
how do you sleep when the tree is on fire
in front of the sun, God,
That I love you each night
That you love me each night
That the road is good every night

Mon amour
Je ne veux plus jamais voir le jour

my love I never want to see day again

Such passion from a single woman, is bound to raise a fire in many hearts.

Have a great day!

Maybe someday you'll come
To the village I'm from
Right by the bay of beautiful Napoli
Where each Saturday night
As the vino takes flight
We sing and dance and love of life is free
Giorgio plays the guitar
Sandro the mandolin
And me I dance and bang on the tambourine
But when Gigi appears
The hurrahs and the cheers
Come from the crowd as he begins to sing

And in between each song
They shout and sing out strong

We love you
Gigi l'Amoroso
The greatest Italian lover since man discovered fire
Gigi l'Amoroso
If you only knew what you make us do
With your songs of desire
For each and every one his favourite song
Volare, Come Prima, Ö Sole Mio

Everyone loved Gigi,
the baker's wife would leave her shop just to hear him sing,
the notary's wife who was a saint blessed him and made the sign of the cross every time
he opened his mouth, and the widow, the young one,
tore her wigs to shreds and put on fancy lace,
and on and on, everyone loved Gigi,
even me, even me, but…

Came a lady one day
Rich as all USA
Who told him Hollywood wasn't very far
Oh ! he liked what he heard
And believed every word
Like Valentino he'd become a star
We were all at the boat
With a lump in our throat
To wish him well and show him how much we cared
Everyone in the crowd were all openly proud
He'd made it now beyond the village square

And when he said Goodbye
We all began to cry

We love you
Gigi l'Amoroso
The greatest Italian lover since man discovered fire
Gigi l'Amoroso
If you only knew what you make us do
With your songs of desire
Arrivederci, Gigi, much success
The tears you see are tears of happiness

We stayed 'till the boat was out of sight,
and we all returned to the village, but,
it wasn't the same after he left
Everything seemed different
the baker's wife refused to light the oven
the notary's wife, wouldn't even talk to her husband
she just kept counting her beads
and the widow, the young one, cried and went into mourning for a second time
And me...

Many days have gone by
Oh the years how they fly
The fountain even cried we all missed him so
Not a word, not a sign
My heart measured the time
Oh Gigi, Gigi why did you have to go ?
Our performance went on
But the spirit was gone
Each song we sang was only a memory
At the end of our show
As the silence would grow
Each night I'd hear his haunting melody

If you only knew
What you make us do
With your songs of desire

Gigi !?
Is that you in the shadow?
It is you Gigi
come closer!
Oh let me look at you
You are crying ? But why are you crying ?
Oh ! l'American !
Now I understand
what do they know except Rock and Roll and "Baby, Baby, Baby"
That's not for you, you are Giuseppe, Fabrizio, Luca Santini
and you are Napoletano !
Listen Gigi, listen... that's Giorgio playing
and that, that's Sandro's mandolin
wait, Gigi, wait !
I'll get my tambourine
wait, you can't leave like that !
This is your home!
Listen... you hear them Gigi ?
The whole town is coming !
They want you to sing Gigi !
To sing for them
They love you Gigi, everybody loves you
Sing Gigi ! Canta ! Bravo !!! Bravo !
Carmella, Carmella Carmella lo sai che é arrivato Gigi Cesarina,
Cesarina scendi è arrivato Gigi da Hollywood ! Ma se te lo dico io che é arrivato scendi no
Guaglione, guaglione guaglione corri va a dire a zio Gennaro Che é arrivato lo zio
Gigi dall'AmericaBravo !

To each and everyone his favourite song
Volare, Come Prima, Ô Sole Mio
We love you Gigi l'Amoroso
The greatest Italian lover since man discovered fire
Gigi l'Amoros

If you only knew what you make us do
With your songs of desire
To each and everyone his favourite song
Volare, Come Prima, Ô Sole Mio
We love you Gigi l'Amoroso...


George said...

Thanks for an interesting post.

Olga said...

I adore Dalida. She has lived an extraordinary life, and was an extraordinary person. When I see her videos, it doesn't look like a real person; it's as if an otherworldly creature has come in contact with our plane.

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome george

A Lady's Life said...

My husband grew up listening to her and she was his icon. lol
She was a good girl. Took care of her family. Got tons of awards.
However she never had a family of her own and I guess that's the price you pay for fame.Guessing by the way it ended for her, she wanted one.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I am having trouble opening the attachment. Can't wait to get to work tomorrow and see it on my work computer. The songs are filled with such passion. I am so glad that you posted them. Thank u for sharing.

You always add that special touch to the blog world and I for one, appreciate YOU!


A Lady's Life said...

thanks China I also love it when people come back.I just got someone answer a blog I wrote a long time ago
about a hill billy card.
Well his name was rob and he told me the fella on the right hand side was related to him and blew up bridges for the north during the civil war.
Isn't that interesting?
You don't get much history from a postcard.

SandyCarlson said...

Just amazing! Thank you.

A Lady's Life said...

welcome sandy

Anji said...

She was really loved in France. We were told here that she was going blind and could not bear it so she took her life.

It's lovely to see that she is still appreciated all over the world!

A Lady's Life said...

I never knew that.Amazing.
Now at least we know why she died so early. Its funny cause all her gentlemen friends seem to have committed suicide too.
I guess its the life they lived.