Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Day in the Life

This guy gives very nice video lessons and he has lovely art work.


The cast is off but now the real work begins because the wrist and thumb hurt.
The tendons need to be worked on so the hand works properly.
Apart from being petrified of falling again, I need more aspirin and this morning I rewrapped
the wrist for support as well as for my psychological well being.
It felt better in the heavy cast lol but now the blood flows into it and after exercising, it reswells.
The doctor said it had to be worked and moved and that it would hurt 6-7 months.
I am thrilled lol
A long time for me to remain a cripple.
One doesn't realize but the bone from the wrist to the elbow can't be laid down without pushing up the part attached to the wrist . Being newly healed, there could be danger of rebreaking.

At the hospital there was a man who cut off fingers on both hands, with a saw at home.They had to take one finger and reattach it to make a thumb. He came to change his bandage and got hell
for helping to take off the bandage which the aid cut through. He got pale from pain and was put on a bed. Apparently not moving a tendon was crucial.

Another man was motorcycle riding in the bush. He fell down, either a very steep hill he did not expect or a cliff. Broke his collar bone , lots of ribs, his lung collapsed and his spleen was punctured. It took a long time for him to be airlifted to the hospital and he was in very serious condition.
He said his collar bone had a plate but otherwise he was mending well.

Then another old woman had a hip replacement and the doctor told her her bones were big and her joints were the biggest he ever had to repair so the healing would take longer.She asked him if she would be able to play sports and he said yes. She said good cause I couldn't before.
He laughed and said he gets caught every time. One patient asked if he would be able to play piano and he said yes and the patient said good cause I couldn't before lol

I felt bad for the doctor.He looked like he hadn't been home in a while to either change or shower. But he was in good spirits.

When they came to cut off my cast , I behaved like a baby.
That saw vibrated the cast and my bone was healed but I could picture how this vibration
would hurt a person with a bone still broken inside.

I told him my husband will be glad of no cast cause now I won't be playing baseball with his head at night lol
Deep in sleep, apparently, I socked it to him one night lol.

I thought I was the only one coming in with a collapsed wrist but apparently many people do.
It doesn't seem normal to me.
I don't know why they do not inject the bone with this glue after resetting.
Regan Tec makes it. Its a white powder acting like a spongy bone keeping things together
and encourages natural regeneration. Then it turns into lactic acid.
I think it would help the wrist not collapse requiring metal plates.
Metal in winter gets cold and could keep you in pain would it not?

Well this was my exciting day yesterday.
A nurse walks into a bank, preparing to endorse a check. She reaches in her pocket and pulls out a rectal thermometer and tries to write with it.

She looks up at the teller, pauses for a moment, then realizing her mistake, she says, "Well that's great. Some ***hole's got my pen."
Upon arriving home in eager anticipation of a leisurely evening, the husband was met at the door by his sobbing wife. Tearfully she explained, "It's the druggist - he insulted me terribly this morning on the phone."
Immediately the husband drove downtown to accost the druggist and demand an apology. Before he could say more than a word or two, the druggist told him, "Now, just a minute - listen to my side of it. This morning the alarm failed to go off, so I was late getting up. I went without breakfast and hurried out to the car, but I'll be damned if I didn't lock the house with both house and car keys inside. I had to break a window to get my keys. Driving a little too fast, I got a speeding ticket. Then, about three blocks from the store I had a flat tire.
When I finally got to the store there was a bunch of people waiting for me to open up. I got the store opened and started waiting on these people, and all the time the darn phone was ringing its head off. Then I had to break a roll of nickels against the cash register drawer to make change, and they spilled all over the floor. I got down on my hands and knees to pick up the nickels - the phone is still ringing - when I came up I cracked my head on the open cash drawer, which made me stagger back against a showcase with a bunch of perfume bottles on it, and half of them hit the floor and broke. The phone is still ringing with no let up, and I finally got back to answer it. It was your wife - she wanted to know how to use a rectal thermometer.
Well, Mister, I TOLD HER!



A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy Saturday my beautiful friend,

Thank u so very much for the compliment. That poem was inspired by the fact that last Sunday a friend and I were laying out on the beach and had tanned and talked well over three hours. And then yesterday, I went for a walked to the coffee shop completely covered in jeans, shoes, socks and two shirts. Like I said in the poem, "No indications..."


Love you and praying that today you will experience a serendipity moment!


A Lady's Life said...

thank you butterfly