Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Poor George!

Every one wants him married.I guess it's for the better good because people want the best for him.
People like to see people settled, dug in, not running around like loose cannons, going where the wind blows.
But I guess George has a lot more class than his friend Brad who drags a small train behind
It must be hard on the kids because kids like stability.
They like their stuff, they like their own room, they like a routine and there is nothing routine
in travelling 24/7 being patted down by security, stared at , written about.

They have each other but they don't have best friends they can hang with, ride a bike with, fight with over games and toys, play outsmarting games with or just be quiet, alone, doing nothing.

I guess George, being an old fashioned kind of guy, knows he is not in the Daddy style of living and can't do movies around the world and handle what is required in a family life.
He's tried it and saw it doesn't work.

Once you taste the high style of living you get hooked and you want more.
But how much is enough? Young actors know their acting professions have a time limit before roles decline. Not everyone is like Anthony Quin who had roles till the day he died but then his life was rather flamboyant as well.

So what is to become of George? Will his parents ever see the day when they can enjoy grand parenting? Will George ever bump into the right woman he will give up a career for to stay at home and be Daddy to his own children?

I think he and Jennifer Anniston would make a lovely couple lol
They would bombshell their counterparts Brangelina but Jen seems to avoid him like the plague.
Maybe they should make a movie together and be known as Jengeorgi
sounds pretty cool. lol Would sparks fly on the set? Could Jen coo into his ear like Angi coos with every actor she plays with? Soo sexy and sizzling HOT!
Tickets would sell to see this happen with a Jen and Cloony movie for sure considering the history there. lol

George would be seen as a sly knight in shining armor, saving the princess, his friend betrayed and hurt. I have to say watching Friends and Jen then and watching her today, is like two different people. She used to be open and loving and young .
Today she is a tough professional out to fight it out to the end.
Will she ever be herself again? Could a handsome guy like George melt her heart?

For sure, acting is fun but it also takes its' toll on personal and family life.
I guess for now George has to settle. Maybe Jen will have to settle. She's got a new guy it seems.
(But what's a ring between friends lol)

The commercial says it all .
Some people are lucky in life and for the rest of us, it is smart to save up.

Save up that a joke........with families? much do you need to save before enough is enough?

hmmm a hear a whisper....... Oh ya...there it is again.....


Sounds like ....... Lake Como lol

Can't blame a girl for dreaming lol

Have a great day! :)


Diane Stringam Tolley said...

jengeorgi. Works for me! But I couldn't handle the life. I wouldn't trade my kids/grandkids and mundane everyday sameness for anything! And that's the truth!!! Thanks for the shot in the arm! :)

A Lady's Life said...

Diane I agree
And kids rather have a home than a street life anyway

Anji said...

I think Jengeorgi would work well too. Wouldn't mind the chance to make a teeny weeny ad with George.

I had a friend who was married to a rock star for a while, it didn't last and it took a lot longer to get over the booze.

Think I'll stick with my Mr ordinary

A Lady's Life said...

Anji - it certainly is a hard life
especially when the media is used this way to scrutinize and spread untrue rumors.
But from what I see, Jen must smoke and drink a lot because her voice has changed quite a bit.If she continues on this path, I am not sure it will end well for her.