Monday, September 26, 2011

Images of War

Images of war are not pretty pictures.
We see people dying as usual.
We see heart ache, devastation, evil as usual.
but what differentiates the wars from yesterday, from the wars of today, is that we do not know the enemy.

If we knew the enemy, we could avoid war.

No matter how I turn it in my head, I always seem to head back to the one true thing which seems to be responsible.
Financial greed.

Financial greed unites us all and so we are all a part and parcel of the enemy that causes
heart ache, devastation and evil to take place.

We say we have needs to survive.
If mans' self worth was not measured by his pocket book or the nations' pocket book or the world pocket book, we would have a better world.

However, man was not designed this way.
Man likes nice things
Man likes comfort.
Man needs toys.
As long as man requires more than just food and shelter there will always be conflict.
Conflict always results in war.
Man also wants something for nothing which also results in conflict because inequalities in effort are gross. No one wants to work double shifts to pay for a lazy guy who sits and makes babies to support and drinks beer.
This is probably why money originated.
Bankers understood this greed and were greedy themselves for easy money.
Banking was a nice way to take peoples money and use it to create more for yourself while giving people less.
I think today, instead of looking for jobs, people should open their own banks lol
This would scare the bankers who would go on spending frenzies to buy them all out for much more than interest payments, to stop competition and then ,you can always open up a new bank with the profits lol or buy out a weaker bank yourself and get into the game.

Images of war would change for a while because now the enemy is where you can see it and possibly control it or at least make it uncomfortable for them.
But little bankers have to be of pure mind to compete against the heavies they will have to face.

They always have to be one step ahead.

Images of war are ugly but it is the images we do not see, where the war is really fought.
The moment any weakness is seen, instead of helping, the vultures come in for the kill.
This is man.
This is his biggest strength and his biggest weakness.
Unless this changes.... good luck Charlie, as they say. lol
Today we see countries trying to help each other and as a result, everything is faltering.
The bankers got too greedy.
The milk is spread too thin but the top dog, is still in control.
He is the invisible enemy.
He created all this knowing the little dogs would lap everything up, leaving nothing.
When they fight to get something, they suffer and die.
Good birth control.
The enemy is not the politician, or pressure group or religion.
The images of war we see, come
Right right from your own home .
We eagerly run to the evil,
not understanding who and what it is.
Keep your money in your OWN bank.
Be your OWN banker.
Have a great day!


SandyCarlson said...

Those ol' greedy guts politicians sure do tie the rest of us into knots. I agree with you.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - I don't think its the politicians. You see, take our Prime Minister.There are things even he has no control of.The financiers have the control because they can easily pull out and take the money and jobs with them. ex the oil companies.They don;t have to sell the oil here.They have plenty of buyers.

Then we can sue them.
Good luck getting the money back.

Gattina said...

Of course everything in our world is a question of money. All these wars are not for freedom but for petrol and petrol means money.
BTW I am not such a young grandma, my grandson is only 10 months old and I am 68 ! But this number is only in my passport.

Gattina said...

I just notice that you leave comments on comments, lol ! I never come back to a blog once I have commented. It would take so much time. Send me and email, that's what I do if I have to respond or something to say.

A Lady's Life said...

gattina in canada we have oil and Canada agreed to have a pipeline built all the way to texas. but people are refusing saying it will cause a lot of green house and pollution.
People refuse jobs . So if the gas co's leave we will complain we have no oil lol
We gave california water and electricity and they never paid for it but we continue to give in hopes they get some money.
but cali has so many people but they don't keep the state afloat. the state is kept afloat by a few rich people. if they leave then california will be in big trouble.