Monday, September 12, 2011

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Partridges are very funny birds.
Apparently you can't find any here in North America.
They are known for stealing other birds eggs but when the eggs hatch the babies do not accept them and fly to their own mothers when they hear her call.

I wonder what this does to the imprinting theory since I had evidence of it in my house.
My cat was raised by a dog so he walked and behaved like a dog and then this cat raised a puppy and that puppy rubs itself around your legs like a cat lol

For camouflage this bird rolls over and covers itself with soil.
Their nests are covered in thorns and the eggs with dust.
To lure away predators it pretends to have a broken leg or wing.
This bird will also carry her chicks to hide them from a male who will attack them if he gets pestered.

"The partridge stealing eggs is like the devil, who steals souls from their creator. But when sinners recognize God as their true parent, they return to him." is the allegory pertaining to partridges.

Is it no wonder we sing about them in our Christmas songs.

When asked why she lied and stole her friends make up, Jules replied it was due to pear pressure.

Now we know why partridges sit in a pear tree. lol

Louise went into her bank to cash a cheque. She looked hesitant so the cashier .kindly pointed where and added:
'Please sign the back of the cheque, here, 'as you'd sign a letter.

'Louise looked extremely grateful, scribbled on the cheque and passed it back to the cashier.

Signed on the back was: 'Yours affectionately, Louise.'


Diane Stringam Tolley said...

Interesting facts about partridges! The only thing I knew about them is that they scramble across the road. I was watching a flock of them on Vancouver Island last week.
And I loved the allegory!
And had a good giggle over the 'Yours affectionately'. Thanks for sharing!

A Lady's Life said...

diane - really? I have never seen any around BC. How interesting.

Maude Lynn said...

I love that joke about signing a check!

Gattina said...

Arthur, my cat lives with 3 females since he was 6 weeks old, now he pees like a girl, lol !

Aylin at Lila Moonlight said...

Thank you for your nice comment :) am here too, following. Dashing to get to a wedding ceremony, will visit later in the evening again for checking more posts.

A Lady's Life said...


A Lady's Life said...

gattina thats great I love that :)

A Lady's Life said...

aylin - hope you have a great time at the wedding :)