Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Being a Mother

Bill Burr is funny.
FRom Snopes - this is a good article to read.
Every little bit helps.


Remembering Mama ( tear jerker)

Mama you were right, its difficult.
All knowledge is hard to forgive
It's like freeing a bird without a wing
And I am tired of being strong

Mama do not shake your head
I don't want to love him
Mama I want to come back home to you
mama you were right
I am tired of being strong


George said...

I can't help but wonder what the mothers in the audience thought of this routine. It is funny, however.

A Lady's Life said...

George - he was funny.
The world is changing .
Mom's are losing their rights to be called Mom's cause they are never there.They have become like Dad's, always busy. Always on the road,so he jokes. My gramma also joked with my Mom when she complained about all the washing she had to do.
She told her yes it is hard to press buttons. lol Before women had to wash everything by hand. So being a Mom is easier.
but then the second song is about a girl missing her Mom and her protection and not liking the world of the adult where becoming a woman, without the romantic notions, was hard.Life is not all roses.
It's hard to be strong.It's hard to say no.
It's hard to let a bird go knowing it only has one wing cause you know how it will end.

Zuzana said...

A Russian song, now why did you choose that one, I wonder?;) Do you have Russian ties?;)) It is lovely though.;)
This makes me think about my mom, I better give her a call today.;))

A Lady's Life said...

Being a romantic, and learning languages to become a translator,
I became entranced with russian/ gypsy music zuzana.
But then I love egyptian and french music as well. lol

I read many russian/french/english novels during my university days and nothing compares to the classics.
They are all tear jerkers.

Do you remember the movie Polly, where the locked away parrot, who lost its owner, was telling the guy that his story is a long one, and the guy answers, I'm russian,I love long stories.lol
Well thats a typical answer a russian would give.They are great telling sad stories and sad music because of all the suffering that took place.
Before communism, a russian soul was worth something.Today, of course, like everything else, its all different but recently I've come across new singers and they also break your heart with their songs.