Thursday, September 15, 2011

In the Morning Light - Two Versions

In the morning light , a mirror reflected a vase and lamp from a nearby dresser.
The movie Local Colors was playing depicting days of rain and thunder
And here was art speaking to me,
From a corner of my room,
From a place least expected.
Outside, a gloomy dawn was awakening,
Reality mingled with fabrication
The Shadows spoke
And like a bolt of lightning, life burst forth
An arm..broken and yet with purpose
Bristles of a brush, worn dry and yet alive
Broken hearts and yet still beating.
Broken lives and yet still living.
Teachers taught and yet, still teaching
and so
and so
and so.......

In the morning light........colors, life and shadows
Reflections of life,
still to live
A Lady's Life
In the morning light I glanced in the mirror and saw how the shadows reflected a vase and lamp in it , from a nearby counter.
The movie Local Colors . was playing, and here was art speaking to me from a corner of my room where I least expected it to.
The movie had lots of rain and thunder and outside a gloomy dawn was awakening in my
back yard.
It all seemed to fit.
Shadows light , existence and fabrication,
An arm and yet broken with a purpose,
a mirror image of what is and what should be.
An awakening, like a bolt of lightening
jolts you back into the light and the living.
And so
And so
And so........
The shadows speak
From a mirror, in a corner of a room
And all makes sense.
A Lady's Life

A man and his wife were returning from a party one evening. As the couple was driving home, she asked her husband, "Honey, has anyone ever told you how handsome, sexy and irresistible to women you are?"

Totally flattered, he replied, "No, dear they haven't."

At that point she yelled, "Then what the heck gave you THAT idea at the party tonight?"

Young Son: Is it true, Dad, I heard that in some parts of Africa a man doesn't know his wife until he marries her?

Dad: That happens in most countries, son.


Diane Stringam Tolley said...

Excellent, beautiful poem, both versions. And great laugh as a chaser. Thanks for this start to my day!

Aylin at Lila Moonlight said...

such a nice photo, you have good eyes for photography to see such details : )

A Lady's Life said...

diane - welcome

A Lady's Life said...

aylin - thanks
It was funny to open one eye and see this in perfect harmony with everthing else in the room and outdoors.

Anji said...

I love the picture and the poem. Suddenly we see familiar things in a different light - life is full of agreable surprises.

Olga said...

The poem is beautiful!

A man comes home and finds his best friend in bed with his wife. The man throws up his hands in disbelief and says, "Joe, I have to - but you?".

Rose said...

Beautiful poem and image - and a good laugh to end it all - thank you for sharing!

A Lady's Life said...

Anji yes so true lol

A Lady's Life said...

olga - so funny lol

A Lady's Life said...

rose thanks :)