Saturday, September 17, 2011

Only September

Its only September and the yard is full of leaves.
This goes on till the end of November,
on a steep incline.
Nice to live in the bog .
You have flowers, birds, snakes, coons, squirrels, possum, skunks and then the odd coyote and wolf,
Life is always interesting.
Go outside and fill your mouth full of blackberries. Gods" gift to the world.
Yup I will miss this place but I can't keep falling and breaking bones all the time.
Have to know ones' limits and
stay on flat land.
It's not like I have a big family willing to help out.
This work ethic is a quality our parents put into us but they didn't have new technology to compete with like we do with our kids.
We did not say NO to our parents lol.
Everyone I know says the same thing about their kids.
When they are at home everything is ok but once they get married and have bills to pay...
well the rules come out pretty quick, even for visiting parents lol

It makes you wonder how come you are such a sucker
Is it because you love them? lol

Today the roofers are here to clean the roof and the yard around the house and of course Beau is barking.
Instead of taking care of him my son, playing a football video game, just told me to hold him.
I told him my dog is the small one.The guys wanted big dogs so they should take care of them.
Today Tanya and I had a little talk and I told her she is the daughter I never had.
This is how people fall in love with their dogs and they become their children.
Dogs never argue and behave even though they are not in the mood.
That's if you train them right.
None of my dogs ever barked but this time my kids grabbed them as pups and the training didn't happen.
Usually done right it takes three days to toilet train and few months to train doing other things like obedience and no barking, to get a civilized dog.
Children are a joy as babies until they go to school and learn from other kids to be little individuals with 50 year old minds.
It gets worse when the schools begin teaching them what they should eat.
Seems your healthy cooking becomes bad and they don't eat it anymore.
These little quirks never end till they grow up and have children of their own.
Until then the parents are guided by innocence instead of the other way
Yup times have changed.
In my books however, its better to be a leader than a follower. You don't want to fall off the same cliff everyone else does but sometimes knowing ones' limits and how hard to push is wise.

Looking back, I remember the wise old words of elders who knew how to live. They passed on their wisdom to me and I was happy to know it because it made a lot more sense than some things we are taught today which are wrong but enters your home without your permission
and forces new changes which you need to let happen for learning to take place.

It kinda always skips a generation as ones' kids never listen, as opposed to grandchildren.
Grand children look into your mouths for wisdom their parents don't have lol

Becoming older, falls under other words like, being worn down, humility, wisdom, inner strength, and inner smiles because you know what the end result will be lol

Time may change but people never do.
I guess getting older is like my back yard right now.
Gets kinda messy but
eventually it all cleans back up again.
Have a great day!

This is what I want to be in my next life. lol
This ballerina has so much control and her movements flow with such ease
it makes it look easy. But it truly requires talent to be this good.

Marienella Nunez


SandyCarlson said...

Autumn is nature's gym--oh the workout we get with the rake and the broom! Your post has me thinking of the wonders of every day. Thanks.

Maude Lynn said...

About half the things that my daughter learns at school are things that I don't want her to know!

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy you are a treasure :)

A Lady's Life said...

mama zen - don't worry. its gets

Gattina said...

I think it's everywhere the same with kids. You really have them for 12 maybe 14 years if you are lucky, then the fights start. Later when they are adult it's getting better and in my case even very well. But since my son has become a father he (and his partner) are the most hysterical parents I have ever seen ! and you are not allowed to give an advice, everything is outdated, my son even asked me if I know how to change a nappy ! It's a miracle that he survived !

A Lady's Life said...

gattina - lol

You are right
Its the same everywhere lol