Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labour Day

Today is a day to enjoy at home with family, preferably by a body of water.
The sounds smells and light reflecting off the surface of the seas, take one way
back to the beginning, when it all began.

A day such as this, how is one to forget?
How is one not to share in both the peace and danger of it?
A little crab scurrying away from death
Whisked away by a strange fluke wave
Saved by danger.

Love Life

Have a great one!


Maude Lynn said...

You, too!

A Lady's Life said...

thanks mama zen

Gattina said...

The best thing at Labour Day is that you don't have any labour to do, lol ! Our Labour Day is on May 1st !

Zuzana said...

Wishing you a belated happy labor day.;))

A Lady's Life said...

thanks zuzana

A Lady's Life said...

so true gattina
enjoy the good weather while we can