Friday, June 10, 2011

Money or Life?

Currently Locusts are eating away at Russia and we wonder why.
Similarly, other events are happening throughout the world.
Not only is man killing man but nature is killing animals and nothing and no one is safe these days, anywhere.

I guess our planet is going through change and adjustments to its' way of existence.
In BC we are worried about the Rocky Mountains going dry leaving the continent without potable water. Every drop is being accounted for.People in the Skeena River area, are fighting to keep coal gas and other mineral development out of BC. The costs of them losing this fight could have devastating effects on life as we know it.
Here we search for other ways to make a living, to heat our homes and run our cars.
The oil and gas companies punish us when we try to cut their services in our homes by charging more and not paying back what they owe in over payments. Life is a constant struggle to stay alive. In the meantime we see videos such as these below predicting an apocalypse as predicted in the Bible. The first thing to die is supposed to be the seas.

The thing about man, is that he has always been able to adapt to life around him.
If there are locusts, ways can be found to eat them.
If there are frog migrations, these could become a major food supply.

But dying birds, fish, crocodiles, whales etc..... these pose another problem as we do not know why they died and if this is the case, eating them could result in the end of man.

Prophesies aside, the world is changing and man is also dying in great numbers, maybe not from disease but from natural disasters and if this is not humbling enough,
then I don't know what is.

Today science and technology, bought and developed by the rich and super rich, leave the rest of us behind because no one knows who is doing what and why.

We have people like Jesse Ventura and his Conspiracy Theories, we have terrorists and their religious empire building and we have the unknown which can affect every one, everywhere, at any time, causing domino effects, from which nothing or no one is safe.

No one knows the future. However, it is important for man to be humble.He needs to understand that he can never be God, especially since he doesn't believe in him anyway, but just in case there is one???????? Well, it would be good to have him on your side.

Money or Life? In the end, these are the only two choices we have.

The First, cannot guarantee you the second.


George said...

It certainly seems as if biblical prophecies are coming true. It is certain that mankind has gotten too big for his britches.

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you George, I agree.
There is no point to talk "God" to people who have no idea what he is or what he stands for. They will never agree that there is only one right road to take. One right way to live.They will not agree to the word "right" or such things as "morals" "ethics" and "Values"
When things are taken to the extreme then bad things happen.
There is virtue in humbleness and if man doesn't understand this, one day a price will be paid for his ignorance.

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome better is possible :)