Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No More Bread and Butter.

WOW!! People are angry all over the world. We will have to seek new planets to work in and send our dump to if Earth is to be saved.


We got some shrimp from the fisherman who put them on ice for us.
We cooked them in garlic and butter but for some reason they did not seem to be very fresh and we were disappointed.
Then this morning they spoke of the ocean dying within this generation, unless people stop doing everything immediately which means stopping cities dumping into it.

I don't understand how Mayors of cities do not see the importance of not dumping into the ocean. Should this not be everyone's concern?

Or at the very least should things not be filtered before they enter the ocean?

I feel most people feel the same way I do about this planet so why are things not changing?
I guess man feels if he paints more pictures on his body, spikes his hair and looks tougher, he is safer than every one else but nothing could be farther from the truth.
The CO2 is rising, warm water affects ocean currents, and weather will change our normal routines in food growth and insect and animal behavior.
With Mother Earth enraged, no one is ever safe.

It is better to recycle each household waste at home and as for companies, well they must recycle the products they sell and if they can't then they should not sell it.

People should repopulate the seas with fish and scrape the bottom of all the lake pollution we put into it, so our food is clean.

The job begins at home, in towns and cities and then nations.
How Old Are You on Other Planets?

Have a great Day.


Maude Lynn said...

These days, I'm almost afraid to eat sea food!

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen I don't blame you.
We have good BC fish but the stores carry only from Thailand and china. So where is ours? And now with Japan and its nuclear power problem.....
Everything turns you right off.