Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Preserving Limb and Life

Our Coast Guard seems to be very protective of our sea life as we see them using boats propelled by fans instead of under water propellers.
This means they can approach any whale with out worrying they hurt anything under water.
We see these kind of smaller boats in the Florida Everglades as they ride through marsh lands.
Florida Manatae are victims of many boat propellers.
It is always nice to see good intentions and people who really do care about our planet.

It is hard to imagine that the hippies who once cared, suddenly realized that unless you have money and power, caring wasn't going to be enough.

Ideals change with life and surrounded by immoral standards, gets you sucked into things you have no way of knowing what you are in for.

Ideologies get broken as people get broken, as life gets broken.
You get into big business and you realize they will not stop for you and your ideals.
You are either with them or against them.

So the people who had ideals once, cave in. They know the engine because they are the oil that feeds into it. So the question is, when are they going to pull back , cut off the motor and come full circle?
Will they? Or have they become different people now?
Do they give their money to charity really believing the right things will be done with it by someone else?
Today, every man is for himself with a family to feed at home.
Views become myopic because problems are much closer to home today.
Without a paycheck, your family lives homeless.

As life goes on and you read more and more stories, you think to yourself , that man has become a pretty disgusting animal.

He only talks about sex when the world is talking overpopulation, poverty and hunger.
He talks about mascara fashion and entertainment, when the world sits in garbage dumps, no one knows what to do with.
He talks about preserving the world, while working to destroy it.

Is man a bad animal or just confused?
Are we sending mixed messages by the kind of life we lead?
Do we really have the power to say no to big business?
I really don't know.
But what I do know, is that we can be a pain in the ass. lol
We can only hope big business reflects and changes its' behavior.
We can only hope man can remain free to say no and to live a life where mini changes can be made that would make a small difference, away from technology pesticides and insecticides.

Garden Talk

"When's Honeydew? The Thyme's getting on."

"Crikey it's chilli in here. Let's turnip the heat."

"Does a Bok bring you Choy? Then Lettuce all smile."

Have a great day!


Maude Lynn said...

It's all so overwhelming, isn't it?

A Lady's Life said...

Yes it certainly is Mama Zen.

Betsy Brock said...

Those fans are huge! But it is a smart looking as well as smart acting boat!

A Lady's Life said...

Ya it does the job it was meant to do Betsy.We have a lot of water animals to protect. We can sit beside seals and killer whales and so its easier with fans doing the job. The ferry boats when they see these mammals, slow down so as to avoid hurting them but even then sometimes a young one makes a mistake.

SandyCarlson said...

Propellers do an incredible amount of devastating damage to marine life--including turtles. I am glad you guys up there are so sensible. Lead the way!

A Lady's Life said...

I am happy too Sandy.
I love nature and wild life too.
but we keep things clean and they make it hard for us to live here because the rich come in and buy everything out. Then they kill everything
So sometimes I wonder.