Monday, June 27, 2011

Motivated by Life

It is very difficult to keep oneself motivated in this trouble encompassed world.
Every where you look, disaster strikes and then, strikes again and again and again.

My grand mothers' story was all about running. That's all they did back from the early 1900's when civil war, war and revolutions were prevalent.
It was only in North America where they finally found peace, stability, jobs and most of all kindness. By then these people were hard, mature, with strict work ethics. Their goal was to never suffer hunger again. Very few could cry as life had desensitized them from tears. They saw too much sorrow in their lives and lived in survival mode. Todays' youth would never understand these people because they have not suffered. Todays' youth are arrogant but very easy to break because they are not taught what fighting for existence really entails. They believe in their rights to it and now nature is showing everyone, that the truth of the matter is that no one has rights at all. What people have, is privilege.

What is motivational in todays' world, is to see people fighting back to stop cruelty, grief and loss.
Some things cannot be stopped

I wonder. What happens to all these people with mortgages they have to pay, after a hurricane strikes and takes away not only everything they own but places where they earn a living?

What do the banks do to collect their monthly checks?
Do they come and foreclose? Do they declare themselves bankrupt as the people have to??
lol Are their mortgage loans not insured and if they are, then do they not cover their clients as well?

I hate to think that while people mourn, these bankers are sitting thinking, what will all these lawyers they hire who need customers to foreclose, to pay their salaries, come up with next?

Then the thought creeps up, that what if they didn't hire these lawyers to begin with, save their money and help people keep their houses. Wouldn't life be easier on everyone as a whole?
Isn't this the dream they sell people, that they buy and own a home, an asset they value?

But homes today, are not valued. They are treated in the same shabby way people treat each other.

In financial circles they do not look at humanity but financial pages and they, unlike life, are very black and white . Lawyers are hired to destroy people so the financial pages look better for the stock market.
They do not care to see the big picture, that the stock market will never look good if the people are not there to support it.
Destroy the people, destroy the market. People will rebel.

Today, families do not work in a pack mode.
Today they work in a "what is in it for me" mode.

If there is nothing in it for me, then I do not need to do anything.
So we raise people today, to be very short sighted in their views of what life , marriage, and family is all about. As morals and values change, things that once were important, are not.
As a result we see more and more parents killing their children. If they can kill children then nothing stops them from killing old people.
Under different conditions,
it's so easy to walk away or take something away from someone.

As the bank looks for easy ways to bankrupt you, your family also looks for a way to bankrupt you.
The straw that breaks the camels back is when nature also attacks and totally bank rupts everyone.
It is only then that people begin to realize that the "what's in it for me" mode, doesn't apply anymore and angels appear all around trying to give a helping hand.
But even angels eventually have limits. There are not enough of them around.

As a system of barter begins to replace money, spirits and faith in goodness and love
begin to flower once again.
Once again God is revived and man, once again, begins to value what is important in life.
He acknowledges that there is a right and a wrong and that life is a privilege and not a right.

God seems to represent poverty and humbleness. When man becomes rich and can afford to be arrogant, God is put away, attacked and forgotten, until he resurrects again and he will resurrect as he always does, as long as we put our faith into money and banks, instead of in people. lol

There in lies the secret of where true riches is found, in the words and teachings of the true shepherd , protector and defender of mankind.
Have a great Day!


Betsy Brock said...

Well, you are thinking some deep thoughts today! Yes, I agree the young people of today just could not ever relate to their great great grandparents and their ethics, reasoning and philosophies.

Interesting thought on the banks...trying to collect payments on houses destroyed by a natural disaster. I'm sure they find a way, though!

A Lady's Life said...

Betsy - Oh the banks do not worry. They are too big and investments lost in one area are gained in another.For the people it's a different story. The same with gas companies. They don't care about people and whether they complain or if they do not have heat in winter. They have investments in other area making them millions while people suffer. They buy everything out so there is no competition and then people work to pay heating bills with over priced gas.
Corps like to keep man hungry and in need so he can be controlled.
The only way to avoid being controlled is to stay independent and individual and this is harder and harder to do because they invade and destroy from the inside out with laws which help them and not people. God teaches man not to attach himself to things and to depend on people instead of corporations.Keep things small and humble so its manageable and free.
Its the only way to survive.

SandyCarlson said...

Ours is a kinder world than ever it was, still....natural disaster has a way of kicking us behind the knees. Are we there for each other?

A Lady's Life said...

I don't know anymore Sandy.
I don't think it's going in a good direction. Better to be safe than sorry.

Maude Lynn said...

In times of disaster, we can be so good to each other. Why can't we just be that way all of the time?

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen - I remember once in New Brunswick, farmers had so many left over potatoes.
Instead of giving them to hungry people, they threw all the potatoes into the ocean.They said they could not afford to be giving their hard labor away for free.
They cannot afford to ship potatoes to the areas where it was needed.

You see, my view of charity is different from most of what is going on today.Charity means people have to do things because of good will and no money should be involved. What you do has to go directly to the people it was intended with everyone doing their part for free.If you can just imagine how much money is spent to advertise, that money is needed for eliminating poverty. All this advertising money should really be given towards poverty and if there is to be advertising, this should be given for free by the advertising company through their good will to do the right thing.They can make money with other advertising.
Do you know that all this aid that was given to Haiti hardly got to the people? It is still sitting in boxes and National banks controlled by government which is not releasing it.Usually it is stolen and the wrong people get it, and resell it for personal profit.
Imagine a tsunami happening in BC?
Insurance will never be able to pay for all the damage and loss of life, let alone government.
Too much death, disasters, and too few angels to keep up with the demand.Of course rebuilding will create jobs but at what cost?
For every one man who wants to do good there are 20 to use what he does for personal profit.
At every turn, costs are finding so called ,to rise, when in actual fact, there is really no reason to have them rise.People falsely create rising costs which in turn requires other things to rise in costs. We elect leaders who only know how to increase spending and do not have a vision as to how costs can be diminished, allowing more money left in the hands of families to do whats right.
I still cannot forget Paul Martin, when he was campaigning for reelection telling people to tell him what they want and he will do it for a vote.What kind of politician is that?He would agree to everything and anything regardless if it was right or wrong, for a vote.How do you trust leaders such as these to lead the country in the right direction?
It is hard to stay motivated when you see so many wrong people running for government to do the wrong things.

Gattina said...

As Europe had suffered a lot with WW II, I remember when my family told me how they suffered from hunger. I was born in the middle of the war and of course I was never hungry because the food that they got were for me the baby.
My playground were ruins, the city were we lived was distroyed to 80 %. But we too made a revolution against the establishment in the 60/70, at least we had something in mind. It's true my son's generation, they never knew all this only from history lessons.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - and we wish they never do know what hunger is or what it is to sit at the hands of an abuser.